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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>2-12 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

2-12 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Feb 12, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB EF. The look he would rate. I think it. But hold to a ball that ends this month -- The law. And upload it and welcome to the New York City. If they got -- extreme conservatives they have no place in the State of New York no one haunts with an assault rifle. -- -- It's like yeah. Blue man. His ball club. They're -- is nothing like a short time now. Today it's not mind these 8930. Excuse me while I whip this out. I'll ha. It's a -- for the united thirty WB -- and I guess that either Joseph or I will be winning via. John Sherman -- pool anytime real soon because well I adamant. We don't wanna get the specific server jobs -- back he still looks like hell basically raging through his body in any event. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And it I'm here and in the in the seat in which usually set. So things are happening in the world personally York city big meetings. I think the meetings that are happening right now in New York City. Actually heavy hitters are sitting down what Donald Trump. Meeting started at 2 o'clock this afternoon. I know some of the people who are better and it. At these meetings. I believe. Will be determined the future of New York's. Because it's. If Donald Trump runs. I don't care what the polling says right now. First of all -- the polls right we'd be talking about Thomas do we president. Way back. Secondly well look you know that -- wholly -- their methodology and sample better I get that. But. At one point ladies and gentlemen Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan -- daddy some place. It's a little early start without the polls. But my -- Tells me that the future your state. Is on the table right now in the New York's. Either Donald Trump. Makes a decision today. Or tomorrow. Or. We're going to be stock. With for at least four -- -- as commander ball. And his hates. Conservatives. Who lived in his own stick. You wanna stay in the state hate you with a governor that despises you. Well I think your soccer. I heard somebody this morning on the radio talk about a suckers bet. If you ought to be a soccer if you wanna pay for the cycling news. At the same time -- being insulted by the people on the receiving end it up god love. I applaud your generosity. To wonderful feeling. But well I'm sure to give to the poor. As for me. I'm bought. It's either trump. Or the Republicans are gonna get their -- it. He is. I -- measure. I edit about two minutes ago. I -- -- -- a head injury I had a a vision vision sound better than dreams they sell more mystical. I had a vision. And you can take it for what it's worth. I had a vision that Donald Trump. Bought about his family. His wife whose daughter is on this encouraging him to run. I had a vision that all of these heavy hitters were going to see him saying dude you have to run. And that he acquiesced and said okay I'm in I'm all it. And it represented in this gamble. For the ultra. In some respects. Because you know. The minute he announces and I think seven -- on my FaceBook page the snipers are. Trying to pick off Donald Trump already. And let me say this folks. If you're gonna come by page and shoot at Donald Trump figuratively probably is gonna delete and block give. Because. Especially the new people people from what I've never heard before I just think you're bulls and trolls so it's gonna -- You know I like playing -- Cattrall is one of my fun things I do in my life because I have no spirit I have -- like real. -- -- They're already out there one guy basically -- email -- putting on FaceBook galaxy Donald Trump is nothing more than a gambling promoter. Really. That's that's summarized -- he's a gambling from order okay great -- -- the New York State lottery is like church bingo. That's like say the Catholic Church is nothing but gambling promote really. I think it's a little bit more than. Donald Trump talks about turning New York State and Ross Thompson who by the way knows more about politics a lot of people in the media. -- Thompson. Yesterday's. I'm Robert Donald Trump talking about this in buffalo. That. New York State could be the energy capital of the world. And he is absolutely correct we could be. It's never going to happen under hander Paul. If you are happy with the direction of New York State. If you enjoy being played for a full. Having a large percentage of your income stolen from -- by Albany. And redistributed to the cycling pigs who vote Democrat. Good for you. Good for you. Seriously. I'm glad that you make enough money that that doesn't bother you. I'm glad that you -- that shall we say understanding of humanity. That. You would just as soon continue to contribute to a system that does that -- I call that a suckers bet not not the steel refrigerator but I would say that's -- suckers bet. Why would you wanna stay here. Why would you want to contribute to the delinquency of a state. Why would you want to. Funded illegal immigrants. At the in state tuition rate well legal immigrants. Where people were here on legal status from different countries have to pay the out of state rate. People who play by the -- in New York State get ball. You know what I know. And it's not going to change with four more years of -- global. In fact the culture of option deal making and Lewinsky's -- Albany is. That sure that even four years of Donald Trump. Is going to be enough to reverse the way. Of the battleship where the aircraft carrier. They -- takes about a mile or maybe two miles for an aircraft carrier turn around. It's a big thing you can't just turn it on a dime. Well OK fair enough. But we've got to start somewhere. And if trump gets and there are. And he is able to. Show some private sector economic gains. If some of you were making 30000 dollars a year right now just barely getting by. Find yourself with jobs were Americans sixty and 70000 dollars a year in the energy sector and those of you still believe that work is in noble thing. I don't were being trained by our masters in Washington. To believe that work is allowing evil to be issued at all costs. But. If enough review out there were sick and tired of struggling actually have money lot buying. A Corvette at some point your life for Libya huh. If an open you have that kind of money. Maybe you'll spread the gospel a free market economics maybe he'll spread the gospel of the government get the hell out of the way. And maybe more and more people will start to see things a different way in New York State enough to consistently make a difference. Now there's always that chance -- on smoking crack. There's always the chance and I'm basically looking at things like pie in the sky. Because there is such an entrenched culture of gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme in Albany and here you gold. Here you go oh you've got nineteen children of all year ago. Yes yes -- 0020 children now because another years gone by here you go order some more welfare you have yourself a nice day here's some more home energy assistance have a nice day. At what point. Do you say stingers -- -- Seriously. So the water shortage of folks shoes. Right now. Is Bible. That a lot of our futures are being designed. In New York City I'm speaking personally but I also have to speak for the well a lot of folks out there. Who are saying to themselves especially ever heard a quote from Governor Cuomo. And his absolute hatred. Folks I don't -- to keeps in the same thing everyday. But somebody has to because it will be the national media. And it won't be anybody else in the media unless their problems brings a friend of mine in Rochester Greg talk show host. Some of us have to point this out to you because if you're not paying attention for about the buffalo new news I mean they basically on Sunday called -- Kirsten Gillibrand Jesus. Well not so many words but I thought I was reading about Christ in the Buffalo News of Senator Kerry and Joseph. You know they endorse. It endorsed Schumer. Don't think they're gonna endorsed Donald Trump via. You don't think they're gonna not endorse Andrew Cuomo -- -- mean how they just endorsed common court today out of your side. They're a bunch of liberal. At the Buffalo News. Unfortunately it's the only game in town and it has been for quite some time. And the rest of the media pretty much follows along the same lines and that he got the rebels. People like your humble host. People like my buddy Bob loved -- in Rochester. People. In New York City. Who are also. In the game and in the fight. But I have to tell you that there's time and place at a point. Where you say you know what. How old. Are you and how many years do you have left and how much do you really want to contribute -- sock off of view. To go to somebody else who made really bad decisions and who's making a great living. With social services in New York State. And outsourcing -- radio show this morning where. Somebody called in instead. A long time ago somebody once said bad. New York State does not have the Cadillac of social programs we have the Learjet of social programs. And a player who said that it was -- -- house. Who said at one point he was Erie county executive. User account executive prior to have -- course. And only. Those those programs have only gotten better for those who received the largest. Since that. Meanwhile our taxes keep going up and up and up and up. And unfortunately. You look at Washington. And you see the same things in Washington. That are happening here in New York State except obviously on a much larger level. To the point where. I really hole. Bet Texas and maybe some other southern states secede from the union. Because. The union. Doesn't really mean much. If laws. Don't mean a damn thing. What are you talking about. I don't know if you're aware of his but you do know that your president and I didn't vote for this phony -- You do know that this guy is continuing in the tradition of the Bush's except at an accelerated rate. And is accumulating. And basically stealing powers from the other branches of government right is anybody who is not aware of this. When -- basic civics course. Our founding fathers do what accumulated powers could do. Because they -- and they were very familiar with at what was that apple relatively modern. British history they saw -- an all powerful monarchy could do to the people. They saw what these -- simplest idiots could do to an entire country. So what they've set wise you know what we don't want somebody with tertiary syphilis in roiled the four bodies. Determining the future of our people. We don't wanna have. Unilateral power in one hand we're gonna distribute it equally among three different branches of our government we're gonna call -- the executive. The judicial and the legislative each of those will provide checks and balances against the other so that at the accumulation of power. And -- what are we see happening in Washington today we see a president. Who is breaking his own health -- -- Willy Nilly. So if you don't have law you don't have a country. So. I really -- In my lifetime. That we do see states like Texas and others secede from the union. Because. You can't have a country if you don't have laws. In -- the president of the United States who took an oath to uphold the constitution is a lot. With impunity. Because basically nobody wants to be called a racist. Nobody wants to be the first one to say impeach Obama and convict him for high crimes and misdemeanors. -- -- -- Well. If political correctness is gonna run the day. You might as well check out could you don't have a country anymore. You don't have lost what do you. Nothing. And if you've got people just. Using crises. And people. Aggregating powers to which they have absolutely no right. And nobody stands up who support the balanced and opposite a minute except Rand Paul. You tell me what they'll -- the country news is that it. At that point it looks like hit it smells like it it feels like it it is like you call it what it is it's fascism. And I don't want any part of our family that was part of a Nazi regime. I don't want to I am not reliving that part of my family history now I won't do. It is at 344. Edgar's -- center at news radio 930 WB yet. I think your future is being decided for -- right now in Manhattan are really good. -- -- -- The Smart one. Were bought the Bob Costas is can John. That's its hourly news radio 930 WB the let's all say it together -- -- like this otherwise known as I think guys up and it. It's like yucky but it's not really like changing not a big deal doesn't take that hit the -- that's bad guy. Now. But Bob Costas story but I'm going to be accused of -- Aren't what what sparked -- Saint Louis Bob Costas and started out the same station at which at work and sometimes you come in to the radio station. It was the weirdest thing because we do to show and Bob Costas would be watching me through the way -- go -- -- show I could tell it was big what I was don't because I'm sure the thing Bob Costas he had much more important work to do. But he -- like -- while watching it. I don't know I thought I was -- school health and I was kind of cool that actually towered over Bob Costas did me good feel. All right that would ramble 334. -- ready at 930 WB yet -- this question well. Before you know the question parliament. And I'm trying to set the stage your little bit. You know just dive into the phone calls that would be wrong can flesh things out. Got to set the stage got to prepare the table. Mean if you just watching your mom's house on Thanksgiving and everything was on the table would that be fun now. Now you got epic you know drink first in my case -- bottle water. Presidential pure virtuous at you you wanna have some conversation. Pretend you're like the family and then that everybody counts down then everybody has the banana cream pie. Of which there is never enough. There's never enough high in the world for -- I have to -- as one of -- as a gift from god little -- I'm not gonna say banana cream -- again any cream pies good. Chocolate cream vibe Vanilla cream pie banana cream -- coconut cream oh my goodness there's nothing quite like it cream to start up your day. Now what. -- the -- I say it's a little all. Like why. She and on you you call ourselves Americans. You don't think sounds gross though apple cream pie. Sounds like something Gerber is -- ripe for baby's okay. It is at 335 WB yet so. It back to. Turns out and made it -- -- a show about me it's a show about you and MD. And your family and our common. Experiences. In New York State in 24 to. And I'm gonna presume that most people listen to this show kind of view of the world in the same way in which argued world. Because otherwise. Without enough for those people I suppose I wouldn't be working. Because who's gonna listen to somebody with whom they disagree you definitely more often than not except the criminally insane theories and I feel badly for those folks. But. Well to a point feel worse for the victims but. Right now in New York City. What you've got don't wanna. Is -- meeting involving Donald Trump. And a whole bunch of people with a whole lot of floats around New York State. It is my opinion that your future my future in this State's future are being decided right now as we speak. On this date in 2014. Because if Donald Trump says. You know what I've thought about it and I just can't do it. Then I have to tell you I believe you can officially forget about New York State. As a place in which to. Definitely start a family keep apparently spent your retirement years and your careers finisher careers go to you know you can forget about it. Because what's the point. Seriously what is the we have in buffalo for example. For the context for -- you know we paid some of the highest property taxes. In the entire freaking country. I had an 80000 dollar home in Saint Louis. Bigger the what I -- now. My annual taxes were about 600 box. On an 80000 dollar home but 600 bucks in taxes. And other -- taxes. Such as the personal property tax if you owned vehicle yet today. X number dollars every year per vehicle you all but still it would not even come close to equaling what you today. In New York State for -- property taxes in buffalo we -- the highest freaking gasoline prices in the entire -- -- -- Folks we live off well like we don't get screwed it up with a bad weather like we don't it's off by up -- -- hockey game. And a perpetually losing football and we gotta pay the highest gasoline prices in the country -- We are ridiculously hot property taxes -- sales tax is ridiculous. The rules the regulations than any of them. Who do you sit. And that. Because I don't think you know I know why don't. Don't don't need the aggravation. Seriously. -- Every place has pluses and minuses. It's a big world. I live out of buffalo for three years. -- it was a huge reason I moved back. I want my kids and other grandparents. I want my kids to know I had grown up. And it was a comfortable place in which to live who I'm order for two in the past -- that's not good -- But now it is comfortable place in which to look at camelback. But. I gotta try it that. As the trend toward. Socialism. And outright government control of your life has increased not decreased since 1991. Asked myself. I don't regret making the decision to come back never for a moment. Margaret. No no no no no first of all. It was the right thing to do at the time. But. You're really have to think long and hard. About what's gonna happen. In the future. With taxes with spending and with the welfare culture. That this date from oats. Folks you do realize. That evened it right no governor I -- going well on bitter quote well. Even when we have the last Republican in office George Pataki. You you do know that it was George Pataki who signed into law. The rule that illegal immigrants living in New York pay in state tuition. You know that right that was not a liberal Democrat that was they run no Republican named George Pataki. In the words of Simon and Garfunkel. Every way you look at it you'll lose. We're big on Joseph DiMaggio. Are right. Our nation turns its lonely eyes to you. I guess we need chicken with traffic right now notified that all star joked I'm sorry about forty break why screw up all the time. Probably. You know I I miss Ellen Harris has brilliance -- just hoping Alan -- about to say that nothing would happen. That's what I was hoping for so I can -- some some ideas on and off the air but. I look when he says nothing's. Happening I feel good because that way in order but he safe and sound. But I gotta be radio guy and he always hope that something you're you're doing something some good for somebody out there so anyway. -- future right now of being decided. -- question for. Part of this is personal but part of -- is general. By the way. Before I get to the question of if you have moved or you know people who have moved are they happy with what they did it. Because don't we all wanna be happy. Whatever the hell that means anymore. I'm not even sure what it means anymore. But don't you want some measure of contentment and happiness in your life. Some sometimes it's financial happiness being financially free. Sometimes it is being. Happy surrounded by loved ones. Of your family's dead or they've all moved Don. Gotta ask yourself okay well here I -- the family or friends you know. -- have -- the places like Tennessee Texas Florida. Or wherever. Are they truly happy overall. We know they have more money there pocketed PM Tuesday because -- ball every time they fill up gas tank and rocket screwed every time they buy a pack of cigarettes if they're smokers they're not. Having to pay ridiculous property taxes in addition outrageous sales taxes and phenomenally stupid income taxes to support a -- points. But actually they're better off. But are today happier -- that's a question. -- is the question to be or not to be enough to move or not -- That is the question. Would you be happier. And are your friends and family members happier. Thousands of miles away from you. I wanted to know. I think I stole that line from someone. 803 on -- thirty. Is via landline number 8030930. Start 930 on the cell phone 180616. WB -- Now suddenly said to me you know others give up actually had a show all week or two ago. Well -- retreating -- giving up. So I guess you could you with that. In some respects. But. With today's technology. You don't have to physically be in a state to make an impact out of state number one. Ever true that's like saying the American army the Continental's gave up during the revolution are retreating the valley forge. They were treated the valley forge because they were in no shape to fight the British wanted to put some distance between themselves and king Georgia's army. And it was better at that point to be elsewhere instead of engaging. Now you wanna call George Washington in the continental army a bunch of be my guest. They didn't back -- all they simply. Engaged and a strategic withdrawal. Which by the way more often than not in warfare can be a Smart thing the don't ask the -- caught. But I don't I have sort of bring back bad memories for some you guys but you know that operated. Joseph what he would be critically. Joseph that was one of the problems. And I'm not on the trying to talk on different but you -- -- guys were enough. Not only did they hit Iran. But sometimes they hit and run right next to you and you didn't know -- the bad guys were and who the good guys were we have kind of the same problem right now to Afghanistan. If American soldier in Afghanistan only eagle on patrol with -- Afghan soldier if one of my guys at the African -- right -- his hat. Because I wouldn't trust those bastards as far as like -- throw. When they're not -- it would goats. They're kill Americans. True story. 345. At news radio I'm thirty WB. Are you happy and as your family happy were having moved elsewhere. We know they're richer but they. Q are they happier. On WBE 803 Oda thirty start -- 3180616. WB -- I had a vision that trump was running. I hope it wasn't the opium. Like period Alan -- -- holed a couple of houses there. AccuWeather forward today now electorate and now today pop patchy clouds the overnight low -- sort of out of this oh nevermind trials that at least we're going to be out of the single digits not so fast -- additional. Now overnight low fourteen in how the hell that means in town of Mike you're. I don't know. But six in many suburbs some birds expert -- ridiculed Al. It's going to be cold they let's put it this way you don't wanna walk outside connected tonight I mean if you do well we've got a hot -- to which to retire otherwise. There. You're gonna see parts yourself -- June fellows are cloudy with breaks of sun tomorrow with a -- 32. And I used the line yesterday are hoping people didn't notice GO right now that there is an odd situation is 25 degrees. And with the wind it feels like 34. It isn't my month. -- it's. 352. You know. I have one simple request GOR let's go let's get some phone calls on that WB ES. I happen to think that your future is being decided right now in New York City. Basically you got to punch or re still heavy hitters talking to Donald Trump trying to get him to run for governor. He's gonna have to make a decision this week. And I I had a vision. I rip off the show are you are put our FaceBook post up in that I had a vision the trump said he was gonna run. I don't usually. Have visions right before the show I try to save those were after -- them working but this was a strong vision I had a Donald Trump. Saying that he was gonna run so we'll see what happens. Keeping in mind. We've been through four consecutive Super Bowl losses and twice the sabres getting into the Stanley Cup finals and losing. Against the Philadelphia Flyers in the against the Dallas Stars. And I don't mean to brag but I was at two of those flyers sabres finals games. Games that three and four. Idea was not there win. Bobby Clarke's -- on the dog with the Stanley Cup. Here's -- cellphone on WB Ian pat what do you think it. -- I'm sorry pat did you say it again because I made a mistake. Oh okay yeah I had a couple of -- that it moved out of pop out of stage when I was younger. And and both will be back home. That led Atlanta. With gap because because. They weren't real happy when they left and they didn't -- any happier when make -- X so a big deal. From all tightly that. I don't think got a problem leaving New York State are quite and I talked about it a lot especially recently with. Think going out the governor in and so forth so I don't think the epic promptly moved to move away. We are Stanley every day every week we -- them occasionally during the course Europe or not finished and we're just not. Poverty -- each -- out all the time. We -- make -- -- pretty easily and I think that to relocate would be very simple thing to -- The doctor and a way to communicate with people back home you can always support to the strike back at Thanksgiving. You know yadda yadda -- so I don't think I I think people should stop looking at it it's such an earth shattering thing to have to move it's not a big deal. And I think I think for myself I would be happier. Leaving New York State. Because -- that the state that it then. But you know that I know is that you make friends read -- and wife makes friends readily but there's something Tony Soprano once said to Christopher. He. But there are more and more from let's show the labor that you he said Christopher. Look sill and Pauly they're good guys -- did not -- -- -- -- you. They're not your blood and when push comes to shove can you count and your family would you rather discount on your friends. Don't like you -- right that's that's a good point you count your -- there's no no question about it but I just think -- -- It's a lack of our relationship my relationship with my family my wife's affair and the really wouldn't change much. In the frequency that we see them or talk to them -- would still. Maintain the same level but that's not a bad thing you're be -- yet. You know when you need help for such and such he wouldn't have them right -- -- you know right -- -- -- to do that but. You know everything up I think are all all I'll say it would be fine it it could be a -- and I don't think you'd -- that our transition at least not for. I always say who -- fairly if you got good lawyers. I'm sick and our thanks a lot I'm glad you often more reliable thanks very much a magical. Coming up on 4 o'clock news radio 930 WBE NN.

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