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2-12 Beach and Company Hour 3

Feb 12, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Way back did you go and sandy beach I don't know why I got aggravated when I saw this article about -- the blahs Leo. It and his new mayor of New York City and people said it was like Bloomberg -- certainly not real like the blogs ago. And I think it's it's come true even though is only an office a short time. -- he has made it made a speech in front of votes of people like Queens College. To allow. Undocumented. Aliens its two basic here. Undocumented immigrants I'm saying illegal. It lanes which is the same term undocumented and illegal the same thing as far as this is is concerned. Partly -- part of a quote to all my fellow New Yorkers who are undocumented I say New York City is your home to. And we will not force any of our residents to live their lives in the shadows. He says he wants to make sure that undocumented residents are able to to a range of things like open bank accounts signed leases and here it is. Gain access to public services. Because you know there's a real lobby out their people are saying where in this country illegally. Which can we have no I don't care about where'd ticked off we're not getting the services fast enough. Mr. mayor you have to listen to our boys because where I have a million strong in New York alone. And the mayors is now well gee I know you're here illegally. I know that under the law you should be deported but. I'm sorry if we're not giving -- the services fast enough will come up with a deal will give you -- card. A card which ones are legal but give me the service -- pastor embezzled it and that's exactly what he says. He said we will protect the almost half million undocumented. New Yorkers whose voices often goal on her word. So this is where it is but I wonder if they've given thought to. The fact that this could be a rise in crime. Tell your line. It's okay you've got an undocumented worker you get in the -- illegal. And he says I'm not getting these benefits fast enough. I'm going to go get a card. And he goes and he gets -- cards and now he is getting his services faster than the services he deserves being an illegal migrant. Well another illegal doesn't have a card. And the other illegal says -- -- that you're getting faster services because you have a card and I don't have a card. And maybe the second illegal immigrant. Steals my card from the first one. So you can say if the second illegal stole from a first early -- the crime rate could soar -- New York. Obviously. I'm only being a little this engine and you -- -- as the got -- life we're right now. Nobody wants to enforce any laws that's the way it is and you know -- the basic unfairness is we're playing by two different sets of rules. A match and having a sporting event any sporting event. Willow and them one team here's the rule book here's what you gotta do here's what you can do okay to want him the other dame everyone. How do you think that game's gonna come out. I think that's gonna work out well that's what's happening. We haven't -- one case you. And me and Tony and Chris and our friends and neighbors. Who are here legally we pay taxes. We do the things were supposed to do we hopefully don't break the law and this is what we do. The other side of the coin is people coming here illegally knowing that nothing's gonna happen that are going to be sent back. They're going to be health -- is everything -- education's -- care of those court rulings that say that. Where were not even if it becomes a point -- got to ask you. For ID for any thing and now these cards and you get the services fats in the service as you didn't pay and two and you don't deserve. You tell me that makes cents. You're telling me that's logical because I'm a bind that I'm just simply not buying it you go one team with a rule book this thick the other team would know girls. Guess who wins guess who wins but what's happening in New York is. The people who are playing by the rules -- leaving. They are absolutely leaving and because of that. You're having more -- we told you about the negative influx of illegals as opposed the people leaving the state we did that -- a few weeks ago. So what's happenings of people paying the bill. Are leaving they're going to other states. The people who are getting the freebies our roads are outnumbering them by coming into the area so that peasants that doesn't stay viable very long. Well aware upside down and that. And that you can't play like that Chris another FaceBook -- -- this one on. Comes from mark he says are all going to pay for this terrible idea and not just the residents of the city. Why should people who are not citizens of this country get free service why why should -- every service is indeed why should the first thing they did. Was illegal come into the country why do we have a Border Patrol. Why do we have customs agents why do they stop you if you don't have proper documentation from coming in but if you get and you can stay. I mean it is remember via boat people. But -- said that if they if they stepped off the boat and and touched land would therefore that they had asylum remember that -- coming in the Florida. I mean this stuff doesn't make much sense to me. Either have laws that are viable unworkable and and generally. Are positive to the general public. Or don't have laws at all. Because the way it is now you have laws that nobody's in forcing so. It's like the tree falling in nobody's in the forests have been to make a sound while at the laws don't get enforced are they really laws. -- and Clarence earlier on WB again. And you know that should do about the student for another stay right but I have a twenty year old. -- -- -- -- With here legally as international student she says he's CC we'll keep paying double tuition and yet. Undocumented. People who here can go to college for this same prices. You know. Yeah that's outbreak that's outrageous that they get the -- state rate one. When they're illegal and shouldn't be here at all. That's right it is important -- illegally. And it includes. Have to -- double and I checked that eloquently put Chris -- that -- -- and I have. He checked it out than it is true they do that -- next step and they whatsoever. Well though a lot of things in government don't make any sense but when it's this much in your face as it is and it's in my face to it you're rarely got to where it's a wakeup call for all of us thank you Allan thank you. So somebody who's in here. Legally as. As a student has to pay double the tuition. Of somebody who is here illegally. You figure that out. You figure that out not logical doesn't make any sense. And that's the way it is. We'll be back for more -- 030 Montreal 10616. Nights of the six are 930. It has region governor a he had to blahs it was already on a I -- come on now if you're here illegally here. New -- your city to grow absolutely and you should get the benefits so we're -- issue. Illegal immigrants were going to issue them. Identity papers. And he's one of the reasons is so that they can gain access to services. Quicker. We can't hand out the goodies fast enough that's the whole point. Just make you sick really does very much in favor of legal immigration always have been I've seen it in my family. And today they after an opportunity. They got it and they made the most of it. A now we're saying you don't even have to go through the normal channels and instead of instead of making in the normal channels a more efficient. Instead of them making them a more cost effective some people. I can get it done an -- quicker amount of time a more efficiently on less causes that are working on that they're just letting people end. That's and so while the Border Patrol says you can't command you don't have a passport you don't have documentation. While the joke because some scruples that you can't commend you on documentation the mayor of New York says documentation. The argument that Asia and he made darker and -- as an -- This is York's. And so he is a card signature services fast -- that sticks in my craw. It really does. A policy analyst code to crest where is Chris so what else you have on FaceBook. This law and it comes from Brian he says just give them all passports and citizenship I don't see the need for national borders at all laws go on a forest all the time. What makes illegal immigration any different than any other enforce law. Yeah exactly right just open the borders first -- when now when they told blows to shut down they shut them down and they remove the -- and now is just highway even even though they were there. Do the same thing with the borders. Take down of the Mexican border take down the Canadian border keep in mind you can't even go and the candidate given VW line. And you're supposed to have a passport or an enhanced driver's license. That's an international border but -- New York City as a matter. Does not matter. As I said next have a cop stops you for. For speeding say in answering your driver's license -- your undocumented. As it is is -- -- edit them that's okay. He wanted to take this gift card to Starbucks then I mean he. We have to play by a different set of rules then the illegals. And theirs did here you -- porphyry. As an illegal we have to pay for -- as a legal. Fair sounds absolutely fair to me let's go to Joseph and so we're critic -- you're on WBM. Well well good morning and everybody hello -- pay. That's what your screen here that once we haven't touched upon which can't be changed the anchor babies OK there's water country in the world would you go to and it figures say you're there on vacation or some air travel and there are heaters there in your policy who as a US citizen as a baby derby day you -- that person that automatically become the German citizen right. An end here United States there law has to change that voters there. I was in the military. Back in the 89 primary -- foreign national. From overseas and just the process of bringing. Her the United States. Some questions that they quicker through that make her feel like she was doing something longer illegal they get the United States. Malicious uncalled for but we just fall all these people these undocumented people. That really -- they hear or record or better this country they're here to better themselves. As well says so here you know our service you're serving America wearing the uniform. And the woman that you wanna be would have is getting a hard time and and a lot of paperwork and a lot of technicalities getting around here that's that ended the -- they just opened the door. Yeah just open the door are not any. Your -- caller your your -- of stroke policy that that's what it's common council. Sad it's sad I'm sorry I I'm really sorry to sit at Joseph thank you for wearing the uniform we always -- our people on the armed forces thank you so much. Now certain areas. He's wearing the uniform he's willing to do what is necessary to protect the country. He has a woman that he wants to be where they're bringing her name is like a nightmare -- lot of work a lot of red -- lot of those strings -- all kinds of things and he said the they made her feel like she was doing something wrong. Meanwhile the people who are doing something wrong. People don't wanna they embrace that they're breaking but damn law. You get it. They are breaking walk if you don't -- enforce a -- take vote law off the books. A -- giving nice severance package to all of you Border Patrol agents. And to all the customs agents and thank them for their work. -- it's good work it's hard work and it's dangerous work. But it's silly to ask them to put their lives on the line to enforce laws that the politicians don't care about. That they do not want to enforce a short of you know a machine gunning away the -- a group of people they never gonna get those deported. Not gonna happen when's the last time you heard it. The president -- the president is lost interest in any kind of immigration. Laws. As far as enforcing them is concerned he's lost interest so he doesn't do it. And now -- inner city has appeared to be there but the -- -- tell you that Obama has deported more illegals than any other president before him if the executive order he put out said that it well yes that's a numbers game because you don't know how many coming in as the -- nominee going out and as a percentage involved. Anytime anyplace anytime somebody gives you numbers like that look at that look at the raw numbers it's the same thing as the gambling issue. Where somebody opens -- new casino and the local anti gambling people who have programs we'll tell you. Well Jason sector's -- been opened our. Our road are people or -- a 300%. Yeah 300%. And then you look at it they were treating and now I have three people before another treating nine I mean. Basically it's a numbers game Khamenei came in as opposed to how many went out he got to look at that because without that that the statistic is meaningless. Meanwhile the president has said that nobody will be deported unless they've committed a -- and actionable crime -- he did that by executive order a couple of years ago so they're not enforcing the immigration laws. The immigration laws a straightforward. I mean they should be. That if you hear do you have the right to be here you don't have a right to be near monopoly. That's -- story. But as the caller said the anchor baby thing come here have a baby -- babies citizen and then you'll never get deported because they're never going to deport. Mom and dad. And keep the baby here that's not that's never going to happen so everybody knows how to play the US government. And meanwhile we're the only ones that have to play by the rules we got the rules. We're not only obliged to play by the rules we paid for Mosul playing by the rules. You know it's bad enough we've ever -- in jail at least we think there's some benefit. By putting him in gentleman that I got to knock us over their head or showed us. For our walkman. It's sports jacket or whatever we might have -- us. At least there's some benefits of that tell me what the benefit is is that just providing free stuff to people who snuck in the country what's the benefit. I'd like him are like another benefit because the odds are there of these cards were issued to have a greater access to the services. Well something for free. Look at us this sort of free true and you're telling me I can have that forgive -- that -- -- Arctic -- is give me six of those how what is it ever end. Does it ever land and in a couple of months it's going to be tax time. Where Uncle Sam don't want your money and the state of New Yorkers gonna want your money and this is how they're spending. Tell -- you feel like it's a real suckers bet paying those taxes because I do we'll be back with more after us. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. That call us now an 80309. Security -- calls are free and star 938 or toll free line is 1806169. 9236. And. Love this -- on the blog -- because it says. Of that and he -- the reason he won election okay. He Reese responded to his they responded to his promise. To fight a -- a year growing gap between rich and pour so that's the next the agenda for New York City. Why do some people have more money than other people. I mean why don't we just turn it into a genuine Communist state. And having next Olympics there I mean it really seriously that's what happens there's always people -- make more money than other people. They either have a better idea they work harder they have more marketable skills. They're willing to travel from a job as a lot of reasons why somebody might may make more money than somebody else and some idiot thinks that. Nobody should make any more than anybody else it should all be -- is called well I don't know socialism. Marxism communism. That some kind ism. But the bottom line is we seem to disregard all the things that have put our country in a position it's in. Up to -- recent times anyway. -- -- Why -- why it's a Smart deal to give illegal immigrants in New York identity papers. To gain access to services. My towards the -- -- some -- Bill that does ago he says because New York is. Your home too and they estimate I don't know of anybody actually knows but there's about a half a million illegals in New York's. Half a million you know they -- really cool here's what I'd like Agassi. Gather the half million. And into an aerial shot. Of the half million gathered in times where and and they say these people are all illegal and -- paying for benefits for all of them. Something visual like that you know as that is kind of -- a year and a half million -- a million there. All right want to think about that what's that about that -- -- -- stadium holds like 80000. So that will be about though about a little over six times. Ruffles Wednesday at about six times that. Imagine six sellouts a Ralph Wilson Stadium all illegal and you're paying for all of them. Let's go to Marie in Cheektowaga -- Iran WB yen. And they tell them you know when he came in we had to fill out the phone and things. And add them. Medical. United chest that tried -- and things that. And them we -- to wait nearly three months before and as I did. Did you have a good point traditionally. Health has been an issue too and you tell me the is that these illegals and have any health the work done so they've just been here bringing in whatever they're bringing -- children. Wow that does it does that of CEO could you did have the right way you're here legally and do the right way. To see this kind of stuff going on with the US. Government is done I mean I let anything -- now. And I understand it since then they've had dampened it's been in but that -- those that -- that goes through that punishment that it. It's you know it's funny they're both parties. Favor letting more people in without the proper documentation. They both think that if they do they're gonna get the bulk of it. But what are they going to afford they're doing for their own good not for the good of a country and that's what that's what -- they put there own party and their own careers ahead of the country. Makes me sad long glad you're here -- wouldn't count on you thank you. Yeah I know she -- mention health. Would X rays and things like that I do know reading about immigration that used to have to do that. They also -- after a sponsor of a job and all kinds of stuff but just that issue alone just the thing -- -- just. OK so mores coming and she's gotta have some health checks. To see she's not bringing anything into the country appears she passes -- go ahead Maria welcome to the US the next person sneaks -- A big carrying. Big a big -- Ebola we wouldn't know it. We we have no idea because they're here legally. It's in there this doesn't make sense -- many areas. The only reason they're doing this not because they're humanitarian. It's because they assume. That if they're the ones they give you something that's important to you then you're gonna vote for them the rescue -- life. And you know what they're probably right. So the Democrats have a very good handle on this on how to by voters it's like yeah it's like a perpetual motion machine. The more people you can get in here illegally the more if -- especially get embassy on the road the more voters and yet. The more goodies you can handout the chances are you getting swept out of office are remote and -- pretty sad but that's generally the thought. Let's go to our Charles Krauthammer Charles you're on WB yeah. -- fairly thanks to -- you know. I would like to think that. The mayor of New York you know simply John Lennon had stuck in his -- imagine but I think you hit the nail on the head when you talk about the vote. Eliot Spitzer tried this. You know giving way to goodies of these driver's licenses than. Say a lot of flak for it it's all about the motor voter law what account to that. And once you give illegals the -- related which they did in California now. And something to watch that's what's gonna go about it is. Legal or not -- -- Walking -- the driver's license and be able to vote. Good point -- California also a few months ago pointed. Somebody's in the bar they either pass the bar and India they are now legal lawyer whose illegal and lawyers are an officer of the court. And you tell me how you have an illegal officer of the court that they did that in your right to vote. What you just said about the driver's licenses above fourteen states now that are doing that and it's all designed for the ultimate goal. Of those staying in office forever good -- -- saying you very much that's the ultimate goal. That we. That have what you used to be called bribery. And up -- up. There's a lot of things used to be. OK first of all if you help somebody that was breaking the law. Wouldn't that be called aiding and abetting the gas OK now. There is willing to help. Also broke the laws he's going to be charged with aiding and -- no -- so that's the way it works that's the way it works aiding and abetting. Is is a year crime. But it's OK I guess if you're the mayor you're -- aid and -- all you want. So this is how it's gone it's gone full until circle crazy. We'll be back after this. It is region governor. Yeah I kind of got me going I saw this a story yesterday. On the plaza yelled. Issuing undocumented immigrants papers. ID papers so that by his own words they can gain access to services. So it's not enough that they're here illegally that they have no right to be here but let's make sure that not delayed on their services. So the people who are paying for it. That's different you have to pay -- pay on time if all the rules these people. But I don't pay any thing and don't follow any rules and they're getting rewarded for you feel like a soccer via satellite. Let's go to Joseph and not want their job Iran WB yen. They would send me about top fourteen years ago would move to Arizona. You know a lot of family in front kind of laughed at us they know what all those illegal -- -- up for a couple of years -- they don't -- stay in Arizona. Their -- York's state they -- yankees swaps on and on that would they didn't they can't wait to get through these New York State feel like you're being duped here. Yeah via yeah. The let's say Bloomberg Hillary Clinton and now the blood blahs -- quite clear this is the land of milk and honey forget the other states come here me out. A Texas I think it issued a a welcoming. A message for people who wanna come down to Texas who wanted to ditch the high taxation of New York State -- ideologies and Joseph thank you very much. Yeah I remember Hilary welcome them here Bloomberg welcomed them here it's it's almost like that's that's their recruiting. They're recruiting is not bring your company here they're recruiting is not bring your own brain here. Not to bring things to a state that will indeed help your life and help us it's all about just come here so we can give you something for free. He remind other states have social programs to. But they're not as lucrative as these in fact in Texas. They're minimal there enough to if for an emergency because those were designed for. To help -- about but they're not designed to be comfortable with because they don't want to be comfortable with it nor should you be comfortable -- -- you come here. Why would you want why would you not want to come here. Illegally grab everything we have not had anything a bid to give back. And just the move on your merry way they make it very easy for you duke meanwhile makes it very easy to actually live here. You mean it's not designed for generation upon generation to live off the government trough the trop gets refilled on a regular basis. But one of the problems they're having is a lot of the people who filled a trough are leaving they're going to other places. Rug where Rush Limbaugh left several years ago. We know dollar subtle way of Hannity is saying he's gonna leave a -- high profile name people would -- the third. Worst state or best day depending on where you're looking at this chart. For a loss of loss of population. It's only Tuesday it's worse than -- that's so people are leaving New York you know it's not like. If you're in California which is also screwed up -- some palm trees that are in now at least there's some nice warm weather there. You're in New York State New York is physically beautiful but fiscally a disaster. You know looks great but they strutted into the ground and they're willing to sellout in including ignoring the laws in order to get your come and get some. -- they're banking unit coming -- get free stuff. And then Cuomo comes up and -- roses -- his big cardboard check. And that throws is a goodwill amongst the a presence here and expects us to buy it. No we remember something called New York say let's go to a Peter Peter -- W via. I -- he's been a -- listen up here in Canada. I conservatives like a very carefully what is called get back in and you'll want to might Eric trump and then -- it would blog you know. I really think the accident from New York will will make a lot of -- from Asian voters really take a look around them. But what I believe in any at this point it. Because of obamacare and all the rustic things that are coming out. And you don't put out there and gotten the great thing to be a heartbeat is that I think it and what. Five year old beat up like it could you will be -- -- like you know look at. Social services what there's no act beat I mean I -- go. There should be a wake up and it can be very soon and what could happen if I -- -- could -- a lot. Or devoted to go where nobody should be all too common sense. And and you know well I don't. Andy what is happening now you can't happen according unit or did you hit into a -- and then you call walk. In the and you look at that look at that the launch. On the left. And and the political. -- -- the quality and the courtroom Fox News. Kulicke and these people pay you called a liar. A lot. The bar and I mean I first call -- I wish I could disagree with you on something but what you said makes sense and unfortunately I think the part about unrest is absolutely gonna happen thank you. Thank you very much. It gets a point where you just have enough. And you say to yourself. I won't back down. That's for Tuesday and you break in to a you break into -- Tom Petty song after saying you won't back down. And know what -- -- do you say. I'm going to take action that's the way I roll you know I'm talking about so for those of you out there who won't back down -- -- the way your role as our only hope. So please don't leave don't go to Florida or something like that please stay here and helpless would -- with the never ending quest for giving away free stuff. In New York City. What's amazing to me is that the block CO one by a large margin -- remember that. And people saying at the time because we don't keep track of the mayoral campaign. Saying you'd think you'd think it and like Bloomberg -- sure as hell and -- like the blahs Leo. And this is how he starts. They can't -- the gist of it is they can give the illegals stuff fast enough. -- It's -- water they don't meet them on the other side of the border and give them or just showed display the free stuff come. All party have a bit the other because those guys electric over the Border Patrol guys at lunch come over. They only -- Why don't they don't like they used to do -- informational leaflets in World War II oh why don't they put them beneficial. Leaflets and why overall video all the borders that we have. The Canadian border be Mexican border is probably be more fruitful on their moment. -- just drop leaflets. Showing be wonderful programs that are available as soon as you managed to sneak over now it's almost like a game show. If you get -- By any Border Patrol guy that's not going to be good for you because there -- actually enforcing the law. But if you cup by a politician. That it's fine. The politicians. Don't know nothing about no stink and laws they just know one thing. They want your snout in that trough as deep as it can be and just remember when you come house Norton every possible. Benefits and get remember who gave it to you he has -- Joseph Democrat got the big key right there it doesn't matter who the hell's gonna pay for it just doesn't matter of a good welfare of the country. It's all about me. The individual politician. Pathetic. We talked about it and radio listener called earlier and said. That she has a friend that is that -- a student. From another country here legally starting pays double the tuition. While an illegal and New York State. Pays the in state rate which is a discount. If you're from out of the if you're from out of a country you might pay double -- from out of state you pay much higher. If you're -- stay in your legal -- -- And is crazy and you can't make this stuff up that's the whole point you can't make it up just one it seems as ridiculous as possible something else happens. We have more more states issuing driver's license. To illegals we had to state their vote California. Making an illegal. Pass the bar the pass the bar and so he has no lawyer practicing lawyer in the state -- -- California. Despite the fact that lawyers are offices of the court again and illegal officer of illegal judges to what they'll. Just I get the ropes ready gentlemen different sizes. Oh that's the way it should be if you to have laws or you don't. And if you're not going to divorce and then you don't. And -- not have laws about that let's not have laws about -- let's just go ball also wall take what you want grab it when it can protect your house and and put your name you put your head between your knees when you see the upon. Alex coming. About wraps it up just remember me though I won't back -- -- -- card you know life. That's the way our school I'll. It was semi dude he really -- like that should not only normal like I want them to said that do that I'm sorry I'm too busy things. If you divide here Martin. The local. Was never into music these.

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