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2-12 Beach and Company Hour 2

Feb 12, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

A backward vision governor a sandy beach show what I know me about this is there's a total disregard of the law. There is no respect for the law and this is from the people who enacted the law of the politicians. And they have put the laws in place. They are the laws of the land them and they disregard them I mean if you figure that one out. If it's illegal it's illegal let's not gussy it up and say undocumented. Undocumented means illegal got it all right that's the way it works and I'm irritable -- -- you are getting up on the right foot with his. Undocumented. Following. Where he says to my fellow New Yorkers who are undocumented. I say New York City is you -- home to. And we will not force any of our residents to live their lives in the shadows. Another words actually sneak into the country in the -- worried somebody might find out and sneak -- back out of the country so watcher here. You're safe because new York New York City to. So what is the doing. He is going to give undocumented. Immigrants illegals. I did any papers that allow them to live more normal lives. He says we will protect the almost half million undocumented. New Yorkers. Whose voices too often goal on bird. Well guess what they should be unheard they're here illegally they you know they should be heard in their home country wherever it is that's where they should be heard. Not here getting goodies from radio very very left -- hang a left wing leaning. Mayor so here's a you know there's some things many things in this. That are ridiculous. Is that politicians take an oath to uphold the law of the land and then they disregard. Disregard it. This isn't upholding the law of the land -- -- bad that's for openers secondly. And if you want little comic relief. They're giving them these documents that will allow them to take part in services. I'd like to know when you apply for the use. How you prove. Your undocumented. How do you. Show any documentation that you don't have documentation. I'd like to know that I mean I think got to -- your thing -- let's say I'm in the country illegally. Can you prove it well no I can I you I mean are stuck in the country. A rally do you have of photos you have a gas royalty and have a an address that you have what what you have to prove that you are here illegally are nothing because I snuck him. OK -- And it doesn't make any sense and you try and do things without identification. You'd tell come next I'm going across the border your undocumented. So you know led to across the border. Okay if you're in Canada now in your planning to come to the US when they ask you questions and they ask for a passport or an enhanced driver's license. Canadian passport US passport whatever they ask you for just tell them your undocumented. And see if they wave you through. They won't. Don't make you -- to put in a holding place although they'll send you back but all -- through. So they don't just throw but if you're lucky enough to get through the mayor of New York says. York you welcome here's some are you getting any any services. OK here's some paperwork and make it easier for. Oh my god it's like a joke it is like a nightmare. Let's go to our Jeff and like a wanna Jeff you're on WBN. And -- really. You know I ride they'll find out how do you like did not figure out how do you like number like you. Today. Is that why was flat. I have no -- -- -- I can look up something that a breathalyzer will be used before we you know -- you would put money here I think we need to figure something I think that now is it was a very strange at all. But we're asking you if if you think this is the right way to go right thing to do because you look at the you talk about unfair. I think totally unfair is that as customs people. And -- Border Patrol people to risk their lives protecting the borders is you know enforcing laws when once -- in here. The mayor's. And the governments don't seem that probably. So it's it's illegal to come here without documentation. But if you actually make it. If you actually get through in your here fine we'll keep beer no sense and enforcing laws in Austria and -- 301806166. So I'm thirty. And I don't wanna be picky picky picky but New York City is in New York State. And again -- pace Revis you do. You're paying for people who snuck in the country with the mayor doesn't want to lose the feel unconnected. Because as part of this. These people I guarantee you are not working. In producing taxes. They're using up resources without paying for I mean this this is going on what's going on not just in New -- is going out and other places to California especially. And -- We ever gonna put our foot down when we're never gonna say. When is somebody gonna be prosecuted or remove from office for breaking their oath of office if you get all of office that you uphold the law and the and you blatant. -- -- you kick into the curb haven't you broken that oath of office and have you broken your bureau wrote promised to the American people. We should not the American people butcher in the ass and get shot there. Instead we've got all kinds of clowns in there who are just trying to their right Susan ward club again Tony. It's things like reward clowns is the operative word we get all these clowns in office who once they get there they're bigger goal in life. Is to grow their own voters by -- providing them with things that you're paying for. Yes you are paying for it in order for them to get reelected and -- the other way to not enforce laws that are supposed to be enforced if they're not. It's supposed to be enforced take off the books open up the borders just leave open don't even manned them let anybody come in carrying anything they wanna carry. I am bringing whatever they'd like because once they get past once they get past the checkpoint. They're never gonna get deported unless they committed dastardly crime. And not only of an aggregate deported they can thumb their nose at the rules. And and and get the rewards of being a legitimate American taxpayer instead they're just in here to suck -- -- -- -- -- on my -- 18061692. Through six hour 930 will be back. America buzz Leo we we know when he got elected because everybody had new the story of -- guys said. He's he's more left wing. The blue areas and this is how we starting. By issuing illegal immigrants I refuse to use the word undocumented. Now that's and that's a -- -- word is an undocumented. Just means that the paperwork is -- in place yet. Maybe it is a delay or something so you don't you're going to get recommendation would you don't have it now. It's on -- undocumented you're illegal. He came in the country illegally and that's it and now your hand is out and the mayor of New York wants the -- -- goodies that are paid for by the legitimate taxpayers. Say something. Okay and you heard me say this before. But I I really mean it. I do not cheat on my taxes I'd never have and I never will not up and -- I pay my taxes but as I was getting the stuff ready to send it to get it done. I'm looking at the amount of taxes I paid and what's going on in the country with stuff like this. And I'm thinking I'm still not going to cheat I'm gonna pay every penny that I'm supposed to pay does that that's just the way my mother and father taught me you'd take care of your obligations and I will. But the bottom line is I think it's soccer bad I really do what I sucker bet. You and I playing by the rules and we're the only ones that do and the was adult play by the rules. A benefit -- -- how you snuck in the country New York you steal your city to that's reset. All right well I don't believe -- and I believe it makes a mockery of people who've come here legally. I -- people have gone through a process which can be convoluted and expensive and time consuming. But they did it because they they follow the rules so what do we do -- we make them follow the rules and it's also costly by the way I don't buy added that in there. The other is that once again that you documentation because you may not be able to get all the services that huge -- I mean what kind of a crazy situation away and so I was looking through my tax of up preparing it for this year is a tax filing a -- Kind of a sucker -- I wish I really wish I wasn't wired the way I'm wired because I think it's such a sucker bet. They take your money and squander it. And the politicians do nothing but try and a re seed their own bed so good at the next election the people who are getting -- these benefits will remember who gave it to them that's what it's about -- getting. And this isn't a Democrat Republican and it's not our republic and end Tea Party thing it's everywhere it's a whole deal. The Republicans. Are row soft on immigration illegal the Democrats are soft on it is one thing to be soft on it it's another to not enforce existing laws and just hand out goodies -- the border as they sneak through. I think it's disgusting. -- -- I think it's disgusting. It is let's go to Eric on a cellphone character on WB yen. -- -- -- -- -- Yeah it's disgusting and that and he's setting immigration reform back quite a ways. I think you've been doing this. But. You know you're talking earlier about. How it as -- after officially sworn to uphold a law right arm but I I think set. Yeah I completely disagree with some. I think he's a courageous scared that he's saying that we have a law ravaged shots and I'm going to take as they are against it. And you know we've got a very similar situation here with the search for sure that -- Where he elected official said that he's out there upholding that law and I respect your sides in the same accordingly. We we share that logic the logic that the YO is got to be thrown out then. You know we -- -- favoritism towards or what. I. Understand what you're saying but would -- block ZEO. The differences Howard is taking a stand which he thinks is. Unconstitutional. And I applaud him for that. With the blogs ago he doesn't mention anything about it because of he had -- I he I'd pay more intentional. About the fact that the laws now -- too cumbersome. We now have a computerized society things ought to be able Madonna should be done faster manner we conduct a check backgrounds at a better than we could be for so that the laws we have our outmoded. So that we should go back to bad and make it easier and not easier but make it more or. Efficient and and less costly for you to get in here legally if he was taking that approach. I would say okay yeah -- protests like this for that but he's not what he's doing is he's just handing it out because he want he thinks it's a populist notion. That will get him votes eventually if amnesty is a fun thank you thank you over Europe. Opinion and it was good opinion. That's a that's a whole different story ask anybody who's come here legally. And they will tell you it's a drawn out process is expensive you -- jump through all kinds of hoops. It and there are these laws were written years and years and years ago before the advent of the kind of technology we have now. It would be I think. Of course I'm asking the government to look at this you saw what they did with the Obama kicked our. And that was the ground up project right from the ground up. And so if if if there was saying look we can make legal immigration. More efficient so won't take that amount of time and it won't be that costly and we can share what we have to check and we can protect the borders. If they did that. Now I'm on board -- that because I want people to come here who are here you know one of the here. And they're wannabes here legally I don't wanna stand up for people who don't care about being here legally. They're just here and because they're here were required to deal with them are required to of these have been various this state. Court rulings -- we're we're forced to. Educate them are forced to give them health care and now the mayor wants these ID cards. Handed out to gain. Access to services he actually said that to gain access to services so it's like. It's a little slow for them so we've got to make it easier for them to do it. Meanwhile the of if you are row member of the Border Patrol or customs official and you -- with a dangerous situation anytime you you walk up to somebody's window and ask for -- Some identification where they're going nowhere you know what kind of things have happened in the last one in four hours. We asked them to put their lives on the line to enforce laws that we're not even enforcing once they get here. So if you as I said if you came in from Canada and they ask where your documentation and you told them you were undocumented they would much -- here. They wouldn't let you in here. You would view would be forced to go back or you be forced to go to jail or some holdings double bill and budget is cultural. By telling them you're undocumented. We need. A passport to get into Canada or an enhanced driver's license that's what we need. And yet these people. Who are going to be the recipients of these cards. To gain access to services and things like that are here illegally everybody knows it in order to qualify for a you have to be here illegally. And there again how do you prove your illegal. That's your question is. How do you prove your legal do you have documentation. To prove you have no documentation. That the way it works. If you look at it it's insane. It is absolutely insane and is this a big news story is that on the front page of the problems. Now is that on the front page of the New York papers I don't know I don't get -- -- but is that a big national news story now this is this has become the norm this is what people are doing this is what mayors are doing all over via. The country. And that's why when some governors like Jim brewer. Of Arizona stands up against this stuff that makes a big big splash when and in what she's doing the kind of things she does or Joseph Arpaio. Of the kind of things they do are simply to uphold the law if we're not willing to uphold the law why -- law. There's no point in any time I've ever been and a contract negotiation and there's some clause in the -- that I don't like. And the manager says to me you don't worry about what argues that. And I Iowa citizens -- -- -- years ago. And then you haven't lost anything if you're not going to use it taken out. What I'm saying is if they're not going to Obey the laws take thaws out has opened the borders let anybody out there. Mad Max beyond -- film that will all protect ourselves and our houses except those of us in New York. Who are protected by the safe act. -- a we'll be back after. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. That call us now 8030930. Cell calls are free and started 930 or toll free line is 1806169236. When I saw this this case it's a big piece on not the Bellagio the mayor of New York speaking before queen's college it just made me sicker really did. He's addressing. A group at the Queens College says. To all my fellow New Yorkers who are undocumented. And I say New York City is your home to. And we will not force any of our residents to live their lives in the shadows. So what he's saying is you broke the law. You're here illegally do we don't want to be uncomfortable. -- -- And he says that. It windows the it'll ensured that undocumented residents are able to -- Do things like open bank accounts signed leases and gain access to public services. So in other words the trough. Is open to video unless you get some kind of ID. He got it. And it doesn't matter if you paid anything of a drop it doesn't matter -- -- -- even bigger dip in the drop the drop is there but here here's some idea to make it easier for you. He said. We will protect the almost half million undocumented New Yorkers. Whose voices often go on her words. They're supposed to go -- heard that I suppose that'd be heard here because this is more of his balls debate there's supposed to be in their country of origin now they wanna come here the legal way there are most welcome. But instead -- talking about. Re doing. The cumbersome legal wrote and making it more efficient. And making it a better avenue for most people to follow instead they just let everybody and then just irritable laws the American auto and in force them this is something you got from Obama Obama doesn't enforce immigration laws we know that. It is the president of these the president why does the New York mayor have to do it doesn't matter so he's doing. Just ridiculous. Let's go to -- Greg. In buffalo Greg you're on WBM. And the or -- I'm ideological but other than I'm good what's gone on their Greg. -- I don't blame him before I actually moved from New York to Florida. You have never have a vision of the idea move but here. After years of being in this on the air. In the restaurant business that intricately involved. With that aspect -- watched so. And I cleaned up by restaurant from that. But it's just unbelievable like at a global work for me and what George -- Mr. wonder to what it -- about oval and she said no she's -- that basically Greg in the political from personal. She said Greg everybody's -- It is illegal. That I'll I'll watch it is and I had another charities Asian. And I have tournament here is urgently Hitler which. I wish you know you don't hear about these Hispanic Spanish all right well but it's. -- -- a country who welcomed him over chart early but he also the Asian all the herbs in the so perhaps her boats are part of that. One million which -- not even close to reality. This just it's ridiculous. Ridiculous thing about things that we do and it gets out of -- the lack of accountability. Astro what are what are we give up being -- country of laws which you know it's there's a cliche we were you've always been thought we're a country of laws that's already a law that stopping enforces a law. I am what you're Greg I'm ledger appeared Douglas. Thank you think you very much. Yeah how many times have you heard in your schooling we -- country of laws what a joke that is. When I -- country of laws is that if it suits -- where if it doesn't sooner ignore the law. There's a lot of ways to ignored you either just don't prosecute. You don't bring anybody to justice. Or you don't fund at the the money necessary. To make sure of the laws are being obeyed. So this is the way it is the president thumbs his nose of the law all the time. And it seems like nobody has any respect and nobody remembers that they took an -- To a -- while -- -- that we have some FaceBook -- -- Jimmy -- please missile comes from Matthew he says this is pathetic it's also slap in the face to the people who come here legally they have respect for this country wanted to do things the right way illegals just -- -- free -- that's exactly right and -- it -- because it's a slap in the face to people who did it legally it's also of a slap in the face to every Border Patrol agent. It's a slap in the face of every customs agent. You are asked by your government that's about it the government gives you -- job. Your job is to protect the border and make sure nobody gets in here that's not supposed to be in here that's your job. Meanwhile the same government says you know we are here illegally here's an idea card because you can't get the services fast and up. How that works because I don't understand it. And doesn't anybody ever challenged them. And this is -- sad part what we do shows like talking about. Yesterday talk about trump whether he should run whether. -- whether we're cooked if he doesn't get the nomination -- either way. Because look at it like this. New York is always gonna dominate New York City is always gonna dominate our political landscape. There are always gonna dominate us and sheer numbers in this they're happy where they're comfortable in that I haven't heard anybody come up against this this is a lifestyle and New York. Let him in if they're here given more benefits meanwhile. Who was the third. Worst state for losing population. Of the fifty states asks. Costs and who's coming and remember I did those numbers but people coming end. Are are the ones that are undocumented so. You're getting undocumented people coming in to the state and you're getting people moving from the state who were paying for all the people coming in illegally. It can't work that way it doesn't matter but numbers don't work. You have to have more people paying for a and it fewer people paying for -- can't be given out these goodies that you can't do it's it's upside down. I think New York probably thinks that. Well the federal government would never let us become Detroit well. You might be right and maybe that's what they're thinking. But I don't think you want that Helm I doing in New York's. You know pressured don't. I should move to another state. And maybe you have WB and set me up with a remote broadcast. Let's look at another state where things are more comfortable for me and I won't -- not -- Zell Wyoming. Maybe go to Wyoming like Wyoming I'd be. Like the west and maybe I'll ask don't do that warming will take a break it will be back after this. I just the thank. You know when -- politicians take the oath of office and they swear to. Uphold the law of the land. When they ignore the law of the land and don't uphold that. That's a breach of the -- that they took. I'd now I don't know if there are legitimate and worded contracts that they signed. But tell you something about contractual law every contract ever seen and I've negotiated contracts were capital cities for NBC -- negotiate in my own. Whatever but there are certain commonalities. One is. That a via a reason there's two there's two reasons that are always in the contract. That the contract won't apply anymore won his death all right so obviously. If you die your employer is not a oblige. A to keep paying your state a one does that the other is a term called failure to do assigned work. That is -- every contract I've ever seen an outdoors if where if we're I have where having you as an employee. And you are assigned work if you don't do the work we can fire you pretty pretty fundamental right. Well with politicians. Taking the oath to. To uphold the law and then not upholding the law impact flaunting the law isn't that really failure to do assigned work. Couldn't be actionable I figure if we had some hot shot lawyer. Who decided things are so screwed up we get this thing straight now -- as an actionable that they're totally. I'm navigating -- their oath of office and that they are are guilty of failure to do the assigned work the assigned work. Of that offices to uphold the law you're not toppling the law you're not doing it. And a story I'm thinking we had some real sharp lawyer who wanted to pursue that I think you'd have a a shot at getting something done like you said you never know -- -- tested in court exactly you can pass any -- -- and until. It's tested in court you don't know if it's gonna stand. If it doesn't stand by I would suggest you get a lawyer or some CEO Louis let's go to a Wally Wally you're on WB again. I informed me one bit that these people can get these identity chargers undocumented illegal aliens. -- so guilty. But well we want to have identity -- true -- and all that was unconstitutional. Unfair for you know although more people in this country. I was asking too much of them today actually have to show any identification. And now we're giving it to Loma. To collect things that they're not really eligible for good point. Yeah and the other thing now it. Eric Holder you know mr. festive period you know and I want to make our own imprint an ultra ultra low. I was gonna bring that as part of the show Saturday but I didn't have enough information on it yeah I mean. That's -- they're growing their own voters including criminals. Barbara saying that one and thirteen. I want you to trade deadline is next okay what are in jail sort -- another voting blocks through a little. Well you know I wish I could believe vivid it wasn't but I believe it is am I saw that and I we saw a little bit of -- I didn't have -- back of information. They're holder wants to do this it's so in character for holder. And he doesn't care at all about bin Ghazi doesn't care are all about fast and furious but he cares about stuff like this boy do we have the wrong people in office until annual thank you. -- you know it's on its policy can imagine the democratic. National committee on its. Well we have a few extra voters that are pilots knew who can vote now that would naturally vote for us. Falls Church or -- though. Other in jail maybe we actually go jailed in jail itself to sell an album -- punch of some portable. Device but we can't ask him to idea identified themselves. We know who they -- is they have a number on their chest. And we'll match up a number and we'll get that we'll get a vote there when I have more information on now talk about it but basically that's the the universe we're live in today it is bizarre. It is absolutely bizarre. Okay Chris another of these were pleased this one comes from our currency says this the state makes no sense we put restrictions on legal products like guns were gonna give away more benefits to illegals. Why punish the law abiding but not the lawbreakers that's a good point. You have great you have cities that there won't let you take a plastic bag of groceries home. You have a New York mayor and I think -- it is still under appeal. They didn't want you to have vote a soft drink beyond a certain a number of ounces and yet they're willing to say come on. You've broken the law we want to reward you for that by giving you a card. This card will allow you faster access to services because the quote that sticks in my craw. This is the mayor the blahs CO2 all my fellow New Yorkers or undocumented. I say New York City is your home to and we will not force any of our residents who live in the shadows. Well isn't that lovely. How about having them live in illegal. A country where they're allowed to live without having to break the laws to be an -- and then rewarding them not only are they giving them cards for this. State rulings have said we have to educate. We have to not only that we have to educate we get to figure their health needs. For it in the chair the cake is. You know how how many people like in Pennsylvania would love to come up through. A UB you know one of our colleges. Gotta pay the out of state rate. Citizens of the state of Pennsylvania or messages they pay the opposite rate if you're ill eagle you get the in state eight in New York now. OK so you get that count if you're illegal and New York State. While other perfectly legal citizens from surrounding states if they wanna come here to New York State for our education they -- to pay more money. And its substantial. So -- you know if you follow the rules here's something nice for you if you don't. Say about us I said earlier I don't cheat on my taxes. And I -- -- just not as you know. That's not the way our role I thought I'd say that -- if it does that sound good that was it sounds a pretty definitive -- the ice on top. That's double that's not the way -- roll. Actually not the way my mother and father Tom DeLay of a but the bottom line is. But the bottom line is I do pay my taxes and -- Look at see the money that I pay in taxes and see it's being you know what a way. On illegals people who shouldn't even be here don't we have enough people that are here legally that need help. That we gotta we gotta export that I mean got -- import them got to bring a -- we need more. While that's what Bloomberg set on the steps of City Hall when they were having questions about the idea Arizona law's he said if you don't feel comfortable as an undocumented. Alien whatever they're calling him now. -- come here we have better health care so Bloomberg said come here provide free health care this guy the -- -- -- was saying. And here's an identity cards you can gain access to services. Pretty pathetic. Meanwhile we're paying for as long as we're on the same state will continue to pay for the other might be some federal money about a lot of -- well even a federal money Germany. Gotta remember that another Chris. This one comes from penny she says are always talking about immigration reform but we don't need to reform we just need immigration enforcement for some reason we in this country refuse to enforce immigration laws. If you don't want it to come to this country from another country. And you don't see what's going on here. Why would you do would be -- why would you do the legal path when the illegal path is easier. To. Why would you do -- it's a sucker bet as a sucker bet. And nobody looks dominos that you're nobody if they catch you'll send you back to your home country unless you've committed a further crime okay. So the people here who did at the right way the people who Lowe went the extra mile paid the extra money took the extra time. There soccer's. Because of the government here says onward. -- did that but we can't discriminate against those who would sneak into the country. -- yeah it's like it's like somebody robs a bank and -- cop by the cops and they don't wanna put him in jail because it would discriminate against them because we don't -- other people and it's stupid. It is absolutely stupid and nobody ever nobody ever calls amount on. And you know what guess what. -- window when politicians run for office you never ever see him in this kind of a format where you could ask them that and just nail homeless. They won't do they want to because they know it's indefensible but they also -- for every every card the issue it's a vote. Where there are Democrat for the rest of their lives. Back -- this.

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