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2-12 Beach and Company Hour 1

Feb 12, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hello -- I do I sound good today I am I know headphones are sent for them Amazon. There -- professional. Model designed for professionals like myself been vandalized sound but I can hardly wait to hear what I'm gonna say. -- say extra words just to enjoy it and even more than I usually do. Yes I've got a lot of power begala and MLB a flight going until noon today. OK I don't this is why these are Sony headphones. -- first thought you know if you buy anything Sony. They are packaged in plastic that a nuclear bomb couldn't open I mean this is what they do. Are you hero and scissors trying to cut a -- and there may government there there's Sony right Japanese you know there -- They've now made in Japan made in China so you -- -- -- not even Japan and is outsourced. You figure that out yeah I saw that. The instructions are in English and what French. I I got a a multilingual. A set of headphones here says the Japanese brand made in China with the instructions in English and French. Let's try them out now -- who wants say week you know I got -- They're -- translating to. Add it it has instructions I'm not making this up because you can't make it up I should've brought instructions and here. It says that on one hand phone is an L. On the other had phonies and are in and you're supposed to put the Al now wait for it on your left here. War I don't. Now I'm a first of all anybody that needs instructions. On putting headphones on. And they're ready for his stereo sound and this is all digital. Which means to me nothing I mean they also on the same as far as I'm concerned but that's it's dug -- a new headphones on. The last ones that the company bought lasted ten errors. Ten years that's pretty good especially for broadcasters as we take them. Out on a phone. Off on you know multiple times an -- a -- headphones and not -- like that. But sounds good nice and clear whatever I got the exact model number type and in my Amazon account boom there was they delivered to the door there were no no drones. No drones there was actually delivered by a human being about that have to get into -- Sony's. -- -- all these headphones and you don't know once you get here. What they sound like you can go to veto a stone war. And listen to headphones there and -- sound one way they are and those on a different way here because of the what what's going into them. So when did you know you really don't know but I knew these sound good when they're working now I got a -- set. So that's that's that well. I had another fun day changing my -- password yes. Every ninety days the company does it to drive us insane. Okay we have to change -- password every ninety days for a lot I'll never now. You know I don't hey you know I'm not worried about anybody stalking me there's of I'm not under surveillance is just. I just get emails and say hi what's the name of that cheese burger place in Randolph. And I -- back the information. That kind of stuff I get. But yet every ninety days. I have the change Democrats were now here's the deal. Here's I didn't ideological. Seed if it's illogical it drives me crazy. All right. I get it I had to type in my current password which attacked him. Then my new password. Twice to make sure that it's correctly typed -- that's fine but rejected my new password you know why. It rejected because it did not meet security requirements however what I typed and is what I had last time. Three months ago it's what I had so three months ago it was fine with the security. Now it's not. See that's geological. I don't think they changed it. I I did the exact same password I had three months ago I put it back and won't take that. So that I put in a goofy one and that's that and I write them down. You write your passwords down. If I changeup I'm pretty. Alliance sent ones and I know what are they tell us what. Obviously the beach and be at an. Idea Chris it would change your passwords right down our I have to -- a nine year old Jim apparently needs some are passwords and so I changed my passwords in the things referring to Jim all the guys -- talk about. Well he first got them I tried putting in Rhode passwords and it wouldn't accept them. But here's -- find out. Do Tony but I think I said on the air. I have a car. That will read you your tax. It -- you would that disembodied voice OK it's it's the same woman. Voice that does the the a GPS you know. She's got that disembodied sound. The same one so if you get a text. And you put and you push listen. It read it to you which is nice to judge sticker rise up the road now I had never. Heard. Nor have anything on my text that or the or wrote I didn't know. If she was programmed to repeat words are not. So I had a friend sent me the -- -- Email you can imagine or -- the road this text you can imagine. Now when the name came up on the screen an important lesson and she was swearing like a sailor it was so I'd. -- -- let's. Go ahead it's like when I test drove via the of the GT ROK. Deborah Brazil says and a voice at the voice recognition on this is really good -- were overrun. And he an issue to me demonstrated okay. A because you just tell you what to do and it does a great okay that when driving he said try the voice recognition and I said okay. So I hit the voice recognition. And I said I went from my request I requested something that is illegal in fourteen states you're okay. And -- girl. Voice says pardon me. And I repeat of it as a pardon me again. I will laugh and so hard but here I am one of fastest cars in the world -- decide -- I better prepared to answer my driving but it was hysterical. Because and I'm like -- I don't know. Your lonely what you can do is textures. Of if you really want a good time text yourself and send it as a tax and set to your phone on right. And that is to get married anymore. About. It -- Hearing my idea by my my -- RO woman's voice on my truck. -- really bad rude things so you guys have voice recognition -- you ever tried it. -- -- and her -- fishy dead this year was on how to analog numbers and -- -- one can say okay yeah that's one of -- I have not -- not heard it either it sounds pretty side it says that I doubt it's like a voice that. That they that they use on the GPS I think it's the same woman actually. But it's it's great fun it's fun and if you're alone you feel like you have a companion undersea gas so I gotta get that done I got my your password finally changed. That puts -- -- goofy and there. And and that's that so oh by the way when it's your password. You gotta change it on all your devices you can't just change it on one. Go to your iPad or your iPod you gotta go to yours iPhone. And of course you're human computer so. Life is not easy I mean this is supposed to make our lives easier and let's it's not we spend more time. Concerned about our electronics than actually using the electronics. And welcome back a blog talk about today including for those of Leo. Worth thinking about Valentine's -- is coming up a couple of days I wonder if there's any aphrodisiac. I could give to my loved one was probably serious. Yes and I have a right here on news at 930 W via it is Beijing company and I'm sandy beach. Mean and I I heard a John themselves and say how cold it was. This morning is I looked -- my outdoor thermometer. And there was a minus seven in my house but then coming to work -- new road is always colder than. Demirel is Florida and is colder than Solomon creek or whatever. And it got to fifteen bowl on during during my traipse through. A new road and just putting the trash out today I felt like I've isn't gonna follow up you guys have to do anything outside before he got here -- I did get the truck warmed up you know as I don't -- nice one before the Samantha -- it. And yeah that was your goal is Beasley are you -- Marion in the car I mean I'm drive and and its. My. Thermometer in the car red minus Syria and the way OJ -- -- into our work gloves in the car and have gloves on yeah I'm just -- figured just a walkout started up heroic it was awful. It was it was Beasley today and I think once Johnson's start announcing temperatures it's almost like an auction after that. You know as somebody from bill says it's -- Thursday in the insulate our yeah. A thirteen it's minus fifteen Orion. It's Spain it's minus the thousand or -- it's it's kind of fun to watch him. Because the outcome and after the ones you announcer always lower than the ones who and a people people ought to be a stage if somebody says it's mine is -- nobody's gonna callers say it's mine is true. It doesn't work that way if it's minus three and you've got to Collins as -- six. You gotta you gotta get into. Now Valentine's Day is Friday out of you guys have I've done your proud that you've done your preferably done your due diligence we don't do Hilton's -- And that's why you don't do a lot of things don't look it. The only if you did Valentine's Day you might be doing more things and let me. This would tie him there it's a waste is that a waste. So even even with my chocolate and stuff like that it's stolen along and I understand I don't blame it's more efficient video board. About you know Chris we don't really care either although we are not against the buying light. You know being -- here -- something nice -- thought the majority got to think thought because we're slobs you know we. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Has some Valentine's Day suggestions. Now Brenda can be a little edgy at times with her suggestions now. The a five mom I don't know about you guys but it I'm thinking Valentine's Day. And they ask you to do you know. A quick bit they'll say Valentine's Day and you throw some words out there I'd throw out. Candy flowers part. That's not. Brenda withdraw sex did you see this this is on the big WB and web page for road. For -- is bites. What do lentils honey oysters bananas and chocolate have in common. They are all believed to be aphrodisiacs. For Valentine's Day did you know that. I didn't I have heard oysters and her chocolate. -- real violence. And -- I courses let's go over these lentils. Gunmen had my mother used to -- -- -- all the time I'm sure she had -- best. We like Lance Olson honey. Oysters I have heard okay bananas. -- and sent it in. Okay. And shock when you say you have ever jargon that's okay hippocrates. And the ancient egyptians thought landfills would do would be very very helpful. And so I'm thinking even the him even the age of egyptians were kind of thing like that -- -- -- -- they they -- -- ahead of the curve. Montezuma. Is said to have fifty cups of chocolate a day. So that he could. Shall we say -- make an appearance that is -- right. And it's so that's it so it depends on July. But if if it's gonna help union -- that I'm thinking and I would go with the chocolate bananas. And that's that I cited additional rentals and the honey and the oysters. Are mushrooms work too well I'd never been about mushrooms now. And and if you want the twin bathtub finger of take a pill. So they -- the food won't do it for those of you who are really horny and wanna check the complete list it's on brand is by its. And -- go to WB and that and you'll probably say you like her if it. My whole life and I just people like what you. -- Really important to me happy Earth Day. To to be able that I love won a little bit more than the other obviously. I'm happy birthday to my sister Sandra. She's having a birthday today and also to Mike Roberts -- I love Sandra she's my sister she's family I love Roby to live in a different manly -- -- you know. So happy birthday microbe a tie and December you might run -- -- my Roberts I hear about my sister's in Florida so does our immigrant from Iran and north. Did you see the weather forecasts were -- A lot of the south. They are gearing up because they. -- I've never seen the word catastrophic. Used as many times. On an incoming storm as I was glued to the weather channel for awhile. Odyssey and they send their people out ahead of time in the and they have their experts on and of the word has been used a lot because if it's not ice which they could get up to an inch depending on where you are. Get up to an inch devices a lot of vice. Two a lot of snow and if you see where it's aware of the storms coming. It it misses us it's it's days he's the boss so we're very happy about that but let's wish them all the best because Atlanta hasn't gotten over their last ice storm. And if you see the video from last I'm not good not good at all. All right let's ever. Now let's -- it's have four of these 01 each day. And Monday through Thursday. I have -- tickets to -- Streisand. Festival here. Their tickets of a BP oil production of Streisand song book. Monty Saturday this Saturday at 8 o'clock decline and value is eighty dollars general conscious rules applied. Great post Valentine's -- a date night I don't know put -- oysters but it might work. I give her tickets on Valentine's Day picker to the BP EO -- and Hampton Callaway is critically acclaimed tribute to Barbara Streisand and don't try and sneak a banana in your. In your -- Let's see what -- -- over -- more would be huge gallery for those of you wanna go cossacks were before nine point 75 now. And their Chris will take a winning call so stand by will be back after the nose with beach and company. You can pay for yesterday's news in print or get today's news free just use WB EN dot. -- Macrovision governor. Getting good news of getting happy -- and Tony there's going to be some happy news -- Justin Bieber got bitch -- boy if anybody deserves to be bitch slap at him what happened. Blake Griffin of the Los Angeles Clippers was at a Hollywood star books. And I guess the beads was -- been off to the person behind the car owner. Blake Griffin tried to calm him down. I'll be start cussing at him. Some. Shoving went on and then Blake just as well listen up and slapped the boy. We. Slightly believer out of bits around it I. Beat this public let's. Yet anybody in Seattle in the collar person to have his bodyguard offer up -- yes he is such a punk. It is it -- -- a puck and I'm I'm just thinking of anybody deserves a bitch slap at him. He always seems that he's he -- miles an awful lot when he's with his bodyguard -- -- I'd love to see -- you know some guys sitting there -- -- -- it -- -- the ultimate fighting champion -- something. And have. And haven't is suddenly get a lesson in life I paid big money to get the opportunity Ali he sent to doctors -- little golf is sure that's us the only way to describe them. But at least he's not running for office right equipment. Clouds a Lebanese. The here I am stuck in the middle or do. The Olympics. Idea I I -- ahead of time that show on why had not won so that kind of took the edge off for me wanting to stay up because I knew. If John light was competing he'd be on just at the end of the broadcasts because they -- these these and they final -- so I knew that even by the way he's gonna come import. It's like album if I -- these because if -- -- he's not gonna come in second or first he's still gonna come in fourth. A but I watch some of the skating. And watch some of the skating and a pretty good stuff -- there is some orbits the little boring I don't think that. Distance. Events are really meant to be televised no. I'm not and it like you know quick. Like in the summer -- I'd rather see despite the 100 meters are you out rather than a marathon BI exactly and in the 5000 -- America oh what do you like to watch on the. I've been watching a lot of hockey I usually I'll just watch what they are a lot of my scream like you said and it sums dozen more exciting than others like I'd like. For speed skating for example with speed skating is an -- from the guys. I don't like the big distance stuff because I don't really understand what's going on I don't know how fast they are there there are groups in the summer revolves around and it seems lately like and asked -- -- you don't fall down now you when you're all right this beat. When -- race side by side I can get in that. You know I'm hoping. It's only a couple of days away yeah Valentine's Day. I'm hoping someone as close to me is gets me one of those speed skating out -- it's. The first time they have variously. And I think it would show off of the years I spent the evening canola and stuff like that and it would be fun. I just became super surprised you while I'm on the phone at that that wasn't that it actually happened. With Blake Griffin now so we've seen that -- -- they don't trust. And stunningly the so you want to believe it is it and there are -- there is no Santa Claus so. We mean this house I hate the breakfast or say where are you on the Easter Bunny. I. How about about the fact that -- -- for public market. -- I you cannot do that -- at a joke and as I'm hanging out in my mind I'm thinking went out of my mind. It pretty good thing. Let's go for no stop -- And so there there you have it. I thought Blake Griffin and ask him to all -- -- how we're taking a collection and their view we raise enough money will he do they seriously I when I'm doing -- for the talk show. I don't use anything from the Internet -- -- Denver because you see -- Things have been attributed to bill Crosby. -- now Cosby has said some stuff. But he hasn't at all that stuff and then say they tie in these things which you've seen in other places with other people and now and -- is verified I'll use. Because what happens you're embarrassed the holes and no I'm embarrassed myself -- know you embarrassed me politics you know I stand up for you you know. I'd like you to you know I went to the web -- night. Put the thumb up like he'd -- elect I think it's important that we all be like -- -- -- at this stage in my life record of them. -- there frankly my dear I don't give a damn yes okay. Now here's the story ON -- we get the way -- -- -- hockey's good score. -- the -- Canada is all over the US in the third period. How to score three unanswered goals to go up 31 that bought the Americans just scored with a bottom -- a blast it looks like two -- pulled within 32 but it's not looking too good. -- jury okay because and they have breezed through their first two two games but so we'll keep our fingers crossed. Here's a story remember. What we used to complain about Mayor Bloomberg. -- in New York so loose rules you know -- -- tells you what you can eat what you candy how you can cook it. What Ohio you can use you're allowed solves. You can drink out of a large container for soft drinks as nanny stuff okay. Well Bloomberg is out of office. And now -- the -- though as the mayor of new York and I haven't been playing by the end of his term we may wish we had Bloomberg back. This is one of the first things he has announced. And this you know -- it just warm the car goals of my heart and warm car pools are important when it's this cold outside human target well. The mayor says. That he is Oklahoma City he has the city if they are going to issue undocumented immigrants papers. So here's the quote allow them to lead more normal lives. Okay the -- exact quote. Quote to all of my fellow New Yorkers who are undocumented. That's a code word for illegal. I say New York City as your home 20. And we will not force any of our residents still live their lives in the shadows. Okay. We will protect -- almost half million undocumented New Yorkers whose voices too often. Go one bird. So -- are people who have come into the country illegally that's what undocumented. Means. And he doesn't want them to Toledo a life where they have to worry about anything and you know why there are issuing. These. Neighbors to allow them I'm not making this up to gain access to services. So not a normally do always say well turn the other way when you sneak in the country will make sure you have the paperwork to game the services as good as we want to become my vision. This is unbelievable. It's almost like we're living in an alternative universe. You know. Right and wrong can be debated what's right for you know maybe Iran for somebody else and there are some absolutes but it's some it's good debate. But legal and illegal shouldn't have to be debated. Are you in this country from another country yes you are you have the did you go through via pay pork no I didn't. How did you get in here I came in ice knock him now. By anybody's imagination. Is that not breaking the law. And now we're going to reward people breaking the law by giving them access to services. Are. More expeditious fashion. I hate I hate it when it takes too long form for undocumented aliens to get their services -- so unfair is that. But that's what's going on in New York. That's what's going on in new York and unfortunately New York is part of New York State. And we are part of New York State -- so we -- you know we have something we have a horse in this race I'd like to hear from you if you think that's a reasonable rational thing to do. Is that not encouraging people. Saying don't worry if you get into New York bureau OK here William and give you special Lola. Documentation. That says you can get the services even though you're here illegally and so. If so are there any parameters. Could you could you committed a crime and still get the papers. Do they take the papers back if you go to jail I mean this is silly. Is beyond silly it's disgusting. And I'd like your opinion on it 0309301806169. Degrees -- start 930. Well there are murdered boy was EO has said that undocumented. And if immigrants will get papers paperwork. To allow them to live more normal lives this was in a speech he gave a Queens College he said. To all of my fellow New Yorkers were undocumented. I say New York City is your home true. And you'll not be forced and -- we force any of our residents to live their lives in the shadows. Via -- among the reasons he wants them to get paperwork it'll allow them to gain access to public services. I find this repulsive to be honest -- you. Of virtual we live you know we have several international border crossings with Canada. We are when we come back and say we going to cannibalism when we come back whereas questions. And everybody is ask questions you have to -- you have to produce a passport or -- Major or your driver's license. That has a special OK on -- -- use that as documentation to back report. We need that documentation to get it get back into the country where citizens we need a passport okay. But what's going on we have Border Patrol agents who are willing to risk their lives to enforce the law. In in that is in one case and in the case we got a New York mayor who says once you're in here you don't want -- New Yorkers York city to. What's the point in having the patrol there what's the point in having any kind of laws regarding who comes into the country. Are you telling me that we're asking people do. To put their lives on the line to keep people who shouldn't be in this country because they don't have via. Of the rights -- paperwork they don't have the right authority to be here we asked them which lives on the line for that but meanwhile the mayor will just -- stuff out like candy -- a lot of us we don't want you to be inconvenienced. -- just amazing to me it really is and -- several states now I think it's up to -- almost fourteen. Are giving driver's licenses. To illegal SA undocumented. Because undocumented and illegal -- the same thing okay I'm not gonna use and nice he words undocumented. Next time somebody stops you on the highway. Four rub of for driving too fast or reckless driving or whatever it is and they ask for your driver's license. Tell -- you're undocumented. But you don't wanna live in the shadows. That works out is see if they if they to show -- a great deal of compassion because you're undocumented. So we have bad going on what's the sense of having any laws. If they're not going to enforce them and as far as I know every public official takes an all. That they will uphold the laws is it not illegal to be here without documentation. It is illegal why are we not only. Not -- doing about that where reward them so apparently once you get past. The Border Patrol once you get past the checkpoint. And and -- here illegally you're okay. Because they're not gonna -- Q it's not gonna happen and meanwhile will make sure we set drop with -- all of the services meanwhile patients -- He asks who pays for the services you do. And I do and Christmas and Tony and your brother and his sister and your -- and we all pay for because. We want them to feel comfortable -- I would like to see. Other government in the world take a position like that. Say you know what we know we are here illegally and does by the year. Here's special IDs so that you don't have to feel uncomfortable. We've mentioned that I think like fourteen states were give driver's licenses a few months ago it was a big story about the state of California. And nothing should surprise -- coming out of California. But they allowed a EO Leo. Lawyer. Two -- get a you know licensed to practice law they proposed lower gets a license to practice law a law terrorism officer of the court. -- this person is only here now you tell me how you can be illegal and an officer of the court does that does that seem worked out for. I don't quite understand that. So it's like the politicians. The one who made the laws in the first place if you think about it don't care to enforce them. It's we'd rather bad be seen as the nice guy I would rather give away the treasury. Because we want you to remember who gave you all this stuff involved for us next camera I think it's. Let's go to Franken now want to Franklin if bankers this a little too generous. All right guys to jagr. He -- what I saw. They're that the black CL -- which insurer for mayor or city and I do or is this guy this guy is. May -- -- conservatives by standards. Yeah I'll and I think everybody thought they had local course liberal guy stole our General Electric eat a lot to play. Our case nobody knew who lives. I say that this guy is there and I think economic Wahlberg looked extremely conservative and our starting. -- -- I have no respect for the laws of the land. If if they don't why do we have any laws why do we have immigration laws a why don't we have a Border Patrol -- we have people at the border checking our passport before we can even come back. -- -- strike supporting their lives in Hawaii. To protect the citizens of this country from illegal. Coming into this country what are the Supreme Court and it comes down -- IT shops are indeed the mayor and the governor. There and sent -- Our so called kill most of our our our our kicking the accepted into the parking and hair all rights. They're people that they're here for for yeah. And people came here from another country where very much in favor of regular immigration people who do have the right way by illegals were not to my fellow New Yorkers who are undocumented. I say New York City as your home to. I mean come on so I'm saying that to any other group of lawbreakers joke about carjackers had carjackers we know New Yorkers your home to wanna make it easier for. -- -- -- Now it won't. Sit back -- -- not worth it I think that's when people apply for that. Maybe you give my a an invitation to join -- Mexican populations the other works out thank you will be back after this.

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