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Miller Time Over - Quick

Feb 12, 2014|

WGR's Jeremy White

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Jeremy White is here from the morning show WGR Sports Radio 550 Gerri great to have you here good morning good to be here what is the the reaction from a sports fans in Western New York that the starting goaltender tomorrow for the US men will be Jonathan Quick Matt Ryan Miller. Well there are number -- to kind of look into it in May be interpreted. Dan Viles -- they had coached team USA and he has not said whether or not he's going to rotate goalies reasons that anything he she said that. Jonathan Quick the starter against Slovakia. By contrast candidates coach Mike Babcock has said Carey Price game one report Longo game -- was a candidate you still might wonder who the guy once they get the medal round. The US for whatever reason and miles was kind of keep it close to an Aston deciding that he wants to go with Jonathan Quick to start I tend to think. That whoever starts against Russia which will be Saturday at the home country in one of the strongest teams in the tournament. I think whoever starts. Against Russia for teen USA. Barring a meltdown in a bad performance will be there. Goaltender in the medal round so Ryan Miller starts Saturday I think that's an indication that Ryan Miller might be their guy but let's say Jonathan -- does really really good tomorrow. That would give him any momentum. I don't know I don't know it involves was thinking because if you look at their numbers Jonathan Quick some very accomplished goaltender Stanley Cup Conn smythe trophy as well he's been very good. But he's been hurt. And Jimmy Howell the third goaltender the US has also been hurt they're both kind of -- working on nagging injuries were Ryan Miller has been. Spectacular pretty much the entire season so if you look at just their numbers this year. Save percentage wise Ryan Miller had a much much better year than Jonathan Quick hasn't even last year as well so. It's not even a matter of wanting Miller to get the star because of a sentimental aspect because he played so well 2010 Miller has had a better year. And yet Jonathan Quick has been given the star for the opener so were you surprised when quick upstart. Not yet I'll be surprised if quick is just given the spot given the job. If you play Saturday against Russia and the Miller is tossed Sunday against Slovenia. That'll seem to me like Ryan Miller was just kind of error as. An option that they never cited the use so I'll be surprised. I really do think Miller will get the start on Saturday but then again if that's the case. That's more than almost week and a half sit for Miller between starts so -- has got to factoring in in other flying over there there practicing. I don't it it's tough to know if if vials and had been as forthcoming as Mike Babcock we could probably interpret this a little bit better but for whatever reason he's decided not to. I'm just thinking back in Vancouver. Ryan Miller got the start and they didn't switch -- -- I can't remember them going to another goaltender I don't think that they did. I can remember we have a goaltenders on the team would be the end Tim Thomas beaten Thomas that sounds right. He output Miller was you know he was great from start to finish and did nothing about this is the US in that term and got a bit of a a fortunate draw. On the way to the to their gold medal -- looking back equity beat this time around. It's I think they're they're up against the debate is that it's the larger -- surfaced last time Olympic Games it was going to be it was in Vancouver's of the -- and NHL ice. This time they're playing on the international lights which is more of the European game as opposed the North American game so I think that. The edge goes to Russia and Sweden when you when you talk with a bigger ice surface so where they ranking the guys who -- for Slovakia. Slovakia is a good team under secure a former -- plays for Slovakia -- Zdeno Chara. Place for some Slovakia and Marcel Hossa -- also their I mean our NHL players on the team that are very very good player so. They are probably thought to be. A little bit below the US mean it's Russia Canada Sweden in the US and Finland that are probably the top five Slovakia bit behind that. But not a team that. That you should take lightly than they've got they've got counselor. I want to see how this plays out Jeremy we appreciate you coming down things haven't. Jeremy White from a morning show at WGR Sports Radio 550.