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Where to Find Curling Gear

Feb 12, 2014|

Goldline Curling's Erin Flowers

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

A popular sport these days especially. Among our neighbors in Canada and -- again -- curling. Aaron flowers was director of public relations for the go blind curling store opened -- saga Ontario near Toronto. Gold line by the way folks has six stories. I catering to enthusiast and Ontario Daryn good morning thank you for joining us. But -- morning. For having me. While six stores that cater to curling I mean we knew the sport. Was immensely popular in Canada but again while tell us what it curling store looks like when somebody walks him. How hard -- happened that he's Smart and we've come at the current stories C a lot of Russians but they're not for your -- -- -- a lot of things you can sleep less you see a lot of curly shoes. We have quite apparently you are able or that we have the world's largest -- in store are headquartered in the -- Ontario. While paid now did you catch the curling pants on the team from Norway. Yet we acting until Nazi. We -- work that they where all of all the equipment. Is provided by our company able. And the pants say where did they come from your start to. No we don't -- it but cancer action company called loud out there are a golf company I'm not sure you're familiar what -- That there actually allowed most golfers who provide them with the parents. Loud mouth is that there is that the name. Correct. I mean those pins were wearing out the opponents. You know. I doubt I know we love that we love what they don't export the whole industry IA quite frankly I'm just really expect that you guys are -- bringing attention -- but could bring attention to all work. Where I mean it well you know it's sort of screams screams that you now in previous Olympic Games. Did the curling players Wear stuff that means that I outlandish amount allowed. I mean these things are allowed you think that run on batteries. Yeah I know they're definitely. Right now and think I would actually are out who currently there the first time that locked in practice in the and I said. I mean at blinding but I those guys are characters themselves they're phenomenal individuals' fate. Are obviously actors for the whole sport world wide out -- And and yes. So he's -- the idea of golfers. No actually I got an idea early crappy uniform they were given that we are just too boring for the way they want to promote their team and market them well. And I believe this story and I'm not saying it -- they -- is they want online and I do something easy. And literally has the ball has. And kept rolling consent from Vancouver. And one of the -- Christopher. Say he's the second on the team he's basically orchestrated the entire. -- liaison between them a lot about and they represent the companies are actually on all the tanks. In the entire golf world are those guys the current dot com. -- well you know there has been more buzz about those pants. That the -- more than anything else the athletes are wearing a big games now are people coming into your story -- looking and asking for pants like that. Team from Norway yes. Absolutely and it's it's frustrating for us because we've gone down that road several times in meetings wondering if we should carry them but it. It's a sad story you anticipate that Kroger on aggregate don't want to be as -- -- both boys should be our most popular tax woman is black. I have to say I think that -- self explanatory it's the most slimming color and would you and they just don't want to -- -- outside of the plain black parents. What then is the most popular item yourself. Public -- without issue. This special shoes. I get there -- actually one sided issue has. Some type of competition like Teflon. And it -- what is -- right or left and it would depend on what you shoot that much for that goes on. The other issue had a grip or on what to -- Robert -- it basically function -- -- the break. -- we learned a lot from you thank you happy curling. I wonder are thanking our. -- to Aaron flowers director of public relations for the gold line curling store. And -- -- Ontario. And there are six stores in that chain which is so hard to believe here by the way if by any chance you missed the picture of the idea Norway. And curlers in those pants you can find it on her FaceBook page we did post yesterday at FaceBook dot com slash WB and 930.