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Southeast Icing Up

Feb 12, 2014|

WSB Reporter Bill Caiaccio

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Built kayak she Al is an anchor reporter at WSP radio in Atlanta taking a few minutes to join us this morning Bill Weir and we appreciate your time. It's storm predictions could not be any more dire I mean they're using the terms historic and catastrophic. What's happening -- right now. Yeah -- -- it's starting to get pretty bad out there luckily the difference between this storm and the storm that hit a couple of weeks ago here in Atlanta was that. The last one ever almost a work at school and was trying to rush home on the roads were so crowd they couldn't -- they -- percent of the road to get rid of the guys. Luckily everyone heeded the warnings this time there's very few people on the roads. But the roads are very -- right now and I think the biggest concern right now is the power lines because. Not only were getting -- this -- we're also getting freezing rain. And it's starting decode some of the power lines were already starting to see. The power outages started to -- so I think that is the biggest concern right now. It bill we've heard the street crews I have 22000 pounds of salt. 7000 gallons of Bryant 45000. Tons of gravel for -- ice. Today Gordon by almost just for those under normal conditions he wouldn't have that much of snow and ice melding of firepower -- good. No they they they definitely increased at this time and -- fact they they had to go to some other states to give it. And they've they've really. I think they've gone out of their way to make sure they're prepared. And one of the problems that they had with pre treating the roses is pretty much rained here all day yesterday we can have a cold rain. And they really couldn't go out and treat the roads much because they were wet and so today -- they're out and they're tree in the area as best they can but really while we're here for people out there right now it's just it's it's it's getting really bad and and luckily they've told people but I think they scare people enough that I don't think there's going to be many people out today. Has it seems like I mean. Fear has to be a big issue with this one just because of the last one. Yeah I mean it -- the last storm more people were literally sleeping in the cars on the highway. Then those people certainly aren't gonna go risk it again today so I think that was enough to kind of scare people right there. And you guys done -- are resurgent bills to Atlanta's worst weather storm ever. Well I can tell you from being a lifelong Atlanta. There's a couple other go down in history. We had 1993 snowstorm that maybe the worst ever. There is it's hard to imagine blizzard conditions in Atlanta but it was like that we had you know fifty or sixty mile an hour winds and prior about a foot of snow and then there was the on the ice storm in 1973. About twenty years before that. That was. Rebels one of the worst ice storms of thing they've ever had and you know as far as power outages it wasn't quite as bad with the numbers then. Simply from the fact we didn't have as many people living here than and then of course since 2000 we have I believe buffalo -- in the Super Bowl here right here. We had a historic ice storm and in 2000. When the Super Bowls here as well also. We've had some ice storms that have been bad and then -- one really bad snowstorm. But about the kids -- love in the snow. The kids are loving this of their about this is their second kind of pseudo winter break two weeks together animals all week off from school. And -- of this week. Point we're and we feel four yen and we we lessen the -- built thanks for joining us this morning. Are right that's bill kayak TO anchor reporter WSP radio in Atlanta.

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