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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>2-11-14 Tom Bauerle Hour 3

2-11-14 Tom Bauerle Hour 3

Feb 11, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB he had. And he would rate. That. Hold to a -- -- Now. Look. It up and no one ponds with an assault rifle no. -- If they are a bit extreme conservatives. They have no place in the State of New York. If you've got health -- already. Then you can keep your plan if you're satisfied with a. Wherever and whenever I can take up without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do when that happened to. Gary -- Destroy all silent. That was an American. -- our brilliant -- Tenet knew what to eat. -- news -- 930. And I like you. You have loans. I'd like -- All affected. -- -- -- 58 today. Also on this date for a patented multi -- -- -- where -- rough Thompson community activists there is an era for the state senate and what I find you think about it news. That just virus -- saying he was pondering people look at the work to say. Maybe I would like to be the State's senator too little people like your account and -- acumen Arabic name once toys over the years on WB. We're talking with a roster -- -- -- about the Donald Trump may be candidacy. For the governor's job in the first -- on FaceBook today. I put something up that said basically Donald Trump just doesn't want the job. We spoke with the Michael Capuano in the first hour of the program who is in daily multiple occasions contact with Donald -- And they're shooting and he. I get the sense -- did not come up savers but I get the sense that Michael thinks that Donald Trump. Is in fact going to run there's a huge meeting would call it a bit at that meeting. On whether or not ultra is gonna run tomorrow. I think mr. drop I've got to say something. Tomorrow. Where the next day certainly by the end of the week. One way or the other if you missed the interview with Michael -- but what's interesting too is that it is children and his wife. Want him to run. You what I know about family dynamics right. Now I don't know what it's like -- white but it remembered but when your kids are 100%. Behind you. And your loved one is 100%. Want you to do something. That carries I think even more influence than any county chairman -- bunch of county chairman around the state is that you're talking about the personal and intimate. And arrest Thompson is that your phone calls by the -- welcome who argued in on this. Make us feel important of his repair -- 03 on -- Turkey. Start -- thirty on the cellphone and -- 180616. WBZ -- now I'll Russ I'm going to just you you mentioned the the energy Donald Trump wants to make new York state of the energy capital. Of the United States certainly we've seen booms in North Dakota. Where people have been flocking there for jobs and basically. You know even starting LP were making sixty grand a year and then with a little experience to Poland six figures easily. Working in North Dakota and it's hard work but it. There's more hours than they know what to do. You know they don't work very very minimal forty hours but he's got to work 50607080. -- week. They'll -- -- many hours as they possibly can you know and think about what score and get get what -- crop up ordered out of me. Right across the border it and -- -- They're actually fracking in New York because they're going down and it make the corner they're going into New York so they're extracting oil there extracting debt. Are out of New York without even being here now journey Wednesday from the buffalo new you know Jerry. Washington correspondent very liberal liberal liberal he he probably hope that are absolutely you know I don't I don't agree. This one that we that we do. He actually -- one of those little towns in Pennsylvania. I don't know what's going on with this country or what's going on with this state. -- and I don't understand it my little hometown event in Pennsylvania is bluntly. So let me -- down the eagle and I've never seen my little to do so well so what are we waiting for what are we waiting for. Rush -- are you convinced beyond. Any doubt whatsoever that fracking is not going to be injurious to our necessary vital and most important. Natural resource water and the water table. Yes I and out are you why. I'm I don't won't get. That the hype that all there against the bracket. I talk like like a good item that we had a little Tea Party meeting last night upfront about used to work actually work -- god -- Halliburton. -- is doing a lot of lacking in other parts of the country are right. When you look at what they do admit it would gradually. Not only with the concrete -- it's all those easily. They drove down. The toolbar with concrete in the steel. And the group out and admitted that it churns within that paternity continued to walk. Concrete and steel. All right. Then and only then do they actually do the acting going op which is hundreds of people into the water whatsoever. If you actually -- And and it you know people don't. People would listen that -- and they don't want it research we found you know that I know that it would do any real research. I wish people would actually go look at all wacky stuff. As -- look they actually do that that there is recordable videos out there that actually show hobby that and yet I I'm convinced I'm convinced that cracking. We're not harm. That water tables as the biggest of the big threats are. You know and of people that might spark that lights on fire while I want that you're part of the lighting a fire problem honorable what they have respect oddity racking your neighborhood. To that little area down as well well well I don't not to be sure where that. With the internal white was going in the middle of alcohol. There are more quality player and did you shoot that there there actual death he'd been a battleground in it's coming right up to water. Well I've known people over the years who actually have well water and how they can even teach ours in messed up is beyond me because some of it is just sulfuric. Committed to it it reeks of sulfur it's almost like people put up the gates of hell to take a shower. Yeah -- -- good if you get into good water cable. You know just because of underground. Doesn't mean it's good. I've lived on while water you know are we lived up to me at an early sixty. And we we -- it won't matter if that was crystal clear what water we actually. Before we get any plotting -- this is how old I and we lived up to date in 1962 and 1963. JFK assassination. We -- and I know how to we have a home in order brought it up water and in blog -- to go to the bat that we got warning watery. I was incredibly good water. This other areas where it putrid right it's almost like. You know you sit there drinking a lot bought. You know and Hispanics but it all depends on where -- where you are you know not all water cables are pure war they're not. She's on her apartment. What do you see any. Any downsides to trump candidacy in other words do you see any areas where he would be terminally. Vulnerable. Politically. Terminally vulnerable -- I really don't. Because you know they're gonna somehow get a hold of every email he's ever sent. Our they will get the trip they'll they'll find every joke at which he's ever laughed every forwarded email he's ever passed along. Every cell text message she's ever set they'll find a way to get it grows. But you couldn't get ahold of everything about almost passed. Nothing at all that -- completely buried so if you're born and raised. In politics you're completely safe because if you had been arrested in Connecticut a white abuse all those records and Garland. But if you're New York you know who is not all of the political -- Born in wait did DeWitt witness saw was walking evolved by living. What -- you at all but he would be in the end it meant for everybody down not literally not -- -- -- as bumpy bumpy in the Arab. Then you're completely. Eliminated from that if nothing there's -- record if you whatsoever. But you'll be able find stuff on opposition. Opposition research -- wanted to call campaign -- on believable com. Well you know what at this point I. I I have to tell you I haven't had let's just say an awakening on that particular front. There are political operatives out there there are people out there whose job is to gather dirt on people now mr. and mrs. America might not want to believe that but those people actually exist. And that's their job you gather dirt on people you perceive to be a threat it's as old as -- -- I don't know why people would be so naive about. I know people were actually I actively doing it. During the do you mean that it will -- in opposition research against Mitt Romney. And they digging up pocket the one that that is why you trying to image -- what he did work boots I want that. All right but this guy would work it or others doing opposition research against Mitt Romney. I don't want you we got it but I -- -- the Normandy for the public integrity of your image you are. So he's doing the opposition research that -- against. Who have been beating our presidential nominee which was already released immediately report it for the opposition. Yeah there are people out there that that's all they do opposition research. And a lot of about former private detectives well former detectives with different policing agencies that operate. They don't people within within the whole system they know how to get around debate here on -- -- find out opposition research center releases. And you know -- out there. But you know in terms of Donald Trump I mean my thinking is this guy has been a public figure so -- bet if there was anything. Bet would harm him any political sense would have known about it already wouldn't one of his real estate competitors wouldn't one of his casino competitors wouldn't somebody already have tried to use it in jail to a damage and. But there are already trying to kill you know there are already China committed to bringing up some of the bankruptcy that they add. You know almond -- small business I've been a small business work. I'm almost thirty years now there's been different aspects of my business that I that I. Wouldn't go bankrupt -- I I can't give up -- you don't you've got to look at somebody that it did this. They wanted to do they -- on the watch it every single every single thing that they haven't pocket. In hopes of -- going to be able to succeed because we are the land of opportunity while we used to be. So you look at somebody -- and small business aren't big business Carl Paladino what you call all right. Hold out you know what your so breathtaking that I have lost track of time. Now we're talking -- Rus Thompson and that Roger talk about opposition research and a possible. Negatives in the trump campaign. And I just wanna get your your thoughts on this before we wrap it up. What does what does your gut and what are your what do you think heart lies and the brain wise about what trump is going to. -- -- There. -- OK art while I want him to do this so bad because I want it -- -- I want every living in. New York. No one to. Fly in this state that we know we. Are that we. We would be able around. In my I sort won the hope that -- ability and that. All. Probably political that a -- that are actually. Like. So I don't want. I really am and who won't stop and if you well. Stopping. And bill. Paladino -- right. So. What do we need now is well I would -- And the leadership -- -- mean. It is protecting -- and so the in port in the -- option in the New York. Think that even needs they answer us look I know you've got -- party you have to get through and I have imposed a new far too much already. And rusty thank you very much for joining us and a happy birthday to. It's always enjoyable comic thank you very much and you know. People get involved please get a don't get in the accolades come my people they didn't ball what wind it. I gave you special accolades on your birthday you can check out and your FaceBook page. Rus Thompson but talk disembodied happy birthday from me and I'm sure everybody here at WB yet. Minor work for so. Shut up period. I stuck with the radio. It's up 530 foreigners radio you suck on -- to. Under Israel I had thirty WB and it is up hourly Joseph Berger is a master control and your -- -- today is Ryan gates and I accept this at the beginning of the show. It's the perfect hockey game. I can imagine sitting at the arena. Ottawa penalty number seventeen. Ryan gates. Five minutes for boarding and a game misconduct. Dates five minutes boarding and a game misconduct time 1852. I can just. And that I know you don't wanna play for the Ottawa Senators but I didn't wanna get a Saber game misconduct -- they -- all about me and yeah thank you anyway -- -- a lot of time here -- talking about Donald Trump. Com there's a chance I can't guarantee that is because. Donald Trump and I've yet to achieve mind meld. It will happen. But. I would not be surprised if at some point this week. Mr. trump called into the program I would not be surprised. World pals. You like talking Monday. It was Neil Young references. So. All try to give you as much notice -- they can't win that's gonna happen. I'm pretty sure it's gonna happen I'm like 6040 yes. But we'll see. After this joining us a driving home from work the -- -- the focus today. And I -- you guys are talking about it or not. But my basic premise here news. That if Donald Trump runs he wins. In fact I don't even think it would be close. Do don't unspoken craft. Not literally figuratively. You think of smoking crack. I think if Donald Trump wants to be governor. If he throws his hat into the ring he will be the next governor of New York's very. I don't think Andrew Cuomo is a very likable person I think is like ability factor. For me anyway is now. Is. Tyrant Specter. I think is 100%. Look at NY say. Look at his hate speech toward conservatives. That I have set this over and over again. And sometimes I get a little frustrated because I wonder hey is anybody paying attention. Is anybody paying attention but I want grew -- -- this remind you of what. Federal almost at about you and people you know who don't see the world in the progressive -- it this way in which are old news. Are they these extreme conservatives. Who walked right so -- -- Up Perot assault weapon. -- tight GA he is that whom they are because that's who they are and if they are a bit extreme conservatives. They have no place in this State of New York. So he points out as upset on many occasions three distinct groups that he shares and if they are the extreme conservatives. So you kind of governor basically saying to at least a fourth of the population of his state adios. I wonder. In the grand scheme of ethics. If -- recognizes that a lot of people who believe. Contrary to how he believes. Pay a lot of money. In New York State income taxes in New York State sales taxes and all of the other taxes in New York State. I wonder if he realizes. That if most of those people got from at all. Said you know what -- -- -- right what the hell I don't hear you don't welcomed me. And when we go to Texas. Or Florida and we don't pay up time in state income taxes and by the way Texas I know it Hannity talked about his last night. Texas actually have a fifty billion dollars surplus without a state income tax. So I wonder if he understands that a lot of productive. People who are good money. Understand that they be much better off financially in the bottom line if they did not live in New York spirit. And definitely holds an attraction. But you only get one shot at life you don't get the dual. And there are people who are starting out in light and the people of middle age whose kids are grown up now. Who say there's really nothing keeping me -- And I've got a lot more to gain. Than to lose. By going to a state. Where I can actually say I can actually not paid money in state income taxes. And have that money. To pay a mortgage I'm probably a bigger and better house than what you're living in now what do you realizes that people aren't stupid. Worst and I look at the electorate I sometimes wonder. Yeah thank you but. Elections have consequences. And words have consequences. And I just wonderful words are gonna come back to haunt Andrew Cuomo. And what are the things you got to realize folks alive and I try to be -- gentle about it by -- simple question is. Do you agree if Donald Trump runs he wins. And to take that one step further if Donald Trump runs I see him winning huge I see a landslide. IC like 64. Easily for Donald for a easily. Without breaking a sweat practically. A lesson he's got a photo of -- horse which I doubt. It 03. All right thirty start by 3180616. WB yeah. He's gonna do it it'd be does. You think Andrew Cuomo is done. Let's find out about traffic -- -- we're not doing -- sir I thought for some reason I thought were doing. Now that that's that's just made but one of the things you've got to do. -- to say this a lot and mrs. live radio was about a repeat. You guys. Have got to do your part of the lifting. You know what a huge population base. There is in New York City in downstate right. You'll have got to do you or sheer. And it really is not all that time consumers. Like -- say -- you won't even break a sweat doing you've got to make sure that you register to vote. And I don't care how he registered to vote. Democrat conservative. Liberal working -- I don't care. Up to you. But you gotta vote. And if you believe it under global. Does not deserve to be governor of this state. Not only -- you'd need to register to vote you need to make sure that all of your friends. Who think as you thing. Who are horrified. That this governor Kim gets at least 25% of the population of state and get away with that. You've got to make sure your friends registered to vote and then most importantly. You know wins elections every single time. One words at three times sit with -- starts with a team turnout turnout turnout every single time it's that turn out. You've got to be willing to make sure that everybody you convinced to sign up to be eligible to vote. Actually gets off perhaps -- and that. Then we -- upstate New York as we did with George protecting against Mario Cuomo. Who admittedly had a longer shelf life and -- for less desirable. We can play an important role. There are more of us collectively. And -- of them. We our side they've got the word how to flex our muscles. We have get a copy. What the Democrats and the Communists and the progressives have done. -- packets. Mobilize. The freaking ball. Mobilize. Used that -- For all the pitching we do about New York City. Especially if Donald Trump runs. I think we can play out very significant role in the future of this state. Accordingly in the future of your family in New York -- -- still hope for New York State. In its current direction. And I think Donald Trump used to -- -- or we need is perfect of course not -- it's. But I know this much. I'd rather have Donald Trump running my business and Andrew Cuomo. It'll three -- thirty start at 3180616. WB -- I think if Donald Trump runs he wins and he wins and a landslide and you. Give me abouts in oak tree on 530 start at 3180616. WB -- Already then. Donald Trump. Iran he -- Wednesday he wins lark she drops a long. 803. I don't think that was the right metaphor in that particular case let's go to head in a -- port on WB -- -- hello. Sorry OK. Here's the question I don't know. Too many people there. What what the Democrats pick up plan. If formal. Chapman and Japanese couldn't. You know what examiner. If you're like -- No matter what and. Well why and in law just just a question Tony why. -- would agree with what the backup -- -- -- no shortage of Democrats in New York State they'll find somebody. The most. Our. The Kuala -- would be the most. You know and it would give -- a real headache if you if it went up against him in every primary. Nobody is gonna go up against Andrew -- primary what do you think he is a Republican. Mean. I don't honestly I don't I don't really care I mean. To be brutally honest -- a cure what the Democrats back planners I mean who expected Eliot Spitzer to get thrown out of office because mr. morality police was a little locker Swedish who's up. We got David Paterson David Paterson -- that along comes Andrew Cuomo I mean. I thank you for the call I just that I just all I fail to understand the importance or significance to the relevance of the question. Not to be apart from the site. I have my FaceBook page Tom I can't believe you won't speak of that. You won't -- of the truth about mark result I don't care he's a nice guy the guys the biggest -- I know that lying POS has no right being a Republican he voted for the safe act. Friend of a friend or not I hope you rally everyone to vote him out come election time you're disappointed me today you washed out. Let me. Just give -- I don't light mark resolve these politics. There's a big difference between saying his politics -- and as a politician he's a lighter. And as a man he's an evil human. One is an attack on his politics were terrible happily engage and with great -- the other is an -- hominem attack against the man. And I -- to yeah. He's a nice guy. Polygamy another example Graham Nash Crosby stills and matched the volleys. Portal liberal. Hypocrite. Spot very nice guy about a a few times one of the nicest people I've ever met period not just in showbiz so it's not a question -- a -- -- -- -- all the things you could call. Bush would probably be kind of film are on the list. You can ask David Sylvia about mine was units were lack thereof. Was just I think he'd like me it is Xbox hole. You know 30 -- thirty start -- 3180616. WB -- Dignity here is that what. There's a difference between go after somebody's politics and going after the man. And I'm trying to do in my life from try to be decent human being. I'm trying to elevate I'm trying to be civil. Try to elevate. The world. As a conservative area. You wanna go after somebody's politics that's -- liberal. But if somebody otherwise is a nice guy why do is try to destroy him and written about whether roots. Precious. That's sorry that's malignant and we don't need to. Elevate yourself here's John Lancaster WB and John hello. Right Tom good afternoon or -- Good talent you know I'm a pretty conservative guy. And we probably have some of the same beliefs. But I can't see myself voting for Donald Trump. I think he lacks credibility. I think she. Well I don't know even a -- city (%expletive) in your interview where he thinks the Republican Party lacks leadership. Well it's up to him as the leader is really the Republican Party to get behind him. He's not the most. He's he's not a leader of the Republican Party would ever did that idea. No I know he's not but if he is the candidate -- Hartley is responsibility. For rarely. The Republican Party and unify them. Pomp. Part of the party's responsibility is to get behind a candidate if the Republicans seem more in common with Vander -- ball and wanna destroy Donald Trump. That's what they won't know. -- I don't think you have quite a grasp of Albany culture. There are so many backroom deals and somebody backroom handshake Monica Lewinsky's it isn't funny. Great but I think they do have a little bit of a grasp of the type of human being that Donald Trump is. And I don't want him representing me. Yes. You you'd rather have clearly it would just get this straight if it's -- V Cuomo. You'd rather have a guy. Who has had such hate speech against 25% of our population continue -- governor. A man who basically did the right god fired decree with -- safe as your governor I -- are you -- plant and I'm gonna say good -- I don't think that's a credible phone call I think that's a Democrat liberal progressive Communist. My job McCartney's coming to -- 556. Have you no decency sir on WB Ian.

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