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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>2-11-14 Tom Bauerle Hour 2

2-11-14 Tom Bauerle Hour 2

Feb 11, 2014|

Rus Thompson talks to Tom about Trump and his possible run

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WD EA. I wore us down -- you would rate. In. India hold to look at the end this -- And -- the wrong. And upload it. No one -- with an assault rifle. No one. It's been -- Until then. It is about time. If they are a bit extreme conservatives. They have no place in the State of New York. If you've got health care already. Then you can keep your plan if you are satisfied with a wherever and whenever I can take steps without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do but that happened to that. Can't -- Destroy all silent. That was an American. About -- thing. We didn't want -- -- not -- easy thing -- and I'm thirty. I like Q. You have loans. I'd like loaded. That's my favorite and throw all the ones we've put together. It's that ten minutes after or -- is radio -- thirty WBBM it is my hourly with you on Tuesday and that were going to be the single digits again tonight. Now people are calling us an email concern about the feral cat. I'm the Ferrell great tiger cat is the picture in the neighborhood now she's a nocturnal obese probably for about two or three years. And she seems quite -- quite content. Am my cat does not play well with others usually you know not even my circuit so I have to take special year with my. And a half domesticated half -- Great tiger -- so I cannot let her in to the house. She's a bit I don't cat would kill my house yet so that's how these things are anyway. Enough talk about cats let's talk about something utterly violet and not -- politics. And joining us right now under -- in my thirty WB and we have a guy who's considering as Donald Trump is considering a run for the gubernatorial spot. Rest option is considering a run for New York State Senate rushed it's a happy birthdays in order to use. Is there anybody in Western -- -- you know it's my birthday and then again you know. Well I sent a very special greeting along for my personal page I didn't wanna do it from my professional page but it was just for you using one of my favorite words. All they deregulate you know they don't like that I just got out of the -- doctor's office. John -- -- don't know my I have not sure what this. I could go all kinds of places -- but I'm not going to -- or you hanging out Bob Costas and showed you what's that they'll. No no where else -- -- -- there's nothing quite like -- scratched cornea. Very painful. Yeah I don't I don't know what I don't know what's going on my but. I had to go have a ticket and take a look at got to go back tomorrow morning at 1130. Was a cause for concern did they do the other -- open. -- -- they're gonna do a little bit more research on a glaucoma. Coach guests tomorrow morning air and that it wasn't good I can only just turned EA today. -- runs in my family in -- On my father's side which is the side that I paper. But that the I would longevity. -- I've got a good -- at it but it the other thing I'm not yet come -- -- one thing or we get into something else. I'm I don't think like an inch or any other courses that you have about four. Because -- your interview with Michael it was just it was a great to have you not been -- quietly enjoyed it. 30000 miles driving around in the car we fed off each other all three -- -- ala Michael it was could be inside that are. Wish to be inside a real political world it was incredible some of the stuff that we went to -- Go to these Republican chairman make in the -- do when your duties. It's such an absolute waste of time -- all they wanna do -- make -- they -- in a bit patronage jobs. Make sure the biggest security and jobs within the new administration. A lower than aesthetic beauty and ignited an endorsement which is what happened with Karl. But he got after Reno out there and house you know boasting that he's got. Between 25 and 75%. Of the votes from the chairman. But yet there's 50%. Firm a truck. I don't know how you did -- -- a wide variety why you don't -- by the 75%. -- out there there's a disconnect -- total disconnect. With those numbers rust out with well with first things first of whether we're talking with the rest Thompson who -- always serious man he's been involved in. Taxpayer rights he's been involved in the fight against the through -- holes he's been involved a whole lot of things. For a long time and he's been one of the leaders of the Tea Party movement -- the anti big government movement in New York State. And whenever I agree 100%. On every issue. But one of the things we need to learn from the progressive Communist views thou shalt speak no ill of people with whom you mostly agree. Up publicly if you've got an issue privately -- taken -- model model and you deal with it knowing that no two people's. -- -- agree 100%. On every issue correct process. -- yes absolutely you focus on what you're really odd that you're overweight you're gonna be able Kamal victorious. Petty petty arguments that he stuck in politics just doesn't work that's why we loose. 88. -- so. I know you've run for office before you have not yet one. But then again lots of people have run not one and they have been eventually go on to find your destiny. You are considering a challenge against. Mark result The Who was against gay marriage before he was four. And -- the -- packed yes and a lot of other issues. Above my ass yet I have -- -- in the past and there's no reason why. I Ide despite the back. Any politician and it all just as an opportunity to walk back into office on challenged our little. I don't -- -- Democrat Republican independent conservative whatever if -- candidates. You can't sit there and appalled. If you don't have an opponent but you just -- back in August again none of the issues comes with what went none of the issues comes in the late. Everybody just highlight the -- don't. Did you when somebody else -- there and the winning now you've got competition. Competition could bring out the best. In the worst in people upon people just to get you don't want to rapids again with no competition at all -- -- And that's why would I want -- assembly against them work. But you don't want to stop the mud during their year end that would not have come out otherwise. I -- like colonial legislature right -- but -- -- -- a cabinet hardware. -- Hardwicke wanted to. There are so I'd I'd that the nineteen years. Yeah I don't election you know it's beyond what. We have been trying and we have been fighting the Tea Party to a for a movement that primary channel everything that we tried. We you know we haven't been. Except a couple of smaller races we've been successful. But we have not successfully managed to get -- like to -- just. People feel put -- You know they don't want to Albany why should -- get all the stock and where it's not gonna help. Yes we will get involved you shouldn't ball. A member of that hearing anything that I do I do think that's why it would in my blood. You know. Yeah well you're a fighter I mean I know that when you think you are right you do not stop. Hammering away. And that is I think a trait that is -- that is worthy of the of recognition -- not to be involved though love -- with you but. What do you make payments and Kevin hardware what do you make of the possibility that. He maybe also interested in the seat currently held by -- -- Well I'm actually kind of glad that a Republican. Is now stepping up the development registered independent -- and so I'm glad that we're -- obligated standing up some within his own party. What is within his own district. And I -- -- and another name that I would mention right now. But I mean here in the somebody else might might step up. That's good because you know. I'll call lord that we look at John McCain. So slick John McCain and the people in Arizona finally get fed up and they essentially the guy. Central Europe recently say you had -- holding up what our values in order to ensure -- well you know what. The Republican Party should -- mark which aren't -- a long -- an adult but they haven't. You know you need to know whether it was under pressure by it will English follows George -- yards on a lot of and the water Luke Donald why not only. To endorse mr. he would get dumped one point six million dollars and is -- they hit and run against that kind of money. -- -- -- but he never should've got an endorsement last time around but we do you know when when you run out of it doesn't matter what the issue -- Yeah I would -- so you're -- make certain to vote against addiction you're doing what you bought it. So untrustworthy. So what what is -- -- what is your drop dead date by women have you set for yourself. Your family -- -- your wife. To make the decision as to whether or not you're gonna get involved in the fray -- whether you've simply drawn others out now to be involved in the -- Well that was part of my outlet oil analyst -- draw others out. All right and -- somebody strong. Com and on the Republican line I want to challenge them. Make sure that we don't know where the opposite not yet I don't here's one of the things that aren't registered independent. Okay he may not get the Republican endorsement. It's most likely not forget the -- conservative endorsements 01 endorsement you can just about the assured that he is going to get. Are you gonna get independent party endorsement. Not because. Of the local locals are completely against groups out on the independent art are right but. That there are independents endorsement as a party that all walks. Stock and barrel by into lukewarm ball marker -- that is when it -- almost deliberate. It wanna George -- yards but it appears that they need to catch the ball that they don't want a long war. So -- -- the north of them so be independent party endorsement is gonna go congress not a guarantee yet. So who's gonna challenge you Monday independents want that -- Yup I can -- and I can beat them on the independent line. So it all depends on how to play golf in the next couple weeks even went so hard we get candidates thing in the Republican primary. Always good if the other individuals talking but it always -- good. Haven't soccer result there he wants to run the Republican primary all well -- good if anybody can do it on the independents want the answer is -- Well I'd -- I don't want to Republican. Pick a registered independent. And give them the Republican endorsement and a lot of primary and a Republican it'd be in the independent why did you all the way you're going to be able to stop this guy. We are talking with Rus Thompson. And I'm gonna say he's a community activist but that really doesn't do what he does justice any more than I can describe Michael portal with two titles. You know -- -- and I don't think there's any need even go further into his -- 8030930. By the way all right we're talking with Ross Thompson process that a very enjoyable hour that just whizzed right by talking with Michael Caputo. About Donald Trump and you know Michael brought up something that I have not been circumspect enough about in that is that Donald Trump didn't. Asked for she didn't come begging -- wanna be governor basically people went to him and said do. You have to rock we've got to get -- whole -- there we've got to get these Communist Democrat progressives out of there we need a voice of reason and sanity in Albany. Now. Nonetheless. There does come a point when he's going to have to change his tune from. Maybe I will may be a wall to really honey I wanna marry you really. -- one -- and it's going to be like but. Yes. Support. Many people might. And questions and I think well. Members of the media. Is. I think -- 1%. That's what I think. I was away money down on that money going to get Michael it's one -- you know. And time. And -- -- I. Did. You know -- -- home and he actually. Bumpers like all bumper stickers. Yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I wanna hear conclusion of -- story -- but I need to break it 24 or else that Joseph will let turn me into a coupon. You don't know what that means you can look it up. 8030 thirty -- confidence with this its hourly on WBE. And. -- -- -- I mean. Yeah it all remember the first time here are the first Billy Joel's song ever heard. Did you immediately fall in love with the man's music I did piano man Billy Jules as it was. Couldn't grasp the concepts you know the little boy I care about. And then he came out. Campbell probably huge record. In the late 1970s. And you know stranger. And it was now and it just Billy Jules and I would love to see him in concert. Anyway it is -- or 33 it is ready at 930 WB -- it is powerless and we're speaking with Ross Thompson who -- -- -- considering a run for states and it. Against that -- is not -- if you think because the -- options that. It might be interested in this activity hard working about saying. Maybe drifted into. Maybe at least one person may be interested in and then another after. So if nothing else -- may have stirred the pot just. To give Bob markers -- the something about which could be concern. By the way in fairness to markers about the and roster probably -- closure yours here for a minute. Believe or not we have mutual friends. And I know markers on it is a really nice guy -- I hate talking smack about a politically. And IE I really have to watch I. -- don't wanna do it -- hominem stuff you know against the man politically we disagree but I know that he's a really really nice man. For what it's all up Graham Nash and Crosby stills and actually. Politically. It. And your humble host but he's a really nice it really -- about it a couple of times. Name drop and drop alert. Our Rus Thompson I've -- on numerous occasions. And Rus Thompson is a buffalo on him up by birth but by choice and he is that what you see with us is what you get. And that's not a bad thing. -- confidence here whether it's my phone number two wanna talk with Ross records were going to be giving it to the Donald Trump thing -- right now. 8030930. Start at thirty and 180616. WB and so -- when we left. You're talking about meeting Donald Trump and -- but lady gave you a button. And US -- DiPietro the assemblyman who's been instrumental in talking to trump about running for governor of New York State. You're gonna -- today to give Donald Dave dragged by the -- to meet Donald Trump and that's where the story ended before the break continue. That David I want David he's such a good friend of mine and so he did he just grabbed me by my apartment but -- you get it. So -- I walked in the back home and Laura all right Charlie and Donald Trump. And I went well mister -- nice to say that -- says and mr. Obama like immediate arrest on it -- -- -- parties out of there. Donald Trump grab my hand shook my hand. What is head back and looked down at me good Tea Party but yes sorry but I don't want you guys. Nice like that and it's like you don't oh my god -- -- you -- And -- just or anything everything deputy party is still. So Ali you automatically won my art I can't put him the bought me -- -- auto lot they're not the greatest pocket. And I allowed a bumper sticker ready -- all my -- let alone any role of the bumper stickers second in the pocket we talked a couple of minutes. And then I had to get out there because it is critical walk on stage. So it really was a pleasure to meet -- -- to make. Hear him speak a little bit and it was it was it more more enjoyable. When he started praising that he partied everything that we've done in the Tea Party so -- already at all it was it was it was nice city. I mean there's there's a whole bunch of us whether it if the Tea Party or my fledgling conservative Terry and way of thinking were sick of big government. We are sick and tired of being told that work is in negative that productivity and capitalism is bad we're sick and tired of the lies President Obama the aggregation. Of power without constitutional authority or even -- The accumulation of power in the executive branch of government and we want to return to some semblance of the constitution. And it is all of us together. You know we've got to -- on the common principles to make sure that this republic in -- in some recognizable for. Now rush the help and I've received got a couple of negative comments about Donald Trump and one of the big ones is top. You're over blowing this -- Donald Trump thing because at the end of the day it's one down Stater against another down state. What are your thoughts on that. One downstairs neighbors -- story -- no bull vs two. All right well -- say they are right. A quorum in Albany. I don't know Albany as the -- -- know. It caters to his base which is New York City. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Two key players do that you look at the state into that mode and that's. It's why because that would that all done it. -- -- Bob hall stage he then appeared he'd seen it and he's really not go on about this area and that couple a couple -- -- A barbaric but that's where what else is there a moment that is not funded by the government. They -- bought it just about every single thing that's going out there are certain to do with funding from the from the government. Trump came right out -- set up the speech but we have done it -- New York into the dirt -- capital of the war. He almost standing -- That can sweep of the oil we have the ability to weed out of this state to create. I know and jobs at the drop of the dime. I don't care about. They don't care about anything this side of this all but he ripped -- else. We're a -- you can tell by all legislation -- -- as an amateur that they talk about. Nothing that you're doing it benefiting Western New York not -- If I want to be driving. Rus Thompson is with BN news radio 930 WB and we're talking about that possibility of Donald Trump are running for the governor's job and -- is I told them Michael Capuano who's in regular touch on a regular basis. You know several times today was on -- they with Donald Trump. The way I see it. If Donald Trump runs for governor he is the next governor I don't think into global march against Donald for. Agree I absolutely agree with the post over at FaceBook page all of my adult. I want to see I -- to into all won't start up a bit like a two year old. Because he's going to do this will be the first time he's a real serious challenge. In the independent as -- aren't you don't spend a spot he's always been a guy you -- always been that guy in charge. -- -- people what to do all of a sudden. Okay almost right now that I've heard numbered between 33 million at 38 million dollars diet was more just don't want. Donald Trump just into the race he's already upload to a 100 million -- into this right. -- the sudden squall was gonna happen quote start fundraising. What you are ready those Hollywood goes to Washington DCE. Everywhere again to try to get money he has spent more -- trying to raise money. Don't like Donald company that he's gonna have any. And -- these these comments uttered on eight TV show about three weeks four weeks ago now. I wonder if they're gonna play a role in the election illiterate journal. Are they these extreme conservatives. Who walked right -- -- -- -- -- assault weapon. In tight GA he is that who than normal because that's who they are and if they got -- extreme conservatives. They have no place in the State of New York. Do you think that is going to loom large in the campaign west of the Hudson west of Albany. I think depends. Upon. I'll run. In that regional and I don't know I don't think so it is you know. I think I made the Pentagon about the power -- -- Reno the Atlanta Portland RI at all since our. Final hurdle. You know what what this product or Reno is -- arm. That you -- DG OP establishment. Who would question after -- won Iowa Republicans what -- would be it is the establishment of you know. It's been. It's a clock there all moderates. They're all there are almost -- establishment. Who's watching Serena. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- At Westchester County executive. You re elected party won a lot of governor you know he's been offered the position. Would panic. And a drop. It. Why don't you do we get instead of warning best time. And recognition. Much on that. And we will be able. I don't think salt. Everybody is what it is and as -- Opposition. That's my honest opinion now agree upon the trump and the -- -- -- he's got. And it. -- -- One thing. Getting elected in forty years. What do what do you do. In motion. Shot economic climate to -- -- -- an app I -- into that. Three years after it went about it. -- -- the economy is gonna be doing well in New York. Why don't they want -- -- they don't because they don't want to give up. Do not want to do about ticket and they do wanna give up. Promised aboard that. Seoul and maybe. So maybe Donald Trump -- you know needs to look elsewhere for somebody with whom he can run maybe a little further west in Monday or Tuesday. -- -- know what I I don't think that would help Donald because they're still you know what what they did you know with Karl. Four years ago. I've noticed a lot bigger so I I don't think that's gonna help novel at all. I -- my dream ticket. My dream ticket would be Donald Trump because it completely 100% focused on the economy in New York State -- right lieutenant governor. About Tim Howard sheriff -- all you talk about a law enforcement's guy who could focus on corruption in New York State government. You don't want guys focused on the economy and the survival of New York State and then you got the -- -- on our options. There's there's just one work -- Albany. I think I think winning ticket of course rejected chair Howard that he didn't and -- I don't think well I ponder that just a little bit -- I've. I've got to take -- -- we've got calls coming in we're talking with Rus Thompson you know the voice it really does not need an introduction. Or talking about the possibility of Donald Trump running for governor of New York State. We're at 8030930. Start I'm 38 on the cell phone 180616. WB yet. And folks I firmly believe and by the way thanks for make him be a part of your day it really is -- an honor. And I don't care what you look like I don't care about -- orientation. I just care if you are a patriot concerned about your freedom and concerned about the future of this republic as it was intended. That's what I care about. That those -- the important values to me freedom. And a constitutional. Republic. With three co equal branches of government and the federal level and on the state level some semblance of sanity. Some semblance though. Progress with private sector economic matters which I have not seen in my lifetime frankly. 8030 my thirty its hourly on WB. We're talking with Rus Thompson about the possibility of bugged Donald Trump running for the governor's job and your state doesn't get rushed back up and then I will like get some calls here. For a -- Thompson I firmly believe. If Donald Trump says I'm running for governor. He will destroy. Any Republican they put up against him in a primary number one number 20. Donald Trump will absolutely flattened. Andrew Cuomo he will knock out Andrew Cuomo in a landslide. Donald Trump is gonna get downstate votes he will completely capture upstate votes and that we can kiss goodbye to Andrew Cuomo spawned a Mario. Mr. conservatives need to leave New York State some of the most hate filled words I've ever heard a politician -- of course there have been no recriminations whatsoever from the media why. Because they wish all conservatives were just I. Here is up rank in Holland on WB Ian Frankel. Are there I -- done and asked grossed one question. And apply other truth and my kids are absolutely everything in my life and all I hear about a New York as well everybody is leaving New York. Rush I hope the guy that you run and you win what we do and what we're trump do to keep my kids around me in my old age. All of like god what I'd do it -- -- they're probably. While the first the first term would probably be quite like what's the one -- DiPietro in the it's a wake. On. Your kids. Until until you know frank gotta be honest with you until we can get rid us. Of the right notes as some of the moderates that are remain in the New York State Senate and actually add some opposition to Cuomo's agenda. Then then it's nothing that's going to happen in the New York State Senate and people don't be. Don't be weird but what they're -- -- new rallying cry which always is we have to keep bringing New York State Senate in the in the current all the Republicans. Mary it's better in the control there so Republicans and what -- could have done it does no good event. That argument is that is why you anymore with -- this -- has tried ghost. Trump gets an office I'd. In just about guarantee you that all the night he would go to all the right now in all our whole. Basically -- drilling for oil. The world there is gonna open up but Watergate street about 50000 jobs that -- over a 100000 -- 100000 all of these. Never did little structure in the economy Iraq you couldn't get -- -- that's actually been out. Which I think -- -- you know. We got out of that country I respect it if you are currently. What the -- that did this we should be at the bottom of what the bottom -- -- did what we should give that up but we -- completely upside down. Somebody without the ball and the -- which I do believe the battle -- as. You could take the ball by the horses start collecting all of that I let they're kids. I look forward to its primary. Is raging in front from 26. To eighteen all right I feared that little more because there are no jobs up here let them. There aren't any jobs out here but that's -- -- maybe -- feel you. And that of course thrust on the other side -- -- you've got those of us whose kids are grown up. Who look at what New York State takes out of our -- who say you know what with this kind of money I could pay a mortgage in Texas -- -- Under the under the targeted somebody that we don't hole but don't want to mention it noted that somebody that we know. -- everybody riady snowstorm -- are just images made. -- right. Moved to Florida. -- Mohammadi that you shaping. It is believed that Florida is 800 mortgage and all these basically living up forty. On and -- are just some money into the play. Right I would be in the same situation moving to income tax free. State. I would seriously I have money left over. For a lot of people well a lot of people don't you can go to Pennsylvania and -- dollars' worth more money. Are good that. We also pay the highest gasoline prices in the entire country here in Western New York which it frankly I hope the answer was satisfactory breakers in a -- -- I've been known to get on on tangent once in awhile. Yep. You don't let your I have I have known that you have always been a stand -- guy. I have not like politicians and you and gave GP HO and now I'm here. I've given hole in the political process and politicians and I hope you. And trump and David. Thank you very much I just hope that we're not left waiting at the -- I I need to break will continue with Rus Thompson by the way I don't know if you noticed but today is -- Ross Thompson's birthday. So the fair minded callers will say happy birthday first and then get into with -- will continue talking about the possibility of Donald Trump for governor next hour with rust and then your calls on WBE --

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