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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>2-11-14 Tom Bauerle Hour 1

2-11-14 Tom Bauerle Hour 1

Feb 11, 2014|

Michael Caputo talks to Tom about possible Trump Run

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBE at. I wore us down upon you with -- And then you. India -- moved up through the end as broad and you. -- The law and is up on. No one -- with an assault rifle. No one. It's like yeah. He is the time. If they got -- extreme conservatives. They have no place in the State of New York if you've got -- your -- then you can keep your plan if you're satisfied with a wherever and whenever I can take steps. Without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do. What happened to that Gary Cooper. To strong silent. That was an American. About our brilliant move him from Myanmar to -- -- -- and 930. I like you. You have -- -- and I loaded. Hey how -- WB yeah we've got it to beaver to control. And sitting -- for John -- I knew John was. His birthday events at. And yesterday the boy looked like he would give them -- to war which of course he's not using Super Bowl. That's how we sit on the issue we those wrong. Tom he looked like death warmed over and I just I knew it was yours or -- golf that it is gonna be rice and gates. My first reaction upon meeting Ryan gates lives that's a hot day. I can here you -- right now. -- penalties number seventeen Ryan gates five minutes boarding and a game misconduct. I can hear it can't you know gates I will never forget it. So while welcome to the fold rise in relation to read the newspaper guy -- -- -- -- just ask him. Like to find out small planet hate the pain at the Steven Wright once that. It's -- and today we are talking about at least for part of the show the race for the governor's job in the -- Thursday and fox affiliate of the longer Donald Trump -- and applause. The more he plays the chick who is hard to get the less appealing he becomes to me. Because the more I think you're going against the chances. Of doing away with politically. Governor hi Andrew Cuomo. And it is time ladies and gentlemen for mr. trump to either blank or get off the black. If Donald Trump what do it this way. If ultra with the contestant on the practice. And show this little interest in the job. What do you think -- -- -- -- at all. He's not by his own plays a pivotal holes. Bothers me. And what really bothers me is knowing that whomever the Republicans rot unless it's Donald. Is gonna get slaughtered. Now I know what you think. Section -- only. Have done that before I know what you think it. Well governor Pataki came from nowhere yup but don't forget something about George Pataki K at that point the death penalty was an issue. And Mario all recover. What was a great example of a cafeteria Catholic. He was very very Catholic into the death -- But very very non-GAAP like when it came to a I won't kill criminals I will kill babies. With governor did you sense that. But. He had a long shelf like people got sick of Mario Cuomo. He was always this a great hole for the Democratic Party. Probably in retrospect his biggest mistake. What state governor of New York State to law otherwise he putted the first Italian American president. But as it turns out the voters said. Like any other politician asked that of course you about one point then of course he was the county executive of your account. And like everybody else. Is shelf life with limited. Basically get three or four terms and armor but. Dennis course he told Robert ran against that -- where's the George Herbert defeated or ski in became Erie county executive it was very very popular. Until the budget fiasco that was very very ill advised. We're Jules you're Albert Harris. It was interesting the red or -- budget and both peoples that yeah we want the -- we want cuts we want less government. Burger interest. Am the whole concept -- shelf life and politics. Her Cuomo Mario -- on by the way Mario chose not to abort Andrew Cuomo. I wanna point out. Anyway I am. Quote all his shelf life is still good he's like done. He's like all windmill before opening ever by all the milk anybody. I use all the milk I don't drink cow's milk generally no disrespect to dairy farmers but. I -- to the watch much theory I consume otherwise my stomach turns into the Dominican Republic. Well it does literally got little villages and everything else and but billions and billions of bacteria everything else but. All the milk you quiet and it will be good for about eight months until you open it. I once made the mistake of opening it and thinking that even after open was good until the day it was gonna expire. That proved to be very ill advised because I. Like milk is supposed to come in chunky and -- and the -- book was chunky. And it was vial. Seriously but Cuomo is not yet of the expired shelf life strain a politician for most people. Now also point out that way here in Western New York. We -- the chance and you know the beautiful thing is about it you can pick this year -- streaming live on the Internet at WB EN dot com. And you can listen live we also have podcast every day you can check out so. -- -- I don't know who that is on line one. Danger is my middle name and the -- -- the short started off but I do good Austin Powers moments when I have nothing else to say it would try to police jumping in the next room and joke like I want to get -- absolutely distracting it is when you -- your mouth full of food and talking. -- Join the club can't get to 160 pounds if -- -- -- -- -- to the Dominican Republic to -- how to live. We're not let. Who but you have to forgive detention vote but. Here's the problem -- the good news. We here in Western New York in upstate New York I'm kidding GO eat lunch when you look like you're gonna die there hunger you managed to fool. But anyway. I -- anyway. The the situation is -- we have more -- than we think because folks if you are even just older. And you've got those repeal twice signs you have -- passion. It is a mission from thought. That is to make sure that all of your friends who were sick and tired of Andrew -- register to vote in the counties in which they live. And then your second duties and mission is to make sure they actually get to the polls on election. Because guess what there are more of us than there are of them then -- New York City we have got to mobilize. And that's why -- -- that's one of the reasons why it. I -- the realization that months ago. -- this stupid feud of -- with Ross Thompson was just idiotic. It was stupid. And -- basis I mean it was just like us what are those stupid -- misunderstandings. And it got too far. It -- too -- too long and it went too far and I think you know what. Those of us on the other side those of us who -- the opposition. If we can't just say you know what we're never going to agree 100% on every. So let's focus on where we agree and let's challenge the power structure that. That's what we've got to be. You know -- -- are never gonna agree on gay marriage isn't gonna happen. But. I respect for us very much I think he respects me very much. And I think that it is now incumbent upon us to just put aside the petty crap and focus on the larger picture like the Democrats. Like the liberals do like the progressives do. I think that's what the ten commandments of progressive -- thou shalt speak no feel of a fellow Communist. And they don't. Seriously it is they model if you go against. And it takes ball up that's the goal against the power structure. Went it is totally unified in opposition to anybody who speaks out against it. I say it that way for my Canadian listeners because I'm an international talks in Asia. I joining us right now is a guy who's been very instrumental in the Donald Trump. For governor movement which are I don't know how much it moving but we have about Michael Kapono who is also. A -- almost hear from time to time on WB and joining us live. Michael thanks very much for a particular time and trouble to join his first things first what is the last time you talked with Donald Trump but if it is not breaching any confidences -- is he on this governor's race. I'm you know we've got to the point now where mr. trump is placing thousands of calls every day. All on the governor's race was one of those horrible indication. Kylie -- -- it -- But -- -- -- -- -- -- -- in -- -- on something that's not a per patient you know. But you know I'm not I because several of the big aren't in aren't just got -- where are on the ultimate -- the well he. It was a very important week mr. trump. It and one -- you mentioned just now. Almost I think it's very important for people to know. It is when does it help team for the ball below. He would keep an -- open invite you about what kind of reception. If you talk a lot about it must also work on it got. A lot of people who didn't wanna spend the money don't you -- -- vehement -- And development and the Republican Party work so hard to get just over room and they sold out for the raptors. And until just you know recently but -- we brought him on that I have everyday you -- so -- -- it. And buffalo made an incredible impact on that it. Just by being so responsive and involved in it. And you know. Michael I understand -- but at this point. That. I mean do you agree that the biggest. Mention -- folks that is going to be mainly clear and cold -- again and a lot of breakthroughs the year but the overnight low is once again going to be in the single digits editor at the weather forecast from a WB -- At this point is that aura coming from what I say that if Donald Trump showed is if he was a contestant on his own show the apprentice and he showed so little. Interest in wanting to fight for the job that he would have fired himself longer ago agree or disagree. Well I'll tell you this. If you want you better analogy. Mr. trump is not your average of presence in this situation. He promised to he was recruited -- he initially that no would be easy road and don't in others. I convinced him to go ahead and consider it and now you know after I think that you would consider that there are clear path. -- keep the chairman might make it will be -- clearing that. All he has to give up so much. I can't even describe you this man's life and lifestyle. -- a bit I I think that it is pointed. Republic Republicans can't win and let the united behind any candidate. I'm not willing to step in and -- there are united behind me that the -- usual. Request. Of of the normal candidate that is not your average guy to have -- executive from downstate. But the part that I don't understand. I'm sorry I thought were through with that part tonight interrupted -- we just say that last sentence again. He represented a completely different candidate model you know. I eat completely stop on big party raise 145%. Name identification. I didn't know anything from the buffalo a bit guilty people calling Democrats independents and -- And blanks are to the polls on Election Day that's what he did not matter bet. So I think he deserves a little bit special consideration having said that all. -- you know without wanna do -- get to the fact that at any kind of ought to ought to do something or get off the part of my -- used as a. Java college -- off that's always started off the show because you know at this point. You know Michael a big part of politics involves the narcissistic personality and ego I'm sure -- that's not exactly breaking news to you. And it's also a big part of the media and at this point I look at Donald Trump and I say to myself OK I. I understand what you would be giving up the lifestyle and the freedom you'd be surrendering on the other hand it. Looking at the paradigm of -- -- hierarchy of needs this would be hello we're capstone to an incredible life for Donald Trump being governor of new York and being -- for all public servant he's not at the knot in it for the money he's not in it -- to advance his own career. He would presumably be in it for the public good pro -- Look. Mr. -- and bit but I think if you know because it mr. trump. I believe he get after these special consideration but also because of mr. trump. It doesn't happen much time to consider it Arabic dialect after you know he's -- distraction -- he did not run in and I believe. Just between you and -- a couple of people are -- we will see some action this week from mr. at all. -- because if for no other reason than he's going to be meeting -- most powerful Republican Party chairman morrow has offered. And it will be part to make a -- So our IP you know either -- -- but the -- is because of the short fuse out of the public ads for patients with mr. trump. All of it this week you will be back. You know what what was about -- -- whether it's it's media or or the public and they were looking at this and you know what I've I've got a break Michael are you good for the next say what you wanna take a break for six minutes and a pick up texting Donald Trump again. -- -- -- -- -- All right thank you Michael -- put code as whether it's on the radio about thirty WB Ian and a little -- we're going to be talking with the -- Thompson. Russell I've been trading some barbs at texting back and forth all good natured I -- -- under is ready at 930 WB Ian. Really think there's -- any official song of the trump for governor campaign because he's such a big Neil -- -- a new young man mr. soul I don't know it's got a certain element of -- humanity to. And maybe Tuesday after about a weirdness I don't know. And we were talking at that Michael proto he's a political analyst. He knows what he's talking about on many many fronts he is in regular contact that several times today with that Donald Trump himself. And basically. Even. Michael Kapono. Has said it's getting to the point where mr. trump must either blank or at all the black. Really liked that expression however to tonic my roots may be some other fecal humor just never quite made with the I don't know why. I'm Michael. The the thing about mr. truck. You know it reminds me can you aspire 11 please can get enough I'm gonna do. Michael Capuano and 11 I need to get him okay. The thing that gets me is. You know we've got egos to Michael as voters and I. Don't think most voters want -- feel as though they've got to talk a candidate into going out with them. In a -- we wanna I wanna feel like it's a two way street we -- to get -- uncertainties in the area is governor. Right I understand that you know that is that in the legitimate concern but I don't want to look at it from from a different perspective for more. I happened to have a little bit of experience with there could restore process -- -- -- problem problem -- -- -- rocked by the way and in this in this political process. -- bit that we went through -- we spent half the time chasing chairman and rock you're ignoring Europe. And in the other half haven't MJ if we were beaten L law. The process very frankly. Is ridiculous. Of the primary process had been built -- team. 22. With the idea of continuing a party that but how to win I don't think there's any sanctity to bit caught having spent that. Mr. trump is willing to do what -- age. It didn't do that meeting that was a lot of people get an idea of crops -- message. You know work with -- years ago the boat and it would take to win. Not really going to be the guy but what is that it is -- on somebody's backside. But to beg for their endorsement. Whether that county chair elect the person is really not -- I frankly think he's right. I don't think Carl Paladino -- -- had to do any of that. I don't they brought back Serena should attribute any of that I appreciate the -- standing -- -- -- in the process. At the same time I mean there does come Michael a drop dead date don't you think. I know that big meeting is coming up tomorrow but you know it's kind of getting to that point -- after he opened the Allman milk you got a trick play a certain date or just gonna turn into something I consumed over the summer to. Yet but in relative terms -- factory you know has been. A pop publicly considering. A race for governor since early November last year. He's worked on this for months and has not gotten and and so bit -- Where it would know more in the race and mr. trump when mr. trump came in and started talking about it with all the leaders. -- Serena had no plans. To open an exploratory committee until late February early march. He quickly did it in order to put mr. trump on it you know what I I would invite restrict regard that as well. Mr. tropical had been -- disgusting that. For bottom mark since January 10 and they -- he said it to me it's it is a possibility. So I'm expecting this to show basically means that this all came about because they DiPietro. Because -- -- -- right. And you but I don't DiPietro was was very critical instrument -- in this whole formulation of the idea. And in my may be expecting too much of a guy -- to ask him to surrender his lifestyle and its freedom. This quickly without giving it -- all the due diligence one would expect from Donald Trump. Well you know it is also this potential -- because of the fact you know it back -- Bartlett Perino and where he forgot. For months on end and fraud note written -- or even -- What mr. trump reason reason it in his. One day and suddenly the clock is ticking at the weather about it appropriate need to make decision now now now. You know that's the reality when -- when you have aren't required it might be glad you like he had. I think you understand the did not -- on him and knew little about it then that's you know. -- -- like -- you'll see some action in the near term and frankly. I don't think anybody out there -- applications to be going on with this thing. -- We are talking with Michael Capuano guys I've got a million questions for Michael but here's a guy who is that literally talking without trump several times today -- on speed dial and each other's cellphones okay. All Michael says to a Smartphone is called Donald Trump and into second -- speaking with but Donald. And if you got a question for Michael Caputo who is my -- this part of the program or bring -- Rus Thompson as well. As Ross is -- I'm not mistaken I think that the very special FaceBook birthday message from my personal page meant. 8030930. Is -- landline that's 8030930. Start 930 is free on your cell phone and -- -- from elsewhere in the empire state and you wanna do it for free and have us pay for it that's cool. 180616. WB EN 180616. WBBM with Michael -- whose political strategist I don't know what he puts his tax return every year but he's a political strategist he's an expert in crisis communication. What this day when the media as you back into a corner and you know read -- anything wrong. But you also have to be real with people and tell the truth he knows how to deal with situations. Like -- For those of you who don't have that inner feeling and directive of how to operate under adverse circumstances. It's gone bottoms. Anyway it Michael Caputo is with us and at a point well taken by the about. This really only started about four weeks ago so maybe I'm being to -- expecting Donald Trump. To -- come to an early. Decision and yes as you know he would be giving up a lot but -- -- all day so voted FDR. So did that Theodore Roosevelt. So did a lot of the wealthy guys who chose a career in public service -- let's not forget that mr. Roosevelt he actually enlisted in the Spanish American war zone. Rough rider he was the assistant secretary Evans and any quit that gig because he wanted to see -- Action he is a rich guy who put his life on the line for his country. Not just in his spare time it has millions by his life. So wouldn't be unprecedented. Right operate we also have this. -- -- industry mr. probably -- Colby. When we first talked to that when it get out and I'm thinking about running for governor I'm not gonna happen but what you call. I'm gonna have to make my decisions that -- been anybody else's. Because it I'm just gonna bring that kind of heavy weight down. You know you know whip upside on the downside of it went right so eat how to deal with people got sort. You do with mr. trump. He's got to put himself in that situation by examining -- never declaring for any other political race but very easy exam if you. You know I think people can expect it to be that we -- but here's the important thing also understand. Mr. trump did not -- for that. Being blasted. This is not as its budget certainly not a bad idea what is to happen is stamping his son -- daughter. -- daughter they're all aren't a 100%. -- -- -- -- -- Said no in October. But -- throw -- and don't know did some moderate. Popular and it may -- in December and -- I'm 5050. In early January. Michael are you saying that his family and closest friends all want him to run for governor of New York State and are encouraging him to do so. I don't know all of his friends however most amenities aren't there at their back but for OJ or at me at 35 Republican -- He brought his -- -- it was so beautiful -- believe anybody's daughter bond and -- right. And wannabe son they all human being that to what hours. Talking about how they wanted their dad and her and her husband to run. It would actually impressed everyone at every single one of those republic. Clinch bet that's huge that's the hugest thing you've set. Yeah you know marketers like it might have been ER -- have a succession plan in place and it up and -- and it can be done. Already have very senior position to position that a company and there there are -- planet ready. All you have to do to step up and dark and it company is going to be great because those children are gonna run. And they've been ready for awhile. So that not his idea there's an idea that was brought him one bit -- taught him. Very carefully at great longing for it in very specifically about every angle that. And -- -- regarding very very seriously now but it was not an idea. Happened what it would fit the game publicity. Now he's very interested in Africa and it was all year by Republicans interested in bidding groups and the. But if if Donald Trump's wife otherwise known as the Aphrodite. If she. And if she says Donald you really need to do -- -- whatever his her pet name for him would be you really have to do various that is Scott told Bloomberg large in his decision making process because. Not only is she encouraging him to do it. But she is supporting him in it and she would like to be the first lady of New -- site. Yeah not quite it I mean. Bob Hayes doesn't impress submitted -- about -- second. -- -- Stretch at these -- military jeez just everything about her and launch exactly on the ground and there is silence. Are avid. The Second Amendment supporters. There and they are their marksman they competitively -- significantly -- limit and they're there they're -- there they're actually -- collectors. So over the years mr. trump and you know brought a couple of guys who -- the Camelot about. Firearms and RNC in the -- properties on recurrent or respect. That they are that would get some with a woman Marshall back discussion. In the room on January 10. Well see here's -- something Michael. You know what I I want to ask you this question but there's no way -- answer for -- -- the brake properly so. I'm presuming you have time if you're on team buy hourly we're gonna keep if that's okay were you. Okay. We're talking with Michael report. Now Michael -- isn't of any political strategist crisis communications expert. Michael's a guy who on a daily basis talks -- Donald Trump several times today he is privileged to the inner sanctum of Donald trumps mine. And I tried to read between the lines here not so much with what Michael is saying but how he's saying it and what Michael isn't saying. And now I'm wondering if she's maybe it is called trump actually is gonna get in this race. You know maybe we are expecting him to make -- life changing decision. -- -- I usually like this and usually you know pretty hard and fast usually. I usually make a decision and stick to its but I keep vacillating as to whether Donald Trump is gonna -- -- a player this one -- area weren't -- vessel is. If Donald Trump runs for the governorship of New York State he's going to be your next governor. And an equal vote takes his poise and he goes hole that we no longer have to listen to. -- All. The. We don't have the economic crap anymore but you know what if Donald Trump runs. We added responsibility. To make sure that everybody who thinks the way we think presuming we agree with -- each other at least 67% of retirement stuff. That we register to vote and that we get out the vote because I assure you. The Democrats and the Communists are not going to go quietly into that gentle evening. They will fight tooth and nail they will throw dirt. They will have every union around the country talking to New York State to go against ultra it's going to be nasty it's going to be better this is a huge for the Democrat economists. According work with news radio 930 WB. Michael Caputo is my very special guest on a very special hourly. Talking about Donald Trump I would like throwing very special like the TV shows do tonight and a very special Joseph beamer. Here's the thing Michael. I have given this considerable thought and here's what might -- If Donald Trump runs for governor he will be elected if he is challenged in a primary he will try outs whomever runs against him number one. When he goes against Andrew Cuomo he will destroy Andrew Cuomo in the general election despite. The odds against it in terms of numerical party enrollment Donald Trump would be I think it. In a landslide the next governor of New York State do you agree or disagree with my analysis. I agree -- percent. And ought the present I've been -- primary process here a little while. And we organize them down. On the establishment candidate where Carl took him that what we took them 67%. Of the vote to resentments. Landslides. -- you're talking about the Carl -- primary against Rick Lazio. I mean Lazio I'm -- And that experience is precisely. Why I invited to try to avoid a primary all caught. Because I can tell you -- that of the Republican Party leadership out of Albany. That bit blocking Donald right now the -- mapping Donald Trump behind your back the organizing here. If -- -- telephone tree aren't around the idea. That Donald Trump is doing it at that paper. Cuomo to disrupt the candidates see our rob -- in the thing people who work toward our stabbing Donald up in the back right now. Putt Carl Paladino the ribbons. It's in 2000 and they cut his family to -- and Republicans bit. They -- his -- They it was a remote rural. Republican primary beyond that the. Well there is I -- tell you there's a word for those kind of people and those familiar with the TV show on HBO's -- may remember mr. -- and his favorite word and that's exactly how would describe the Republican establishment not only in New York State but in the United States the exact same word world. On and in the words of elsewhere engine glad I talked to that like in word on anyway. And I don't -- giving him the favorable dull. Don't set yourself up for failure because your worst opponents are the ones who were telling you -- a member of -- art. Mr. trump is his indoor I hope our portable hundredth meeting in the last month loss. Talking to people on the phone and in person and it happened the Republicans were advising them not to run. Can be tricked the Providence apartment as to be straight all will be back and remote and -- too many Republicans in Albany works for Andrew Cuomo. And -- advising him ultimate guide -- big Republican but he should not wrong. Bit of the -- we all know all everybody was with Carl Paladino and don't do well at a guy like mr. from. Should not under any circumstances. Bent down in the third and -- It -- those people and played that game. Because it -- keep -- that the Republican candidate no matter who it is. Will lose because we are animals in your well our own an important topic cannibalism. Is refusing department. Well I mean the Donner party lives on and it's called the GOP those who are familiar and that Alfred packer also lives on as -- -- Republican that theory at least in New York State. Michael I cannot believe an hour has gone by. I don't even know how to begin to thank you for you or -- I would say pungent analysis becomes a -- use a much better word for your. Brilliant analysis of what's going on pungent only is it describes a New York State's Republican establishment. Look I hope that Donald Trump runs because I want him as the next governor of New York State. New York State cannot afford business as usual we cannot afford four more years but you know. You write Tom and I take it people who were are supportive of mr. trump. Article a bit more patient they'll be an actual real. Some action could mean a lot I mean I could see some action some time. Not likely. All right. I don't think we have a constitution anymore Michael I'll ask President Obama if it's okay under obamacare today here which is gonna change the Fifth Amendment as well. Hey thanks very much Michael. My my goodness he's so Smart Michael Caputo joining us some news -- 930 WB yet solidly in just to touch base what you guys on the ball and mr. birthday -- -- out.

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