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2-11 Beach and Company Hour 3

Feb 11, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

A reporter that they've had on the nose. And he was saying that the chairman. They're going down to -- trump and they got to be careful of their message about what they are going to say is. If you're in the race where would view we back Q. All right now that's sounds positive right -- how easy it is to turn that around. Simply because if he says no after they say if you're in the race where we're with you we back you. If he says now that means -- Reno would be second choice. And if you're running against -- you know like curt Cuomo will be you could easily say and truthfully. He's not even their first choice is again. He's the backup choice. Now do you are root for the backup choice anyone root for the person who's already in the in the office unless unless you're going to billion dollars to -- a vote. You can vote for somebody your vote against somebody. Now you're voting against Andrew Cuomo. Then it really doesn't matter visas that -- but if you're voting for somebody I think it's easy to position. The guy who while he was the second choice who would name being there -- somebody else and yes as inferior as not as capable I think. That's a human thing. I think people want to be the first choice you say no that I. Not say no cause it really doesn't matter if trump says no Republicans might as well just put the money in the bank save some money. And say goodbye to the collection could not gonna win any. Well I agree with the -- what I'm saying is is just another nail in the coffin. Current to be able to position your opponent as not a million the first choice of -- party he got the leftovers. Who wants leftovers. I mean maybe you wanna left over when the new cards the new model car comes in because it's brand know but most people want the first choice. Most people want I want I want to be able -- Would you do it yet issue will OK now we get the top candidate if you say no then we'll go to plan B wants to run on plan B. People on a run on plan day. And I don't know about you but to me having the first choice would be the way I would go and I think of these -- -- position -- No I know I just I don't think -- -- -- with the positioning will be so okay so you think that if there wouldn't even be a race basically and I agree don't try to get trounced. But what I'm saying is it's it's another -- crop and Cuomo will -- position like that QB would. Do anything. To walk -- -- -- if if the Republicans are rarely serious. About. About the beating. Bidding Cuomo. Then they they should do their absolute best to convince trump to run because there's nobody else's name is out there it's not only to guys their only chance and even that. I think is a slim chance I I don't think it's I think it's a better chance certainly. But I don't think it's slam dunk by any manner means. But at least there and you know what would be be interesting. It would be interest thing because -- not -- -- slide he's going to be the kind of guy that you know if you're running rob asked the Reno. And -- Reno's and now okay. And they say do you want rob asked to Reno. For -- and now now IQ if they say you want Donald Trump. Yes the answer is yes. I mean and that's true not just with us it would be throwing the body. You might give -- a little respect but you're not going to do you know gonna get too excited that he's in town and the donors aren't gonna get excited. And worst of all the voters are gonna get excited so that's what you got. It's it's it's kind of like not a lot of choices there if they they either convince trump to win or we get trounced. It's cake or death and get an avid Eddie -- take it after figured out -- -- -- I'm sorry we're out of -- I'm not just the way nobody. Let's go through -- -- west Seneca Mike you're on W via. Listen I am beat Tony because he's got a great job I'd drive to work and I'll do is talk to you on the radio that you can't hear me okay. Let's. That men have to compliment you do and I thank you rob mastering those. Dead in the water before even Ron's sister is just a New York State as a state that gave -- Hillary Clinton. Over an anemic Rick Lazio and the same scenario is gonna play out without -- Reno and Mario Cuomo I don't care how much baggage huh. Well hold the state backed. Because of tight lie if you look at New York City. The pitchfork crowd call numbers and producers to such an extent. That a true conservative has very little chance. I believe trump could possibly have a little bit of a chance that's only because of his celebrity status is name recognition and affected people tend to vote. -- -- famous people you know -- well known people there's that sort of cash say that he has -- the only thing that's gonna give them a chance. Well you're right in New York, New York has been advertising as the freebies as state during the whole Bloomberg administration come on and get the free stuff. Yeah it's hard to fight that. I didn't and remember I don't know you I don't know well I'm sure you -- word count. Years ago I can't remember who was someone that we don't have the Cadillac welfare systems we have the Rolls Royce. -- that is true and -- based analyst at city hall and say if you're not feeling comfortable in Arizona. Come to our state we have better health care for free. World are right you're right thank you very much Mike you're right on right on thank you very months. -- that it it is hard to fight back. As much as we don't like it it's hard to find it and there are more more. The people coming in as a matter of fact I -- Brothers of the story about. -- free goodies from New York State and I did not bring in and today. But so -- win over the course of this so we'll get to it I wish you would just make up his mind. In a fairly. I don't wanna rush anybody but it is you know fairly short amount of time so that if indeed he doesn't. He says no I can do it which I expect -- says. If he says no I can do it thank you emblem solo flattered Bob Bob -- on your some parting gifts. And you want pictures ignored me I've got business to conduct I mean if he says that at least we got time to try and regroup dog the longer takes the worst is going to be if he says now. Do you think with -- Reno come forward knows he's Nokia how many do this. As of forcing -- -- forcing him to play it now rather than later in my and remember time. That we just dismiss somebody out of hand aren't I always remember to people. Jimmy Carter. Nobody knew that held Jimmy Carter was just as well. I mean I wish we had known when a molecular and Bill Clinton. You know Bill Clinton was I didn't. Keep in mind when Bill Clinton was running for president as governor of Arkansas -- making 45000 miles a year. The multimillionaire okay nobody ever heard of -- Suddenly shows up and it's there. So -- we don't we don't know where he has. But short of him being go home. Absolute. A miracle from another planet I don't he's got a chance but. There's always the possibility. Is always a possibility that something it's known during a campaign which is a deal breaker. You don't know until you get into. But with Cuomo I I would want to -- one more than waiting for that chance I'd want a guy with. Who is. You know can smelled chum in the water. That's what I want. Remember my motto has always been making carrier but they care nature that give you an idea might feel competitive and that's the kind of mindset I want. Will be a candidate is gonna run against Cuomo will be back after this. I think whatever you are talking about somebody and doing something else taking a chance -- on the you have to think what's in it for them. If we could get -- Donald Trump's head what do you think Donald Trump would -- that he doesn't have now. And if you if you go like that I think it'll answer a lot of questions first of all Donald Trump. Powers intoxicating. Absolutely we all know that. Government power its current talks are -- because no matter how much influence you have as a rich person okay as he has. As a a successful person as he is. Your sphere of influence is limited. When your in the government -- especially at a high level you have and think about this because maybe you never thought about it. You have the authority. To dictate to other people things they can do things they have to do and things they can't do in their lives. The richest person doesn't have that I mean they can set the parameters for people who work form or maybe they do business where at. And and -- the money can do isn't talking but the ability to to have. Say in the citizens. Of the state of new York and how lately their lives. It's very powerful and -- the step from there up to their run for president suddenly you're talking about. Every person on the planet it's it's possible to. -- to have some kind of effect on -- can see why people want those jobs even though there's a lot of logic in all of those jobs on -- too long they have to work. Now with the other appointed officials -- the president. I'm named Obama -- thank you into everything by executive V. Then who the hell needs a rest -- -- I'm the smartest guy in the room is what we're gonna do but. Trump doesn't have that now. He has adoration he has money here is a beautiful wife and daughters some ex wives and a lot of people think he's great businessman. But he doesn't have the power. To tell you that you can't walk across the street while -- thumbing via its attacks on your phone Felix Ortiz. Who came up with the at the texting law. Had more authority and I'll try I mean think about like that. If you can't text while driving. Felix Ortiz is the reason now it's it's a good law I don't I don't I don't not not like it but that gives you an idea who who has. Authority who has power and when you get up to the governor lot of power if you take that next after the president enormous amounts of well. Let's go to Matt in Ken format you're on WB yen. Good morning guys -- triple actually run I would be ecstatic he's an investor and developer and successful entrepreneur in this date we have the unique perspective on the issues holding has packed. You know for example the tax break their universities. The only problem is getting better it's gonna be it's appropriate to get there especially if you are on the that a tiger about -- competitions. Yeah I think I say I succeeded and and I do succeed in New York despite the government. And -- bring up all the things that he's run and took its the same kind of platform that Paladino -- used. Because he's in a similar Western New York situation of having to deal with the government in order to be successful. Yeah I'd I'd love to see trump run we definitely would have a better chance with a -- about him. Actually I think downstate. I think the bigger following that we may believe Billick I think -- you know -- complete liberal. We have a lot of stuff are recognized name recognition down they're stuck -- -- in my because -- surprised we're gonna run and New York -- voting results. That would make my day believe may be a lot of people like to be associated with the winners. Even before the votes are cast trump is categorized by most people as a winner and they like to be associated with -- -- -- And lately desperate to Reno and I think integrate settlement I think he's a standup guy I'm glad it's called Christian no it really wouldn't matter if you the second going to cry at this point because you know he just he doesn't have that that the voice that the platform to get out -- -- his message -- people here Cuomo -- -- familiar with them. And they're gonna vote -- because they just they've been brainwashed they don't really know any better. -- well said thank you very much. As we said if is -- it was asked to Reno and Cuomo -- 3000 town for a campaign OK some people the party faithful shall often. The blow up a few belongs and wish them luck trump comes at Thomas circuses and now we saw that when he was and now one week ago Friday as just for a fund -- Not to make any major announcement on Reza wasn't for him for the party -- becomes dead on the jet. You know he wanted to have two hours of the jet. But they decided against it because of security reasons but he knows how to play he knows how to play those cards he knows how to play the celebrity card. And some people would vote celebrity no question about it but I think when push comes to show up. If you are the core of -- Cuomo's looking for in your getting that government Cheney's. And that debit card gets Reid's bill every month. And that is something deposited directly to your count me and you gonna say now I think we can do better by tightening our belt there are many people who think. Question throw in the union backing him especially the teachers we have done. A husband of a teacher I believe works weekends here came up to me I think it took almost two and a great job -- because your wife is. Partly -- union in that sense that there are good body also the people when they start with that ask them what they're getting the well what they're getting so it's the thinking of what's good for the whole state. As opposed to what I'm getting now and I don't give a damn about the polls they and that's all that's all thought process. So and it's getting worse bounced. It is getting worse because they are just inviting. More and more people to come from the -- And their fewer and fewer people are are filling the drop and are leaving. Part of me leaving New York State because of it. And that's a difficult position to be and Chris say another -- -- this one comes from war and he says the GOB is not in a win a statewide election here business as the producers have been leaving New York for years there's -- political balance in this stage just a bunch of people who like government handouts you know what I I was not in in the state when Pataki won. Pataki came out of nowhere. But I'm not familiar with the path that that was taken of attack you win. But Pataki because it would be in many cases like history you know. If you're looking at the positive -- high and it's a fewer people would know you have fewer people don't like you to start. OK but now you got to convince them from. Unknown to you you may not have heard me before but here's what I've done so far and here's what I'd like to do in the future so you have a chance you're working with a clean slate. The advantage of trumpet as you start off. With the enormous name recognition you have no background in union in in government he evident business but does not in government you're photogenic. Your family photogenic you -- this lifestyle of the rich and famous because you are rich and famous. But the bottom line is there's a lot of people who don't like you already. So he got the negative so air for every one he converts you can knock off a negative goes to the neutral call. But trump I'd rather be in from its position MS Perino I'd rather be in the position of -- -- the people don't like me. Rather than trying to build up the name and face recognition. Because that's where the money is spent. In political campaigns getting to know people who we don't know. We don't know history if restaurant or standing in front of me -- Charlie the -- today. Having. Having a sandwich you wouldn't know him. OK if Donald Trump was -- Charlie butchers. -- they'd be cutting the he's living high on the hog the Avalon I am and pulled -- Is is effective if rob as to Reno becomes the candidate. Are the Republicans. Court knows Howard's fighting coach -- -- -- like that thank you will be back after this. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WBA and that call us now at 8030930. Cell calls are free and star 930 -- toll free line is 1806169236. -- back good -- governor have sandy beach Bob McCarthy and Tom precious article today's mentioning how those some big whales in the Republican Party going down to New York. Two -- engaged Donald Trump's interest. -- -- probably about a word. About it a lot of it has to do with the trappings. Of Donald Trump. In the article that are just reference they mention in the first paragraph that he's a billionaire. Another paragraph down they mentioned -- let's -- he's a real estate mogul. Right next of that they mentioned he's -- television celebrity. So. A lot of this has to do with the trappings when trump wasn't about a week ago Friday. Though a lot was written and said about the plane. And all this now -- Reno doesn't have that. He doesn't have the name recognition on the trappings of celebrity. You can't discount. Celebrity totally I mean look at how many. First of all athletes have Novo one a run for public office and one and also people like Clint Eastwood. -- he won Arnold Schwarzenegger might be a good example he won. We don't know if it was on their political expertise or their intelligence or why or how much of it was celebrity is just don't know. But the point is. The -- you can't discount celebrity but it's not gonna take you all the way home you've got to have the ideas. And you gotta have be the dedication. And the determination that if I get in this thing. It's going to be blood sport I'm gonna go for the jugular I've got to win there's no alternative form. Let's go through -- damage himself buffalo Daniel on WB again. March and he -- In the last gubernatorial elections. -- Cuomo received 2.5 million votes. -- -- you know one point six different 900000. This state could be them here or state. In the entire country. In the entire history of this country. They could actually hit -- -- win by just working man. Oh really you think he could win as a write in Canada. While an album. The way that old ball counts. And I'm sure that Donald Trump would be there. Acted as the governor Sarah proper reaction it would be an epic campaign. So the question is would these be votes against Cuomo or Ford trump because if he doesn't campaign you don't really know everything he stands for. Carl Paladino only lost by 900000. Votes. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I wouldn't vote for right now and otherwise. You'll either commit to something are not entrusted. I mean I like as if we have we're going to hand you the job of Chief Executive Officer of the State of New York no matter what shape it's and I want you don't want the job. They have to convince you -- Wanted to attempt this I don't have to kiss your butt to get you to take it I want you go to convince me that you want it. And believe me these guys going I was -- tomorrow I'm gonna take that aggressive stance. They're going to be walking on eggshells hoping that he will honor them by saying yes I will go for that's what it's about -- not kid each. Because he doesn't need the job. But I don't want somebody in the job or even running for the job. That it doesn't have a fire in his belly because if it's not there. Than it is furthers the chance -- gonna lose. The only way you have a chance I think I don't think it's -- write in campaign I think it's true real hard campaigning. To show you that you now. I am spectacular yeah I'm very famous and I'm rich and all this sort of stuff but when I set my mind to a goal I achieve that that's what Taiwan. When I go to the governor's conference I'm gonna dominate -- going to be the best of the fifty states. A ball -- governor's. When when I speak people no listen that's what I -- that's the candidate I want not just a rich guy who was glamorous not enough for me. I like what I've seen with some things that trump was done in the past not afraid to take -- chance not afraid to speak out I love that and he's as far as I'm concerned. A much better chance and asked the Reno would. But I I would want that I wouldn't just write him into that let me know if you would write him would you write in Donald Trump if he didn't even campaign. You can add that to the questions in 0309301806. On 692 as an experiment -- let's go to still income -- story on WB yen. It's been you know it's going signs Italy and Libya have floors of the well if -- as a thirty year works as a resident work apparently right now has been legal in winning Westchester County record player right now than yours who watched. There's just too much problem on down there in the bowl are low global warming and ultimately and one of what else is on America on -- as -- and a good goodness now -- you need to comet and coming. And he I think he does have a shot but it legacy has really want to get the promise of bringing New Yorkers tax relief fiesta bringing all -- caught. Government bouncing -- the national average were paying double for everything from the model penal. If we have -- we will you know to become profitable class roots through to reject this state back. All the things like better -- it has become -- and so. Spectacle -- Big Papi abruptly who wanted to read about the Pataki want our members systemically at how would Hollister. On the radio and a look. I wanted to marketable for this man right here George Pataki -- Pataki promised. Although the artwork digital work overnight because -- that at a time to work and daytime in the tractor and unbelievable. And and -- our -- -- look I think four hours ago hole in my limousine is ridiculous and the department to do that it is electric -- of people opt -- public art today. You know there is an all -- -- all the people out there are real that a firm pot smoking tonight with our server market but -- I think articulated different look at what it will a couple of fault -- -- could be here all morning. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think Cuomo is far too straight place for that kind of stuff and that could be a big advantage forward trump. Right here I ended district is that we're ready for change and it was after we thought I promise you are that you aren't at all afterward alone not even when you don't count because. Well I'm not gonna take it because you know a lot more about that I do it right -- very much. I get in there aren't enough about it populist a -- of people who walk the streets and I'll buy -- or whatever. A traditionally they've mixed it up way of we on the air people and its bond and a camera there relatable whatever. Off I think trump fits that -- easily that's well put sandy thank you very much I'm glad you appreciate that rush. Russia's always standing by waiting to. Waiting to compliment me he's he's a sandy wanna be you know of it I'm shall rep rush. I mean use some common sense. It's quarter twelve rushes and on fifteen mormons I've already done. Two hours and 45 minutes it was incidents streaming back to call and said -- streaming working on I need some notes along with Stan. Thank you we'll be back after this as a commercial on TV course we have a lot of drama we have no audio on. And it's for a doctor here in Western New York. Who works on beans. On. Its its problems can be. He works on veins and they showed him working on line beings. -- didn't have a very snappy commercial. I'm thinking of V if running -- advertising campaign. I would say something like looking for like man I'm your guy or I'm the best -- man in town. People remember that casts. -- is is a boring boring boring. Commercial and nobody's gonna remember so. Let's take home. With our commercial is -- leg and deal. And your eggs so I like that. And I Israel wanted to hundreds excellence -- -- music star 930 were asking. Yeah of if rob asked the Reno became the candidate are the Republicans cook you know if you if you want a real live -- got to get -- I mean if not. As low bump stops and -- -- I'm they have about it those same amount of chance which is nothing. And it goes under the Canon fodder road party. So you really want a horse in the race you gotta get trump to do it otherwise unless there's somebody we don't know about. Somebody whose name Leo we might know but we don't know about their political aspirations. Haven't got a clue trumps -- the only name that electrifies people that gets people's attention gets a lot of with the snooze you know and I'm talking about. And we had to be able calls -- day Cuomo is beatable it's possible to beat him. And I would love to see that happen especially after new exit let's go to. Next rank in Holland frank -- on WBN. You know I sure I. I agree area shops but -- -- and it just a shame that he doesn't have. -- hasn't announced it lieutenant governor. Our credibility of the knowledge of respect the moral character of almost saying he still won't Wear them. So that you would have a credible chance -- identity -- I mean you're talking about a mr. Smith goes to wash. I like your idea of somebody who is grounded somebody who can be trusted. Somebody though who really knows that aspect of it leave the glamour part of a ticket to Donald Trump so you would have a good balance the ticket that -- Well obviously when it comes down to any kind of campaign. As the Reno is going to Wal-Mart. Didn't Donald Trump all the inner workings -- -- like that and Donald Trump as a community that. We've got knowledge and experience that Aaron -- I mean. If it worked on a track that. Rush was just a regular -- like June or may not -- a -- -- game because it was knowledge is actually there are only a standup guy. But the DiPietro. It is in the -- he has experience. Almost a big war. That first video where he went against his own a deep hole of the legislature with the New York State fact. Actually I thought that better command that I would vote for president and legislation. That the cosmetic they -- shallow low. I think oil out of Reagan didn't. Obviously yeah. Are Schwarzenegger earned it and same thing way to Vegas I declined these -- I mean there is up you you know they are you like their work and you assumed that they would be good in the office or running for so yeah they get your good faith vote thank you thank you very much. It's I like the idea of a good solid grounded real person on the other end of the ticket trump as an announcer analyst announces of course first. That he's going to be candidate. And DPH was a fantastic guy I can get behind him and he gave for support. Have always liked and enjoy what he has to say he's in the house. -- -- We need a winning a real person to balance the real person understand -- stand up solid grounded guy to balance the ticket would trump. And somebody earlier said what about mastery of a first call. I think that -- but if if I was offered if trump said yes. And that was offered to ask Serena all -- Reno would probably say yes it is my guess he's accounting executive now. And -- the bottom line is would you wanna be on that half of the a ticket with Donald Trump and and -- be -- governor -- lieutenant governor whatever. I -- and your name recognition shoots up and you got a better chance of of jumping for the new what is. As the county executive questions and he's like the young guys so it's you know is not forced to each he'd be laying out there and now so -- I think that's important to note that there is big power behind the throne or some not that trump needs brains he's cut on your brains but you know on talk -- -- -- -- During the Clinton Era. It was always suggested sometimes jokingly but not necessarily and the sometimes. Producers would you vote for bill you also get Hillary. OK some people consider that a positive. I was Guatemala but there are some people like that so if you get trump you'll also get fill in the -- well it was positive for bill in the fact that Hillary now is just read about this yesterday. That Hillary widely viewed as the ruthless one. The one that they're going to the -- out the dirty bad -- yeah exactly and if you think about it she could have absolutely. Ended his career by leaving him. When Monica Lewinsky when that thing came up well and at this scandal came up. If she had left demand here have been done who wouldn't of guns and neither would have happened. So real wronged woman divorce cheating all those -- she stood by him. For what reason is only in her head. One might suggest because there was a future coming up whereas she might need them so she can run for president that would be cynical. That would be. Perhaps correct if truth yeah. You can handle -- drove let's go to Kevin and battle that our friend Kevin you're on WB and. -- -- -- -- -- Like an idiot and copper -- Exploratory committee on -- issue. That. -- in not at a record amount of that equation. Might statement here. And won't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah you know that's a good headline ice on my screen and that's very clever have a very good trump all run a master -- pastor pastor Reno won't win. Did you go identity your brother right. We all -- and it is. Com and not under estimate gallon of the president regular -- -- Bottom line is the president but he's right. My own prediction on the wrong. And my own prediction just like he says as true as Serena can't win. So what what are the other alternatives either of the dastardly all turn all -- alternative that Cuomo will win which I really don't wanna contemplate. Or somebody comes out of the woodwork that we don't know about right now you think that I mentioned this before this is New York State. We have to have a lot of hate people that work in this state we have we have some of movers and shakers that are in this state. That ought to be ought to have an interest in making it a better statement it doesn't seem like that. Look at all the statewide races we've seen lately it looks like they send up cannon fodder to run against the establishment. Their bright enough not to run. Because they like it the way it -- that's the whole point if you really don't like it the way it is and you want some change. Just mentioned hope in the same as state same. Sentence because that doesn't work out. Then maybe got a firing her belly the problem would trumpet -- I don't sense of fire in his belly. I think he -- the publicity I think he would like the adoration. But I don't think he's ready to put on the work gloves into the heavy lifting I just don't. About wraps it up and go we'll see you tomorrow morning at nine under Israeli and I'm thirty RW via. We'll we'll. Which they never has to needs to be used.

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