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2-11 Beach and Company Hour 2

Feb 11, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Back would be governor a sandy beach which can ask questions every once in awhile that's. They require little thinking ahead all right and -- you know rob -- -- Is a county executive who is well known in Westchester County about beyond westerners are counting up how many people know Donald Trump is internationally known. So you got the got that. Now we're asking if Serena -- trump said he would consider. Running but they're cannot be a primary. As to Reno says I I wanna be that whether it's a primary or not I don't he wants it just handed to a lot of silver platter. And I'm willing to -- get in there and into what I have to do. So the question is if asked to Reno. Does become the candidate because trumps -- no the the road wasn't clear if festering -- becomes a candidate are the Republicans -- I think the answer is there resounding yes. It's you're -- take out of the oven if they are done put a fork in them they are done now even if trump gets -- and because then suddenly there's no primary. Trump is the candidate and decides yes I am -- Iran. There's no guarantee he's gonna win I think is better chance than mastering -- I would like to see someone but that -- that guarantee so are they -- if if mastery over the candidate my answer is yes and we'd like your answer let's go to. Randy and -- Randy here on WB again. Good morning Sandia Thursday agree history you know no chance. Total impossibility. Basically got to look at the demographics in your state who outside about upstate the end backbone for trump. Trump would be a fantastic person in light of that is economic and -- skills that. Unfortunately. There's initiated demographics. Were the only New York State which controls the majority this population. Ages. Got rid of Bloomberg and a you think about who their -- Mary's and what their liberal judges he said really and those folks there's just no way mathematically that -- win. Yeah there mayor now is more liberal than the Bloomberg was by a lot. And look at what does -- look what they chose I mean it just proves -- right that these people aren't looking for any conservatism anybody that's going to be fiscally responsible. So we just take the mathematics of bad. And that state that they're gonna drop us I mean even if we rally upstate we just don't have the numbers. Yeah that's what that's what I'm afraid of all the publicity the primary care wise he's well not only concerned that we just can't mathematically win -- -- -- trial would be a terrific. -- to bring some fiscal responsibility Tuesday. -- Occurred good okay so -- ago I don't vehemently. I really don't I don't -- an -- yeah I agree with what he said is trying to jump in there have a conversation. But -- trump brings awareness you know -- as he's got the -- to -- whatever but as as the first -- you -- look at -- look at the raw numbers. And keep in mind Cuomo is already pandering. Two what he would consider his base remember wasn't that long -- said. The ultra conservative. Wing of the Republican Party has no. -- no -- New York State as it's constructed. And does so that they feel they feed on that in New York -- the immigration. Question is a lot bigger down there than it is here and it's it is a big issue even here. But the bottom line is hitting hitting go to work. I would like to believe we have a better chance with trump but evil at trump it would not be. I would not be a bubble -- are sure thing I think to be at best very close. And the initial surveys that took -- Reno and trump and and Cuomo into consideration Cuomo trumps both of them. You know it's early and in some things can always show up in the campaign that you know about and change your mind but basically. Basically idea I think that first caller is right to see if this happens in the second call -- -- there's something. Let's go aware of bill alone cellphone bill you're on WBM. I think -- is all about numbers numbers numbers guys don't -- come down to it. You can't talk about legacy it's not going to want to lose it is not -- our office. Yeah that is Cuomo and you know Paul don't want to run for president which all indications -- and that's what is planning it is. Can imagine that if -- was going to risk losing to trump and that's it for his political career no. The Democrats are gonna come out in such force because we're -- southern America it would be to say that we'd be -- content industry in New York with -- as well. If they can say that. And caloric restricted or whatever -- -- whatever she wants to take so. And I think it's it's a moot point that history he does he didn't hurt worse around because we can't -- Cuomo. But even if he does not on and -- Powell out an opportunity. It can't it is the democratic message is going to be sold out in -- to one odds and that's what it's gonna be every Democrat out there. Is going to be throwing money -- Cuomo is going to be why not. Campaign -- doing everything it possibly can so we're in trouble. You're right bill you've nailed it absolutely correct thank you very much. God this and Carlos thanks. So if truck -- and -- that -- Coachella bill just said if trumpet and the emergency call would go out loud and clear hey we got a candidate who's got a lot of money now is -- time we really need your money. And we get out the vote campaign all of these things a would be magnified if -- and there because they will be able to not scare. There rode their base would be able alert them we don't wanna lose this we need your help now. If trump is and that brings in the national committee's Republican and Democrat. If it's -- Reno they don't need to. Answering all you know they may lover Westchester County but look at videos gubernatorial candidates we saw while back. We like them they organized we interviewed on a couple of them right no action there's no action there. I mean it's it's nice to believe. That you can win it's another to be realistic about it I don't think that answering all can win and I don't think as the last caller said. Either. Cuomo or are trump could afford to lose security -- -- afford to -- -- be the underdog. You know it's like yes I'm I'm up fighting Mohamed Ali in his prime while I gave migrate five but he did not -- nobody expect him to win anyway. So I what I have a great just because they got the ring with him. That's not all we want we want somebody get in the ring and -- a -- that's what we want we don't want a good showing. We don't want a stronger than expected. We don't want a weakening of of the puck we want a knockout. As we need and I don't think answering those kind of guys cannot c'mon now trump. One another advantage he has is he's certainly media it's that's for sure they'd be fought all over him but remember. Hi acceptance high rejection right. He has a high acceptance of a certain level but he's also got a lot of baggage. There's a lot of people really don't like Donald Trump. I don't think there's many people that would show up that don't like rob asked the Reno because they don't know all okay. Trump is very well known. And soul even though works in favor. I'll vote for him -- his money and his presence. And the media could also work against them to a certain level. All right well when we come back we wanna hear from you investor -- off rob mastering a becomes the candidate is -- yep go get them. Go get that Cuomo guy. Are the Republicans -- absolutely. You won't even see assign -- on around here. If if he is the candidate will be back we would like your opinion on newsreader and -- thirty WB is -- company Tom precious and Bob McCarthy wrote an article. About how they're making and other key Republicans are making another journey to New York. Trying to -- Donald Trump. Two round or at least see what his thoughts are to run for governor so this is story we had before. Carl Paladino met with trump last time around and the scenes of be OK with trump. But he also said. That he likes -- -- but doubts he can build a name recognition and financial means to successfully challenge Cuomo. In the same manners trump and I think that's a given. I mean there's no way he could do that and I think Carl's right about that. Trump spokesman dismiss -- scales comment. State senators gallows comedy is based upon. Nothing other than his personal opinion said Michael Cohen executive vice president special advisor to trouble at a -- say. I have a lot of respect for Donald Trump I don't know whether he was totally serious about this I I know a number of people feel he is Stella said but. It's a huge -- to run statewide for governor -- TV shows there's a lot of other things on his plate I don't know how we could devote the time to Iran. See you my position is. If he's -- Iran I want all of him. I don't want to be you know just did a -- my toe in the water. Make a few campaign speeches here be surrounded by some celebrities I want a guy. Who not only. Not only wants to defeat Andrew Cuomo wants to eat a mile wide and spit him out that's the kind of candidate I want. I want somebody who goes after every weakness. Of of the governor. And certainly I want somebody who is willing to take on whatever and whoever yes it's -- gonna get the job done. I don't want somebody in there playing by the Marcus -- queens very rules and -- get his hair messed up. Two part Nydia referenced was -- I don't know if trump has that in him. I really don't because if you think about trump he's a showboat no question about it but I don't know that things he would do in the past. It would be I had to do had to be done differently to get him now -- -- to have answers not just questions. And I don't know -- hasn't really don't know because as far as I know is never. I could be wrong I don't think he's ever run for public office Jeff in -- what do you think Jeff. Well I really think you gotta kinda cut before the opposite -- Esther has no chance whatsoever. And it's all you know it's all dog and pony show how and you got the biggest on individual so that's trump he's got money he's got the -- If I could Republicans should -- -- what happens okay you wanted it here is go for and I think as people against their emperor in Albany. He's not gonna back down -- -- the end that's my opinion. You know you bring a good point true if if they're playing -- was a go to get a drawn I think a good pitch could be log Andrew Cuomo's entrenched he's already the favorite if you went and beat him. Even though we'd like to have the guy concentrate on the job he's doing now but if you call in there and beat him you're ready to throw your hat in the presidential ring with solid credentials if you can -- a Democrat like him in New York State you're ready for the for the presidency run. That might resonate with him. Yeah I agree I you know global bully on the block and someone's got to stand up woman I think trump you know it's that you could decide a football all it's gonna you know. It's the one -- and no one's gonna raise enough money. And put it that it's in the global and -- trumpet that he's got to -- -- back. You know I think. -- I think you're right Jeff good good good call I think you're absolutely right yeah you know if you're gonna -- is ego usually. Like -- OK I just give you a local I'm a personal example when I was hiring air personalities. When I would do the interview process if I sensed. That they only wanted this job because it was on the way to their next job. They didn't get this job and you are right now I -- somebody devoted to this job. Do it spit it out get it done OK then it's normal on the move -- but -- five cents that novices alike -- As this is a nice move lateral movement then I'll go here -- or whatever. Gone I think that normally that's where it would feel however if you needed to kind of remind him that if he can be Andrew Cuomo in New York. He could go on national and run for the president have a serious chance of winning now back. That might do it so this might below level. A little preliminary -- before the main event. Do you think that kind of -- might help them yeah. I really do because. Again he's Eagles probably the biggest thing that drives them so I think that would give his side of the driver while ignoring -- a potter and commitment. Is automatic golf course if I don't of course is motivate area. And I am also looking how this would the ripple effect let's say from. Where to win -- governors he. How would it affect the president the next presidential race now in the and that question is does that put New York State employee. For the presidential race that's the question because first. A New York should be in play because of our position it's never employed I mean if you think about it was the last presidential candidate you saw. In our town to actually campaign. We they come in here have a fund raiser. Grab the money and run they do that but they don't come and her campaign because they they have X amount of days to do it and they don't wanna waste their time if New York was in play. Yeah that's a selling point you put new York and play you can run for president if you wanted to but that question BS right away. Because of the timing of the the election for this and the next presidential election. Remember Hillary Clinton remember how phony she was. And Manning for senator are you are you going to run for president ms. mrs. Clinton just on being the best senator can be army. Should go and be more phony. And that's -- that's exactly goes the -- that. Chris what do you think appealing to -- -- eagle not only now but down the road because slay the giant that we have in -- and now if anything can make his ego even bigger would be job pulling something like that off yeah out. That's the ultimate prize is that Derek has anyone else really limited out from one else you have to conquer yeah and what it does is it enhances your reputation as. Being able to handle any kind of a situation real estate's fine very competitive. He's a very successful businessman. Handles himself well those out of -- a camera properly. But this would be the ultimate test you have -- -- -- for us please I do Williams has -- -- Reno is the candidate a lot of people would just be saying rob who he doesn't stand a chance trouble is the only one who could possibly win exactly right. The only. You know if you're trying to find -- half full. And Alexy the only thing is that there probably aren't as many people that wouldn't like -- Reno as don't like trump. Because they don't know maybe if you got to know anyone like him but I don't norm now they don't know trump now. Mastering a rising you can have a lot of people sit in home and not bothering yet they -- -- if you if you are asked to make a political contribution master you know against Cuomo. I mean unless you're just the total idealists were Jewish -- money now if you're a big company which -- your money now. I won't even go out to all doubt that's the way it is and if the preliminary. Surveys that were done a couple of weeks ago -- all three names in there shows that Cuomo at that point as snapshot in time certainly. Would trials both of them. The -- trump would not be an easy race but it's possible he could win I think it's impossible. For -- answering a win OK we'll take a break we'll be back with Mark Davis call 803093018061692. Through six are nine there. Your hearing the voice of buffalo WVN. The call us now at 8030930. Cell calls are free and -- 938 or toll free line is 1806169236. However Macrovision governor say -- so -- there's another article in the buffalo goes though Bob McCarthy wrote and Tom precious key Republicans to meet with trump. Again they -- As as -- -- -- -- answering I was getting some support and does starting get some traction. And that they're going down again to try engaged Donald Trump. You want a guy who wants the job iron I'm not convinced he wants the job I think he'd like the trappings of the jobs. He liked the exposure of -- job I'm sure he really wants the job. And I I have a feeling that we're going to be left at the altar as though others were when they supported him. For a presidential run but we'll find out. But if rob master -- -- Becomes the candidate and that means trump would not become a candidate. In India primaries -- -- said that before. If -- Reno becomes a candidate are the Republicans corked absolutely there they're more than -- their fried. -- of trump became the candidate there'd be a chance but even even trump I think would have it's a very difficult race in this state at that. Let's go to word Jerry and Amherst -- you're on WBM. I'm Gerri thanks for calling when he got. Yeah ethnic I think it's an interesting -- is that I think -- prop up the court more people rob. You know that's pretty you know running and everything goes I think declared that people are gonna contribute. Money. -- sums of money as Perino. Because they want him to run. Because central won't. And it's trump won't run obviously. Than at the end of bad he doesn't have the money. He doesn't I don't know about the banking but nobody knows to -- he has. And I think that's what's gonna happen I think it is situation what is fifteen minutes in the -- let pol politicians want to know that this is and then deal. I think given that the Monday in I think like -- that under the table. The people support. To rebuild it please run please run. As I thought I mean -- all's fair love war and politics and edit and if you really think about it. And earlier caller brought up and so important that would trump can't afford to lose because it as the -- the brand. But quote -- can afford to lose if he has higher aspirations like president. I mean. You know even if it's not that revealed that they were OK so and it's sort of -- -- billion dollars they can still afford to go to battle of the week. As baggage area that it provides no I'm sure trump would not be happy as a loser. He does not he does not want to be cast like that. And they keep in mind you got to think about like this this is almost like a pre nup. It's -- if it could be a similar pre nup he has all of these assets he wants to preserve. And the biggest asset he has is not his bank account it's his brand because his brand. Grows his bank account. He cannot afford to lose that would he lose it if you lost. It's certainly he would he would take a real hit if you lost in a primary to west arena that will be a major blow job. Could even afford to lose. To have those against Cuomo. I guess he could he could survive it but it wouldn't be pleasant and not the kind of thing that he that he plays. He plays fast and -- as a winner I'm a winner. I shoot from the hip by say what I believe and I'm very successful I'm Donald Trump. And that a brand would take a hit if you lost the primary. That I don't think he would -- even contemplate. But -- laws the Cuomo would be about an -- quote look at what was either so it will be a very interesting. -- race let's go to Brandon. -- as an interesting idea branding Iran W via. I'm -- and what would you have forest. Well it was one of the competitor and heard or Serbia put my daughter. For Republican two -- -- You can do significant support music city which I think. First orchestra of the major Barack Israel. Nothing minute -- Israel but he don't. Or so. My -- Republicans would be. Convince trump to run. On the top ticket. -- -- -- the governor. Trump and it is successful bidding quote I was Cuomo. Horse. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know. Trumps. Main issue as as those Cuomo so that the two don't agree -- other what -- sure. Maybe one. And a term as governor of New York. Just as Hillary used in our state the launching to. You know to remember eventual trip to run for president. What trump inserted. Serve return was governor nobody can handle -- And then selecting certain term. Don't let. You know the president and asked me to their point. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Interest thing and and very well thought out because -- remember what -- and -- right away he wants a unified party so that the if he could get these as splinter groups that are right now our kind of some of them are heading toward S Perino. Get them and get his own people and that would be a unified party but -- Brendan I'm glad you brought it up thank you very much. I applaud. That's that's a good putt because it would satisfied trumps unified party Murray says got to be unified party and he's right you know on splinter party. Now I think he doesn't wanna run a primary -- -- -- take any kind of chance. Of love getting a boo boo or losing that would be. Horrific but if you put them together suddenly you've got the unified party everybody comes together and it's a one for all 41. I don't see answering or even coming close to challenging trumpet and a primary I think trump would blows stores out. There wouldn't be close so I'm not so sure that that really is and trained in it. He might not kill somebody might -- them that's the point. If the -- you know what we will watching what seventeen. Republicans on the same stage are running for president. They -- you know they were devouring each other it was like tank full barracuda is a Toronto's. And that's what was happening. They were bringing out all the weak points of the other candidates while the Democrats sitting back watching it happen okay. -- -- this could be a similar thing whereas he might have a chance to be trump in a primary if if trump decided to -- -- primary. But all as well as I do sometimes it's just that one certain thing that comes out. The changes people's minds that converts them one way or the other. And -- -- dole is successful in bringing that thing out even if he lost the trump it would -- from and as far as race against the ball. Yeah I look at it is bring out survival of the fittest out as the one is gonna take on Cuomo hey look look at it like this. Yeah I don't wanna be harsh if you can't take on -- Reno. Then you're not ready to take on the job of governor -- will be back with more after this dean's Carlos. State senator. I don't know whether he's totally serious about this I know a number of people feel he is. But it's a huge task to run statewide for governor. He has is TV shows he has a lot of other things on his plate I don't know how we could devote the time to run and that's a good question. Let's go to sunny and most of what -- got par sonic. Those sandy so I -- That's the governor's race. -- it of balls and get the Mario Cuomo -- blue everywhere is security do you remember there. Oh really no I don't. If I was in town when that happen but go ahead. It was a multimillionaire. Okay they're here to the rating. Drug stores big big. Yet he has all monies spent about nineteen. Were -- me as his -- -- Christ community Republican candidate. The Republican -- did because they wanted to control. The contributors. Who contributed to -- election. Was -- he didn't need that much money you own the data integrity can do what you can do. The power in any of the governor without being dictated to party. In double crossed. So he showed an independent streak -- in life. I can't see trump being beholden to the party bosses and and -- marching in lockstep to what they want. I think he always has been an independent thinker and if he's gonna get involved with -- as. And his name's on the on the on the building he's gonna go his way. This special -- exactly especially. If there's certain deeply believes in. Or make campaign promises during the election. So what do you think guys have but I investor Reno got it and what do we wouldn't be over. Here we have what kind of corny or trumps he would remain at his word. I I would vote for Fishko brutal. Murder of -- kids. All -- all the time was able to -- is on the bench him let him that. No I -- president dependent guy. As always been an independent guy you would not want him to be a lot on lap dog for anybody but here this year. Remember and our summary report cards the line that says plays well -- of others. Now no matter how dominant you are no matter what what happens in order to get any thing. Accomplished. You have to play well and others you can either trying convince some that your way is the right way if you hit them over the head with a club was sheer might. But either way you have to work -- other people. Well what about trump as a part of an ensemble cast and in Albany. It is would be nice eco light fires under people he could bring things. -- -- the public knowledge that maybe we didn't know. But at the end he's gonna have to work -- with the assembly and the senate you think he could do that being such an independent guy. He will have to get his way. -- that that's the bottom line he is going to have to get his way if not I can see them with campaigns it. He ought to do this spot these are there won't go down well okay you know. What do you think Chris can work -- others are you would think nobody Paladino seems to be getting along OK and the school board you think it would be an impossible situation to what I mean yankees still wants when he wants but. He's kind of going through the process of trying to get things on young talent you know because as he is that a convincing some people -- -- motivations are right -- for being on the school board and he's gaining more. Allies and friendship and he's got of course -- the record of the -- school system. Plays the Paladino is criticism that if they if they George humming along -- Paladino is still criticizing. It wouldn't play but they're not there on the side of the row waiting for the triple -- so Paladino is here. And -- their only a couple of votes shy of getting that thing turned around so I think he's doing good job there now Paladino. Well like Strom but he said he also. He also low lights Esther Marino. But isn't isn't sure I think he sure -- analysts say sure. That he could get the name recognition and financial means to challenge while he's definitely an aggregate and Amer Asian -- bill that overnight. And I also don't feel that people would be flocking to the treasury to donate their money to home. When he's up against Andrew Cuomo people like to they like to donate to things they think are going to be successful. But I you don't bet on horse. Simply because you think you give a good race you want the horse either first second or third place. And the bottom line is there's only one winner in this race and the loser goes home and that's that there are no refunds. Let's go to dead -- Polaroid then -- on WB AM. Good morning and I think third and then why I like history now. I like Nalbandian also take a penalty -- run for mayor. But. I -- agreed that new recruit to speak at all. I'm not a meter loose it well I think Kelly wrote about it and history are -- like the president said earlier about having trouble with the Esther green on lieutenant governor. But then I think he'll beat excellent ticket. But I think -- I am not convinced. I'll let -- invincibility. I think that we can consult some ways I think this state back I think to the terrible things that he said a few weeks ago. About. Conservative New York. I think through a -- -- out -- -- -- in New York. I just. I they're not convinced the invincible. So you think he -- may be -- his own words and his on the aids. -- -- landlords who guaranteed to I think probably demanded to. I'm I am where I get it got a tremendous eagle putt es off like that the trouble to actually running from the point of view we you know that's got to be brought under. That particular match. And -- exactly up. He could take the same approach with the state as Paladino steak or the school board. You know it's not working the way it is I mean if you look at the population decline. Out of the fifty states. -- the third worst in population declined those numbers came out before there's a reason for that and they're -- they're spending millions of dollars trying -- businesses come here. And businesses are very reluctant to because of the structure of the state so -- and trump is worked successfully within the business community so he could he could know the weaknesses of the state and attracting new businesses. I don't. Think he's and -- well Japan could force structure I think he would be the -- -- an actual candidate that he really does and money into it. And I I -- -- yet but I -- Yeah it's a strong -- odd that recognition in the -- New York. I I. -- -- -- everybody in New York rate that is just going to law and Cabrera and both Democrat. In I just think the as the our opportunity in New York City and I had to deal. Well said that thank you very much well so I got a lot of good calls today on his -- and I'm thirty will be back we wanna know. If rob asked -- all becomes the candidate for governor. A for the Republicans are the Republicans cook I think that if as terino as a candidate and put a fork in them they will be well done -- might -- be burned will be back after this would be to go.

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