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2-11 Beach and Company Hour 1

Feb 11, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hello hello as -- governor upsetting me -- -- -- Susan talked about a guy who's our there in Russia at the Olympics. Might be sixty degrees there. It's by the sixteenth. Appearance twelve. I mean really seriously I think I'm going to Russia warmup. And -- all -- available Norwegian women and their troops that would that would warm things up. You know usually while we think of Russia we've megawatt Doctor Zhivago. Where the houses just overwhelmed with snow and you can't get -- there -- moos on the front yard might be sixty degrees there today. I don't know of if you guys watched him via any of the Olympics yesterday it was a boring day I'm not for the athletes but. The events or being shown ball sharing. I can't imagine you can and there are certain things you can understand. If you are young kid and -- say you know wanna be a figure skater you know that they arena is going to be packed and reporters from all over the world going to be there. And you dedicate your entire life to it that's one thing but how about these long distance skiers. I mean well lonely existence. It's just that no he's out the seal nobody's out to watch him except that the Olympics I don't know when they make that decision as to what they're gonna do the rest of their lives. How many young people young athletes say no one. I wanna be a long distance skier that's what I wanna do in these guys get that I mean there's no professional leagues they can't make a living on. Nobody watches it except for the Olympics I mean why would you do that I don't know that's not what my favorite things while exploring yet it's boring what Cuba and Chris. Are you sure how you pick that up as a hobby of -- I guess the equivalent in the summer games would be running. We can understand why people are -- -- it's easy just go outside to do well but Demi gig at all suited up for the scheme we had a dime. In here before the show. And the guy across the finish line just fell down and nobody's out there -- yeah. It's it's me it was like I couldn't stay awake I was trying to watch -- stuff why couldn't they awake but it tonight. If if Shaun White approves. Oh big condition of the cup vibe I guess they'll have that at a might be lied because. It's it would be the equivalent of a 9 o'clock or something like that our time so. NBC would be wise to carry it live tonight. Debbie -- you know I don't like the time delays. Because everybody who's not caring the Olympics wants to give you the information including -- by the way. So then you got if you don't wanna know you gotta put your hand that your your fingers here no matter not and I don't want an auto -- and now. And then. And then you get to watch it I told you on your hard tried to do that with the Indy 500. The Indy 500 for some reason was going to be delayed -- -- And ID I love open wheel racing -- so I didn't wanna know an all day long ABC was not a runner like at eight or nine at night. All day long I avoided media no radio no television. Thing I didn't go anywhere where it could be a convenience stories say hey look Asian boy wandered into my arm or whatever. Did all that right I turned the TV set bond at 1 minute to 8 o'clock and they go to and whose break and it was like one of those things no. And. And who's regulating those guys -- Nevada goes. -- a wide Wednesday in about a -- iconic I can't let this illness that ice better and her date tried to avoid it by the way. Little little action here in NASCAR. Richard Petty was known as the king. You know a few of the kings you know had -- thing that happens. Is you like is that you know he's doing a 200 career points up. He's he's he's acknowledged as perhaps. The greatest of all times some might argue modern art whatever but he's he's a big -- And they asked him. -- of -- Danica Patrick would ever win a Daytona. And I -- Chris had this in his stories that only if everybody else stays home. -- she qualified on the pole for Daytona and -- obligate tonight. She hasn't won. As she is a marketing phenom I mean all the attention goes -- her and I assume the other drivers who were faster and win more races. Perhaps appreciate the attention it brings the series but. Not the fact that she gets all of as she finished eight. In the season opener it was their only top ten of the 36 race season. What top general once and that was on the first race that was it however. Here's something you are going to hear anybody say but I'll say it right now OK Richard Petty. Richard Petty when his racing. But for him put on Danica Patrick do you realize that Richard Petty has never driven a race car faster than she. Because she used to run a car IndyCar outside a drag racing is the fastest a series in the world. If you put an end incarnate and he sprint car on the same track it would be laughable Indy cars like 4045 miles an hour faster. So he -- Danica Patrick at her slowest. Was faster than Richard Petty ads that. Say that obviously and you'll hear about IndyCar drivers who go to NASCAR. I cannot recall that I follow racing I can't recall any NASCAR driver who went IndyCar. It totally different things so isn't that an amazing statistic that I brought up and really thank you Vladimir. When immigrants what she's one of IndyCar to open honest discussion he's got a lot of agreement because I think she was terrible no she has won and she was competitive. But I think because of the way she looks more is expected over and you know. There have been other female drivers. But they didn't look like you're right and so that's not may be unfair but that's the way it is. But Danica wherever wherever that undergoes the press goes no question Rick is eligible for a -- last year right in the standings and so all he got no attention except that back he was dating her. And and as she gets all the attention and she only had one top ten bottom -- she's gonna have to win a race she's gonna have national. -- the wind installations and has stolen credit and all of you follow racing that a lot goes into it certainly the skill of the driver. But the team the equipment obviously. All of those things all play and it has to be a perfect storm. -- I don't give them fastest driver on attracts some aggression read from a view you're in that messenger out of the way ago that's that's all about racing. Okay as several people were stung when thousands of bees escaped. From a truck at a trucks on the west Phoenix people in the area we're told who seek shelter. That advice. -- this swarms of birdies flying around and the advice you seek shelter like nobody would have guess that. Geez I this is Oliver I suppose that I suppose that. Call my body and what am I supposed -- -- should I put my head between my days I would like but I can't odd take shelter okay. I mean c'mon they had to bring in a beekeeper. Of the exterminator. Responded to control a swarm and a few beverages -- control. You don't wanna get stung by -- B I mean a single -- -- -- If you were ordered OK we come back we get some things talk about including. Maybe a challenger to a mark as possible you know you never can tell on news -- 930 -- RW via. It is BG governor I can -- a great idea. That you put him identically prepared cars like the iiroc series used to be I love our series because. All the races were racing with the same exact vehicles -- really was a lot it was somewhat them all of course but it was. A really a lot about the driving so they put an identically prepared cars and you have Richard Petty race against Danica Patrick now. Danica is -- much younger obviously that would be an advantage but if -- if -- -- and still drive and we don't know again and not but it because they'll drive. That is a fun thing for a promotional event for -- NASCAR. Yeah they need to do to tie into which aired -- -- a lot of funded. There have been grudge races before you have horses. A grudge horse racing and it draws huge crowds I mean really I think not that NASCAR has crowd problems they usually do very well. But I think going to be exciting fun thing to do yet but our question is -- put -- short track big track all the while it depends on know which ones they prefer if you can find a you know just the regular sized I hate shortly so why -- minutes ago please. Wasn't he just here yes but Mary comes again. Com and largest idea. You know via a bungee rope. To via the steering wheel and and just sit and watch and just -- -- I like the super speedway with high paying high banks Daytona Michigan and stuff like that to pass oh yeah a lot of power coming out of the corners the that's that's the -- ago. Why are -- I'm start and why should they started to but I have been sick is the restrictor plates. I want cars to be able to get to what they can do I want more passing. He got a bit of sugar blitzer fine I had to use one of my honeymoon. The president was allowed alcohol no single line please Obama mean thank you very -- don't -- anybody off the -- poll the whole okay. You know and want equality and that's great mission ever quality but yet we have this survey and USA today. Who'll should pay for a date. Okay the animal fashion I I admit it I'm old fashioned. I wanna pay for -- it's not for any reason -- just that I want to OK but we'll see if people agree with me. Men 51%. Occurred. Whoever asks 30% now that's. Okay. So it's a bit as large as the reserves -- we meet for lunch as a business lunch. They ask there'll when your guys partner and coach I'm a social. -- should split the build 12% now I don't like that you know line. Because you split it evenly 5050. And then somebody saying -- policies yet the slope and with that one that so long as you know its status ago. Never see women go out and that's what they do. That's what they do -- would object they'll. You have the settlement with the extra dressing that's another four cents and I'm open your -- As if I've ever have a bit but you know maybe she's. A 12% envisions what that. The woman. Now -- 2%. Only two out of a hundred respondents in this survey think the woman should today. I don't know element that I mean if you go out let's -- a lot. With somebody. OK maybe it spotted but differences as 01 or second or third day now guy next door and only 2% went. Not sure or 5%. That's why when I go out with the -- never. And the check comes. He's not sure -- because I never see him reach as well it was not sure he must depart was money he's probably thinking am I supposed to. Part of this or just the fact that I'm allowing us and they to have lunch with me would that be enough I'll I'll let him touch him -- permanently in Iran. So Gaza amend 51%. Whoever asked to -- what her -- is a good idea I like that added to 30% twelve split the bill I don't like that. And not sure 5%. That is them 15104. Adults and that's that. Now a political column by Bob McCarthy. Says that -- saudis see what well when are gonna forgive mark -- okay. When he voted for the New -- sit back that was infamy. Done -- percent. That's it I know you feel like dominion Nolan I grew up with your eyes and he had a set of balls to come in here on the show that time right after the vote. And trying to -- for him credit for that he showed up a lot of people died. All right but now looks like a Kevin -- Might throw his hat into the ring now -- Hardwicke I think. Would be a good candidate I think he'd be a series -- personally bright. He's he's experienced. He's in the moment and I think user a reasonable rational kind of guy. I think I could easily support given Hardwicke and now -- Ralph low rate gul. Who is a conservative chairmen he's hesitant. Because if Hardwicke left the legislature. It could jeopardize the one vote majority coalition that they haven't -- GOP. But you shouldn't hold -- against a guy who wants to. Seek a different office that that's not right. But I like -- I'm like Kevin Hardwicke. And you know who's not mention in this car. -- -- -- -- -- looked twice a report. -- Thompson is an even mentioned you didn't say it was going to form an exploratory committee. And you know wise not mention that -- is -- well that's why I everytime I NC restaurants and I expect to -- might order into his mouth. I yes yes. Like three cheeseburgers for hire chuck. Suspect -- I want -- -- -- out tiger are marked as of this would be a serious contender I think against us grew sunny and a primary. Thompson's joke. There that I make myself plain enough. He invented the Tea Party you know did he really I think he should be I think huge degree of reverend he shows are really oil are you know somebody had one -- -- now and the measles. And a couple of weeks later they're accurate I think that Thompson I think America probably either in laws I think it was something we did it's unexplainable. I was gonna go cry -- his little things. -- -- Yeah. I'd. Just as he doesn't like me. Thank you. Lizzy could not -- no. Anyway I I think -- would be a good candidate I really don't now when Kevin work well as. Would agree would everything you said but he's a Smart guy he's a rational guy. He's a he's a good guy. And so I'd I think I could easily. -- -- him if via via decides to go. OK we come back first of all we'll have a giveaway when we come back. For those of you like Barbara Streisand not now don't do it now we'll track you down like a dog if you do early. We'll be back what more would region company under Israeli that I -- our prize have -- some points on. Will be back after this. WBE and 9:30 AM as buffalo as this guy the way. -- -- -- -- -- -- Eric may -- Tony not. Not to recommend anybody in the promotions department to be in the accounting department. Happy as she here which tells me what I'm supposed to get away and when they put when they put the giveaways -- out. It'll say five if it's Monday it is it was accused -- -- it say for -- money to it was a Thursday and you know if it's just two days it'll take. I've got the Streisand. -- book giveaway by the BP ago and then it says five and that brackets Monday through Thursday. Now let me just went -- my shoes -- here Monday what we want to. To a school. Wednesday -- -- and Thursday it would be for. So is this supposed to be about. Am I supposed to give it away bride or is -- supposed to be far so there there you have it there's there is right there now. I've yet to -- it may be the batteries. On the calculate over you know they're dying and giving false readings -- Texas and stroked it takes at the -- I know we don't have a very nice giveaway and I think we're gonna give it away. Through Thursday. There are tickets for the video production most of these Streisand song book. And that is going to be Saturday February 15 at 8 o'clock your clients that I was eighty bucks general content rules apply to great post Valentine's Day night. Good good good. Give her tickets on Valentine's and to record of the -- with -- -- Hampton -- always critically acclaim tribute. To Barbara Streisand six or four minutes and five and a random caller will be chosen for the tickets. Chip and preside and I did yesterday when you're. Lots of stuff was going now wants if you like to go to Las Vegas who would -- to go to Vegas were running something now. On now on our web site that makes it worthwhile check this out. It's a trip 48 listener and a guest to Las Vegas first you have to go to WB and -- common join the insiders' club there's no physical. Okay -- they just allow you to -- by 10 AM on February 27. For your chance to win the Las Vegas getaway contest courtesy of the central travel and fund jet medications. Complete entry form including a 93. Words or less SA. Of why you deserve it Las Vegas getaway. So you have to the work a little bit on this get creative 93 awards last I assume they'll count every word so make shore. That's it. The State Department has said five Monday through Thursday -- -- account in 93 so I -- -- -- ready for this game. One winner will be selected based on the SA entry by the school so destruction of our personnel. On February 27 will announce -- on the twentieth here's an. Embargo. Round trip air five night hotel Sunday through Thursday to see if this works. Five notes on Sunday Monday Tuesday. It's okay good at that. The biggest airport transfers and coupon fund pac. If you can have fun -- in Vegas you can have a fund packed anywhere asked Tiger Woods. It's a valued at 2500 dollars the package. Did you do it it. And is subject to availability thank you very much I don't make a big deal out of my subliminal jokes you know that you just have to the ride is moving at the same speed as the platform. And when I leave a space like that you're supposed to put in your own joke. It's like make your own salads this is make your own joke. I said Tiger Woods and later Dario got it OK to follow that. Okay. It's a valid until December 15 when a fourteen a requires thirty days notice when I guess must be 21 or older by news traveled -- otherwise general content -- Supply and that's that so that Libya that would pretty good winner take me please -- Vegas a Las Vegas I missed that article visit again I used to work in Vegas had lived there from 8067. -- Vegas in about eight years. The last time I went I've been there. Probably a dozen times okay the last time I want it was so different than before is especially the strip. -- who has started off walking the strip and what you don't realize at that time is it's a long walk back if you don't want out. Take a cab or some because you wanna go from one hotel to the other. And and you keep can I can get to that both of them okay that's only if you get there pretty zone you are at the end of the world. And you've got to get wheeled transportation back that all changed of the monorail was there I hadn't seen that before. Except the monorail tells you what hotels they stop that and it goes in the back of hotels but the what they don't tell he was the distance. From the station to the hotel. -- cap from the monorail to the hotel but a yacht a kind of stuff but that Vegas is cool and you know. We have a big gambler. To enjoy Vegas they are a great vote and you could be a fool you rubio in a lot of food there and shows and there's a lot to do. A lot of conventions and stuff or go to Vegas of course. That those who want to do besides gambling I mean dead so it's a fun place ago you bring back some Carl's junior bring back some parties. Parties and they probably don't when I'm hoping they do. So that's -- you might win a trip. Now here we go this is. Deja Vu I think we've done this show before. I think this trip's been made before what tripled my talking about. Yes local Republican leaders are packing an overnight bag so they can go two down down to New York City. And sit and Donald Trump's. I'm sure luxurious. Conference room. And beg him to run for governor. And -- honestly gore. -- -- And he was -- in town a little while ago and didn't I didn't say yes Sewell and no he won't that he reaffirmed what he said before. That in order for him to Iran. The -- the the party has to be. The unified and what he means by that is I wanted to handed to me on a silver platter I don't wanna go through any kind of vote primary. I just want you say please run and now -- Okay yeah I well I'll give it a shot and so they're gonna go again to try and talk him into it Tom McCarthy mean Bob McCarthy and Tom precious. I have an article about it we'll get into that wont we return on news radio I'm thirty we are WB Dan is BJ company a Bob McCarthy and Tom precious. Teamed up -- his article headline key Republicans to meet with trump as asked to Reno gets boost. Esther you know I keep remind trump. In the past has said that he wants a clear -- does -- wanna go through a primary. As to Reno county executive downstate. Says. You know he just wants it handed to them on a platter I'm interest in him -- I want Iran. He hasn't formally declare but he has is exploratory committee raising money or whatever and it will be a candidate. Lets us see what Bob and Tom have to say. Key Republican leaders from around the state will try once again. Today -- -- tomorrow to persuade. Donald Trump to run for governor. Despite to a significant boost Monday for GOP rival rob -- the Reno. So this -- trips is this three of four down to a New York. As -- trying to convince him to run. Here's a problem I have that right away in sales they always -- train you to ask for the order ask for. Because if you don't it's a weaker pitch. Also when somebody. When somebody is about to come on board I want them if they are serious I want them to have a fire in the belly. I don't want them to have to be talked into it I don't want them to have to be cajole. Or TO please we really need you that kind of thing. If you want it and you really think you're good you'd be good at it and you could do a good job you should you should just go after. Go after Wednesday with an appetite they've never seen before I don't get that sense with Donald Trump Donald's enjoying the moment as he's enjoyed many moments. But at the end of today -- partners version is. During the Manhattan meeting set for -- Fifth Avenue office are you guys. As seriously in two paragraphs. In the first paragraph is said the bottom trying to persuade billionaire Donald Trump. In the second batter Travis as a lot of meat on his and his Fifth Avenue office have you noticed that it's all about -- of the window dressing with -- these rich. And he has an office on fifth Babineaux. So well where to be I -- blown away he's very successful -- question about that. Every county Republican chairman and declined worthy said he and others will attempt to determine from its intentions. Com man. Others connected with the process say they'll present the real estate mogul. OK keep track of this stuff so so far -- -- billionaire. Fifth Avenue office real estate mobile that's okay. And television celebrity -- that. There those are -- -- on here we've got billionaire. Fifth Avenue opera's real estate mogul and television's celebrity. Four and we're only three paragraphs into the story so -- doesn't tell you when people think about trump debate thank. Guy that could straighten out the spending reckless spending guy that could tackle social issues are thinking about as he came in and on his trump plane for a reason caught at it. And that's what it's all about the -- of these big the trappings of success. Of the television mogul was with hard data showing enough support to release insured endorsement of Republican state convention Monday. Is it going to take -- definitive step to get into the race according -- it. When we get a bunch of chairs in the room Wednesday will see what he says so there's still waiting on trump trump loves this keep keep Willingham. He cajoling him keep stroking his ego. And maybe just maybe they'll think about a little bit longer than he would have before. But new questions surround Trump's potential candidacy. And he's getting some customs of war. -- -- -- -- -- Is the Westchester County executive. And he might be right candidate from its for this job according to state conservative chairman Michael Long. This the senate Republican leader being the scales. Followed Monday in Albany -- his own statement of support for -- Reno Sony got some people now coming forward supporting cast Perino. It's hard to give you know hard firm support the trump because he hasn't played his hand yet. You don't wanna say yeah -- guy he's the only guy it would trump we are nailed the law and then trump says -- there when he ago. This guy's guy yeah we want him all on. Well it's it's you're getting left -- C that's them that's the way this is being presented. That if we can get trump -- will go to the ends of the world to convince them and if it's anybody else's -- and that's what's being said. I have a lot of respect for Donald Trump I don't know whether he's totally serious about this I know a number of people feel is -- skills. But it's a huge test runs statewide for governor he has his TV shows he has a lot of other things on his plate I don't know how he could devote the time. A two run well that's what we said people or and also my concern is that. The trump brand. Would -- would take a chance at being damaged. If he ran and lost. He gives the feeling of the dollar high roller I have one every business I've ever been -- but. I'm a winner. And suddenly you who lose to. To Andrew Cuomo. Or worse yet in a primary moves through a guy nobody knows asked the Reno. How would you explain that would take some of the swagger away from golf and don't think he doesn't know that why do you think he said that he doesn't -- and primary. They're the obvious reason is it doesn't wanna be bloodied in a primary race and then have to face the governor. Understand that but I think the real hidden reason. Is he doesn't want to lose even in the primary so the thought it was a primary short while who's in the governor's race is run. Ironic to say they they're airfare from going down down to. Down to New York City. Meanwhile asked the Reno is is is plugging and steady as she goes of these tortoise and the hare. But my question today is this putting all those things together. If rob asked the rain held becomes the candidate. Are the Republicans -- And the answer is. Yes. OK if it's -- Reno against Cuomo tickets at a bank formal way and if it's if it's strong against Cuomo I am not confident that trump could win but I'm more confident that he could -- ministering. Okay simply because the rest of the name recognition and the finances a loan. And affected he handles himself on television. He be pursued by every every network you know even though it's a state race everybody would want -- would wanna talk to Donald Trump it would be yeah. He is is time of glory but -- feel lost. Then that that -- -- brand takes him. So odd to answer my own question anomaly here to answer -- rob asked terino becomes the candidate other Republicans -- they are -- put away. You know buried them in a fire -- they're done. Do you agree that. Yes I do and I'm looking at it like this I think you have to play used Donald Trump's ego put that into play. If he has any kind of aspirations of someday running for president. He cannot afford to lose and. Oh absolutely -- in New York State governor is a good -- stepping stone for somebody to run for president what do you think Chris what is ego get in the way is that the reason he wants the clearest a clear road slate with no primary. Yeah I mean I just don't buy that he doesn't wanna waste time and to come out wounded people have primaries all the time I mean if that's the logic no audit. No incumbent -- -- lose and they come as a lose often because of money anyway but they do lose or it's just a weird argument. And it would battle -- them let's face it would be it would battle that's them as far as I know he's never run for office. If he has I'm not aware of OK so you get battle tested so they go through a bruising primary and a -- go up against you go up against Cuomo. Oh who is a favorite to win another -- you know another four hours so I think that battle testing could serve him well -- as opposes is jumping in there. Yeah because. These things that he would bring up on the campaign trail in a primary would also be things that a lot of things would be brought up. In a general election so a chance to redefine his message. To battle hardened his his psyche and get ready for a tough fight. Because it would be a -- fight it would not be a cakewalk he can say only wants that if the if he runs -- -- and if he runs I hope they'll win. But I wouldn't I wouldn't but the last penny on. -- -- -- formulate a thrill Montreal on 806 on 692 visits are 930 festering -- becomes the candidates are the Republicans. -- -- --

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