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Olympic Conditions Not Ideal

Feb 11, 2014|

David Wallechinsky

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Joining us on the WB and live line this morning from that Sochi Olympics David wallet since -- Olympic historian CBS news contributor David nice to be to join us again. What is up with the weather there were hearing upper fifties today low sixties this weekend. I know there's been some criticism especially with a half pipe for the snowboarders. Yeah well. I mean -- -- is saying this is being some of the -- So are and should be really that's surprising I think it is an extremely rare instance of the temperature of the Winter Olympics being. Are higher than certain well this Summer Olympics. So what what did you expect in Sochi area is the warmest quarter of what. And they've had we realize the Olympic Games are not being held to make a profit. But while -- you know the absence of people attending events is very very noticeable more so than previous Olympic Games. We feel the Russians are thinking of giving tickets away now. Probably would actually wouldn't be the first. Oddly enough. Dubbed the biggest problem they usually have of the Olympics is -- corporate sponsors. Because the corporate sponsors get to -- everything -- of course it used and I know that I was sitting in the press box without. The London Olympics track and field what it is sports. And when it became clear -- -- -- -- a lot of -- all the sudden the whole warrant will British soldiers fought it and get its feet. So they're for the bad -- -- what is a little disturbing. Is the book is called upper -- which is people buying the tickets but. You know the Russians that have been made it difficult for people not only is this. You know law. Not the most central location in the country which at least. But also you you don't just get a ticket you have to didn't want to ask. And that way they check on you while you're so the bureaucracies. Is pretty big -- really he really committed. To come. What does an average ticket costs would you say US dollars. I'm not actually true because be that such a huge range and obviously. You know the the opening ceremony you'd be lucky -- -- the -- and the adults you know that would be -- the hole and whereas -- You know probably like going to a -- We know you mentioned. There are looking at what amounts to. Olympic passport besides the folks having a ticket sitting up on the upper decks so there is tight security associate very noticeable. Two Olympic watchers. Were ferocious taking some kind of darted comfort in Russian promises of live everything under control. You don't see it's not like you see people walking around with machine -- or anything like you get the -- -- target to -- myself. That a lot of this is about survey. And we see the occasional important that it probably hormones and all sorts of places. You know and they're and also the complete close you know. It's very difficult we could get -- I should point out. That even what was called the coach what could they are not in -- Coaching is about forty minutes is long gone now -- why. And there are no country. I don't I haven't been as it is possible although this soldier with a double that it's. But people involved caught a cold is it -- There is much more noticeable. Secured credit. What is a community that most of these events aren't. It's called outlook they'd be open our. And. If they're small -- -- walked in a couple of light. And there's just certain life the goal Russian town. People so go to this go to the -- we really cool unedited video for cocaine. A subway. A Coca-Cola and and then there was a lot of when I went into the central probably around one small shops like. It's just you know it's not exactly which has. Typical and then the the mountains and use all the ski and snowboard and -- -- -- -- was -- on -- poll young. Which is about 35 miles to. OK you know one of the offense is getting a lot of attention today is a first it's the women's ski jump. What do you know about that. Well those -- long struggle to get women's ski jumping. -- it seems so ridiculous and what his personal interest but been International -- Federation is run by skis yeah principal or what we've got. And they can you know some of our officials went you know not good for women to do ski jump because my interest it was productive work. And so for years and years is in this battle it would keep it -- and the IOC international committee also want. And so far away in the ski federation or declarations force could go -- it. But you know for the -- apparently. They scheduled it opposite the -- and incredibly popular movement. And centrists and eight face us so much for joining us state that we appreciate it. Did it -- it's his visa Olympic historian and a CBS news contributor. Joining us from outside Sochi Russia.