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A Different View of NYS Governor's Race

Feb 11, 2014|

Alan Chartock

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Alan -- talk is on the WB and live line he's in Albany commentator. And CEO and president of northeast public radio -- nice to talk with you again. Look I guess you're always a pleasure to be here thanks for asking. Who do you think will be challenging Andrew Cuomo for governor on the Republican ballot. Well I don't know but I do know a couple of things when it -- -- -- time in two -- ready to run for governor I wouldn't be surprised he. If he had fifteen million dollars in his civil war chest. And it right now he is slaughtering everybody in the in the polling but of course that's right now. You know that's the Reno is very popular election security team -- he. Took on. Democrat and good incumbent -- it is very rare and one and one day. I -- at this sort of right combination of fiscal food and send. He's an attractive speaker and people like com. So when he comes out I've often said. You know if this is Andrew's second term he's gonna win big if he's running for his second term benefits his father marry -- -- -- and you got to think about this -- it. Then and then maybe not so good so he's become fiscal conservative. Unlike. -- and me and spending a lot of time in buffalo which also has like -- Reno. As. As politicians -- Republican politicians are doing pretty well. But you know speaking Iran mastery in O'Sullivan a very nice guys so good capable. Administrator but can he raise the money necessary to challenge the governor. You know I travel -- probably not IE you know it's the governors is that the -- Ford can scare campaign financing you know. But at a recent. Recent. Concert to Billy Joseph put on four of the -- she was. 50000 dollars. It's -- Andy's getting it. It is -- Now it certainly bring it down from here is CN two when it or is he just enjoying the attention. -- during the -- I don't think about it you know I mean the problem -- narcissistic characters is that they. Is that the you know they can begin to believe their own press -- And I suspect that that's what's. Happening in in the case of -- he has nothing to lose. But it's -- -- name out there he did this television doesn't public appearances. And what has he loops four. We know what's really glaring here mr. sharp Tucker's effect that not just Democrats but. Republicans. Don't think the Donald Trump is gonna -- they think -- stringing people along if he ultimately says he's not running for governor. Is -- gonna hurt his credibility in any way or Walt this even put a dent in Donald Trump. What credibility. You know I think that guy is credible. And I think everybody's season that the big blow hard -- -- if you. So how many he wants to get the attention. But we just said he's getting the attention. And you know you know I don't exactly see him -- Franklin Delano Roosevelt took her politician of great stature. So you see this as a Cuomo mastery no match up. What is -- -- -- couldn't do it I mean. She's saying guys that the Republicans. -- I've got a big track record in New York State right now all the major offices that are controlled by the Democrats. And you know I don't think that they have got a lot to go -- and its people invest money when it into the wind. And I don't knows that it is right now he has such credibility as I said. If you look at those polls right now it would be disaster for anybody running against it -- well. It's always nice to hear your opinion Allan thanks for joining us this morning. And thank everybody -- chart talk Albany commentator. With northeast public radio.