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Assessment of NYS GOP Governor's Race

Feb 11, 2014|

Ken Lovett

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- the WBM. Live line is we've focused on a possible Donald Trump run for governor. Is Ken Lovett can lose although -- bureau chief for the New York Daily News -- good morning thank you for joining us. Donald Trump the scheduled to be with a bunch of GOP county chairman this week what is likely -- come of that meeting was going to be there. Well that's going to be from what I hear. You know -- go -- -- can really tell me it's going to be the Rochester. And Syracuse telling chair Garland got the talent and chair. So much they can only -- these people who have and that helped prompt if you run where -- deal. They're not -- trash after Reno because a lot of them recognize. The likelihood that trump runs but they want -- to know that he's got the support if he gets in the race. It's he'll likely to make any kind of decisions tomorrow with this meeting. From what I'm told no. And you -- what I'm told. He will not the only speaking tomorrow night at a Manhattan county. Democrat a Republican dinner in New York City. But he's not expected to announce his plans that coalition but that's what this thing. Well hollow important. Is conservative backing for any candidate who runs for governor here. Got it's been decades since the last two statewide Republican won without conservatives support. And the reality is I mean it's so hard enough job in really -- Republicans haven't won statewide and George spectacular term in 2002. OK I got a phone call last night that said Michael Long the stay Conservative Party chairman. Is leaning really leaning toward rob ushering -- -- you heard about that. Yeah absolutely I think -- frankly totally got a couple weeks ago I had it in my area Albany insider column. That he said they wanna unified they wanna unified ticket with the Republicans if they can. If that's the case. And rob actually you know get to the race Mike Long has that he believes she'd be a great candidate. He kind of checks off all the boxes on the issues they care about and you know if he gets -- which is expected. He'll get to support. Well can't what do you think I mean is is trump. Stringing Republicans along here like he's done in the past. Won't get into that that and to be fair. I know a lot of Republicans who aren't necessarily -- supporters who over the weekend. Have said that. You know he's doing things that we didn't expect them to do he's calling small county chairs he's you know calling a lot of people are doing in leading. You'd expect you to do. They were saying he seems more serious than they thought he'd be there don't necessarily think you gonna run but he's certainly taking it more seriously than they thought he would. And I think. You know that's assignment and some people think that's when Michael Long came out and so but he said about that story you know to try and -- should trump took. Make -- decision sooner rather than later to get out of the race. Can you just brought up a point that really everybody is. Is saying. Nobody really expects who's got a run language brings up the why -- we all falling all over the story. I only needed healthy dose of skepticism might get. The reality advocates doubt we'll probably -- billionaire developer. Everybody knows immobilized either the polls show that he's not very popular -- at 57%. Unfavorable rate in the latest Siena poll. By the end Donald Trump in -- generate publicity. I don't think it's a coincidence that the next month his apprentice show comes back on the air. And isn't it you know all -- to are also all about the fact that. It's really -- it's the only one -- can beat Cuomo. Well look you never know certainly. He has the money he had the name recognition he has the ability to attract media. Well our best to win though is actually a very good candidate but he starting out nobody knows and outside his home county he doesn't have a lot of money. And he's pretty conservative and a blue state. Like OK boy this is gunning interest and -- the moment can thank you. Due out nice to talk with -- you can love of those Albany bureau chief for the New York Daily News.