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Judging the GOP Candidates for NY Governor

Feb 11, 2014|

Dave Levinthal

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Our guest on the W via -- Dave Leventhal senior political reporter with the Center for Public Integrity -- days. Are at its February now who right now today. Do you think will be the Republican to challenge Andrew Cuomo for governor. Well you know eke out kinda go with Robert street right now -- what Donald Trump is -- keeps coming out. Over and over and over again but politically speaking is the billionaire who cries wolf I mean isn't it -- -- he's flirted with political round. -- at the state level. And at the national level of course you remember him exporting with the idea of running for president most recently now governor of new York and every time you fill out. He didn't run but -- history or his. Kind of an interest and -- is certainly becoming executive at Westchester County which is currently eight bastion by conservative ideals but yet he's been able to win. As a Republican and conservative down there are you really speaks to the ideals that. Bipartisanship that we have some people's minds -- he got a lot of support including from the -- Conservative Party chairman and of the state it's said that he'll bat going forward. Is it possible even remotely possible David that -- -- mastering those starts to campaign. If we don't get the nomination that he could surprise a lot of people in this state. It's possible and they could go back to the fact that he. He has been able to curry so much favor from people who you wouldn't necessarily. Think would -- its supporters we're talking about. Independents who may be we -- little bit to the last even some Democrats. -- it's a very very difficult thing here at the Republican or for that matter a Democrat win in New York State when you're coming from an area. That they have a lot of people from the opposite party living in York jurisdiction of and that New York State -- than not and if you place for a Republican to win elected office to in what about two decades more sense. Somebody who is of the Republican party's current -- has won statewide office so. He's got a pretty uphill battle right now but he could be somebody who could get a lot of support. End as somebody who even though he is. Downstate even though he doesn't have necessarily a statewide profile could build that out over the -- the better part of this year. As we get to election in November. What are the current state of of answering -- being able to beat Cuomo will whether it's via. How much do -- Democrats away Republicans here. Well is if you look at it in and deceptive very clear our way and it's strictly at the numbers. It's going to be a difficult proposition for anyone to be Andrew Cuomo if you look at a recent poll that the New York Times came out with last month. -- Andrew Cuomo's very popular with most new Yorker New York staters it's somebody who as majority of support among people old IQ as a credible out of my assistant in the bank about 33 million dollars as of last month that's going to be a heck of a lot of resources. And money to bring to bear on election days or even at the app is very serious challenger he's going to be at somebody running against him who had a lot resource says. Have a lot of popularity. -- the heck a lot of money to buy TV ads and and build a ground game and build a campaign. Across the state and most people on the streets and also that they would at least at this point it's time we elect and the Obama. Does not mean that somebody can't come and their truck industry you know or somebody else. And as a challenge Andrew Cuomo but it is going to be something that is going to be difficult at least on paper at this stage of the game. -- and on another subject New Jersey governor Chris Christie is going to Chicago today to try to raise money for the Republican Governors Association. Could this should be. An important test of his potential. As a candidate for president or do you think he's washed up at this point. He is one thing Chris Christie has done well even over the past couple months with. It's scandal play maker in nature the coming through to reality and has spent is that are very successful fund -- he has gone to places. Like Florida now Chicago. Across the country and raised a lot of money. As the head of the Republican Governors Association. That's effectively is our company has done that well so the one -- -- Chris Christie has not done is Heidi is that out there. He's been talking to people he's been fundraising. And it doesn't appear that he's going to slowdowns. This apparently is history accurate the stay in the public site. Police in this regard our approach forward despite the bridge standalone despite all the other problems that -- states politically that could very much and terrible. The -- sixteen Republican presidential out opposition. David nice to join us thanks. Dave Leventhal senior political reporter with the Center for Public Integrity.