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2-10 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

Feb 10, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB he had. I. Don't know if you would rate. In the whole movie. And you know. The law the and upload it. That we have to pass the bill so that you can and then find out what is yeah. But it's not my responsibility that the. You've got health -- already. Then you can keep your plan if you're satisfied with -- maybe you're better off not having the surgery but taking the painkiller. They're ready -- nothing like a short on the island. You may well I'll witness. He's maybe 930 UC. They -- layout is inevitable it's not being at the Iranian people one more time -- -- our game guy evidently. Nine games. Are right. -- already well. All right it is not earlier -- radio 9:30 PM thank you very much for making me part of today. And a bill I'm I'm honored and really am -- has without you we gotta suck wouldn't. At which suck for you and hopefully -- contribute something to your day. If I do send -- a hundred bucks but Joseph gamers master control he needs the money more. John Sherman it's your call screener. He is suffering from cold he's if he's injured parties working. Such is the power of the -- hourly mystique that he did not wish to miss a single day working with me. Of all you have to make that up. You guys make -- slow up the but anyway. We are out. I'm gonna take to our calls. On this subject. And then I'm gonna introduce a fun topic. Because quite frankly the voice of my Asian great grandmothers call upon me saying -- if you happy ending. So out of thousands have been able to provide US champion. -- the place. Let's go to a job he's been -- an hour I don't have a I don't have a hard -- to -- restricted the public's. Here's John I'm not a Grand Island WB and John you're gonna give the name of a book or a movie that made you understand the real world the stuff they didn't teach you in school. Roller ball. Our games contact in 1975. I remember hearing about the movie remember as a young man of twelve or thirteen years old and held no interest for me whatsoever some upsides. I -- especially in the future of their book countries has just very well on paper corporation. And they offer futuristic let -- sport. It's an amalgamation of a roller derby party and you'll be able. To -- the -- I I thought it was very funny way roller derby evil Knuble and hockey -- So that was the circuses. Of which are too which are referred earlier bread and circuses to big term here on the sure. Yeah I try telling that younger people is if they got the time watched gladiator. And right after that watch roller ball and you'll never watch like stop watching sports after -- just. It's finally dawned on mark sports twenty years. Now you say gladiator. Why OK I'm just kind of curious. Why did gladiator. -- have such an impact on. Well I usually tell that the kids because the most -- go watch from 1975. South they want from them. Watched gladiator could only get a yellow book local. And then I didn't say here here's my dvd copy of roller ball watch right after that. And and most governments put two and two together at least what I'm I'm from. Put more roller balding and gladiator but. The stallion essentially the spectacle of the masses. That distract them from what's really going on in the world. Yup it's like Europe well basically it's like watching pro football. Notice that I did not say national football I said pro football. Yeah and one of my heroes the they have all the problem. Who died a couple of years ago it was one of the leaders of the want to -- incident ninety Dmitry. If you -- reading that book. Or hear any that they interviewed on YouTube. He's really cut the chase and hope no punches. I will put that -- it was it was that there were hurt no no no. Young Russell Means I know I know that I don't you know the title of his book off Kansas little the Google. Like. Are afraid to try and -- was -- those divisive incendiary remarks were awake now. Are right. I am very happy you called and I do thank you very much for and I want to thanks for contribution -- patients hold very appreciated. Thank you are lunatic. Well -- say one more call on this and I'm gonna get into that some happier fair. I'll have dessert for you momentarily -- -- in Rochester WB. Yeah. And not far from a power energy -- can plan. And -- -- your big -- There's a parking area and not -- -- inflation creep cut it goes into the lake. So -- apple occasionally at that site. -- -- -- while one day we pulled it and it was a Sunday afternoon we didn't believe what we shot ambulances fire trucks. Police cars are you mean employee if you are running around chasing ducks -- wiped out in whatever government they were. Sharks who and they were going. To do all over the place. And got. And ironically I don't know what he did with the -- but I'm sure there's nobody in them but the bottom line was that stuff. The next day not -- unknowns and no word newspaper and radio anything. -- Republican recovering Republican -- and commented you're not seeing. Sheriff knew nothing the Greek police you're not seeing. All want to cover up -- I. Anymore. I mean I I get where you're what you -- but you remember the exact date. You know my -- probably would because you're too. Today keeping that you would maybe a dozen years ago. Yeah that's that's not helpful and you got. And -- -- simply let him leave it there there was any ability. Fired cup everything everybody was running around like crazy we can easily however in a war -- that was done not how. -- -- I don't know what to tell -- I don't know what you saw I don't know what happened. Quality -- -- space it's you hear anybody. Nobody knows nothing and it had to be. Because in their pocket and I. Well I mean that time to a done something would have -- and a dozen years ago. Yeah well we would drag and I -- in college town manager costly -- play that nobody knows nothing. I actually want to -- local -- I don't know of any good. Aren't -- and I thank you very much a magical just I don't know what to do with the information I really don't because well I think it was maybe a thousand years ago. I hate that has nothing I -- I'm sorry don't Libya an idiot here -- Precise dates to work with those but maybe a dozen years ago doesn't help. -- mean the fact is if there was an ambulance company involved my age. I believe they have to hold out of the record seven years and after that they can try to -- one. Health care health care provider seven years I think. I don't I have no idea if there was some kind of a disaster there. That was covered up I presume there would be some long term effects wherever they're idiots or -- I've not heard that they. All right I guess I don't know what to do with the info. But thanks for the call I just I wish I get help orbit. A -- is good is what I get data wise. Now. It would like to give you a happy ending. Would you like. These -- the rest shall have been very serious all that by the way. Seriously guys thank you for response to this topic but I just because. I really wasn't sure were how it was going to fly. I have sometimes they have ideas. And I tried to communicate via via radio. You can't see my hands waving in moving around. You can't see it would span as I am when I'm on the year. I should have been Italian news or use my hands more than I do like golf sometime. I -- even make gestures an awful lot that's the point of the preceding sentence. And I mentioned you better -- gave free zones and so while welcome Tibet. In what fourteen I don't even think it's news were. That a guy who's going to be in the NFL in all likelihood has come out that that's what I'm homosexual. To me that's a one line story if at all. Guess what. There are homosexuals and lesbians in every profession every job -- every. Description that. Part of life. Deal -- it if you can't I'm sorry I got better things to worry about than what somebody does -- you're going to Deutsche. Now that's scientific term -- lead going. A patent that were trademark. Now. -- drivable on Friday night. I tell somebody today that. What I don't appear at 7 o'clock. If I am not absolutely drain. In the same thing by the way. When I did the ninth and -- show. I hated meetings at noon. Because I'm drained baby. I leave it all here on the table. And I told you guys a million times as a talk show most. If you are not drain when you're done doing your job you haven't done your job. That you haven't -- -- break. And basically I've got four hours with some commercials of course. I've got to be. Hot. And if I don't feel fatigue and -- drained by the end of it. I have not -- by check. -- -- believe it but there's such as radio mumbo Jumbo. Otherwise known as mumbo Jumbo. So I'm driving home on Friday keeping in mind long week actually worked five days last week which is something new for me. Senate majority get leverage yourself who can -- so anyway. One must always have a sense of humor even in the dire circumstances or one will lose one's mind. Anyway. -- zero on the main street Williams that. There's a silver car and for enemy. And I have to read people bumper stickers it's what I do may put them there I consider this reading manner I must -- And down this person had a bumper sticker that read. Warning. Random bitch moments. Now IC just like that you see somebody doing what I just using self dep could -- he worked. Self deprecating humor would be proper way to say it. Now naturally what the -- I immediately goal pasture because I've got to speed up to see what this looks like. Now. Let me shoot yourself that impetus and although I'll finish the story momentarily the bumper sticker was random -- warning random bitch moments but I think you know where the show is going. But right now let's -- out of traffic is having -- all moments of menopausal discomfort and hot flashes here's Alan Harris. And right about now I feel like doing something very mean and nasty mother nature however the FCC would prohibit me from going into that great graphic -- Right now fifty degrees. With the win and it feels like toolbar up despite the fact that it's the coldest on the thermometer we have got on the year. Let's it's only plus two in the field apartment -- Now. So I'm drivable Friday night means -- political sober car probably bumper sticker. Morning read that such moments. Meeting. If you -- So I get into the left him blame apple -- I've ever as fate would have we have to stop it next to each other at the next red light. Because that's the story like the main street Williams all the red lights there to impede progress hole. I looked better off the horn twice and I give the thumbs up. And she looks at each other issues lady probably 2530 years old Q2. And no I'm not I don't I don't date that young it's our. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's in that I pointed to a bumper and I think she thought it was tried to tell her that you're -- percent. Like I should edit that I I I get a smile I was laughing got to give the thumbs up and that you better equipment she got it. Like the -- says she smiled and gave the thumbs up act and that we went and armory where they history. She may have tried to pull up alongside of me -- is really that cute now -- that may have pulled up next to me. Has anybody seen -- -- bumper stickers lately. That's what made me laugh I I literally laughed I'll -- out which is hard to make you do number one number two. On a Friday. After real five day work week after four -- to putting it all out there on the line on the year after that excruciatingly tough show on The Beatles. I was pretty big man. So well. I'm gonna have a break coming up you don't wanna call in now wait till about six there like you -- for segments. If you see a good bumper sticker that major lap or made an excellent polite. I would like to know what it's stickers that keep in mind. The usual language restrictions apply. That was our thanks to the FCC if I had my way you'd be able to drop F -- Oddly -- don't run in the world. 624 news radio 930 WBE on the phone number will be 8030930. Start -- thirty. And 180616. WB -- in out of consideration for your time wait until the news headlines start then call it that'll -- To get. Michener somehow everything else job thank you Joseph Bieber and think about -- bitch songs. I was surprised as a kid that they've played on the radio back in the 1970s. The format is regarding 2000. Not not the legendary. Madison Square Garden performance Thanksgiving eve 1974. Along with John let them. I actually. I'm familiar with some folks who were at that -- in 1974. To. It is 634 bad news radio 930 WB EM. Now you may call it now you -- this course now you may dial. I talk about bumper stickers -- wanted to get -- happy ending because we've been solve serious. Over the past week whatever spent. The bumper sticker that that -- for me on Friday night -- I mean literally I LOL. I laughed out loud. Warning random bitch moments. Have you seen any good bumper stickers. You put on I'll read it's what I do. Put the -- I -- up. -- I have a confession that I like to make to. End this probably makes me Avery small person. But whenever -- see an Obama Biden bumper sticker. I always liked the pole alongside of them and hopefully. Sean Hannity is on the radio on the drivable. We're rush is on the radio on the drive and and I like to -- emotional on or rush as loud as it possibly can. Just to (%expletive) them off what I do. Because I'd be income grew. Of my more here. Non conformist -- appearance. With the conservative Terry and values I hold Beers. People don't give it looked at me and expect a liberal. I've been -- treated them right let's I get to the calls on WB yen while hopes are about the job electorate through screening. We're screaming no not good enough. -- and Jews. Is this is this the face I get for trying to save your time. You know -- thirty start -- 38. 180616. WB I don't usually adapt its don't call well wait until 630 all I got everybody's right up what. Well. Back -- other top. Now I -- I was gonna waited up. -- that your iPhone in my -- to suck my phone. Until we get to people lined up until every phone call is filled. I ain't doing nothing and is gonna sit here and the nor Mike -- -- the word of it up wears a little bit forgotten marketable fassel worked up. By the way I want you know if you're just joining us schedule worked -- Or you didn't work -- what you told her husband you were working -- dignity. I wanna remind you that you entered a -- free zone today and I say that -- from idea homosexual by transgender audience you know I love you bears. But honest to goodness 2014 I don't even think it's news anymore if somebody says that's what I'm almost actual. I didn't wanna do the show today. I really -- because I'm so sick talking about it. Oh yes now we OK here is. Here is Kevin Clarence WB and -- talk to me bumper stickers you sit and -- -- lately. -- But on my roster. I haven't been the same since what. Else or my sister. Host okay maybe I'm a little slow. I look at it. 000. Young. All right thank you now I -- aren't thank you you know I'm thinking politics and he hits with wizard of pots. -- thank you very much. I guess. You have to keep it simple for me. Here is the in buffalo real goods the real good on WB and Steve. I need a laugh I did a happy ending here if you're in the system joke. Steve you're on the radio. -- yeah and Ohio's. Sure I feel bumper sticker that how can be polite if you eat meat. How can you be pro life if you eat meat. Well how -- one Tibet is everybody who supports abortion was born alive. -- But how can you be pro life if you eat meat. I guess the logical flaw and that is comparing human beings at the top of the food chain. With animals under us which are not at the top of the future. If I had known there poncho. Which. Also can anybody here and. All right look I find it amusing because I eat meat but I know why I look I hate eating meat but I can't live without it. And here I decided to throw that and I heard that I had a lot you know. I'm glad you did and I thank you for the call. Sometimes you will see bumper stickers that you might not even agree with race based all right you'll laugh I I would laugh at that one. How can anybody pro life eat meat I would say now that's a good point. If one of my flaws and white folks it's a logical flaw that I. Notice. I like animals but I eat them. I've tried being vegetarian it doesn't work for it doesn't. I'm still deal with that thing from the Dominican Republic. And if I lose anymore weight have to get a whole new -- broke an eight when. It would make certain people monopoly very happy. Did you not want noticed that. Joseph you don't want. Here is. I -- you really do but I'm pockets. But it was -- they had no suits zero cents. That fit here is now. Let's -- Bob that's helpful on WB and hello Bob. Sir. -- Yeah -- Yeah. But I could get a bit I have PMS and GPS that's funny enough -- what was the kicker line. You I love it absolutely. Love it and did you see okay -- woman who was driving the car presume it was a woman. Are we talking and Q our original that you are not cute. Aussie my it was Q -- my it was very cute yeah. And reverse. All. See now if you say stuff like that and just say that thank you very much glad to call. Joseph is laughing his ass -- in there so is it textual. That you -- that other situations. Don't throw you -- high 30s3180616. WB yet as opposed mentioned in the Hillary papers. -- box and there's got to wonder what if you had anything to say about my infamous interview with her. Honestly if I had to do all over again and I would -- I would after she'd ointment with her good lead duke Vince cluster. As it really is my business. I do all over that would out of as -- question not because I like Hillary. But my attitude now news I don't care what consider Google's. Call me Acela. But I'd mindset has changed dramatically. In life. Let's go to love is Alex and shocking development. Well it has nothing to do with the fall out. That interview had nothing to do with breakfast with -- and I knew that was -- obviously. He's like that he was a cheat sheet they fire him because of the week. This -- thing was in the works for a long time before. What was I gonna -- months before it was official. Held our writers were on WBE NL around. -- -- I saw Bob that the one by one I won't get that they've unit is not a disability. Get a job while. True lazy and this is not a disability get a job slop lot. Love love it love it thank you very much 8030 -- thirty. I -- schedule way with a smile today and the bumper sticker price off Friday actually made me laugh. Out loud a literal LOL moment it's at -- random moments. I left we won't resign was funny his ultimate here's market falls on WB yen and a mark is at Niagara Falls Canada Europe and the here hello sir. They come. To work at one picture recently. Won. So late goal bit from -- -- And you know what. I say this affectionately I think they know her. Right. And the other ones you know people on the highway it. World and the -- -- break Howell -- no reason whatsoever. If your driving vehicles little Laurie can hear and so. You know these -- lights c'mon you're breaking for no reason. Along. It's one. It's a library for elements. Yeah -- all it's all funny well until we get rear end didn't have vertebrae crushed. All right -- good call thank you all right Psycho bitch from hell. I can't love that one. He's such a misogynist. Well presumably was put there by a woman with self. Deprecating humor in mines which I don't like -- -- myself. And the other -- -- its last 644 news -- 930 WB bumper stickers have you seen any good ones lately. On news radio 930 WB -- 640 gators ready in my thirty WBM Ayers a great bumper sticker that I thought somebody might call it actually -- up on my FaceBook page. Of course you don't see any Obama stickers. Driving to work. Our yes that four letter dirty word in a 2014 work because all has been more time at home their children here's. Some view work as a refuge here's Kathy in Laporte and WB and look at me. I'd come on I want to play by the bumper sticker that I he had one time and I thought without -- I hated it are that it was that. I was that singled Andre in -- hit and I hit a fulltime job and my bumper sticker that. The woman play cupid dot com why I always in the car. And why did you have to get rid of the car because of the bumpers. Well now I didn't mean as. It was twenty years ago by -- car that they got the bumper sticker outlet to the current let's put it. If a woman's place is a whole -- -- always in the car. I would Alec Holland somebody somewhere -- while the other one that was big -- that was mom's taxi. Alia that but I thought that it would -- arbor I love it thank you very much Iraq stick. Figure families. I hate my favorite does this anti social. If I get more joy out of the dinosaur eating the stick figure family that I do -- bigger families alone. Does that horrible person. In a word yes it's that fifteen degrees. Real feel is plus two tonight we're gonna be down to nine tomorrow six team. I'm sensing a church mission trip maybe you orders soon let's go to. Inside joke listen to the show long enough to get editors Mike in Rochester it involves the -- Jamaica here's a net Micah WBAI Mike. Eight out somewhat -- our brother. Well I -- I know I don't do is send I don't on the world if I -- -- -- change and I only readership of Margaret -- great work for our our fearless leader mr. Cuomo. What security become far -- volume of priority. -- -- -- Priority at. And was that quote attributed to anyone. Talk about it on the back or a truck -- -- record and who wrote it or not I don't. Worry I'll forward. When tyranny becomes law re elegant becomes priority. I can't say that I disagree with those sentiments. In the league. Aren't -- Q8 03030. WB and here is. A hot here is that Allen in Snyder Alan -- on the -- show high. How long time. When we were dragging on the -- are on the coast and remain weak front bumper sticker. About an endangered bird. And that's -- -- being well first taste like chicken. In a home. -- At knowing how the state of Maine leans politically it especially in the populated parts of -- I'm surprised that car has not been -- and had every window broken and every tire slashed. Well I would a few years ago by Nextel. Was pretty darn funny. All right thank you thank you very much taste like chicken early taste like chicken or somebody in the cafeteria line the race that you know land. The baton to be a -- Here is show on in Niagara Falls WB and I -- on. It. Or got on a waiver Japan Qatar. And why -- If it swells writer -- I. -- tractor trailer. Park. Or a car. All I love that one naturally I would. All. That's -- that's shows for the box thinking and I applaud that kind of vandalism. Well the random -- moments bumper sticker got through the weekend. All right thank you very much now keep in mind that was lasting vandalism that was written with finger in -- in in the dirt and maybe the old -- actually did it himself you wish white was abused her. Here is. And it's all good fun until her peers from Kevin should blog on WB yet -- Except there's one with thirty years ago that I spoke remember. Simple long -- was designer jeans. I. Think you've -- clutch. That was an invitation by the way not a statement here is only an orchard park at WB yeah I don't. And I thought that they UB -- as the upon. Instead. It's the cheapest are what -- the Hummer -- call your sister. -- Only money. Op borderline. But acceptable I think thank you very much consumer what rush said today I think that we should that should be okay. Now let's go to Stephen Madonna on WB and hello Steve. They -- to quick one want to really died earlier I have PMS haven't done any question. That I. And another 11 on Africa Cuomo but forget -- don't belt or letters some odd reason and -- the work that start with an app. Don't look like any art AC -- and well. Yes I've I've seen that one -- have that one I would put on my vehicle but there's kids in my neighborhood and I liked my neighbors -- -- But you very much -- Joseph what. You're here with what you want me out now -- there aren't hey guys here's the problem if I put another call on the here right now I know what's going to be along one. And it it never works out when a -- call this late in the show so I love this topic and I love the fact we've got some new ones. McConnell liked the fact the bumper stickers are back especially bumper stickers that can make you laugh when you drive and all they make you laugh I think it's a good thing. Anyway thanks to joke ever for. Magnificent work master control today thanks John sure working sick but he didn't wanna miss a second. It's time with me. We view with two words is always do very important. No one yourself. --

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