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2-10 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Feb 10, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB EN. I wore us down upon the in. India but hold to a ball that ends this month drugs and you. -- The wrong. And upload it. No one -- with an assault rifle. No. It's like yeah. -- -- It is about time. If they are a bit extreme conservatives. They have no place in the State of New York. If you've got health -- already. Then you can keep your plan if you are satisfied with a wherever and whenever I can take steps without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do when that happened to. Gary -- To strong silent -- That was an American. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The news -- 930. I like you. You have -- I'd like loaded. Why isn't always -- I'm sorry. I its hourly you have entered and I think that's respectfully tonight gay and lesbian transgender and -- listeners -- straight listeners. You bettered it gave free zone today are right I don't care that a college football player who's gonna be in the NFL all likelihood is -- homosexual. I don't care. It's not my business on me he came -- I guess that's good for them. But clearly. I don't career and I mean that with in the best possible way about the meaning him and anyway she performed just that at this point -- There are homosexuals and every profession every walk alive. It's -- part of the human experience. And if somebody's sexual orientation is that important to you if somebody's consenting adult sexual proclivities -- that important to you. You're probably not listening to the right guy. I mean real. Well and I think they're respectful. Seriously just conservative area. Will get at the defining exactly mr. Terry and believes in the future show isn't quite sure for now just trying to get that word across. It's a combination between libertarian and conservative. The easy definition is conservative from the waist up but there's much much more to the -- A conservative Terry and does not hate. A conservative area and is inclusive of all patriot freedom loving Americans. Irrespective of race gender or orientation. Is not only inclusive but respectful out. There is no room for hate in the conservative area and way of life. Jordan. Stewart -- and blog -- I don't but. Elected. I think to watch. He couldn't watch -- all right. That Jordan soldiers -- -- there went my favorite people here from my -- and a guitar player extraordinaire. Yeah baby all right now if you're just joining us. And and a lot of people did not work you get your car more recent in the parking lots and embassy is working Lopes got the deep roster and that's why. So yes I knew I knew what I mean your car with. So. The short two different levels. It -- often been said that Shakespeare wrote on two different levels he wrote -- English. For the people in the expensive seats. And he wrote for common full. Often in the next line for the people on the ground ground feelings. He would write multitude in this sees in Carter -- And that he would say making the green one -- which everybody can understand. In other words kept washing his hand would make the entire world red with the blood from king Duncan but don't wanna give you trauma from twelfth grade English now. Again you learned something today not a one -- one thing to every week I want it to laugh once every day there's not a lot this. You're just joining us the easy topic news. What you do for a living now does it have anything to do with what does that. I have a BA in both communication and history efforts -- that you be a little bit warmer it would bolster at one English. English actually -- You in the show Fella now like English actually Austin Powers. It dice it up the looked at -- up Joseph it's -- to target so. There's that. And also -- -- -- excuse me a little bit deeper with this one. Because. One of those guys. And I talked about living on planet reality. In a rush calls himself the mayor of real battle. I wanna be absolute ruler of planet reality. Because it's just a village or city or town does not do it for outlook a whole planet. And I've often -- I have learned more about the real world what you learned in civics killer and Polly's side. But the real freaking world. I've learned more about it from watching Serpico with help which you know which was the beginning of my eye opening if you will. Several years ago. Godfather one and through boardwalk empire deadwood The Sopranos. And a whole bunch of others 1984 George Orwell. An essay by mr. Orwell called politics and the English language learn more about the real world. From Matt and I ever learned UB. George UB. I know is filled with the liberals. I know there. But I was blessed with some great professors. Me. Ready you know why like. I asked good questions I was engaged desist. Unfortunately a lot of kids go to class and Vegas at their toes. When I was actually there will not drink. Anyway and that was before it was in international sex symbols so I wouldn't do and he. It is 515. So was there a -- a movie you know did you have a coming of age of reality moment. Like with me watching Serpico. I don't have time to get into the plot of Serpico again. Just trust. It changed the way I looked at life that I got deeper into watching others. -- assignment tonight watch Serpico. After homework. Just one line open 803 old I'm thirty start I'm 3180616. WB -- This is Rickie Lee in Niagara Falls thanks for holding -- leader WB. I. Has the -- can't say. All I was eighteen out of boot camp I did eight years -- that these you know not Kennedy was shot -- -- uniforms. And -- I was an umpire and I was watching TV and this was one Walter Cronkite came on announced it. But that whole pat told me that there is a government and within a government within a government. And I watched this one movies I don't know never heard of it -- pointless Chris good opportunity treat Williams. I can't say that I have can use and upsides of four great. You know I -- it might be fired six times. Well Craig Williams gets killed but. Approached opportunity on patrol -- on the -- these truck and Jeep when he comes into this against global -- -- dried out. Riverbed bedlam. And he's looked at this pile of dirt on the side. And he sees the back corner of it she stepped out of the so that you can really dig in and out. And besides this long box you know that you put Wright went. And their fiscal rifle and 800000 dollars each makes it clear that they put money back true. 63. Cents. And it -- what each resident. Needless to say the best command. In on -- end up trying to kill him they shall treat Williams. It's very very interesting. Well and obviously a that's a movie that was fiction that wasn't based on reality. Don't know now. I didn't see I don't see about that must be at least ten years ago I was show. Program that was on TV and several flat which -- actually -- a popular but I haven't anymore. So it actually. And there was whit mentions. You know like the birdie and then -- guys say that you know. But there were witnesses and or was this one woman. She was you know telling them. The derby or. If you -- I was so. You hear the grouchy old you can -- heard a crack. She turned around and she looked over at the threats and it was a swamp thanks -- -- group like a barrel. And that it disappeared. -- she was interviewed by the FB. And she told the media and the FBI agent said you didn't see it. And -- what. Well what I saw what he says you did not see. Yeah I believe the -- of whom you speak -- is Beverly yeah Oliver. I have not I don't know what show you're you're discussing but that sounds very familiar with that what does she sit. You know -- Erica I've got data that you -- watched yet to a tree children. Yeah that those futuristic. Should do China where people can get out there they're Oprah you know -- -- whatever. This -- -- to go into space in the kitchen or aerospace program but just genetic makeup -- you know. Measure out and chill it's -- -- and that's the or to organize it and it. Then there. Was other shoe law. It's been talked with -- Forty gets involved and it and future law. There's. As she shot in a wheelchair. What he's -- very very high genetic you know make. -- This this other guy who wants to do than it. Borrowed stream -- -- genetic. On -- markers. That you know go along what. And -- what. See the manager guy in charge of the program. You know -- -- -- -- people. Look at other you know what I. To be very honest with you you're gonna lose in me but I will check you're the second person bring it up so I will try to check it out I'll try to put that up on my FaceBook page Attica. But what I really love the sir thank thank you were much what I really light. The best in this is my own prejudice coming I said earlier that I like the stuff that has -- But I can bite into like Serpico for example. Is based on a real guy. Who started out as this young idealistic cop. Who wanted to go undercover to fight drugs we found out the cops were worse than the drug dealers to the point where they set him up to be when. He survived. That is real stuff. -- like it was my teeth into as opposed to -- Which use obviously futuristic in nature. And their fictitious in nature and and that's my own prejudice and hope you'll forgive me for it on just more of a reality kind of guy. But if there's a movie you think it's a good metaphor for a -- all fours on WB Ian let's bite out of traffic there is a metaphor. And or whether to civilly. Here's Alan Harris. You know again folks I brought up reality I'd hate to intrude. Cut. What got me about. What she's -- we're talking about Serpico. Was. Everything in this movie is based on real events. They really happened kind of bat and the real circle actually moved to Europe. Because he just could not deal with. The United States and where did not feel safe. He was in exile basically. Or let's go to and I hope you'll forgive my idea my voice is in a coffin just the wrong time his bill and buffalo WB -- hello bill. Well. All. Just a moment you realize what you learned in school and the real world are two different things. Right plywood and store it. 1970. Picture and very curious. Well I'll be expected me. Sort of a poor people well general. In person -- Did you really. Did you go to -- they. Well I I think of that of course every time I go to Cleveland and -- see the signs for Kent State I'm not trying to trivialize it but -- -- -- it was a real place new young -- singing about real people. In what way in what way did it to a weakened user. What else should awaken -- tons. -- -- immediately hear. On students what it's all iron. -- and hear Allen's. They're agreeable. And body I didn't -- so the first Smart child. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Okay. Okay. I. You know -- -- state university's campus today during renewed demonstrations involving under. Students. University was ordered closed disorders continued for more than two -- Six other person who reportedly shot in addition to those killed. The four persons were killed during clashes between students and members of the Ohio National Guard outside Taylor hall university commons. -- an army ROTC building was burned down Saturday night. Brigadier general Robert category assistant adjutant general of Ohio said the fatal shootings occurred as a group of Guardsmen were moving back to the commons after this. Disperse several hundred students with tear -- the order was given to return to the common. The very -- as the troops moved up a crowd estimated at several under the code and then assaulted the dark horse again with rocks and concrete. Single shot that was fired the officer added closely followed by several other shots these -- guard officer with regard to. And that is how it sounded in May of 1970. And talking about events blocks. Movies. Bat basically knocked on your door and said. It's reality I hit convenient you would pull you away from a hockey game but this stuff is really going out of it -- about. And bill and a buffalo is most profound awakening came. As a student at Kent State in nineteen -- he knew two of those four -- In what vice president's girl at that would describe days later on the David for our show is murder. And bill. This is that maybe it's obvious answer but tell me how it made you the person you are how it changed your life. Well liked it's I was a little of what were urged remark lost her. -- Here's where all eternity and straight. -- large orders and it all we care. A lot of people who are you Packard sports and -- are. -- give -- a speech. The other way -- those students who are. -- about him and Jeff Miller had a Long Island. Amber are you. Came back and honest and -- To him. Armed camps. Basically. A national Guardsmen. I know that I ever saw Jeff Miller. He was shot in the mouth and killed instantly the next day a Monday. -- Bill Schroeder -- an arrow keys you remember. Which I also belongs. And I know and I know him very well. Quietly into -- all right we're liberal. Of -- many. But. Became dismayed I was not happy we're attack that. Liberal Alan you know and and whether -- Were really interested in. Games like -- audience the American government. Well -- terrorism. Right edge and we're shooting. And option. It would include Iran and Syria sent during. -- early bird mildly. But. -- turned and he. Actually more conservative leaning. You know I was happy like many people Richard Nixon smaller. I was even more he lives. You don't want to liberals -- So if you're at that point that I I relief started changing. Homes and Mario are. We're. Member of young Republicans club. -- good forwards -- and at that -- And yeah. You know. Every year I would hear. You don't news reports and you know about church state. Under experiencing great. I still get somewhat -- Impede him -- moments ago reported that airport there in Ohio. I'm I'm sorry the reason I did that was. I wanted to play the song and I don't want the played the news reports I didn't have to go through the narrative rather would have heard you know in the in the first person in the contemporary first person from the news reporter at the time and I apologize if I bothered you with -- and really do I'm sorry. At all I'm glad you did. Okay. We should ever forget areas there are any -- -- ever forget that -- That would so that we -- -- No idea what can get in one sentence or less. What was the lesson you learned from Kent State and moving forward how do you apply it to the future of our country. K I felt after an epic nonviolence was extremely well. A -- and I'm not seem Nazi -- and from that and -- spiral. A very upset today. You know I get an accurate -- -- too much but I feel we have president -- Stop the next -- the -- the American people. Turned around and richt era. Amen to that no no arguments here and again. A president who is doing exactly what our founding fathers said needed to be aborted he is taking. Power he does not deserve and it's constitutionally not allowed to do and he's gathering up into the executive. -- she is accelerated a process which began. -- along time ago but President Obama takes the cake for. Yup and in reality in America at -- -- you -- of focus of Beckett can't state. -- to be turned around. In a positive direction. I'm hoping that. Security we care. Turn it around. Service has been no one of the most powerful holes I've ever had and are really thank you for sharing your experiences. And as sad as I mean look anytime you talk about dead 1920 year old kids it it bothers me. But the kids in -- on the night before. I mean basically acted like a bunch of hooligans. The National Guard I think was ill advised -- opening fire the closest that was killed was like 77 feet would have been a threat. Both sides I think acted very very badly. And there -- easier ways rate that that situation never should have escalated to that point ever. I'm glad you called it really has been an honor speaking with -- -- the irony of an ROTC guy giving -- Jeff -- ride home. Are at least as far as buffalo is not lost. -- It all right thank you elaborate much and for those who don't call the ROTC building at Kent State was burned down. Even the Sunday before the shootings were the Monday I call exactly -- and well. But they are folks that really happened in America. And you know it it was kind of like one of those Boston Massacre moments. We're on whose side are you. Who did the right thing. Who was the victim who is the perpetrators. In the British view of The Boston Massacre is a bunch of Boston hooligans acting like idiots and the soldiers firing in defense of their lives. Which was a lot more defensible for them that was frankly for the national guards guys National Guard guys at all. The British were a lot closer to the Boston mob and the students word to the camp to the at the National Guard people. Nonetheless I mean the situation today I don't think it would have happened that way. Much better crowd control. Much better ways of dealing with crowds. Dan and -- -- be debated endlessly by the way you know in The Boston Massacre and again this is something you need them now and otherwise it wouldn't bring it up. In The Boston Massacre John Adams. Who would eventually become president of the United States did you know he was the defense attorney. For the British soldiers accused of murder in The Boston Massacre. You wanna talk about justice and somebody it was a real patriot and somebody -- -- -- here's a guy in Austin. That's the pop up. And he says these British soldiers deserve legal representation Eddie gave it to. He provided them with. And I'm so. That's what amend nuts. And he was not popular -- Which you know what. He did the right -- It's 543 -- like thirty WBE. All right it is -- -- regular thirty WB yeah if you're just joining us sells enough size what we've been doing today. The the easy question is what you did in college which -- studied in college does -- have anything at all to whip you bring home the bacon how you earn your -- Question number two. Was there a movie preferably based on actual history were up up. Or something in the entertainment world. Or a real event. That basically. Knocked on your head instead Halladay. Your life of being comfortable -- bread and circuses is over son or daughter. This is the real world this is how it really goes out there this is -- teach you quit UB. In my case it was Serpico. About frank Serpico and idealistic New York cop. Who went undercover to fight the drug problem. And any thought out very quickly that the cops were worst of the drug dealers the cops were basically shaking down the drug dealers and making a fortune on it. And they went so far is to set about to get shot. By the way -- frank Serpico did move to Europe he has since returned. To New York State oddly enough. I guess living in Europe coming back to New York State -- west Texas. All right let's get back to the calls on the WB EN this is who's next who's next. It's violet in the north I want to violent run WB and hello. -- old I AM. Permission of the. Yeah I gotta have a radio off just like John Thurman told you that this result. I look at our most interesting book and I think you would love. And then comfort and well and very comfortable the typical. In an open book you don't walk on. And you -- good and they painted -- I did -- -- He won't new York city police police commissioners. Under under -- Julianne. You look at -- doing and he'd like I -- correction commissioner of the department up. He's he's the bald guys where are an old guy I don't -- -- back or not but they give me the basics why is this book in reality. Why were you -- Everything and how he took care about what he picked the wrong. He he went. Policemen. And he would also. Served and that cocaine. A Colombian cocaine. The only. And they undercover person and detectives. Looked cute couple times article it. Look at -- wrote about iconic island. And he'd really expecting an order became known how to correction officers were sloppy. Again didn't think they'd entrance right. He can't get more out there. He -- that morale. And he England. -- -- Yeah you know what's interesting about the book you'll -- the when he went he would have to hit a lot of pat pat Pat White when he was growing up his mother to mother and get him. And -- like she would not. I can do it either live up drug and not gigantic picked up -- conflict and can't not get this man. What do -- -- He would. Only have -- happy -- getting into little problems now. I'm gonna you know what I'm gonna look up the book and I'm glad to recommend that it be the lost son of a life in pursuit of justice by Bernard Kerik KE ER. YK. Let's go to traffic right now and hopefully will find -- terrorists or we're never gonna get -- alum I'm so glad I love winter so much at all. Joke ever after controlled John Sherman as your calls straighter and straighter. And screamer sometimes yes this is Tom hourly and let's get right back to the calls. Win the answer what book movie real life event. Major realized. They didn't teach me this in college. Didn't teach me that there's still corruption in the world I thought all that stuff went out of style with the Thomas Nast cartoons those -- right about. Here's live in Laporte we like the elaboration here then you're on WB -- well. I -- the good that would in my -- What 1979. That you're. Well I hear you cut out dude you're cut out to winners say in the name of the book of the movie. But doctor Robert De Niro and -- street. Circuit and the Vietnam -- I opened my eyes. To what -- -- war was really all -- Am I won't beat himself by dot com that credit card fight -- right -- Artie -- yes. That you don't know I don't nineteen not thought that will be. I per diluted not an article about the Vietnam War. What I saw -- move we are right. Figured I'll guess probably what looked like and they're irritating when it candidly war it was coming all which I -- Jane Fonda another movie. About. Somebody who we about Vietnam without Jane Fonda and John Boyd whose terms which was just totally. Romanticize Vietnam War when I have seen the -- you're -- are still really. -- to what chuckled warfare with all -- while. All right I let you get the other phone call. Thank you very much. Well when there's an unlikely period Jane Fonda and John points. Job by the way one of the few Republican conservatives and their 41 of my favorite people in the entire universe. Not the conservative part of the Republican part I'm recovering Republican but. And -- -- now. Jane Fonda. I'm sorry. I know some people may hate me for this. I know she's apologized. IE can never forget. Her. Going. To the enemy camp. Posing for pictures. With. Our POWs. Just feet away. And one of them. Actually handing her a note. As she turned it over to the enemies. You have to look at it up yourself online as I will do during the break but. I can't I'm sorry there's some things that are on for. When you got Americans dying. You don't go to the enemy's camp for a photo -- There's something fundamentally wrong with that if she she was all the she shouldn't well. I'm really sorry. But I can't you know what I try to be forgiving person. I trying to hold grudges. Try to be bitter because bitterness will eat -- alive. In old savage your soul. But I just can't find it in. To forgive Jane Fonda for what -- I can't. Because I think POWs. And I look at -- I'm like really. A tangent here but does it bother it's it's just too young to remember -- time but certainly haven't read about it. And watch the videos and everything. I did experience it firsthand I've experienced it vicariously through the wonders of YouTube. That game. -- we're coming up on the 556. At news radio 930 WB yet it is -- bought this turn into buried interest shall not that wasn't when I was just monologue but it's even better -- your calls it -- -- I've heard you WB yet.

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