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2-10 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Feb 10, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB he had. -- -- -- -- he would rate this thing. The whole movement. Mullah is that you can just broke any. The law the -- And upload it. -- we have to pass the bill says that you can find out what is in it. But that's not my responsibility in the if you've got health -- already. Then you can keep your plan if you're satisfied with a. There really isn't -- nothing like a short. -- -- -- Excuse me while I witness. He's maybe 930 -- -- new layout is inevitable. It's not. Looking at he named it. One more time if ever our game guy evidently kind of shape. Hourly average rating of thirty WB OEM and that those that. Think for awhile you perceptive phones you know -- -- the -- two different levels right. Basically there -- two topics it's two topics I want call before I. So are to -- ninety you'll sleep our topic number one. Is. That what you studied in college have anything to do with what and that -- That's the simple topic on that before and I'm always interested in finding. I don't think anybody's ever been hurt by college. But I do think that for a lot of people on what you've got -- specialized degree. That Alicia planned on going to law school. We're using it as untreated medical school or law school most bachelor's degrees are worth the paper there and a certainly not worth the 100000 dollars in student loan that you're gonna. Unless you plan have taken it to a professional level. Even then some would say we have too many lawyers now that maybe I've never -- -- one. But while -- once that report. The other level of the topic news. A lot of talk about your reality moment we quality moment what the hell is he talking about well. You are sitting along. To do there's a knock on your pet. And it's reality wanted to comment. And I remember when reality entered my world. Well whether real world entered my -- Was watching the Al. If you -- movie Serpico. And basically folks there's a whole world out there you know ever learned about -- UB. Or Cornell or Colgate or Binghamton or Oswego. Well Harvard or Yale or brown. It's called the real one. It's the one in which an idealistic New York City cop. Goes undercover to fight drugs and finds out that his Brothers and blow our worst killers. Because they're part of this. He tries to stand up against the -- basically all he wanted it first. Talking about Serpico -- which you know. All he wanted first was justified the budget guys that really want to enforce the ought to get heroin and other drugs off the streets. Instead with every transfer he got he felt worse and worse guys. And basically it got to the point where these guys were just get filthy rich office given -- drug dealers. And you get a guy like Serpico who doesn't wanna take part -- -- he's not gonna be trusted by the other guys for obvious reasons. That movie. I don't was just a movie but it was also based on a real god. That movie. If for whatever reason that was my knock knock real world moment in life. I don't think -- -- life and quite the same way as I did. Before -- got just an amazing -- And go one step further with that is the second level of the show we're talking about one step further with that. Gupta is up and have learned more from watching god father won in two. Boardwalk empire deadwood and The Sopranos that I ever learned in six years at UB. Sixers that you beat you must have been still well I was working full time. I put myself through school thank you -- So well with the -- -- -- -- bad so wasn't quite like I put myself through school free room and board and laundry. Laundry so that was good. -- I wanna hear your suggestions was there a book. Which are moving documentary. That was your wake up call to the real world. Because the what are the short of folks the reason I'm do wonders. This is a continuation of stuff we talked about previously. Don't ever think that you can take freedom or justice for granted they have to be thoughtful and you have a responsibility to be vigilant. Every step of the way every day of your life will fall into the bread and circuses track. Well I've got my house about my job -- got my Porsche I guess everything is the world know it's not. Because there's a larger world around you that your gonna have to pass on your kids in circuits. And I don't think you're ever gonna completely jerk out corruption by the roots. But it's like controlling weeds in the summertime. You have got to at least make an effort. Otherwise the weeds -- overcome the wall and it will be impossible. 803 -- thirty. Good summer reference -- of electors Tom well. Utah 8030930. -- also wanted to get regarding reference in there because I'm dying for the day I can say bring it. And it exactly that voice by the way it. There will be no gay football player talk here today you have other big game for these don't. And that is not out of disrespect. Us because I'm sick of talking about people. I -- I have anything against them I don't quite the contrary. But. It the story yesterday it doesn't matter to me. I don't care what consenting adults do or whom they love I don't career. None of my business if somebody's gay straight -- trans gender its non of my freaking business. That's a conservative Terry and viewpoint. I don't clear it's not that I say that with animosity I say that with the understanding I don't care. Don't take that the wrong way. And your spectacles -- day and it's a -- free zone today actually street light approach. I think it's so insignificant -- to be worthy of further conversation. I was left. For dollar here is -- I want. On WB Ian I think I -- that movies here I was gonna do Robocop and something else got in the way. You're a WB and -- what's on your mind you've got a life changing moment. Oh yeah I wrote a book that I -- While most of my name was Orwell 1984. And we are away past 1984. As you know. And for those who are unfamiliar with the work they were aware of the totalitarian state. The all -- state which encompasses said the country in 1984 and George Orwell's novel but. Gonna say a basic synopsis of why it's spoke to you and how awaken you from your slumber is in your previously. Sweet life. All the good fortune reader what I was twelve. All I spoke -- have a big conception of how things worked out but. Having read it may be pretty critical to a lot of the you know the the potential of law. Of big government. -- Yeah as a great sort of unfortunate few voters turn out to be an instruction manual for certain powers would be. Well Eric keep keep going keep going. An instruction manual for the powers that be hold that thought keep going. Are you guys and so. That fueled -- of distilled the other it's -- in the Balkans and you know report were even far -- that deprived the yeah -- -- -- to try it. Very very attractive and at a frightening. You know all the its console laws and that Patriot Act inspired at all that. Almost look for a good deal coming true. George Orwell was truly a visionary and I don't brought this -- up a few times when -- talk about George Orwell but. If you liked 1984. A much faster read and one that is almost as instructive is going through all of the book 1984 is politics and the English language you can actually get it for free online. It it is phenomenal and it basically shows how you can use language as Orwell bid in 1984 with -- overs like the ministry up plenty. I'll -- government's use language to defend the indefensible. All in the name of public safety. Politics and the English language it is a phenomenal -- say George Orwell and I'll try to get a link up on line. Well I got to play a sometimes it's hard but. I guess that the work you winners he's. But I appreciate that they were much. 8030930. Start at 310616. WB yen by the way assignment number one. Is to watch the movies Serpico with el -- assignment number 20 you're gonna laugh -- We -- -- hourly oh shut up you're gonna laugh -- watch Oliver stone's JFK. There are two scenes to which you must pay special attention number one mr. acts. Talking to the Kevin Costner character Jim Garrison who was a real guy by the way. Mr. acts. Watch what he says is about fifteen minutes of movie stuff Donald Sutherland as mr. X. On that freaking believable. Then fast forward to the end and watch Kevin Costner. And by the way this is a fictitious speech the speech didn't really happen. Watch what he has to say about the dark underbelly of the American dream to the jury in New Orleans. And then watch it again. Well worth your time. And by the end of that movie you can make it through the sixty hours. By the end of that movie. You may understand why it was so savaged before it was even released ladies and gentlemen I submit to you my injury every day. That if a movie is savaged by almost every mainstream media outlet months before it is released. It's got to be a lot closer to the true -- fiction. They were scared of that movie I'm just. I've never seen a movie in production sold. So laughter so mocked. And so help the school or. Well in advance of its release -- Oliver stone's JFK that a -- I think speaks volume. Whether or not -- think Oswald killed Kennedy -- not idol but that's another story. Twenty minutes after four news radio 930 WB EN let's say check in with traffic and mr. Allen Harris Allen a good day so far. Mentally and shock anybody but yet low temperature tonight is gonna be in the single digits again there will be nine degrees really cold Chrissie snow shower in the southern tier tomorrow's high will be sixteen. Exactly where we are right now right now. The real feel AKA windchill is minus one. And it will be -- case you needed a reminder frigid tomorrow. Reminds -- in my -- The old joke we don't need it today not Valentine's week -- as we call Black Friday. All right it is at 21 minutes after -- news radio 930 WBE and shut up John shut up Joseph. And up from the peanut gallery I can read your minds. When that reality knock at your door we -- it was watching Serpico. El chino. -- suddenly realize that you know a lot. You'd never get all the weeks. But we do our responsibility. To make sure that the weeds still overtake the good grass. No that was not a drug metaphor it was however a good vs evil metaphor. Let's go to -- Mike in that we feel in my first of all the easy question. What do you do for a living didn't have anything to do with what you studied in school. Actually I'm retired now and and no I -- -- calming and ended up in my social. -- -- It. Let's get others worse places and I suppose W counselor or did you account in social services. More. Our count -- -- blow up well like I find that fascinating now was there a moment sir when you read something or saw something that changed your life. In November this just came out the best of our report caught hit it right Richard Belzer and they don't wings. And has fifty yes. That's good the mathematical probability back one -- and trillions of all these people. Dying just -- port there's -- specified before the Warren commission or different information. We caught in nineteen hadn't happened here about. It. Don't look there's a war commissioned in the 1964. There was the House Select Committee on Assassinations and that 1975. Hour. And there's a lot of people in the -- typically now. -- all about politics is that may have -- -- the audit people paired in the wake up before they had to pedal the five. It mathematically improbable. Actually the House Select Committee on Assassinations was 1976. Went -- 176 to 78 and then got defund. But the other whole bunch of people there but you know what if you look at again now this is gonna sound like conspiracy theory stuff but I said earlier. Give me stuff I can sink my teeth in to give me names and dates in the relationship to the events of that all -- Before the Warren commission. On number of people passed on such as guide Bannister. Who is very much thought to played a role in the Kennedy assassination. Prior to the Jim Garrison -- guys like David -- ended up dead prior to the house committee Sam Giancana ended up dead. George the more and -- ended up dead a number of names that kept coming up over and over and over again. For independent researchers in the assassination and ended up debt. Now a whole lot to get something else to say because you're very interesting caller because you agree with one of my -- precepts. On WB -- And do it. -- and. And. -- 200. -- -- Yeah. The concert version -- that man great stuff. But you talk about The Beatles Friday yeah last was my favorite -- though because it was a up each oh. And it was well received by people. And I'm good thank you very much and I think the show which summarized one show was so powerful. The lot to show wives. My 23 year old daughter in my eight year old mother could sing word for word 200 Beatles songs together if they -- that. No other group know -- musician currently claim to that kind of generational lottery intergenerational. Ubiquity. And again I'll still say I don't know what the hell that means but it sounds intelligent. All right we're and that by the way the guitar solo -- with John -- and get back. And in the book Lennon remembers side leave our member John talking about that is being some of his best guitar work it's actually kind of an easy sell. Are right it is -- coming up at 435 WBE end up by the way definition of easy is anything I can play. Quick definition of these are right now. That our guys. -- -- we still -- Mike and wheat field okay. If you don't or talking about real quickly. A great talk show host can summarize things quickly. So I'll take a half hour -- but number one does what you studied in school have anything to do with what you do for a living that's the easy question. But I wanna go under -- subterranean and was her moment in your life. And it's a sausage -- by the way ladies. Was your moment in your life. When. Reality knocked on your door. And you realized. What you can probably learn more from watching god father one and two hand. In four years -- About the real world. But Michael presidents don't have meant old who's being naive -- to get that line from my GF one. Let's go to well liked it weak field on WB it actually brought up my favorite subjects. Be Jack Kennedy assassination fifty plus years ago and the book hit list by Richard Belzer yes that Richard -- law and order. To read that book I read it Null but I I'd suggest that. If you read it I don't believe that we have opt out what acted alone I grew up in that area I would I would in junior high when it actually happened. But after reading about fifty. Examples of people mysteriously disappearing or call. That's more than one -- about the the government involved in more ways and -- not all the government but certain actions of the government well -- despair about -- -- About what happened to him and Mary -- my ear when Nigeria be. -- I wanna -- after reading that book. I don't will be what the government tell us. Well see here's here's the thing. Not -- by the way that's a great. I'm gonna check it out hit list by Richard seltzer from law and order Don Don. I gotta do -- retirement mention the name and -- the president Richard waiter -- bite yet David Wayne probably got the book. But anyway. -- two -- two keys to understanding Kennedy assassination of one Leo Harvey Oswald. And his life and his life story. And the many twists and turns it talk for example being taught Russian. By the US Marine Corps in the 1950s. -- lol what's up training for intelligence work. And what you're only one -- -- partly RBIs. Well you bring up an interesting point because when. The Lee Harvey Oswald we -- was supposedly in Minsk the Soviet Union. Another Lee Harvey Oswald tries to buy a bunch of trucks for friends of democratic Cuba. And what about the Berry picker -- that -- well in -- If she -- Up you know what I've heard I don't mean to get off track here because most people are saying alike dot com these names have ever heard of the boring to hell out of me but Judy very baker is a -- -- correspondent whether she claims that she was Oswald's mistress in. New Orleans now I've talked to people were active in the garrison investigation a Joan -- for example we correspondent and Joseph thinks the Judy very baker story just does not stand up to lighted. But she also believes the conspiracy. But but there's a lot up up applicant -- our -- Expect -- what happened yet that would explain that began you know eight or eight start that -- picked up the -- another hot topic. Well it would also it would also explain why Jack wrote you wanna talk about mysterious -- how Jack Ruby developed a very fast moving cancer that killed about a month just before three trial. -- And going into these things yeah there are not 100% -- There's a lot of Havoc and then there's a lot of lot of people who were around today that that he knew what happened and keep an mulch. Well EO Howard Hunt on his deathbed talked about it he said it was a conspiracy he was born by the way to Hamburg. For those who did not know that it was one of the Watergate burglars. And Richard Nixon in the papers Watergate tapes you referred to the Bay of Pigs thing. And it was kind of odd for an American president to be talking about something that happened you know fifteen years earlier fourteen years earlier. As if that happened just yesterday most people think that when every said the Bay of Pigs thing he was talking about the whacking of JFK. President Kennedy and all ought to be -- Until the early morning before your article in there -- I've never departed earlier presidents that a lot about. I'm gonna have to defer on that one because it's been my understanding that he knew about it and he lied to the guys were taking part -- -- he promised air support and that had a change of heart about the your support but. Our great call I will look at that book -- list by Richard Alter. Spirits are good call good call. Tennis Paris both looked you know what if you don't read a book. Read the book. Because I think a lot. Because I don't get all that people call in about the older burgers. And the human body and the -- I don't get it. Okay eludes my mind can't grasp that. My mind grasps state and not says. And with the JFK assassination and the mysterious deaths. You find that there are real issues real people. And the statistical probability. Of the waves of real people buying just before real investigation started. Defy. The odds defy logic. But great call list by Richard Alter our top and that was David that wane off to look at our let's go to. Let's let you -- -- played a lot of orders not affect that joke. I date I day late dollar short women are gonna get joke here to make you feel better. That's hit list by two guys including from law and order Richard Belcher. Thank you thank you very much are better late than never let -- leadership told. Here is up for it in New York on WB on. Frank talk to me the first of all this does not -- school have anything to do with what you do for a living in the real world. And -- Universe remain on the truck driver when you think. I think big truck drivers agree I think apparently it was a great thing and I know it's a lot of work. -- Well well how are things in Bangalore. Actually at camp that Bangor and -- I know that the NSA -- year removed from lists in years. I would -- Are you them. Simple awareness and civil giving him and -- -- -- in -- obviously. But he -- Sleeper and agreed. -- -- talk about you know all the movies conspiracy theory would know it's. -- arrive at what your -- kill me here I can't keep my hands are right that passed the one doing the I didn't. Asked yet for the whole lives and I asked -- for the one that just did it for. So in green because it impacted not only social overcrowding and distrust of the police from the government. But big business and also introduced that with the screwed with the protectionism of the -- in the big business. And the government helping -- -- -- right here's a trivia question which famous American actor appeared in his final role. In soil agree. All the -- old guys given the librarian. Here are bigger -- are getting hit. Parties not all Leone but the other guy from that era. Edward G. Robinson. Now not to let me Edwards heroes. -- he was the librarian and father and machine that that remark at that struck me the most was when he was having a real. -- That's come up playing number above my posters by the way on FaceBook soil it greens asks all YLEENT's. Orleans green. 1970 through. Charlton -- You Robinson. -- or -- -- by the way frank I'm embarrassed to admit you bring up Charlton Heston. Do you know that I still have not made it all the way through earthquake -- flawlessly. And hospitals see is what kills me every time. You can play the game one and it the one hour. All in that movie. The game the game I don't know what game you're talking about. There was an old game dark tower black or somewhat -- based upon the movie earthquake. His in 1970 game. No I just -- matchbox cars there was underprivileged. As an under privileged show the suburbs are. It hurts me or -- different thank you very much are right so we've got that sort of green and also mentioned Danica. -- I don't nothing but to have something to fill in the blanks. The other topic by the would you guys are getting it now thank god I don't have to justify myself everybody. Was there at the moment when you realized there was more in heaven and earth than is -- -- your philosophy Horatio. Sir. Was there a moment when you realized. That the way the world really operates. Is a lot different than what you were taught in business school and high school. Or college. Because I don't care what anybody sets. Alpa chino and Serpico is -- lot closer to reality that Adam twelfth. 803 -- thirty start time 3180616. WB yeah. Hourly -- one fictitious people to another. Actually Serpico really existed. I think Martin's -- was made use computer animation. Not funny he was he was in -- 12 GO. -- Produced by Jack went on WB yet. It is for the good news -- 930 WB and that. Joseph -- master control juncture call screener he's in despite the fact that he's now as the cold Joseph and I are still dealing but we laugh and hours now it's Morgan -- thing if you're in the southern -- you can expect snow shower actually if you win the flakes falling and burst right now. Man. Tomorrow it will be frigid with sunshine. And sixteen in the high right now it's eighteen degrees we've gone up to two degrees and the real feel is minus one -- stays the same. So even though. It's two degrees warm. And AT and not feeling because the real field remains minus one. For the third time today may I remind you is a public service announcement with your -- February. I stopped loving -- December 26. Done. -- let's get back to the calls on the WBE and you're just joining us and welcome to the program ledger here and if you like what I do. Spread the word to all your friends and FaceBook. Just go all over the country all around the world it's cool I welcome conserve terrorists or the way. Quickly enough to get off topic I'll take thirty seconds your time -- one thing conservative -- and liberals. Can both agree on I think is the -- -- Conservatives. We don't trust the government. To do the right thing we sure as hell about what the government to have the power to weapons liberals have never been in favor of the death panel. We can agree -- Can we not. Conservatives. And -- to lineup. -- let's get back to the calls on that WB eat them. And seeing a new chew up Betsy -- a cell ball. Our first female of today Betsy welcomed WB yen and you're gonna tell us that your education had something to do with how you bring in a -- -- I actually a major in Russian language and literature. And ended up getting my Ph.D. in clinical psychology though I'm not so much. I would doubt that Dostoevsky comes up too much on a daily basis however one never knows. Yeah not too much not too much. But I do think I did what I wanted to say really let. I think I don't know pilot I was the last liberal arts major but I do think diet. Majoring in and something like a foreign language and literature. Really helps with critical spot and -- which can apply. His success in any field and I don't know what the situation is now but it does seem like a lot of people going into college basically use that as a vocational are at the technical school which to me is positioning. You know. You're so right but in a way Betsy I think. Bad you get out of it what you put in to. In terms of college. And I think that the critical thinking aspect of literature and the metaphor of the -- the worst one can drop literature and applied to real life. Are often lost in the term papers that -- these inane questions. We're gonna ask you about the critical lens of the story fellas let's. You mean the -- how critical opens. Yup yup well -- get that thing that I have two kids in school right down grade school. And I am. Constantly ranting and raving about how. All they're being taught to do is to memorize and I think we did the box they're punished for thinking outside the box. And it's it's just not even education and more. It's it's unbelievable to me. There are those of us who believe that our government has -- Interest in making sure people think within the box and don't start thinking out of the box were critically. I I know I'm right there what if I'm right there which if I -- it's it's. It really it's it's -- -- can. -- you know I talked about metaphors and applying what you learn to the real world. What are how many kids in history classes are learning about the first ten amendments for example to the constitution. And yet. Are on cable or unwilling to see. The violations. Of those amendments on almost a daily basis by the government which claims to cherish. It it is truly -- -- I mean IE I don't even act. I I could go on for hours but it is truly unbelievable. -- come home and tell me about what they're being taught in school and Powell. The would be basically the expectation. Is to not think for yourself and to not question. And basically just to blindly X dot. Great great call and that's very far and few between I'd have the opportunity to speak to area Russian language and literature major turn that into lucrative career as a clinical psychologist. Like like never but I'm glad you called Betsy thank you very much. Are at 8030930. Davis what a great show man is taking off just as I hope that I thought it would. Thank you Jesus under his radio 930 WB.

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