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2-10 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Feb 10, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WV EN. The outlook he would rate this for. -- -- the whole movement. And -- any -- and the law the -- -- Maybe you're better off not having the surgery but taking the painkiller. What is -- doing so stupid why apple people in carriage. -- -- I'm not only are they don't know what the good. Kind of evicted people you know. I'm very happy news media and dirty you know partner one simple request. Time. -- to have sharks went. But didn't make everything that I. Out I don't know the quite equipment. Or anybody else like a winner. Yeah like one after another after another after another after another bear this has been that this is that old school. Totally old school are on how many people watched the Olympics vs how many people watched The Beatles -- last night. -- lay up at the -- thing out of the background one. As -- Dirk Pearson paperwork at home and I'm simply as Davis. If you have Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr at the house -- -- -- day should that paid tribute to themselves. I'm sorry but The Beatles are a group. When you have them in the same moral. They need to be on stage for the entire what was -- two hours of the -- performance two hours of the show. Sorry. But I just -- some of the people ahead doing Beatles onto The Beatles song. Right. Now about the best part of the halting but he was Paul regular. That was the best at it -- season classic television. You can check out -- work look up online Larry King interviews surviving Beatles. And learn king did not know -- from Paul variously. It was it was that. Portland salt Larry King I mean he got the kiss Marlon Brando on the lips so what does -- say bad about Larry can't. He can't of the defensive breaks and up for -- -- -- the biography of Frank Sinatra came out. So what do they announced that John Sherman won your older since we expect him to contact with him so happy birthday you you look at. Went here as well. Where the court now all right well whatever whatever is I certainly -- was funny man and I certainly hope it was worth it. I hope it was worth a lifetime. Well option let's just put that little -- of -- -- were gonna go to -- first of all I don't wanna do crucial ones right now. But I'm gonna put this in mind for the near future do you know what program. Continues to generate. Email up the wants you for your -- -- -- -- From last week. Honest to goodness folks I keep on receiving. About that roughly four. Different emails from four different people every day telling me that they lost somebody they know love -- about. -- Not cocaine. Painkillers. Not anything else but here. Am. I was who we're and I know that you were. Was aware it was a problem. I honestly did not realize how deep problem was I did not realize how widespread -- problem the ones. But some of the people sending email on their loved ones when debts. Are people who've been communicating with me electronically. Over the years these are right now just from seeing the and that's if it's happening to people who regularly listen and maybe. It's happening to people you don't even know. In other words it's happening. And it really is just awful. Seriously. And what a common thing it's I have to tell. And this is not very popular viewpoint to express. One of the unintended consequences of the war on painkillers. Is. When -- that's one of the reasons like -- has made such come. Because it is easier folks. I'm not saying this could be incendiary. I'm not saying this to say one way of buying is better than another way of dying but what I'm saying is. It is easier now to give her win it. That it is to get prescription painkillers I'm so something is wrong with that picture it's easier it is cheaper. To get heroin that it is yet. Painkillers. So unintended consequence number one of the war on painkillers is more heroin depths. I'll be looking forward to public service announcements. It's it's it's a question to pick your poison. It it's. And I just be aware of what is going up by going on out there is our community. Folks its not confined. To one neighbor. It's not confined to one strata of society stretch -- society it is. Every -- it's ubiquitous. Williams bill parrots the east side. Orchard Park east -- west. Everywhere. Everybody. Is actress. And the problem with drugs. Is. Do people do drugs because the drugs make them feel bad. All the payoff of doing drugs is. They give you all warm happy feeling. That's the problem may induce a false euphoria. That you want they euphoria. Again and again and again. And of course the problem is you keep on wanting more and more euphoria and it takes more and more to get there. And and somebody -- you with a -- dose and goodbye. Because it isn't regulated. It isn't governed. There are no regulations for -- local heroin dealer or laws against -- obviously but you don't know if you're getting something that says 70% cut something this 100% pure or something that's 20% cut you have no way of knowing. A lot of people who do really really cut down drugs suddenly they're faced with something very pure. And their body just cannot handle was shocked and they they dot cardiac arrest overdose. David. And if it's at -- I wish I had the answer for -- but I adult well the only answers I have are too controversial to get into went on the market do this is a topic today. But I will in the future. And in the meantime I'm very honored that you guys trust me enough. To send your emails I've received four different families emails today. Family members who have died of heroin overdoses. And of course I would never break breach violate that trust that you have be -- upon me. Never have never will. I just know we have a lot of grieving people out there were listening to my show right now. All I can tell you it is when -- talk about her problem wanna talk about drug addiction. One thing you're never gonna a year ago. You'll never ever ever hear -- judge. You're never ever hear me ridicule. You're never ever gonna hear me call you stupid. It ain't gonna happen. You know what a concern -- -- and folks. Lesson number one lesson number ten in being a conservative area. You don't judge choices other people may. When you're faced with a set of facts and circumstances. That are negative. You look for the most positive solution out there that sort of conservative terrier will do. I don't think we ought to be in the judgment business. As conservative area it's -- Sean Hannity on Friday night. Quoting. Our Christian belief according scriptures say and we've all fallen short of the glory of god. And you don't even have to be a religious person. To adhere to those great Christian principles there is not want perfect person in the world. Now are never asked Christians argue yes there has been one. But. When I do they show. And I will be doing -- -- Because I think the problem is that important. I think it has to be addressed and I don't think there's a better way to address it on this program. Just know that there will be no judgment. There's not going to be any yelling your screaming you're not gonna get called stupid. You know I can be called it clueless parent because you didn't pick up on the warning signs. -- -- -- That argument is always a result of puny brains. Looking for easy solutions. You know five years old you could make the argument. But when your kid is thirty years old. Really your fault is apparent. Especially when you've got five other kids -- corrupt absolutely fine. And then one for whatever reason felt that track. The -- well. You know it's like to bring this up like Tony Carmela surprise. Getting in that fight over AJ is depression. And basically Carmela talked about the soprano Kurtz. And Tony said hey what about mental. Don't have her ups and downs in -- series. She was a very moody young. As I'm told some young women are actually -- -- -- -- -- -- -- but I'm told the that's the case. So. You know for every good -- You could have five there's going to be one kid that makes some bad decisions like changing or even light and the decisions. But I want you know it's just a round -- way by saying that going to be doing another -- on Caroline soon. In the meantime. I appreciate your emails. I will not violate trust with those emails I'm finding them very helpful. In terms of gaining perspective as that -- both the scope. And the depth. Of the heroin problem here in Western New York -- across the country. And one of the common themes again as we get to the on intended consequences of the war on painkillers making it easier to get heroin than it is a particular. Which I find ironic and tragic it's tragic ironic -- quarter were and it's a damn shame because already too many people died. More people died -- overdosed and died from AK forty cents or in our fifties in New York State. So volatile that -- Any big change in policy in the state because of that I don't agree to -- the governor making some impassioned plea. All. All all it. The drugs frankly the only answer he's ever gonna come up where and the suits will ever come up with news. The more people we went up off world going to be if that's a magic elixir of cure yet thought that the guys attic and prisons are not drug free zones are an upset about that for right now now somebody. You know what. -- -- He really honest with you isn't it might generate calls. I don't care at the college football player who's going to be in the NFL probably. It's homosexual I don't care. It's not that I don't care like negatively. Bat. To our hearts well it's just I don't care pure it. Whether or not somebody is straight -- body transgender lesbian are all here. I just acted emotionally fired up about a topic that is so meaningless and so -- relevant to our rights. As to whether some football player or is not homosexual. I don't care. You can underline that about 100 times. Ladies and gentlemen this -- it was a shock this overview. But to believe it or not in the entertainment business. There are almost. Yes there are lesbians and homosexuals. In the the entertainment field I don't mean to shock you too much right I mean I hope nobody -- -- sit down because they suddenly got light -- hearing those words I'm told that there are some. Would you believe there actually some actors in Hollywood organic. Shocked shocked I tell you. Did you know that there are probably already gay guys playing in the National Football League. But there in the closet. You know that. So this announcement yesterday hired sandy beach this morning talking about the same reaction. When I -- the alert that this guy I was stepping out of the closet my first reaction was okay for this again. -- I don't care. The only thing that I hole. Isn't -- for some reason he's not drafted we don't get lectured to by the columnist saying. He wasn't draft because he was gay or he gets drafted but doesn't make -- it. Well he didn't make it because it was okay. Put it this way folks and this is a complete fictitious. Example completely fictitious example. If Scott Norwood had -- field goal against the giants. And then announced he was gay. Do you think anybody would say well we've got a vote of the Super Bowl for the giants apart I was eight. Now Scott Norwood as far as I know and I don't even bigger is a heterosexual. But. There's one way. To shut up critics. Whether your business. In the National Football League in the entertainment business whether your purchasing agent or whether you are an art teacher. Beat the best you can't nothing else matters winning winning winning profit profit profit. -- So I I wish him well I don't care about the story. It does anybody care U -- guys with what my work. We are a couple generations apart Joseph does it matter to you and I wanted that doesn't matter to you John does it -- I could not care less. But what about the rush hour's top. You know as if this guy is gonna reach over and tickle you don't have sand. That happening congress but it doesn't happen in locker rooms and the -- -- the sabres with female reporters in the sabres locker rooms. With naked male hockey players. And we're reaching out touching anybody they're professionals. So -- I don't wanna talk about the -- thing that he doesn't really mind. Seriously I don't somebody gauge shows in my life I feel like -- -- wanna go there again. But you know -- really wanna talk about. Transgendered widgets will get into that coming what. I've never gonna show a transgendered major sport -- Right up stay with us and who's ready at 930 WBBM because will come up with some new ways to offend people -- the next segment its hourly welcome to Monday and the -- Sox. -- -- -- about -- we're kind of ironic. The only active and I can think of where somebody has not come out to be openly debate. It's 333 news radio 930 WB -- anyway. Less sinister thing by the way I don't know anybody get their rocks off with that. I mean I'm speaking metaphorically. I can't watch that stuff I mean not that it's on TV. Unless -- -- -- as a anyway. Auto. Talking about something that is -- the series. Back it's very much series. And that is. You know folks there's a big difference. I think. Between what we've learned in school is important. In terms of civics. And the way things operate. And the ways in which the world actually run outs. -- difference between. The real world. And the calm cool net. Into which we are thrown from kindergarten through however all. We wish to continue our education. High school vote of us who finished high school. For some people -- -- never fans. Four others. Graduation. And the possible professional license. That marks ending up there. Will official learning. I think they know at all regret MD after their name Ph.D. after their name JD after their name. Now he wants the it has both MD JD after his. It's hard to. He's a lawyer a doctor. So. He could sue himself for malpractice. Anyway. Not that he would be guilty of any average is making joke. I think we all from time to time. Run across shows movies books. That. -- makers question. What were taught in school. Verses the way things really. Far. The ideals. Of our country verses the dark seamy underbelly. Of our country which. Only a few people wish to contemplate because it makes them uncomfortable. Because it just isn't up part of bigger world if -- -- or circuses it doesn't matter today. -- -- Sarkozy. Will that it. And as long as -- can watch Allen everything is good with the world. I'd find myself. About you frustrated. With such -- Because. Of these people like -- To these people -- all stopped about fifty years before they were born. Corruption ended fifty years before they were born it does not exist today and will ever exist in the future. Freedom and liberty will always be there just because. After -- always better. Justice always wins because justice will always be here. And those of us who care to. Engage. In the real world. Those of us who cared to look. Beyond. The -- of civilization. Those of us who care to polish off the in the year and look at the real goal often don't like what we seek. And we often wonder why more people will talk about eight football player being almost sexual. That will talk about corruption greed and -- Now I think -- every life for those of us who care to ponder such things. There comes a moment. When you say -- to. I would do better -- sound they knocking at duke date date date here at the best they can do today it's -- There comes a moment where suddenly we get it we're suddenly we understand. That the world but in reality is a long way from the world you'll learn about install. Now a simple way to do this topic would be. Does what you learned in school have anything to do with what you do for a living. Now that's a simple way to address this topic but I think it goes much deeper. Did there come a time in your life and this is gonna need to bring somebody you where. Did there -- -- time -- your life. That was kind of like you wake up call were suddenly. Who's at the par. It's the real world. -- -- Has that ever happening you are ya got to put them over is. I will tell if it is happened. We're suddenly. That happening little cocoon in which I was living. We're just as happened because it happened workfare -- happened because it happened and where freedom happen because that happened. Is washed away. And everything is exposed for what it really it's. And some might call this cynicism of some might call a viewing the world through jaundiced eyes as I call it reality. And unfortunately. I think we have a lot of Americans who exist in area shall we say reality deficit disorder zone. I -- -- live with their heads up their -- but that would be too explicit. Instead I will call it cerebral and broke a priestess. Which basically means value look at cerebral and -- freezers at the turn -- made up which is. I think not only political but perfectly describes -- a whom I speak. Let -- give an example just got to get the ball rolling a little bit. -- you've heard of but -- this movie goes back and I know a lot of you -- even alive when it was in the theaters. But maybe you saw the dot bothered got father one. When you were fifteen years old and you said this LPG a guy was a good actor Alan let's see what else he's done so he checked out Dog Day Afternoon. And you checked out Serpico. Serpico. Now -- go to me. Was a week. -- it to me was like. Well. This is some powerful stuff. Because it just so happens that it's based on a real story. It is not fiction. Is reality. As seen by. A -- they interpret girl who really was a New York cop who really didn't wanna go undercover. To fight the drug problem. And once he was undercover fighting the drug problem what he saw was that basically the cops were desperate dealers -- Because that courts. Our guys get rich. Off the drug dealers. And they'd abused their badges. In order to make some serious money. So does this illusion guy basically. Keeps on asking to be transferred to a clean -- Still there's one expression from the at what he finds with every transfer is everywhere they send -- is worse than the time before. And when they start talking about the skimmed from the drug dealers. You know he gets to a point where I forgot the exact total. But there's a -- something -- something along the lines of it. 20000 a week for us that's chicken feed and -- are kind of money you don't blank. And he drops the F -- And eventually. Serpico. Well. He is set up to be hit by his own guys. Are fellow cops. Because he's gonna blow that. These guys a little arch. Because they're corrupt. They're livid as are shaking down drug dealers. And obviously the guys are making all the money they don't wanna see that source income. Go to on the troops. So they set up. Serpico is shot in the face he survives. And eventually testifies. Against knows who set him up. And against the corruption in the new York city police department and then personal safety move to Europe. True story. Now there are people even comfortable. That corruption. Picking on cops. That corruption stopped. After Serpico was well look if -- but the cleaned after after. It is an ever present abscess. On the -- of America. And it's something we'd rather not talk about because it makes too many people too uncomfortable. That Hillary. Was the moment. Reality knocked on my door. And I realized that as a treadmill. And at the end of the movie -- there. You know on the treadmill and like I I was there I was just amazed by what I agency. Now I know that some -- it was Hollywood the nuggets of the story are true. And he was a real guy. He started out very idealistic. And he ended up basically very embittered. And almost debt. Because of his idealism. And his idealism. Of the classroom police academy. And his real world exposure to the corruption. Basically shattered his -- the guy's entire world was cracked. Because all his cherished myths -- -- preconceptions. Went down the tubes. You're sick I was entire -- one of the -- cup and ends up getting shot because his fellow cops set up. That kind of stuff you don't forget that kind of stuff you go to emerged from unscathed I don't hear you survived. And I'm really curious to see Serpico is a great starting point I would recommend for reality education. Now. Again. There are a lot of movies a lot of books. That basically. Will cover the same kind of ground as did Serpico. But anybody who thinks that what you learn in school. Is the be all and end goal. I think is absolutely clueless. And I think that when you start to peek underneath the sheets were underneath the bed. You're gonna find a lot of dust bunnies and -- final -- And they will come back just like your dust buddies at home come back you can vacuum and a bad one week two weeks later. That bust buddies. It all comes out the best buddies in the end president are at 8030930. Let me ask your question. Was -- -- movie or book or show. That basically made you say oh my gosh. There really is still. Bad stuff happening in the world. There really are people who would set up one of their all to keep the chemistry come. -- -- -- Starlet thirty is freedom soulful. 180616. WB EN talk show on two levels like Shakespeare is to -- at different levels. Level one is this what you do for a living at anything to do with what you studied in college that's number one number two. Was there a wake up moment for you that basically changed the way you view the world. Reality education a caller reality education because I put together a list. Of must see must read -- and measure yourself in the reality stuff. I'm starting with Serpico. 803 don't let her start -- thirty himself on 180616. WB yen hourly Monday. And damage in winter still sucks yeah it's still sucks on WB. And AccuWeather for tonight partly cloudy Berry Cole porters or change up a snow shower in the southern -- this -- the overnight while the single digits again nine -- Tomorrow the high will be 68. We get some sunshine mixed in with some clouds. And now as I said I six today and right now that's exactly where we are sixteen degrees if you like the way it feels right now enjoy basket of high temperature this will be high temperature tomorrow. Right now the real field. -- and they -- it is windchill. Minus one industry -- at 930 WBD. And its hourly with. Should come out of the box or heavy on Monday I used in the things a little bit you want like that are first or what. Here's bill in tunnel Wanda on WB Ian bill talked to me the joy of the moment when reality -- under comfortable hole. And said let me let me. All figured that I -- -- -- documentary that it -- room movies at all. Well it's all the levee district communism when people call at all real money and look what what what are our murdered many people. And -- what you see what will assume you're sure you opened my eyes regarding what's called on the country I mean. I'm gonna ask you something partisan self serving and probably part of my narcissistic personality. But what have I said back in your opinion has a weekend. Well well -- -- sophomore on the bottom of the picture next. And you know when you think you're free country and when you're not only -- I'll do that and you'll in my heart I researched that so what the national like on the front authorization next. You talk to you -- -- And it's like I think I gotta think. A repeat -- there's several monitors. Basically people who have -- -- Well I don't -- it what I try to do bill and thank you very much that -- you have no idea what a source of honor that is to me. Because again my job is to make you laugh at least once every day and teaches something new at least once a weaker of them that I've done my job. But I have to say what I what I try to dwell on the most on the show. Are the first ten amendments to the constitution because I think they're therein lies the difference between America. And every other country on the face of the earth before the. All I agree all. And and that it's -- that I saw it thinks that local local news -- struck the -- mostly to the Brooklyn district under his Masada Newton. And when people -- on the wall didn't work it really is all we're doing it literally -- And people are so people -- you know bothering whom wall is just an example policy to which Google Earth thing and out of three of wall. Are you delighted industry in school but that there are things ever definitely what would you -- -- what -- -- -- -- -- Well yeah I mean as far as the emancipation proclamation and -- celebrating it is really celebrating a continuation of slavery. Or yes and about -- -- -- people rescued. FDR he suspended habeas corpus he took -- he was the most unconstitutional president until President Obama. Oh yeah I don't like you always thought that appalled. Well I mean I hope you'll only constraint there is that an electronic I was -- -- -- you learn you learn -- -- learned that he district which you know were not a little recently there. Maybe it's not not what is that true. Quite got the free -- thing to be very honest with you whether there's a couple of things I don't get free masons and the aluminum body I don't get it. And the builder burgers I don't I you know what I I am I just have a hard time sick -- my teeth into those topics I don't know why but I do. I I don't comprehend. They're based in -- -- like no -- -- -- religion and all the church the Catholic Church there was -- football emissions and I I didn't really does some research on it and that the total urgency distortion -- it. That's our -- I don't like them because they're seeing. Vehicle gets what -- Look for just literally priced teachings learned all that I know there's that are eligible that you're -- you're got a. Current bill thank you I mean I wish I could be more helpful and some of those things but I honestly I've never really spent a lot of time focusing on the bases. Were. Older burgers or -- and body. I don't know why you it is I just don't get cited in I try to focus on the provable. And on the factual. And not so much in the hypothetical. Right -- wrong hypotheticals are it. But I'm I I need some meat -- you know I I I I any more than says like -- and stick. You know -- And those are -- in late we're not talking about the football player under his radio my thirty WB.

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