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2-10 Beach and Company Hour 3

Feb 10, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're back revision revenue of sandy beach and let's say Joseph sailor and as one of our favorite people for a couple of reasons one is that he makes the best hot dogs in the entire world but the other is that. He is a big sports aficionado -- automobiles and he also owns. I professional. Female soccer team all the flash and Joseph is on line one thanks for calling Joseph. I'm I'm listening on the -- Yeah skull I can understand you -- every happened to be sort of very handy tool so I appreciate that you haven't. Yes so we wish I we -- -- -- vacation going Stewart works out pretty well now you only. Professional soccer team is this something that is discussed much in the soccer world. Well. -- Not to any extent. Are not directly involved with the team as such are my daughter Alex and on -- -- out -- and there's so we're aware of certain circumstances in relationships that. That happened and any that you don't you can hands. People in any workplace. That may have personal relationships that develop. You're the fact that -- in close proximity and working with one another you can have situations that cure rise that you have to be aware. But it's very it's a relatively. -- to put a relatively commonplace. In at least the women shocker that there's certain percentage. Of lesbian gay players intentions -- currently don't we really don't think the. There was earlier gas in the and you me and question and I know and a well difference. -- -- -- athletic and everybody is very competitive. But the circumstances. For example we can train down alma. At the sports park we have and and girls are a little bit different and then boy age. In that we have. Individual shower stalls everybody -- You know it was brought up before what were are cute shower because when -- the -- -- the school I mean all the uncertainty and -- that's right. And but you know we do that privacy. I'm not even aware of how much it used during it it's not an issue or. -- the best to your knowledge that you have though the women on the team are judged by how well the play soccer basically. Oh yeah you said earlier you can their foreheads. If the player can play. They're going to be on the team unless they're -- much it's really highly disruptive and you on that that doesn't. It can be with a gay or straight player he mentioned. Do you think soccer has a head start on some of the other stores because it's so big in in Europe and around the world that maybe they've already experienced some of -- stuff. Ahead of us. -- -- -- But it's. It's yeah it's no big deal more and -- employer law announcer come out of these -- It's like yeah okay I mean I hate myself sometimes what. I mean it's so contemplate now it's really not who. Well that's -- that's that was my reaction what I got a news alert yesterday on my iPad. And has said that the Michael Sam. Is announcing that he's got in on thank you for I didn't know Michael Sam was secondly is it okay big deal with let's move on but. Well while I'm glad I -- you give us your perspective -- I wrote down here. The key quote from what you Tomei girls are different than boys I didn't. -- that. Magazine cover. You can't it can't indicate that in any consideration. The others should there's different. That is true -- -- method that is absolutely true and all of also played sports and and almost everybody plays at some level. It's no big deal used Norton and address nomads at age always a pleasure to talk to you thank you look at -- -- that -- The assailant what are Greg guy he has he's in the car racing through him. Yeah and I was I was just thinking about a question if would've -- came out NASCAR or. Or something big like that to some -- of some -- Longer than others. Especially. You know it depends on the history of the sport and a lot of other things. Those sports don't always mirror society as you know. And so sometimes it takes a little bit longer. -- sports is not usually the ground Avaya a ground breaking for. On new social norms. It and not at the -- the last ones to let you know why because they're so focused in their own world. That they don't they don't absorb the rest of this is this is what they do -- that -- so sometimes takes longer to get around to like you mentioned NASCAR I don't I don't know if you have -- if from Michael Sam was in NASCAR driver. But there again suppose he was a NASCAR driver and does somebody go like Dale Earnhardt on some off the track. Do you think that we have papers would be written the -- and among the trap because it was day. If you -- what I said is you should want equality should get a quality but when you get equality and you want equality you gotta be treated and ready for equality. A lot of people who have. Nothing to announce. Get treated shabbily if you get treated shabbily you can't just instantly assume it's because your day. That's not an assumption that should be made if you didn't keep your job you can assume it was because your guy. Maybe you couldn't do the job maybe you were not as good at the job as somebody who reported ship. I mean these -- things equality means equality but sometimes. You're not ready for that -- How crazy this is for the longest time. You know. Openly gay people in Hollywood or music and nobody's ever ever given that any kind of thought all right that actor actress. That does singer whatever is -- so big deal but that once we get into the sports world it becomes a big deal. Because a big deal because the sports world is selling you a product. And the product has been bullied me. Really are readied for the marketplace and they don't want anything it's gonna hurt that product. Pleasant weather is -- -- the NBA or whatever but in the end it was a lot of problems with -- people who were on the wrong side of the law. And and do it I mean they really did their best and it's still an ongoing problem trying get rid of that image they want people think about the best basketball players in the world. I I don't think hockey is gone through that but the National Football League -- -- their -- pro hockey for some reason. Seems. As far as the loss side of it seems to be better -- maybe because they start younger as the weather's are playing at seventeen yeah. So I might have something you do -- and they don't go through the college system where their pampered. Most of them don't they're pampered like football players would be or basketball players would be so maybe they're more realistic. You don't hear a lot about problems of hockey. But I'm thinking anything that's going to possibly put a dent in your nine billion dollar a year NFL product. They guard debt zealously you know we just go through the Super Bowl. And the -- Super Bowl. I mean this is what they they protect that whole product anything's gonna get away the American down on it. Now some things are just the right thing to do know enough of a deal with the quality of product and I'm thinking treating people fairly. Without prejudice is one of the right things to do with not a politically correct and it's just the right thing will be back after this yes -- we tend to think that. Sports reflects. The general. Population and it doesn't really doesn't it's it's a packaged product and no matter what sport like and we enjoy it it's entertainment. It's supposed to be diversion but don't think it mirrors society all the time because it doesn't. Sometimes their -- her seldom are they ahead of the -- usually behind occur. As far as society adopts something and then if it works its way into sports sports is usually not leading the parade. But in this case. If -- Michael Sam can help your team and -- defensive -- Europeans are being a linebacker but if you -- a guy with his skills. I -- Bill Polian says in this article. In a let's say he's a good player he's a good pass rusher. He says of those kinds of players are in short supply. A Bill Polian is quoted in Jared Bell's column in the USA today so I have polian and says. He these kinds of players are in short supply of he's the real oh teams don't want him. Teams are going to care more that he can do what they need to have done then that these guys. Players simply because the factories gone shock factor anymore with somebody being gay. Oh we understand it's it's it's part of vote it's part of of a life of some person it's not. Any shocking matter anymore this is and you know a century ago so if he complained apply. And -- inflation be signed up and began play shouldn't plain and simple. It -- on on 3018061692. Visits are thirty -- a FaceBook entry if you would old ansari. I always say we got a huge monitor in front secrecy that I can tell. On him or not progress. This is from Linda she says I don't think anybody cares what a sexual orientation has all the support to meet is if we can play football. That's not going to affect his game at all being -- well that's true. That's that's exactly throw it doesn't affect your competitiveness of those who affect your talent and doesn't affect anything. To do -- your job easier as far as football is concerned got nothing nothing to so. It's extraneous but 1 thing I am saying now. And we all have to remember football doesn't allow everything to distract from winning just remember that. And oftentimes you'll you'll get an answer from somebody. It's coming out of his mouth the answer about it was written by a lawyer just remember that okay. If they think there's anything that's gonna distract the team from focusing in winning. You're not going to use -- not going to be happy with the news you get in on talking about however the other side. The way it should -- is if you can contribute. Welcome aboard. Welcome we don't care what you do after games over. As law's legal obviously a -- -- we care about you Wednesday as an employee Europe performer you're a player can you do the job working. Can you see or invasion eight general manager sitting there maybe talk all this culture they're grown over the makeup of their. Rosters and look you know we do have a couple of knuckle heads on this roster already. Let's not bring in this guy because we don't think these guys can handle it and rather than making up our entire roster just to accommodate. Were going to avoid are drafting. Michael suggesting that having absolutely. Absolutely and added they won't even -- they wouldn't even talk as candidly as you'd just. What they do is that coded up they called up and talk about distractions. So and so you know if somebody for instance. Had -- had a drunk driving charges or some thing. And they they don't wanna address that directly it's the same thing will this person be a distraction. Another words the Lindsay -- of the -- usually don't play sports because they wouldn't put up with that amount distraction but they're never gonna tell you. There are simply going to either not draft you not pick you up in the first place nobody is going to go to any NFL team. That doesn't draft him and say why didn't shoot draft him. Okay nobody can do that so you're going to be you know you're gonna be judged by what you do if somebody does draft him they drafted him because they think can help. But don't believe for a minute that it's a teams that didn't draft -- -- could you is that kind of a player. And didn't that wasn't in the conversation now it wouldn't be overt but it would be there. While -- two cases in -- Chris and I talked about this before the show. Two players that were big distractions to their teams and had nothing to do with their. Sexuality any Rodham Barry -- -- absolutely and there are others like that. They're distractions that they're not always a lineup when they should be there's always questions about them that you're you're absolutely right. But distractions are something that they try and avoid at all cost you believe that Chris that -- a manager and a and may be a coach -- personnel man. Might bypass on somebody they thought it was a distraction to some people they already have on the roster that are superlative player. Yeah I think so and last we sometimes. The talent is so great and overrides all that I like the idea Tony just brought a Barry Bonds Barry Bonds was an enormous cheer and everybody hated him. But he was almost so good. That you would know or at least -- -- but I think. Depending on which it's now level is like give Europe middle of the world player or if you're just a good player I'd figured distraction make it on another -- where that is that's exactly right if say the personnel man you're the manager on the coach's -- Without saying it even so nobody can even equal. OK we need some help and outside linebacker are we need some help at defensive end. OK you know that silence over there you just -- to somebody -- with similar to now it's. And everybody knows and and you if you were going a little deeper into it at the absolutely have a candid conversation. If you'd asked about the distractions but that's would be you wouldn't ever ever bring it out because you don't want -- Cologne because it's the wrong wrong thing to do you. Already laid out the excuse that the teams can use in that was in the scouting reports. Under the negative they'll be on -- come out there's oil and while he did uses hands well you know didn't -- just well ought to change of direction so that's. You can always. Always. It would few exceptions I mean maybe there's an exception every once in awhile you can always find someone similar. Whether they end up being as good who knows we don't know how good he's going to be when he gets in via -- we drafted I don't think there's much doubt about that but it isn't I don't wanna hear that he didn't get drafted because. Of the affected today he's day. That would be. That would be wrong there's too many teams that need to many a skilled players to have him goal. Just go undrafted totally. I would be very surprised. I think there would be a big buzz if you start to see him last seen -- has seen him sit there and a seventh round and nobody has taken him yet and I think -- that would. God definitely have a lot of people talk. Well I think there are some very famous players who've done very well who were expected to be drafted much earlier and they're sitting on their hands waiting for that pondering. I mean soul. That's not I mean I understand what you're saying but that's that's not a guarantee reaction well there will be from the press the press will be the ones every organism yet they got drafted he will be bringing up while nobody's picked up -- is it because he -- he was game if you're definitely had those needs of what he could do. You're always taking a chance I mean look at there're there -- people who booed Tara -- in college and never do very well -- pros at all. For other reasons they just don't. OK so you can always you can always justify. Not taking or taking someone depending on a lot of things but they're never gonna tell you that's the point they're never going to tell you. There if you don't get a job. And they have a courtesy of telling you you're not getting the job. And you didn't get the job for a reason that you thought was actionable than ever -- have. Are you kidding Maine never in a million years there was talk around it. They'll give somebody that's totally defensible what you'll never get a straight story and it will be the same thing where if he didn't get drafted. I will take a break we'll be back -- between governor got a half hour ago. Got a lot of people on Facebook's people on the phones still wanna know while Michael Sam. -- said that -- -- -- football player aren't comfortable with what I am he is an acclaimed football player and he wants to go into the draft. In the NFL this right we'll see what happens. Your hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. Call us now at 8030930. Cell calls are free and -- nine journey in our toll free line is 1806169236. Back to Beijing -- today yes yesterday my idea a new ozone alert went off my iPad and it's Almeida Michael Sam. Was a going to announce or had announced that he is gay and he is answering the NFL draft this spring. My first thought to be absolutely truthful was why they bother me with this. So somebody's announcing their guys have only gotten to a point where that's not a special announcement and mark but then again. You heard and -- he would be the first openly gay person to be drafted by the NFL and that's the reason it's an historic. But if you really think about it like the example I used earlier. Jackie Robinson Jackie Robinson people forget was a great baseball player who happened to be the first black in Major League Baseball. But if you read about Jackie Robinson or anybody references -- them that's what they reference that he was the first black and not that he was a great player. So you you want to make sure that your your. The improper considerations are given that your great player and you deserve to be in that -- The fact that your day maybe some people into the party but that shouldn't be a big deal. Let's go to -- Sheila in Hamburg -- Iran W via. But Clinton he complaint -- game -- -- knowing. Let him deal. And I think that most teams are going to. I'll. Pick him up anyway. Because they're gonna say hey we don't hear -- -- you get the. If he's good he's good he's not going to be any better any worse because these guys. -- and I think that anything that will help them win. They're going to reach out thank Sheila thank you very much another thing this is now I'm getting a little out there was this one I'll give you that's right away. If you've ever played team sports a good team a great team. It's one for all in all 41 OK we accept each -- the other teammates whether they have warts or not whether their pervert or not there are teammate. We're gonna defend them see a lot hockey you know you have units -- anarchy somebody else have you got a good team comes and sets the record that he's my teammate Garrett. If and they're always looking. For motivational. Fodder. Something that would get -- so fired up -- gonna take the other team's head off okay. If any anybody -- the other team makes any reference or any trash talking and and a fellows -- drugs aren't. A regarding gays that might actually bring the team closer together because he's wanna boss. He's one of us and he's helped us when we're gonna do -- corner kick your ass Ferraro for bringing that up. For -- the all the way if the opponent is able to get inside his head. Andyaat torment them sites that. Wolf home -- is -- to make it sound like he can't concentrate implying he's gonna concentrate on revenge McCord that I mean let's play let's let's face it players say things to get all the players off their games as they -- Get inside their head you know they -- Thomas -- your mama jokes or your mama this or or your wife was very. A lot of trash talking in the NFL we do know that but I think in Obama if I'm so lined up next to him. All -- you know -- here and I gonna do something together on this on this next flight and somebody does that to him I'm going after the guys. I'm just going to take care has got to take your right away can't let it fester yet and I just got you lot of your game as well. Well maybe but we know that that that sends a message on its -- that we heard the term send a message because if you don't then it's open season. It's open season do you think they'll let people hit Tom Brady after via after the whistle. -- make the kinds of things they they know where they're brought it whether bread is buttered. And if he's employer and he's contributing to victories and they are trying to they're trying to do anything. Like like using negative trash talking like that. I think I think teammates -- -- -- form if there're good team like if not they don't care bottom than we should mimicked him at all. Or they shouldn't be on the team. But if it's a real team. You stand up how many times how many times have you guys stood up for me. Never. Part of it ever comes up I expect -- well we have no two. Are right. Chris what it got a bit -- this comes from Matt he says I think Sam's is coming out now because it's going to come out later arm armor. How out of control and anti Taylor story got lectures and probably just wanted to get in front of this himself got a day it demands that sort of life of its own. But that was so bizarre that that's the reason. A girlfriend that he had never met. Engaged -- I mean that kind of stuff doesn't play so it was so bizarre so out there you -- on George -- Chicago. That didn't work but if it's if it's if it's real. Might have a better chance what else. This one comes from how he says his sexuality has nothing to do with his ability as a football player the issue is not a big deal to me and it shouldn't be a big deal to anybody else. No I -- this let's say here's some information on him. He could -- as we said be the first openly gay. Player drafted by the NFL how good is -- Bill Polian has said that. The -- ever raised his draft stock in some -- because of his courage. He's a good player he's a good pass rusher says bill polling in the news you know -- these kinds of players are in short supply. And then this article by Jarrett bell home. Said that that he's talking about that the story that took Tony -- earlier the Minnesota Vikings punter. Is suffering alleged discrimination because of his Stanford gay rights and polian says it will be a test. Because a society in the media will make its -- everybody will be asked their opinion whether anyone likes it or not. He is a -- as between hair he's 62 and 260. He's a good size for defensive end and an outside linebacker. They're not really sure where -- play. He really came into his own as a football player according to one record here. Now he's come into his own in another regard and it transcends football so what he's saying is this is a football story only because he's a football player. We all love football and we all on the things that will help our team and we don't want reject things that while. But certainly he's not breaking any ground. Because there are wrong. Gave football players that came before him but they didn't announce. So the only ground he's -- is by announcing -- -- before the draft. CME just getting out of curious because I'm just purely football here -- -- listing him as a possible offensive I mean outside linebacker yeah. When you just written mention his measurements I don't think he's more suited for the inside -- 260 -- -- it sounds like he's more built like London. Lecture you got he's 6202060. So our system inside the Ed thanks. That is the 00 what about ago outside -- what about the president. That's and then you know you like your defense has -- -- over to seventy but there have been have been Thaddeus once it. It was like 246. You can be that you can be faster yeah and then have a little less weight. OK we come back we'll wanna hear formulate a -- of Montreal 18061692. Through six aren't thirty earlier caller said took our courage to do this. I think it's Smart to freedom to do it to be honest with you especially since it wasn't. As closely guarded as the nuclear secrets. He said when he went to the Super Bowl he was surprised -- be -- it. Now here's here's here's a question about that I wonder how he knew that other people know it today to talk joy. I mean did they joke about but he said at the Senior Bowl he was surprised that so many people know what and so I think it's good for him. To get it out in the open say okay this is what it is let's get past that -- talk about -- I can play football. On -- at 930 we RW -- will the teams care or will they care that that this perspective football player. Our Michael Sam is gay. Will they not. He was -- can remind first team USA today all America selection. From the south the Southeastern Conference defensive player of the year last season so he's got I mean he's got credentials is not much question. In -- some of the quotes in your interest in Dominic fought Foxworth the NFL players association president. Told USA today I think we learned a lot about football players over the over the period time. And will soon learn something about the NFL. So they're kind of positioning this like if this guy does not get drafted by anyone. I think the players association president who just I just quoted. Will think it's because of that it won't be because of all of lack of credentials. I mean because of what I just read do you briefly are more credentials and a lot of players have coming and the only of scouting reports and how it fits into the team and all these other sort of things but it's important to -- To see how the whole puzzle goes together. They there Jason Collins story we talked about better earlier or Chris and Tony. He was in the NBA keep in mind he was in the NBA for twelve seasons and before he came out he was already 34. And for the NBA 34 is not exactly a rookie. He was a free agent. After that and he's not playing in the league since that's the one year giving it as an example but there are others. Brittney griner the Phoenix Mercury senator and former Baylor all American came up probably less than two weeks before Collins announcement. Robbie Rogers an American soccer midfielder formerly of Leeds united. Came out of February of thirteen. After briefly retiring from professional hockey. RR Rogers signed a contract with the Los Angeles Galaxy in May of thirteen Meghann or rap and no. They midfielder. On the US national soccer team and Olympic gold medalist came out publicly in July 12. Within interview without magazine so more more people doing it. They're not as but publicity and tied into it as this because of the -- nature. Now if I remember correctly when. The bills drafted Tom Cruise and all I remember it as a kid. That other rumors were coming out while he he's gay you know. I'm wondering if even this descent of rumors the way. Coups and -- was if that was. Felt throughout the legal or not or -- you know or -- -- even. Handle them I remember the jokes went around there were a lot of -- -- an old jokes around. But and that long time ago so I don't know if there was any any level of law. What's the word I'm looking for acceptance or not at that time the jokes where there are certain. -- You know who knows whether that was true or not -- so let's go with some more -- Marco poster -- this one comes from Warren he's as I think this is a big deal because he's the first player in the sport to be openly gay. Hopefully this issue's going to be put to rest now we can all move on well I think he's doing a lot of vote players potentially. Doing a lot of players have favored by saying. Here's how I feel about it I'm comfortable with the -- I am as a person and as a player now let's get on whether. It makes the second the next person doing a little bit easier. Of course is individual. Not everybody has the courage to step forward and do -- I am Spartacus -- -- Spartacus. No I'm gay Smart simple who knows who the next one will be but I guarantee you there will be an excellent whether it's announced that not another. This is from Eric he says I think this is just a career move Sam was nothing special honoring the draft that was in the spotlight regardless of if he makes in the NFL now as a place in history and he's going to profit from it. First team all America. Southeast conference defensive play earlier I wouldn't says nothing -- no guarantee but he certainly I wouldn't say it's nothing. I mean that people with far thinner resume is get into the NFL. Sometimes they don't work out sometimes they do. But I'm thinking he doesn't come in where they a needy resume his -- pretty good. I told you the way what we'll towel that this is finally been accepted. Approved in this no longer an issue is when it makes it to appear -- That's true when you can joke about it and that'll be on Saturday Night Live and stuff like that although Monty TO was though it's I mean that whole thing play -- -- late night. -- about the -- -- That was the aspect of played out on anything else another Chris. This law and it comes from a Monica she says this is no big deal as a human being here and I can't think of another job in which -- sexual preference we even come up. Well well -- the thing as it's not an individual sport to team sport. Now whether your team days ago where he's got to play -- once on the ball OK so whether the other ten guys. Our saints or whether the other ten guys are sinners there are ten other guys. So it has to be the kind of thing where. You want everybody to be welcoming and acceptance. -- a player that might add to the success of that team. But you can't guarantee it. And you don't know is sometimes the push back is subtle does not always overt assault is not always like you know movies him the drive and a three area and sometimes it's subtle. And it's up to up to the coach and the manager. To make that locker room war. Now whether they think they're bringing him and openly gay player would upset the balance in the locker room or not I don't know something we don't know. But that has to be a decision I'm sure that's a decision with anybody. Oh they draft because of -- here -- here again there are examples how many players there's a player welcomes the -- -- -- and it was name. Who had a terrible hit I think it was here for a short time and went somewhere else who was here during spring training. He had a terrible previous record with the law -- a lot of problems with. A suspensions and all kinds of things and he -- he was here in spring training. And Colorado where he was -- -- God's. And he got picked up by somebody else they always consider that but if you're good enough there are probably direct rods that sit through that wide receiver up. When -- with the colts at the -- that's him. Because of the name on thing you can't be there right going to be direct. Have a series like a murmur ms. because of the pronunciation -- But yeah so he had a lot of question marks and there was a question of whether they should even bought the Wear them. But some of these guys they see is reclamation projects. You can you can reclaim somebody that may have missed a lot of curfews or maybe a punch somebody out and -- -- You can't nor should you attempt to re claim somebody whose day that's a two totally different issue. He's -- he's a big -- the rest of his life unity doesn't go into therapy for it or anything else that's Julius. But somebody was a bad actor that's a different story they might see that it makes more sense. Duo play ball and and collect their pension as opposed -- night clubbing and shooting yourself in the -- like code Plaxico Burress. So that's that certainly I think the three of us you policies will he -- Will he be drafted at all. Yes yeah yeah that will know will this be a big issue now. And now so Werner has done it's a done deal called radio -- problem goes down not the right about it anymore got it we've agreed that he will be drafted and it won't be a big deal whether he can make it or not that's up to him. But he should be given an equal shot that that's all we can mess that's all he can best. Are that about wraps it up we will see you -- tomorrow at the 9 AM on news radio I'm thirty we are WB.

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