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2-10 Beach and Company Hour 2

Feb 10, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're back where did you -- -- -- -- -- will keep you informed and updated that it will interrupt anything we have to interrupt to go against you updates were basically good Niagara we feel junior senior. School the students have been taken to the Sanborn fire hall no nobody hurt no no nothing just an error report of an incidence. We don't know what it is is that a written is a verbal. Visited -- -- physical we have no idea. And because they haven't told us a but they did tell us that the students is safe and that's good and then not that long afterwards. And not that far away geographically. And Niagara falls high school there on lockdown. Right now is still no one injured no one hurt but also an incident so we have incidents of both schools important information take away is. There is information. There's incidents of both schools and no students have been hurt. The school officials. Obviously. The sign of any kind of a problem have to follow up on it there's no way they can ignore it thinking it's a prank or whatever. But it seems like we're getting more more please remember we had the yeah. Incidents we have the gentleman with a gun in the school turns out he's a member of -- group that is against violence and they. He didn't realize that no he was exposed Kerry has done. In India schools against the law and there was that. As so we've had that we've had several -- had several lately and but we'll keep you informed of the Niagara Whitfield school situation. And Niagara falls high school meanwhile. Michael Sam. Is going to bill be available for the NFL draft. He is a defensive -- from Missouri. He's good he's very good and he's also gay he felt it necessary to come out and and tell the world he's gay so obviously it may be no big deal -- made. It may not be a big jovial but it seemed to be a big deal for Michael Sam he felt it was necessary to do that probably -- keep from. Answering questions all the time about its get a bottle away OK yes someday that's in -- -- -- okay. I'm wondering if last year's draft week he had man taped video. And a lot of mystery of revelation not just Richard but the respect to -- speculation as to whether he was -- you know or not. And oh Vienna filed warning teams you can't ask him. If he's gay -- remember Dallas or by some teams I did not mean to all polite in how they. Went around to some wondered if he just decided look I don't wanna go through world Manson -- yeah exactly backwards that is out there and our deal with it. We are no reports that he's dating. -- details. On so that's out you can you can scratch out right away she's not available okay. Sprung a league had to put up a patch like he's doing them tubes would who died tires and now it's about it's a shame that it has to be made a big deal it's no big deal to a lot of people that I know. Fact I don't think I don't agree that it would be a big deal too if if so they haven't told. Can a guy play mechanically that's the question. Let's go through a stand in Rochester stander on WBN. I'm -- -- -- -- -- that team would have be have a problem for him. No problem whatsoever the problem is is people it's -- god forbid that you got -- the higher. And the -- column a and you're in bad -- he's got an acute and before you were currently are you gave no I mean it is every. Q&A journal fox -- with a guy. And enemy fires coming in you gonna ask them you are my side -- you gay or not you have to use a different box all our of course not. You bet and you know I radically we have no idea what's going on out there for all we know we may find out they can win with a crush rebel leader we don't know. -- -- on Iraq action. White guy and you know what's funny is all those movies -- Rock Hudson Doris Day. A rock -- zealously. Guarded that they did not want it out because they thought it would ruin his career. And now he might play different parts but it it wouldn't even matter. This comment you look at these little goodies pollution we got here. You wonder what thousand are -- you know. All right I did a lot of players so it's no problem feels no problem for for us. I know. If you think about it I'm sure that there are super might show. -- guys in the National Football League. But I'm thinking. That their more guys that just wanna a team -- superlative player. Standing next to them more or playing he's defenseman playing you know playing defense that and care about his sexuality. At one point doesn't come into play. At the as far as the club's concerns shouldn't play a part. You know I've taken that you know causes obviously being a key players in the NFL but not openly candidly and very good neighbor and an MBA. One player I recall plea for the Kansas City Chiefs he -- he was nose tackle. And I don't -- that his team is probably had a good idea. But I doubt it was something broader -- talked about or even care and like you same bottom line is can you help us win ball can apply. Second of if you -- sign in my but it can't play don't sign him up pretty simple but he felt the rookie year. He felt it was necessary to come out. So as you as you pointed out and -- -- probably -- rightfully so. Maybe you wanna go through one -- detail went through last year against them certainly get it done. They could be a college in Missouri found out about it in August. So we went through a whole season nobody knew about it. So if it can be kept I don't know how big squad is in college but it can be kept from the end tire -- a world. -- that many people knowing. That is no big deal there really isn't but I can see not wanted to be blind sided. Wanna go in it's tough enough to make the National Football League under any and all circumstances. But it trying to keep a secret there's no need of it anymore they just simply. Isn't an eight Chris we have some -- blow some my FaceBook postings -- -- -- -- from company says it shouldn't be a big deal he said he came up because he wanted to tell people on his terms I imagine they didn't -- sexuality be -- big -- for somebody -- in the -- -- just -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- those guys -- are -- -- -- are professionals -- concentrating on their own -- their -- lives. That nobody is -- nobody's going to I don't think. If they don't feel that way they're certainly not gonna say -- Because you saw what happened -- Richie and regard -- got that thing was became a huge article light unto itself. Now whether he was doing -- allegedly to whip this guy in the shape and get him in fighting shape or not. We don't know the answer that is the claim but the bottom line is it became big national -- the National Football League make no mistake about this okay. If you if you remember anything about them they are super image conscious super they don't wanna be seen as intolerant. OK. They wanna be seen as fair. And anybody that might stand in the way of that they're going to make sure that they get. They get sensitivity training and a nano second will be back Lamar we know from -- If it's a problem if you are -- save you. -- you're on the team and suddenly. He was drafted Michael Sam is a draft choice -- you'll be flying on your team would you have had a problem with the many people are gonna -- say they -- a problem -- -- But it's sports and sometimes sports crazy sports does not always mirror society. We may be more forgiving in society that we -- in sports. Because they are super focused. It's their living it's their livelihood -- their brought up -- -- In a very violent sport this is what they play the -- mistake about it. Don't confuse being gay with being a feminine they're two different things you can be a feminine and not be gay. And you can certainly begin a an obvious famine and people mix them up all the time will be back after this we'll keep informed what's going on with -- the lockdown of Niagara falls high school. As far as we know there have been no updates. So it's status quo but it is locked down but nobody has have been hurt or injured. And the same when Niagara wheat field there is an incident at that school -- and no one is saying whether -- related or not just seems. Unusual -- this way we want to speculate but -- usual that two incidences for -- school systems which are fair in fairly close proximity. -- a very short amount of time. Will willow let you know when we know no I said before the break of the National Football League. Is very image conscious they're very they got a a million while they actually have a nine billion dollar baby and they don't want him -- it. Now for those of -- or -- would say that they they don't wanna do anything that's politically incorrect. Politically incorrect. Signals that. It's not really write what you have to go along with -- because you're supposed to. Judging somebody about whether they're gay or not is not a -- politically correct thing. I think it's just incorrect to do it -- as. It's nothing to do -- whether it's politically correct or except that is just wrong. It's just wrong. ML trademark lupica -- judge people by the content of their character. I don't know the content of Michael's Sam's character. And the NFL judged on the content of his play. They'll look at his stats look at film a look at people who play against them know look to see how he handles himself they'll do a scouting report because of the implied. They wouldn't care -- foreheads. If he can play he'll be drafted that's the way it works in the national football. Let's go to Howard in Williams -- Howard on WB yen. -- in the long -- listener first time caller. Larger color you know what they -- going on now. I just want to say there was. I realize this guy's name in the pros Jeff -- there was a player in the MBA who came out. I'm you know saying that -- -- That he was gay and no other team picked him up better -- to recall his name was Jamie Collins I believed. I realized he wasn't like a star or anything like -- but at least that -- locker room monetary have a distraction. And they thought there was a reason basically wasn't picked up another team. And one independent. Type which earlier -- -- I don't know or -- and ESPN. If there were two players of the same caliber and one was gave one wasn't there and obviously prolific guy that was straight because they think there would be less of disruption. Did you know there's always things like when your applying for a job. Very seldom they really tell you the story of why you didn't get it they'll say something that's defensible. We feel we found somebody would more experience we found somebody was a better fit blah blah blah. And I I don't doubt that could happen and Tony was mentioning -- -- -- about the NBA player who's -- who's been without a team now for awhile since he announced that whether indeed dads are conscious or whether it is his -- is playing time was up I I don't know the answer but I'm glad you brought up to illustrate that. I hope we can get over this kind of stuff and move melodies so bumper there I just want to resent as a. Good point you're at an excellent point thank you because. That's the kind of thing you don't want to happen. If that MBA players without a team there is only one reason is should be is that he can't play -- injury prone or something. Whether he's there or not has nothing to do with the -- complain of a basketball. On a big culture. See the sports culture can be brutal. There really count I mean what we see is a polished version of the N the NBA the national markedly in the NFL we see what they're selling to us. But the competition. To get our roster spot is brutal. The competition when teams play each other obviously is -- agency at all outside. They are not going to give view that they're not going to give you a break because your day. They're not going to put to a Russert even really shouldn't be because today. But I don't think most teams would exclude you because -- it can I say every team golf course again. I don't know what's in a managers had I don't know what's in a coach's head because they're never gonna tell you that they never ever going to tell you that. But they have people like you know it's funny. Is he just mentioned the NBA. The NBA. And some teams like of the lakers. -- who have -- Ronald short since Kobe has -- would come back yet. They're using guys that like four years old and whatever so they're bringing back guys hoping they can still play. But I'm thinking most of the time and I am confident -- Imus. If you can play and if -- can play -- a title W gonna have a job you're going to be on the roster. If not it's could be very surprising and immensely disappointing. Because that does not seem anything I've seen so far. That they you know will cut any slack. That gets in the way of a vote being a top flight competitor -- are gonna -- -- not gonna give you that not trying to win. The humanitarian award they're trying to win the Lombardi trophy. Let's go to Orchard Park this would be Joseph Joseph you're on WBM. Basically I think when people are talking about. Total -- a locker room. What they're really talking about it camaraderie. And and I don't -- -- -- that I don't trickle effect they think and feel the way who do you like a literal sense that all of a locker room. And in the shower I think they're probably will be an issue. You know if you play sports and I'm sure did didn't we all did that one and one way shape or form. It becomes so second nature going Charlie and I had nothing over it's gonna happen in the shower anyway -- in the the pro levels though. I don't know I understand what you're saying but I don't think it's a real problem. I don't. I'm just saying as far as I gonna -- players to. Like this known -- player. They're not gonna go into the shower when in the -- they need and one he's the coach your shower or the the official -- -- and our locker room or you might even have some saying that they want archer hours. I I this is an issue that might come up I don't know if it well or not but I think. The good the coaches and the management of a team want a cohesive unit they want everybody. On the same team sort of speak. And -- it they they don't cotton to any distractions so. The key word here is distraction I'm sure there are concerned about a sexual act but they're they are concerned about a distraction and and -- they have to process in their mind. Whether this guy is going to be worth a possible distraction. Which is and always fair but that's the real world thank you. -- -- We'll look at a case going on right now Chris Kluwe we've former Minnesota Vikings partner can you. Most notably came -- support of gay athletes and he feels that he is black balled right now cannot find a job because he came out in favor of. He -- is possible because as I said before the image of the sports and the actual Lowry of the sport sometimes have some variances in all. What do we see for the image we see the the athletes out there competing at a very high level we see them going to a children's hospital and involved with charities and stuff like that that's what we say. But in the background these are these are very very competitive positions these are very competitive man. Who have been competing their whole lives in anything that gets in the way of that victory. Whether it's had a distraction whether it's somebody. Who isn't fully committed to this person as a teammate. I think that that would be the -- Not the fact that anybody has a different lifestyle but if that lifestyle is not gonna get in the way of winning which shortens certainly. I don't think it'll make that we'll be back after this. You're hearing the voice above. DN call us now -- 8030930. Cell calls are free and star nine during their toll free line is 180616. 9236. Back when Beijing governor have said if they'd show everything at Niagara falls high school is back to normal they weren't locked down. We're expecting a statement from on now we feel nobody injured whatever. And it turned out apparently that they were called made to each of those two schools. So this is the problem -- him the problem is this. When they get any kind of a threat no matter what kind it is it has to be followed up on there's no way they just discarded as a prank. Or not take it seriously because that's the time it will be serious. I mean if you use some logic here how many times when horrendous things happened that schools were -- was or advanced notice. Almost never that I know of OK so it it's not often that somebody. Gives you advanced notice and then does something terrible that can happen and if there's any chance that it will you have to you have to do what you can do. To investigate that having said that. In the go older days when somebody was doing something to upset schools -- Apollo fire alarm or something like that. But these are more dangerous times we we we learn from history hopefully we don't want a repeat it. So they gotta do what they gotta do and their people or disrupted disrupted. But when they catch the person. And I hope they know I hope that this not a slap on the wrist because of the major cause of disruption. A major cause of I -- and anxiousness certainly if you have a kid in school so let's hope that when they get them they don't treat him with kid gloves. Let's go to marvell and buffalo Marvin here on WB and Michael Sam came out says I'm a gay football player I say so what we should be past that give me your thoughts. Well I'm the executive director of gay and lesbian youth services in buffalo OK that is split. Good and down my first reaction -- that as a very courageous. Moved it. They're -- in the -- It's certainly makes in the role model to a lot of closeted young athletes even near buffalo. But I have to say it -- greater concern -- was you know they initially talked about some of the people entered in the tweeting in doing FaceBook comments that are down right. Discriminatory not at all and I worry about the impact that that has on the bank can noted do you get it boosted by this. There's -- coming out as gay or do you detect in the closet and made to feel more worthless because the ball the unkind responses. You know of any event is going to come out like he did it's good that they have here is a resonate. Because he was all SEC one year he is he's a good player. And as far as I know. Good players as as Bill Polian is quoted in this article USA today the there're are hard to find and and they will look dole want you to play on their team. There's always going to be some neanderthals who have to be dragged out of the cave -- they're kicking and screaming. But I think that we've become. So so what sort of what you four not used to it but we've become so comfortable with the fact that he's not going to be any different anybody else -- a helmet on. That we don't think it really make a difference. Well you don't but unfortunately there are a lot of people out there that are cut a lot of you know untrue. Things about people or gala be elected the -- earlier about the showers and nothing but nothing overt going -- hours -- you wouldn't even. That shouldn't even be an issue of the people's somehow buy into this notion that if your game and you're gonna be attracted to every other game and and that that's simply not true. As somebody that not meet once said gay and lesbian people at least two. -- this tour regarding the shower -- But once it scares me is sports the other side of sports is so competitive and nothing is allowed. To interfere with that competitor spirit look at the situation -- Jerry sandusky -- not a -- not -- at all. But the reason I'm bringing it up he has lots of people we used everything they could to keep it quiet. So if there was any discrimination in the National Football League -- -- a lot of pressure for a not to come out he should be able to go on the NFL and kicks a massive weekend. And if he can do that that's all we should judge a -- but I can understand. Those in the and in the background if there's anything going on -- I don't not want that to be public. True now is when it woke us. The fact that he's come out I am hoping. Will be protective. Because people know with some tension in the closet it's easier to be able to -- -- harassed because people figure you won't say anything. So with any luck at being open about who he -- to keep except that it came. That you said they complain they can play and hopefully that'll be it and and he'll be a plucky spirit you look -- college. Margaret you know one of the things that is could be very positive on this. Every once in awhile you lift the rock and things crawl out from underneath. I think and and he he may have lifted this rock and we may see some of the things that can't stand up to sunlight. And that could be very beneficial and not in a long term if he stayed in the closet we wouldn't know this. But it is especially if he's a good player he's -- player he's part of the team and then some analysts that rock and something crawls out they're gonna have a problem with that they're not going to be able to you know. Okay thanks Marvin. OK -- I mean as you flush them out you flush him out if there is a big get in there. If there is homophobic in there. That's -- that's a way where they'll eventually come out. And that's -- room that's accurate about especially if the guy is shouldn't be discriminated against -- good or not but what I'm saying is. If he is a good player. -- they're not gonna wanna hear that kind of criticism are gonna happen they want to win they wanna be a team. They wanna think like one and act like one and if there's somebody is willing to do that. Then maybe they'll be the ones -- shall. It's all about winning whether that's the correct motivation for this or not is an important it is a motivation. Well -- back after you know I have something -- year. I don't think about this there's a big differentiate shouldn't between being a feminine and being gay. As I said you can be a famine and not be -- And you can definitely be gay enough via famine there are two separate things most of the people. When they joke about sexuality. They're really joking about whether your feminine not not whether you're gay. I really have the next time I'd next time you think about it to put that in your memory bank and say okay. What was that about and it really was about being a -- it rather than being -- they're two different things I mean they can be the same thing but usually. They wouldn't. It straight on I'm 301806169. To visit -- -- 930 let's go to war from Doug in Hamburg Doug thanks for holding your on W via. Yeah one thing the way this argument has been -- is whether or not people except big -- player now. Well I think that if you talk to most athletes that. But they've known the guys over the years have been Gator -- actually think are real -- -- is just maturity level. And you know how he acts around other people. And I don't know the guy can't say anything about that but the way it's been discussed is that if he's not. You know he's rejected by the end up salaries cut it strictly because he's gay but that may not be the case. You know that's a good point a thick bottle like this I'm sure inflated high school uninsured are college because he's about to graduate. Now on those eight -- CI those eight teams. Didn't seem sexuality -- scenery of problem and in the article -- resigned now found out last August so there wasn't a problem through high school and through college. Why wouldn't be a problem now if he didn't handle himself properly. Our food it has been -- I think it college bubble people can be your teams can be more accepting of that you know like you said the permanent behavior may not be part of the maturity and all that. But the way the argument has been framed it's strictly then you know they believe they won't accept a gay athlete but there's quite a lot more to it than that yeah. -- here's what I wouldn't want to see happen if he isn't drafted because he doesn't measure up as a football player. I think it would really hurt everybody. If -- it was claim that he wasn't drafted because he was gay. That would be a big step backwards and I don't think we need those and about I'm glad you brought that up Doug because. It is something to be considered because he announced it ahead of you draft. I'm not after it thank you thank you very much -- guys I'm talking about. If if indeed let let's forget what he's got an. If indeed he does not make the national football because he doesn't have the right stuff okay. Then I would not wanna see people saying well they can draft them because he's -- he's obviously good enough player that would that would hurt. Here's the in that nobody's mentioning is okay team acts drafts him program now. -- to make the team we would you know most experts say would -- Chris amid. Our fourth fifth -- sick out third error literally driven rapper okay so there's no guarantees that he's going to make the team it's not like you're. A first -- some -- -- so now he doesn't make the team let's say just it doesn't pan out. While the accusations going to be got caught because he was -- Now and trade at the same thing -- I'm -- saying here's the thing whether whether tiger must sexuality whether you're talking about ethnicity what are you talking about race. If you want. Equality. And you showed. And you get equality and you should then expect equality if you work cut. Maybe it was because you weren't good enough. Or you got traded maybe you weren't the right fit for this this team and a benefit of the other you can't use that as a get out of jail free card. And use that as an excuse for your lack of performance or lack of being a good teammate or whatever. You can't carry that around you you either if you want equality then you get equality of other people get judged by these rules you gotta be judged by the same -- He's gonna have a tough time it's not easy going from defensive and to play in the outside linebacker position. Will -- most of your career you've been one hand down in the dirt as they say and now you're -- you're asked to stand up. So it's a different trends so you know he's got debt on top of being that's a lot out of -- Something you've got to think about snow and we have Brothers overall it was a big story over the weekend I don't remember the teams but the story is six in my mind I heard Mike Lupica talking about it on ESPN. College a college basketball player. Is chasing a ball down and goes into the stance some in the stands who describes himself as a super fan. This guy travels this the college -- he travels. A lot to the same places to watch. The thing he calls him a second you know what and and according to. -- used the N word. The player pushes him when he heard that which is at a totally I think appropriate thing if somebody called me that I do more than push him but he pushed them. He got suspended. A but the big question is that alleged super fan there's a lot of animals in the stance. And not only are they in the stands and in some sports especially football there drunken animals. Okay you want their beer muscles and a 80000 people or whatever your stadium holds. Did you want that kind of behavior that -- if they happens -- playing against your team. Or he or he makes a bad play or something like that you've got to expect as I said. If you want a quality and you should edit you got to expect equality and includes that kind of garbage as when it is but young -- was talking about it. First I don't think the guy should have been suspended. We got suspended for three games -- viewed on actor Greg -- name is Marcus Murray plays for Oklahoma State it was a three game suspension he three game suspension for pushing back somebody in the stance. Despite the fact the allegation -- as the guy in the stands call them the and work. All man I mean so there. Now that's more intimate it's it's basketball. But football there are more people -- You you choose your poison on that one Andy probably drink more than the fans of basketball -- -- -- a little bit more him. All right when we come back we wanna hear from you Michael Sam. Yeah you don't even know Michael Sam is what you didn't know yesterday but you know today. You know he's yeah a good -- college defense about who wants to be in the NFL. And has announced that he is gay before the draft. So does that take courage. I think it's a storage he probably wanted to get an out of the way. And then concentrate on football rather than have that lingering doubt and if you think about it if a manager. Is thinking of drafting him. Our -- have a draft a guy who'll everybody knows his game but he's in -- closet. Our guys who says I'm gay and I'm ready to play I think he would think more of a character issue of the guys already set it. Is publicly -- comes right -- I think it was score some points. You know three not necessarily score points literally when -- -- As a defensive and we'll see intercept some things ourselves story. On those and I've heard a little football report. On the -- -- we are WV.

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