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2-10 Beach and Company Hour 1

Feb 10, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hello hello loaded region governor and I'm sandy beach. I don't have to do this eventually on the air it's the right thing to do but it took it took today's news headlines for me to have the courage to say this. But I want to say unequivocally -- how reservation. I am happy to announce publicly for the first time. I am -- heterosexual men. That's not only am I heterosexual male I'm out flaming heterosexual male I I -- -- I. This is not an easy thing for me to say to come out publicly -- like this I've I've managed to kind of keep to myself all these are like women I'm sorry do equipment. Occasionally -- look at them at the mall and things like that. And I'm Morgan a couple of guys. Who luckily for me are also planning a settlement also. A -- you -- feel comfortable week talk shows can be a difficult environment. For people like us are talking about takes courage sandy but you know luggage I won't step. Down or sit back you go but I don't I'll get that -- somebody -- right. But -- but it. I'm happy took courage and then take charge. If nothing I am -- with courage under selling I just on an ounce. Anyway it is -- company. -- have to have true as yesterday I'm item I'm watching the Olympics and I get one of the news alerts. And has said Michael Sam. What's the defensive end these defenseman and I think over Missouri. I guess he's a great player to oh really good players policy see one year and all that sort of stuff. Has announced he's day. And I looked at it and a OK so what I mean I understand the NFL as a bastion Obama. Of masculinity. But. I'm we're past that the gasoline guy I did I Cutler pass that he probably felt he was going to do. May make some progress by announcing it publicly and for him. But I just -- as no big deal without where we were to the point where. We didn't make a big deal about that anymore it was moralists and that's that you're your -- of the what you are on the way I am I easily is that's what they need people because he's announced future NFL -- the NFL last -- and it just before that is especially true with the -- in -- needle thing that hasn't totally -- the right I think that has something good about anyway. We'll talk about that later meanwhile I just figured out a job that I like to do. If I can't be a talk show host any longer. Oh by the way I'd like to announce. I'm the first talks rules the publicly proclaim bisexual. And thank you thank you thank you thank you Chris thank -- -- much. But I think what I'm gonna do know if I can't do talk shows anymore I'm going to be -- make up artist for Merrill Davis. Meryl Davis is one of the ice dancing team from the US Sheehan -- Charley white and she had their actual they're the best of the best in the world. It's a picture of her in the paper first of all before I'd seen her on on TV. I thought she was wearing a bulky man I really did I truly did you know you -- to book UMass -- like Bill White and their access Newton you know. I thought that's -- she was -- and then I saw her on television no. But it's the makeup she wears of us are without make up because they did one of those -- is what she's like a home and she looked like everybody else -- But when she puts that make upon. It you know it makes it look like -- boom -- woman in the avatar. Only and I remember the blow with the -- censorship looks like. Yeah it's not very. Fetching collectible -- -- our. It. I would change her makeup she's -- that it was skater. But I can't get past that instilled -- -- social media because you know I live in social media. But in the real world social media trying to check yes I would and real bill you know please. Pardon me I'm going to gag. All right thank you but everybody was talking about they said the same thing. That her make up his way to a severe. Now she's -- -- And though we're always rooting for because you know you USA USA go USA. And her -- is great so but managed to soften that look. A little bit you know I'm no expert and good looks god help me I don't have a mirror in my house for good reason. But she's got to do that and you know skating is the only thing I watch. That I don't hope something goes wrong. I mean you know I say in a parade I always root for them to drop the -- on. Now we're skating I I think skating is so good and it works so hard at it that I just love to watch him skate it doesn't matter who is getting forward. What country they're skating toward his love to watch good skaters and we've seen some really good skaters. And does so it's it's -- saying -- Olympics you guys watch much over the weekend I. I watched a little bit we really haven't hit the events that highlights yet I'll watch some speed skating that Angel. I interviewed Dan Jansen. -- in person in a Milwaukee because he's from Milwaukee. And he's a terrific guy very nice guy and Bonnie Blair by phone because she's. From a suburb of Milwaukee. So they were in the same Olympics and though both a you know -- that's when he finally got his goal and after many disappoint. Good people and boy you'd think speed skating is exciting around here you should go to Milwaukee I mean it's it's a religion in Wisconsin. They have -- fabulous facility right in Milwaukee the urgency from the highway and though they take their speed skating very seriously would you watch -- I watched. Women's hockey not just the US team -- -- Russia and Germany play a little bit. The snow boring which I find died insane. The do men and women US are swept the first -- equally aborting medal and they're jumping -- fifty feet in the air it's it's absurd. It's amazing I am pardon me before snowboarding. And ahem pardon me. Before snowboarding in this Olympics. We would watch the Olympics and what the downhill skiers and maybe the ski jumpers. You look at their legal newspaper that's the thing that's ever. Manuel watched those snowboarders that makes the other ones look -- look and compare I know I know there they're they're dangerous and they are really fly I understand all that. But that video of the twists and the turns and a barrel rolls -- -- of the coming down on the radio playing him -- Almighty god they're crazy but they're fabulous on -- watch. That is crazy and now another thing I find fascinating is the moguls 'cause I don't know -- you don't shred your knees doing yeah if you look at though woman was supposed to repeat as as a goal again a gold remote which came in third got the bronze. But yeah now I am sure she was interviewed you was asked that question. Because you would think that their knees and be gone after a season no. She said that they ever were certain rhythm and that the bid doesn't take the pounding like it looks like -- it looks so painful it is like it's like somebody. If -- train you don't want football players say they breakthrough and somebody trips them up and then they roll okay. That's a lot different than somebody just falls to the ground I think it's the same thing with the -- I think they learned at an early age -- they don't stay in the sport very long. -- absorb some of that they couldn't possibly. Just take it like a shock -- just think that banging emotion a lot of dancing with the knee was designs no absolutely not but these sports are now Chris you got to the point. That but what are Olympics seems much more dangerous. In the Summer Olympics yeah you have to lose this skeleton where it's just. Like a guy going down that we had -- somebody out Peter Grossman can this morning talking about it. There's no brakes on that. You are going home Helen what he gave -- kilometers 150 color all of us -- at it let's just say a hundred miles an hour. That is that is insane to -- you have no control at all it's just like. A huge slide of ice the yeah I don't even I don't know how you do it how you even begin to train to do it. These athletes are fearless they're absolutely fearless you got to get -- lot of credit I loved watching her Gracie gold skate she's in here she's eighteen. The Gracie goes eighteen and she is. Fabulous -- the Russians bring our girl who's fifteen. And she lets just hope of course words. Figure skating. A big start a lot younger it's like tennis they start really young. And that by the time there you know you expect other athletes would just start in the sport there already veterans. You know as one time. Considering now pursuing figure -- I think I may have mentioned this on the air before. -- you do you know -- Mary Travers. -- now known as Mary Murphy. -- she said that at one time there was consideration as to whether she was at the level where she could be in Olympia -- but it this is here requires your full attention right -- -- -- -- John -- -- about Mary -- Murphy -- -- -- sweet because ice -- -- on the -- she was. During -- for me at KB eight. At a lovely lady very organized and I was saying on the air Howell. The figure skaters were -- beautiful they really are just him this year on one. They get these women not just figure skaters snowboarders still there wasn't a woman from Norway. Who looked like she I mean one hall. She -- be a model with no problem and she's snowboarding on the -- but my home with -- the -- whatever. But I imagine how. A beautiful it's a favors hitters were -- does she faked me and I couldn't figure out why -- thing is she's and that you don't appear. One time there was consideration as she can be Olympia that is so cool -- I loved the skating I really do and hockey. Our female hockey team is well. I mean there there are scoring machine in what was escorted it. Press nine nothing and it went 31 over the weekend mine so it's twelve. One and two games. That's that's amazing really all that our -- come back we got more to talk about including some more Olympic -- -- Under is ready at 930 this is WB yeah. A morning news producer Randy bush overs here there is a breaking story out of Niagara we feel school system. Yeah we're getting word that there has been now some sort of an incident -- -- actually referred to as a threat in phone calls that we've taken in the newsroom. How -- we can tell he was all the students are -- And it is only impacting the junior and senior high school students who have been taken safely to the Sanborn fire department. Again all the kids are safe the have not given any other word on what the nature of the incident might be. But again the important part is that all the kids are fine right now and no idea how long it's going to take them to execute either whatever search or investigation needs to take place for them to get kids back. That they -- give any indication. That parents or should call not call leave things as they are actually what's been happening is that we got word originally in the newsroom from someone who had gotten he robo call from the district telling them of an all call or all clear message at the Boca junior senior high specifically and and that those are from my -- Again from my understanding and conversation I had with that parent. Those two buildings apparently aren't joining are joined by some kind of a walkway. So that's why affects those two -- the junior and senior highs but not the elementary and we don't know whether it involves not at this point oh OK well keep your form factor and -- -- Goodness only a forum -- this way thank you Randy Randy bush over and Niagara we feel junior and senior the kids are safe there has been an incident and we'll keep you informed. Right here on news radio 930. Talk about the Olympics. A lot of people who or doing the announcing. Are calling me by apple on. Ought to cut down their caffeine I don't know if you guys saw that or not that's where you would you ski for certain distance and then there's -- different ways you shoot at targets sticker rifle off your back in it. Prone position standing position whatever horseback. I'd come down from -- -- but. It's it's a complicated thing to watch simply because they -- a day -- release speak contestants. One at a time. And over a 32 period so they're they're scattered out like this okay. Now they have the ski a certain distance and then they come to where they have to show. They -- bishop of five targets. All right for every target they hit that's good but every target they miss and got to go another 150 meters and that's of course it's adjacent to the course they came upon. So somebody who misses like one has deployed extra penalty 150 meters they often a different course course watching as you know who's where. And the and answers are. I mean there at the top of their lungs screaming. For what reason we don't know all we know is they had all five target. -- I think if they really wanted to announces -- they put real -- on the guns in on talking about it and hit it out that works out. You guys see how -- -- ash that would be but it's it's either of you guys to see I did I saw although we went out to dinner Saturday night. And it was on TV but I couldn't hear the sound. Other crazy guys an accident yeah. A school thing and there's like three of them three screaming guys -- -- I didn't did not see any of that and I am and I'm kind of glad because it seems like a very bizarre combination -- I think you should be allowed if you hit all five targets you should stay prone and as shooter other contestants as they're coming in you know I'm talking about. Maybe -- would paint balls we don't wanna kill mud just paint balls that will be good. And for every every one of the other competitors -- with a paintball you deduct say fifty meters. -- I think this will see target got to deal. -- don't go okay I completed that course now I get to lie down okay it's the guy from. Pop. I -- Bond you -- people -- but no. No I gotta go by the old rules. And they have longer. I think they were running a short course. What I saw yesterday have longer versions of this. And it gets a little I mean if you don't if there I think you'll be it's very hard to fall because they -- it as well. So I'm not only that you're seeing it not in real time here it's already happened. And it's edited. And people are on on our courses that are not the main course so it's very confusing if if you wanna watch the Olympics and get totally confused. A wash them by apple on they've been dormant for years and years and years. I just I enjoy it when I was watching but they take a lot of the things that aren't fun to watch and they put among during the days they save everything. At night you know they got the distance you know who wants to watch anybody state 5000 meters BO now. Now you're you're using a skater -- okay that's good that's really good they have a lot of endurance whoa okay that was pretty exciting stuff. But when you watch them compliant on the side of the mountain and we'll man. Those people are crazy. And I don't know whether tracks and give us more right away except there. They're young and their adventurous and they're athletic and it's fun to watch I can tell you that. Our right to what we come back will again in Tuesday's subject. And with today's such it is Michael Sam who is an outstanding college athlete. -- to be drafted by the NFL also we can be an outstanding NFL athlete but he's announced that he's day. I guess he found it necessary to announce that. I'm saying so we should be passed that by now and I know I'm not trying to be the ultra liberal understanding nicest thing. They don't that thing like that shouldn't bother us and I don't know if it was gonna bother the other other NFL teammates is gonna have let's hope not. Because he's a good wire. My attitude is and I think this is their attitude. If he can play you play if you can't play camp player won't matter orders will be back after this. Or George or overnights well until five. News radio nine. And AM. WB yeah. Backward -- governor bush covers here in Georgia a little earlier about the number we feel junior senior incidents a junior -- nice coincidence and now it seems to have expanded. Guess now there is an incident at the Niagara. Falls high school only. And -- that incident has only been described as something where they went into lockdown as a -- -- the students are there in place everybody safe and accounted for. And the school official that I talked to said quote. No intruder has been found so I guess that speaks to the nature of the free of the threat however they also said at Niagara falls high school. That they were unaware if there was a connection between that incident and the one affecting the -- we feel junior senior high school again if you're just hearing that for the first time now. They the students there from the junior and senior high school have been taken to the Sanborn fire department on -- road. And they will remain there until they can clear the building from whatever incident took place there. And they haven't said though the incidents whether it's. Physical. Verbal -- written they have given you know immigration and there there -- obviously very heavy police president -- presence -- -- county sheriffs in particular and I understand that there are some drug sniffing dogs that have been spotted in the area of both schools I well -- you've been -- thank you Randy thank you very much -- schools officials are a tough spot because they have to take it seriously. You have to. Because the one time you don't you'll you'll you'll be sorry that you didn't so can -- and former right now Niagara Whitfield junior senior. A high school they have been brought to the Sanborn fire hall. There's been no problems. Detected yet it's -- described as an incidence and now an incident at Niagara falls high school. They said they didn't they were not aware there's any connection between the Aronson and and the incident at the now we feel. I mean that's today's modern society you know it has to be taken seriously -- will keep you informed right here as threw out of the progress in one and one is going on. Are a couple more quick things before -- before we get into our subject for -- today our first overall -- our -- -- -- They're using all kinds of things around them to get into certain states of mind that you never thought would never beat host okay this out of Sioux Falls. Police say. They suspect a local woman. Swallowed enough hands sanitized or to get drunk before she threatened to killer husband now -- Swallows. Sanitize -- obviously she does there must be some alcohol limit. You guys -- presenting alcohol because -- drink anything with alcohol and apparently. And that is bureau yet there is alcohol on that have also heard of people drinking like mouthwash to get the crawl out -- so that's that so be alert to your guests as well alcohol 70%. 70%. -- 010. Or fairly strong job must -- well in order -- to be you know a sanitize or jeweler. There are levels while Felix Ortiz announced that it probably come up with some bill -- Saying you can only sanitize your hands on today. Because sponsored by all I don't know some -- business luminaries -- -- -- we also does it if you. Indeed worth thief. And you don't do that you have all kinds of incriminating. Information. In your car. And that if you ever got stopped by the police and -- argue would go to jail for a long long long time. And -- out of -- in Wyoming and you're thinking I'd better go a little faster than the speed limit so that side of the cops won't catch me. Would any of Hugo. A 111. There was a guy caught going a 111 and a 65. Zone a. But not -- -- have 56 over they'll -- that at the court. They say you know this person they found all kinds of unauthorized. Credit card information. And identity theft in the backseat. The guy who was in the sixty fives on a car going a 111 being gonna be going a 111 much long Americans I of that. Right now we do ever get away it's a VPO Barbara Streisand song book 64 point 9875. If you would like -- tickets through the video production of the Streisand song book Saturday February 15 at 8 o'clock declined hands. But I was eighty dollars general content rules apply it's great post Valentine's Day night. Give her tickets on Valentine's and it's going to be BO with and Hampton Callaway is critically acclaimed tribute. To Barbara Streisand. On Tuesday he good musical. And stay out of politics it should be a wonderful wonderful evening okay to keep you informed we'll keep you updated but basically. We have two incidents on our radar right now Niagara Whitfield junior and senior. Those of those students have been taken to assemble on fire hall everything's cool everything's fine but there was an incident they did not tell us what the incident as. There's also an incident. And it's not known whether it's related or not through Niagara with -- But Niagara falls high school has an incidents show and they said they told our news department that they were not. -- aware of any connection between Berenson and and the one at the inaugural we -- but. There and fairly close proximity to Asia. I don't know what it is nor will we speculate but we will keep you informed as soon as we know you'll know and that's that. Okay. Maybe. Maybe. I'd just -- them talking about this kind of issues kind of issue. For way -- longer with it if it doesn't light up my right are anymore. About yesterday. I'm watching video Olympics and suddenly my iPad went off and there was a new alert and it said that Al -- Sam. Has said that he is gay. First of -- I didn't know who Michael Sam laws. And until I got further information but turns out these great football player. He's all SEC one year he's a defensive vote of Blair. And is. Looking to get drafted in the NFL draft but -- snow at the point where okay. So what. And then I find out he's the first openly gay player to be eligible for the draft there I'm sure there are other -- players playing now in play maybe preceding years. But they didn't announce it and no one know it. And now apparently. He wants to get this done say he was surprised when he played in the Senior Bowl. That others knew that he was day. His own teammates. Knew it since I think August he told them and August and nothing was ever pregnant about to be really. What I'm saying is. I have my position is pretty basic I don't want people discriminated against for any thing. For any reason no no discrimination. Forget it no it's not in our playbook. Kind of keeping it in the football vernacular here it's not in our playbook nor should -- -- but if you're thinking about it if you're looking at a bastion of masculinity. -- Think and professional football latest from what we're gonna be looking. And it's been brought to our attention in the last season by rich young incarnate up Tony you Sammy were you said Richie and -- me don't send him. Send Michael -- message. Each week are you tweeted OK he tweeted you know takes a lot of summon up takes a lot of courage for a while -- -- to block him. So whether it's imagery have -- guard me dole or not we don't know but that's what he said to be on the you're correct side of this so we're asking you. So a lot. Maybe you can explain to me. About things. That you'll still be eye openers where people would even if they didn't talk about it they would go to kind of filed away as. I don't know I don't know. In -- interracial marriage remember if you saw a couple one black one white or -- may. Make up your mixture. But not the same. Racial make sure they're not the same race. That people would raise their eyebrows now nobody even. About that nobody thinks about it nobody -- in the first place but it's taken this long but we're there okay. There are very few places that would openly say. Anything negative I'm sure there -- places that. Quietly say -- or record just don't say and but feel that way but I'm thinking where we should be it was should be well past this but. I'd what do you think was this a good thing that he said -- so that he may be paving the way for others. Jackie Robinson. Will be forever known as you know Jackie Robinson was a great ball player you almost forget that. When they talk about Jackie Robinson what are they talk about is the first black player Major League Baseball okay. He wrote an excellent article I -- -- with me but I didn't think to. There was an excellent article about the him. And early early baseball black player. Who was it was in the Buffalo News -- outs if I get and I don't think it's in my file and not. But that's good but that's what Jackie Robinson is known for not for being a great baseball player but for and which -- wise but for simply being the first black. A Major League Baseball player and he went through a lot. But that was that was how will know him. And maybe Michael Sam wanted to pave the way for others who might have been reluctant to go public who maybe don't have the -- The qualifications. He has to be drafted. They say second or third round in the National Football League it's nice when somebody has credentials. And is it would be a wanted commodity where somebody would want to draft him because he's that good. Because somebody would marginal credentials. I think it would -- could it could under certain circumstances at them. But I think the National Football League is so much about playing and and getting performance that if he can play your draft. There's not much question in my mind you think -- get -- and yes about you Chris I think so mid around the neck in the you're talking -- third fourth round exact follow the router because yeah I don't think either OK I will be back we'll take your calls it 030930. 18060692. Visits are 930 a reminder we'll keep you updated in about five minutes. Our first we had a report by an incident that's the way it's described we have no further information on what that incident would have in it. On Niagara we feel junior and senior classes. Were evacuated and moved to assemble our fire hall. No no injuries no problems because we don't know what it is but we know all the students -- And then shortly after that. A similar. A call from Niagara falls high school also -- incident we don't office the same kind of an incident. And so far everything is fine there will keep you -- we don't know the verbal a situation if it's written if it's physical. We don't know the answers to any of those things but the one thing that is. Applicable to both. Is that Nolan nobody's been -- and which is absolutely important. By the way I wanna take a moment. When somebody is outstanding I wanna take every once in awhile I mentioned this on the air. Let's take a moment to just recognize them. Doctor Paul homeboy is my -- doctor okay he's fabulous he's I've been going on for ten years. He has fabulous a comes very highly recommended and I've never been disappointed here is he's champ okay. -- always judged people one of the biggest things that that comes in the consideration for me is will you be there if I need you. Because my attitude is that's the litmus test if you're there when I need you. That's terrific and if you're not. Goodbye stranger it's just the way it works. I needed a doctor home would over the weekend he was there big time so thank you doctor Paul home one. And a true professional and a man rule obviously go out of his way to do the right thing and thanks again doctor Paul. Home. Are right let's say I think you just likes looking in my eyes. You'll find them -- attractive don't have. A Christmas catching -- quick glance -- A every hazel eyes you know many people have hazel eyes -- my brother and my daughter yeah. Oh that's you do you know to -- -- -- was fairly rare you know not know off -- -- -- change -- As well as they approach things the same time that's all I care about. I -- -- here's a story now Michael Salem. Is -- -- a terrific football player and he is about to answered the NFL draft. When the draft comes up this spring he's hoping to be drafted so he decides I better get something out of the way because at the Senior -- I was surprised. That a lot of people know about it and that is the fact that he's -- Now it shouldn't be a big deal no matter what it it I guess it can be a big deal if you're the type that wants to have. Instant judgment on other people about some malevolent -- kinda guy. And -- it means nothing to me if he complaint employed in the should be you know be drafted and beat him play Catholic. They're not gonna do we're being gay but to give you an idea a good ideas here's a scouting report on them okay. This is the scouting report. On on no Michael -- The pros are college defensive end who is trying to make the transition to outside linebacker. Shows good pass rush ability and a quick first step and good technique. Plays well as an -- defender using his own hands to get off a block and make a play. He'll have to play in a 34 scheme and be more of a rush linebacker so those of that's the pro. The cons the negatives. He has some initial quickness but does not redirect -- block well. And struggles on the play cuts back does not play well in space is a little slow to change direction. Struggles in coverage and -- zone awareness. And so those are the basically the scouting report but I can tell you give your name is somebody. Who was quoted extensively. In this article in the USA today and that is a former. Bills general manager Bill -- Snowballing as quoted about about him. And quoted votes whether you'll be drafted or not and when in the next half hour -- get back into this. We will tell you a Bill Polian says but from what I just described. Bill Polian says quote those kinds of players are in short supplies. So as I said the NFL really cares about winning it's all about winning winning is everything. Part -- bar -- It set up not. We're winning isn't the only thing and everything I just I got up. Write it down have a plaque made okay. But as you you'll get a giant contract or not get a giant contract a winning. You'll be fire employed depending on winning it's all about winning and you can -- guy and his team that can help you win. I think that's going to be the first second and third consideration. The fact that he's gay. I mean come on look at the calendar -- over. And I don't think it's going to be a problem 803 on on 3018061692. Through six and started thirty or come back we'll take your calls.

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