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Reaction to Michael Sam

Feb 10, 2014|

Outcome Buffalo's Tim Moran

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Tim Moran is against publisher outcome buffalo buffalo is gay newspaper. The story we're talking about Missouri all American Michael Sam he says he's gay and the defensive and could become the first openly gay player. In the NFL. But Tim good morning thanks for joining us. Thanks you know a lot of our FaceBook followers this morning are commenting saying that this shouldn't be a big deal but it is so let me ask you is -- a big deal. Well the big deal because of the cultural significance. But -- remember that he was voted MVP by his teammates after the million so in this case. So I think it's been the big deal for him because he has to live his life as a that the person possibly. What -- in your opinion why do you think it was so important for Michael -- To make of sexual preferences public I mean why not keep it to themselves. Well when -- well when you're trying to make soup -- becoming true realization of who you wanna be the best that you can be. I just heavy heavy burden to have to keep this secret to go through like changing -- around when everybody else can talk about who they love it. And -- -- -- family and who their children are or were brought or husband or wife or girl probably prior. Do you think that the because of this we're likely to see more players come out players that may already be in the NFL. I think this would be a big deal ominous specifically because he is an African American player and the African American community often times. Is the toughest place to be a gay person because the cultural and and religious overtones that force -- person to be some on the apps. But I think. It's inevitable that that people were Michael's generation. I'm coming out because they are more comfortable with not a big deal. Your normal to -- -- -- restraint. -- his teammates of Missouri must have a high degree of respect for him. He told them about this a while back way back in August we understand and nobody Iran to the news media with the story. Yeah I guess he yell at times and quite frankly this issue and on all levels in the opinion I think I am. The power struggle that there are gay players that many people know I know. Former Buffalo Bills that we had to engage not openly. But I know that. And sending this happens when somebody is -- they're trying to be -- distinct reddish you know that he could come out. -- expected guilty you know any impact at draft time when when it's you know his -- is is about to come up. Because -- general managers and coaches of both teams are actually you know evolved and and and -- -- people. Smart GM this -- to go to look at this. They're not gonna let their own personal prejudices and and bigotry. Interfere with the job right now you have first team all American in the end just from. The FCC which is probably the -- the -- the most competitive conference and -- well. So Tom if they'd get paid you know ignore him and don't get they have a need for clearly came in don't -- -- is. Why should football fans accept this and move on. Because it's part of the human condition and mrs. civilization. Where. All men are created able. Tim we're glad you could join us thank you get -- YouTube that's Tim Moran is the publisher. -- outcome buffalo.