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College Football Player "Comes Out"

Feb 10, 2014|

Mark Kelso

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

As we've been telling news throughout the morning in Missouri all American Michael samples -- college football star he has announced he is gay. The 250 pound defensive end could become. Look first openly homosexual in the National Football League let's talk about it our guest on the WB online -- mark Kelso. The former Buffalo Bills defensive back at free safety and now a member of the Buffalo Bills broadcast in hi mark. Morning guys so they're -- it. Mark in the back of your mind. Written honestly it is thought about a scenario like this eventually popping up was that bound to happen. And it isn't a big deal. Well patriots that is the first question is is -- -- short spelled out and then secondly I don't think it's a big deal. I think there's also a response to the situation appropriate. You know took quite honestly like I care but guys who haven't teammates enormous integrity and that a buyer and Ballard and and humility and if if you have teammates like that they have an opportunity to have a good club and it's more about his ability and in the kind of character. It's gonna determine whether or not he's been able to secure roster spot. Mark you where you play for the bills you're in the locker -- -- tech team camaraderie and how will this be received. By teammates. Yeah yeah I I I -- you know it's that this -- that -- again Rodney. They were man of their word. It didn't work they were courageous men who are in -- turned -- -- -- that. But that -- work. Where. Things in the end and put themselves aligned sometime in the head injuries that they bring music play within. -- can jeopardize the long term political marketplace they're Gingrich and those in the the character -- -- guys a lot from I take quite frankly don't think it had any impact locker room. He knows you want to look at -- -- -- around either you know we're gonna have your back when you're out there on the field -- And I think those -- the things -- can determine whether or not again whether or not he has a roster spot and fell -- I don't think it will factor you know distressed assets and anywhere you ever think. The celts in the film work that he's he's done and in the body of work he put the other. That the universe -- the -- -- and determine where is typical in the draft. Mark -- -- point blank with a guy like Richie and card you know he was with the Miami Dolphins and accept the player. Like Michael said. Good at that point like it's hard for me to answer that I don't know -- like you know personally I mean. Some of the things that were reported that it happened in Miami would not have no luck that I played and are certainly. Because we wouldn't have we guys a lot from that will not permit it happening I don't know all the because of that situation so. Excess certainly don't know what you -- -- you know that government and people here in buffalo put. And -- -- he is or how political circumstances arise. -- -- -- I mean obviously the locker -- are different like don't speak a little experience what I expect and teammates -- what I feel it. That the -- guys play or in my career what is expected in. -- of their teammates and how they would be extra things so lineup I'm kind of beacon to those things and -- who speak about about this there are scenarios that I really don't have much information about. -- now knowing he's an all American defensive and I mean there's certain teams are cities that he's more likely to go to than others in the draft. Well again I think and there and here in the NFL Europe also -- about Pete's sake I think what -- say it was. Listen Israel on very appropriate on its ability to. Determination that they kept your Turkey as a young man in the middle of the word in -- -- -- the great work ethic. It is going to be there for his teammates and a certain. -- outstanding athletic. And virtually his career that it universe in Oregon and I think that those that things that -- -- yeah -- think they're gonna consider. -- those situations or situations. So there because it is. Determining whether or not to get addressed the show where there and -- rosters out of it and it's a bit but isn't there -- -- And again it it was some work and is gonna come out there and have a tremendous work ethic and you can do those things and learn that I think and that that's the that think they're -- determine whether or not he can play any of the well. And margins and also boiled down to this is this just another uncomfortable hurdle. That's needed to be cleared and pulled out all the ways we can move on with life. Whether it's our professional lives -- socialized or life from the National Football League. I -- will -- go to comparable at all I mean it's. Against the editor's note that 98 players that made mention that there. You know they're orientation. You know again those things don't concern me as player and and I don't I don't think don't they concern -- -- as a club -- You know those -- the editors. They have camaraderie in the locker room there's no question about that but the thing to determine the camaraderie it's. Is again at pyramid at your work you're going to be and besides you get -- you that you -- when they're on the field if they know the and you can do anything to help you group performance that helped -- moved forward. And it. And in -- Ricci Google which as a as a as a team and their organizations so I think those looking at it from there. And -- -- -- club and that are that are off field issues primarily. That that other people are concerned about. OK mark good to talk review this morning we thank you for your time. YouTube thus mark also a member of the Buffalo Bills broadcasting.