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Market Look Back; Look Ahead

Feb 10, 2014|

Jill Schlesinger

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Chills less engineers here this morning CBS news senior business analyst and host of Jill on money. Sudanese foreign -- six on WB and Jill good morning good morning -- make way for Janet Yellen I don't know yet. And know what coming out party you're right I mean he's got a good Danny give her semiannual testimony before a senate and house subcommittee. And -- thing about the sick on the heels of that it's weird jobs report where. On one hand it was really stinky only a 113 thousand jobs added but the unemployment rate did go down and it finally damp for the right reason so. I think it ms. yellen is going to have a really interesting time this particular testimony because so much is at stake here with the Fed. Pulling back a lot of their stimulus plans. Jill does gently yelling get those so called honeymoon period as chair of the Federal Reserve. How much time will the traditional naysayers give her. I think about it thirty up because I think there's so much at stake in I think if you're somebody who really needed Bernanke you're coming into this -- her she was the vice chair during the Bernanke. -- the last part of the Bernanke your she was one of the people who really did help craft this policy called quantitative easing -- bond buying. And she was really you know I have a picnic and intellectual part Arab Bernanke -- For folks who really didn't like Bernanke they're gonna just -- hate on for her already and it's not going to be pleasant when he gets tested you know questions from those lawmakers. On the other hand. You know there is going to be some idea here that if you did -- -- making you thought these policies were good. That you're gonna say OK she's more of the same were happy with that says she gets sort of the good and bad of the Bernanke legacy did that she's pretty much sticking with the game plan I would totally an avid -- changing much now look he. If things start to deteriorate when I mean by that is -- all the sudden we see the economy's down shifting and major way. And it would have to be probably for the next monsters. Then perhaps at the march meeting the Federal Reserve could. Potentially. Say okay we're changing our policies -- were slowing down the withdrawal of stimulus that you do lots of things but. Right now based on the last six weeks of data which -- not great but not horrible idea that you're gonna make any change. Have you seen internationally she capable of letting all those cross examination bounce off her. Well I handle -- ILE. Come -- and handling it not to lots of act hacks in general over the last say. 25 years whether it's in academia or as a Federal Reserve official in San Francisco at at that. Vice chair was just thing -- I thought he did a really good job during her when you know they were. See whether she -- passes. As the dictionary when she got peppered with questions that seemed to me that she handled it quite well what we're looking for of course those of us who follow the stuff that you see if she gets. You know kind of loses a little bit -- Alan Greenspan would sort of like bubbles roll his eyes practically at the law makers and then talk gobbledygook and they couldn't understand what it was say in the that left them alone. -- would really nice and he really entertained every single question let's. She does let's see if she's got has a little bit of a shorter fuse that would be more interesting to see. Especially Islamic -- don't tend as the smartest question yeah that'll be fun to watch -- asked are you while watching the Olympics -- And -- Aaron little credit on another network for me that's very difficult and thought I guy that -- I don't. A big fan of women's ice hockey so all over. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Could help me be a curler. Down the line I'm not sure but like it's a very vigorous motion and I think that need to be that could have been violent export. Larry your closet curler down I think I could -- -- -- closet as a curler on a day right now -- your air the fact. To go to one okay. I thought for you is going to be that that one where they they -- a little bit and then they they shoot. They pick up their nerve guns and searching I love that the by apple on that -- -- to me is like I don't hold guns at all so you know I'm a complete in missiles so I first a cross country skiing is really hard. And I've never shot -- got divorced so forget about that -- -- it will put you down for curling thanks man. Have a good week take care -- -- your CBS news senior business analyst.