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Westchester Co. Exec Rob Astorino

Feb 9, 2014|

on his possible run against Gov. Cuomo or even Donald Trump

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WBG and 9:30 AM as buffalo as for the mills. It's hard line on news radio 930 WB in the morning this is they've -- Westchester County executive rob asked to Reno is with us earlier this week he formed an exploratory committee. To look at the possibility of running for governor against Andrew Cuomo as a Republican. This against the backdrop of course of discussion that Donald Trump may also be in the race but only if there is no primary distressed arena thanks for joining us. Real good glad you're here does the exploratory and I think I know the answer this but I need to hear we hear you sick -- it helps illustrate the story. Does the exploratory committee mean you're running. It means that we just took her another formal step forward and that allowed us to in technical terms open up the bank account you know. To start raising money at the gubernatorial levels if and when we do it but. You have to get a jump started these kind of things so. It was filed with the board of elections. I mean I think it's an indication certainly that where we're going. But to open up the bank account too much now what makes sense. What do you still have to decide personally before you can step out there and say yes I'm running. One in Orange County right now we just spoke to the art care he -- Republicans have their big breakfast they'll be in the Bronx in there about two hours work. They're breakfast and a couple of other events today and around the you know New York City hockey valley area I'll be in Boone county at the end of this month in the southern tier of the start -- back. In Western New York often. I you know -- this is a great. Thing for -- to go through that sweet talk to different people in all parts of the -- the one common theme though David I'm hearing is that people are really struggling. You know Governor Cuomo said at Western New York is booming. I in his state of the state and then literally an hour after that Moody's came out with a report saying. That the Western New York currently has completely stalled you know you don't need anyone from buffalo changed -- Rochester or anyone else. Like to know that that's true. So there's a lot of things that I'm hearing from everyday people from Democrats and business people obviously from Republicans. That. You know things are are not good not the way the governor is portraying them. And you're just continue to sort tinker around the edges and try to get some good headlines with a house of cards ready for balance. An economy that is just stopped. Is not helping the working class middle class people that we need to put back to work. That's a message of taking as you said to those other places along the way are you meeting with county chairs try and get the support going is there a tipping point. Is there -- tipping point after which you say okay have so many county chairman. On board that I can now say I am running. We -- we have that and I feel very comfortable that we have. Enough for the county cheers and support from around the state that we would. At the very least worst scenario qualify for the ballot in best case scenario is get 50% plots to win the nomination. As I've said to you know no matter what Donald Trump ultimately decides to do and I'm gonna make my decision no matter what he does you know he runs that's great we can have a oh primaries that would bring out the ideas in both of us agree that Governor Cuomo has to go and so. We would -- be focusing on how we would turn this -- around and present their ideas and that's great is that. You know the the party people decide not the party bosses decide so that's that's a healthy process I'm not afraid of that and that's a good thing. Donald Trump has said he doesn't want that primary while while you would obviously disagree with him. -- who the candidates should be the year agree with him on the idea that primary would be a bad thing. Not necessarily. You know primary doesn't allow people to pay attention to the candidates do. Do you better represents their party let the best ideas that sometimes has excitement to a race we are sometimes they would -- the early stages. So I'm not afraid of a primary anyway I've been in primaries you know they -- sometimes help the and again you know look we would all like everything to be -- -- on a silver platter you know I had a list of a hundred demands and unless the role that I'm not gonna think about running that that can be is not. The political process you know you get out he get around the state which is a good thing by the -- to be stuck on Fifth Avenue and you're. Office or in my case stuck in light planes in Westchester County you don't get this year with different points of view. And -- areas of the state are very different you know with a lot of different needs. It's -- and you just pure politics you have jets fans who I am a giant stands and around here at Buffalo Bills and where you are right so there. We're you know we're a different state in many ways are all under one flag. But Western New York it's hurting and you know some of the cranes that are opera on the lake. It's a good thing but that's private investment that is comparable than those guys that certainly those guys -- -- some some really exciting things. You know just throw away and state money and and hope that happens. It is necessary the idea is that short term solution. Making it better for everybody attracting business in a real way. That will without. You know without the state throwing money around it doesn't have that's what they're bring back Western New York. Took it to the prominence of what what what was it and people want to work people wanna get back to work they they want to good jobs this family and the kids. That can happen again but it's not gonna happen under the policy. I want to follow up always said earlier about how many county chairman do you think you have support from. My understanding is to get on the ballot with a -- we would need 25%. Therefore if you get 75%. You're kind of excluding other people from the ballot where you know you're fifty you say. You know I don't wanna bubble is that I'm very confident that. We are somewhere between 25 point 75% I'll put it that way it was right there I think we're comfortable range. And by convention time you think you'll have the numbers to avert a primary. Oh yeah I think so but look at you know if Donald Trump or anyone else is thinking of running -- step forward. Basic -- with state he should meet with chairs meet with everyday people means that the party chairs who can determine. Who gets elected you know it that's part of the process for the Republican primary the Conservative Party. But it's the everyday people the small business owners who are struggling it's. You know teachers and firefighters and police officers to. Are struggling it's everybody. In this state was gonna determine who gets elected governor and that's people on meeting with. What if you don't get enough support to run and there is no alternative no Donald Trump. Do you do you see a scenario under which the Republican Party could be left holding the bag and have a difficulty finding anyone to challenge Andrew Cuomo. I don't think so now we've got great candidates. Often down this state we really do we want some great races. Obviously your -- legislature what to Republican for the first time since they think Moses and Jesus were around. That -- then that's great news we've got and being in tune in to a democratic county talent. A new mayor Republican. Westchester Rockland orange dutchess Putnam counties all Republicans fourteen of the eighteen county executive in New York -- Republican. We've got a great. Great lineup and bench. And a lot of people could step forward and -- If you think you'd be a better candidate than trump why not announce your candidacy tomorrow and and effectively scare them off. -- out there. No it's not about scaring off the stuff being ready it's about making shorts the right thing to do. And being ready and once we are ready that we will go it doesn't matter who -- -- -- wanna get it. -- and straightforward little -- Governor Cuomo. And there goes straight to the people and let them know what we stand for and why -- Just like in Westchester which is it to a democratic county a billion people very similarly here he. We won in 2009. We upset the world when nobody thought it could be done we were outspent all that kind of stuff. Don't just Ryan again in November and won by thirteen point margin we cut property taxes we you know cut the workforce a little bit the right way. We have a good credit rating for the highest New York State. So we're doing -- thing that was supposed to do in Westchester we turnaround county. And almost 30000 private sector jobs were created in Westchester in the last four years one of the highest. Increases and certainly the lowest unemployment rates in all of New York. So we turned it around Westchester that can be turned around New York State. We are almost out of time -- as quickly as you could answer this. If Donald Trump declares tomorrow that doesn't change your opinion you say right. Now if I'm Iran I'm gonna run it won't destroy -- primary and what's your time for an. -- next couple weeks later all right mr. guests Reno thanks for joining us this morning. That's Westchester County executive rob asked to Reno with the latest on his plans to run against Andrew Cuomo or possibly even Donald Trump.