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Feb 9, 2014|

on words between State GOP Chair Ed Cox & Donald Trump

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's hard line -- news radio 930 WB and good morning this is Dave -- Coming up at twelve moon noon it's Meet the Press one of the things they're looking at of course is the report from the Congressional Budget Office this week. I'm job losses as a result of Health Care Reform and obamacare for the balance of our program before that comes your way we're gonna talk a little bit about state politics specifically. The battle that seems to be brewing and even heated up this week between Westchester County executive rap master Reno who's talked about may be wanting to run for governor. And developer Donald Trump who is sort of also flirted with the idea. A week ago Friday trump was in buffalo for big fundraising dinner with the county republicans' trump has often said he won't run for governor. If he has to face -- to Reno or anyone in a primary. And while a lot would have to be decided between now and a convention so far it seems to be that state party chair Ed -- is advancing asked to Reno. Others are pushing trump. Now can be told at that dinner Cox and trump did have some boards with each other. The -- was Friday Ken Lovett wrote about it in the New York Daily News this past week on Monday and he's with us now from Albany -- thanks for joining us good. What did the two say at Cox on one side of the room Donald Trump on the other sources tell you who. Apparently Cox who's getting trump was getting up ready to go after a dinner at after the fund -- -- was a private dinner with a bunch of local GOP leaders. Cox was there. And then cut trouble getting ready to go Cox said is that -- instead we don't want a primary and Cox said nobody wants -- primary. To which -- turned around and that really had that's the first comment -- -- -- say something like that. Yeah trump said -- and cockpit now I think we have two good candidates. And his of them why did you do 27000. To rob -- doing enough to its -- then send it. I do that tomb before where are you obligated to them you're in the liberation. Trump was kind of silent then what really went off on. Ed Cox who believe they're staying. You know you don't know how to win statewide. Cox said well we did good local races and he goes you're talking about the counties not statewide you have been one -- wise. It was ten. That statewide team is something that trump has said in interviews before. In his speech here in buffalo he's basically making the case that in order for the Republicans to be unified against Andrew Cuomo. That there cannot be a primary and that they need to be aggressive and hit the ground running now and then a lot of his team then goes on to say Cox isn't aggressive enough. Is this the first time that we know of that the two of said that directly to each other. Yeah as far as I know it is and it cuts merlot confirmed the conversation. And -- well -- -- start the discussion of the role of the state party and we'll have more discussions moving forward. Now this past week had developed even further. From what I understand a top Cox aid is now leaving the state Republican committee to go and help us to -- with his exploratory committee. Yes and they say that that happens. Nothing to do with any kind of support from the state party -- the reality is a lot of Republicans still do not believe. The Donald Trump will get in the race they're skeptical even people who support the idea and we say that they would back trump. You know even the number of those hey I'm actually gonna do it but if he does -- them. So. The feeling is that you know for a lot of people they've heard this before or whether it was for governor for president of the United States. They never materialized. Certainly those close to -- keep saying no he seriously considering it. -- states should play out in the next couple weeks. Now your paper is New York City based you -- Albany based. Up here I wonder if the lands we -- through is is different. A lot of the support and a lot of the organization that's pushing trump to run. Is based here so we're seeing a lot of that. It is a state wide is the support. Is the support there beyond two Western New York. Well certainly. It goes down to Syracuse and I'm sure as Donald Trump said I -- seriously it's a serious about running. They would have to be a lot of support for that you know statewide I think you know that he's well known even though is favorable numbers according to the latest poll. Was pretty bad day at fifty -- 57%. Use them unfavorably. -- light pole and most people know who years. But he's got a lot of money you can you know the governor himself -- 33 million. 33 point three so you really can't discount that he can't discount that is the celebrity that he's certainly. Would be able to give the government run for his money actually you know really is starting from ground up. Other than his home -- not a lot of people know who he is he doesn't have a lot of money. So sure a couple of series I think -- would be more support but I think a lot of people feel this is a publicity. Grabbed by the by the -- Rob mastering those exploratory committee I think came out I'm was it Tuesday of this week did trump responded anyway and say. Why don't care I'm still pushing ahead. Yeah -- -- people Michael Coleman and his top aides told me this nothing to do then I think he hasn't announced. You know basically and it really technically an exploratory committee and in a lot of us including myself. Portrayed it that way. That's that's journalistic shorthand but it technically is just fundraising is -- Well -- technically it's an actual committee that if he runs for governor. But it allows him now to -- at the higher levels. That a governor graves and so. Now he's gonna get serious about fundraising Nokia money is coming in and -- have to make a decision most people feel. He's gonna run he said he is leaning toward running but certainly if he -- certainly find that there's no money there the support not there have been a bit then the Republicans in trouble -- have come to the run. So this lets him move ahead but it doesn't commit him. It doesn't commit him he said he expects to make the formal decision. By the end of February and now some people of that wind. Either called. -- -- And then maybe this is something can happen when you're on them. -- via a -- mystery you'll be with us and about 510 minutes here. Some people -- -- that either called -- bluff. And say you know what. It's if you -- running then and if he says I'm definitely in that I am not running. And she would trump does then because most people -- -- by another reason to get out but I know some of that between those people feel that they make them look week. The other alternative is what I just announced now why not just a moment. -- that effectively not because he's running he's not gonna run so why not put an end to it now appear asked -- But in this regard forming an exploratory committee doesn't bumped from Pope or say. Now he says now I mean I think the words I am running. Theoretically would -- trump ballot but no we haven't heard that from either side yet. And to what degree can we take at Cox's words to the bank. That he -- my primary either he might not want trump to be the anointed one he might want asked to Reno to be the anointed one but do you think that the party is at least. On board with the idea of not having a primary here. Yeah I don't think anybody for the Republicans want to primary got a tough race against Cuomo but you know. One thing that topped keeps saying now trump is basically said that kind. I don't want any you know I wanna clear path to the nomination. You know Cox who said. Well -- want you we don't want a primary either but that could be decided at convention in May. How much of this and up possibly. And I know we're speculating here. But based on what you've seen before. Cool would this be decided before may or is there than a floor flight a floor fight rather at the convention. No I mean my thinking I don't think anyone has the stomach for that right now. But billions of -- really serious he will come out then he will say I am running and I have the you know I have X percent of the vote. Yeah I think -- emotion get out effectively you know. Says I'm running. I think you'll keep trump get out pretty quickly I think by the end of the month probably although we thought it would be early this month so it's you know they've extended out a little bit but I think in March. The apprentice comes backs so intense publicity he's -- All right turn up. Ten thanks for joining us good stuff this morning. You to. That's Ken -- the Albany bureau chief of the New York Daily News talking a little bit about the back and forth between rob asked Reno and Donald Trump.