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Erie Co. Legislator Patrick Burke- No ECC expanison in Amherst?

Feb 9, 2014|

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There's something else that happened this week that I think we need to get to. It is something that came up in the county legislature and it's been kicked around for awhile. Where should Erie community college expand. 8030930s. Number may be a student there or or just someone who lives either an Amherst Orchard Park or downtown. And you'd like to see. All of them consolidated in one campus the argument goes. That that's where the most need for job training is that the county could certainly benefit if it got rid of the other two campuses because that's develop global land. On the other side of the equation three campuses they say make sense because. You have people in Amherst that needs the services there you have people in Orchard Park that need the services there. And especially another factor in that they look at and that discussion. Is the idea that Erie county residents are now going to and triple C in Niagara county if you had a better building a better facilities in the Amherst point of view. You'd be able to keep those students from going over the border. So this summing -- get kicks around every now and then we haven't done it here on this program. But this week it was brought up in the Erie county legislature one more time. New legislator Patrick Burke decided he'd like to try and maybe hold up some of the funding. For the new science building on the north campus he's wading into the debate he's saying basically we do need to try and see. If we can use these resources to consolidate in downtown buffalo. And legislative Burke is here now with us on the WB a -- -- thanks for joining us there. Unhappy to be here thanks -- I don't know if I summer and there are summarized to properly tell me. What you want to see happen and what you proposed this week. Yeah I think he touched on most of it I think my resolutions really spoke to. That should cost investment that is gonna go -- BCC north. They based a lot of the talk of the James C. Sudden that they dead. And there's a ton of inaccuracies in this study my biggest concern years as we invest the thirty million dollar building -- BCC north. He commits us to keep seeing our long term. And we have and I analyzed how much it actually in the process to rebuild that campus. Leaders ACC in your account and also. The buildings are falling apart so it's gonna process. 300000500. Million dollars to reinvest in north I think we should certainly know that before we just start putting up. You know one building another building to put on the pockets scenes. To me is that that's kind of the way government has gone here in your account for the last sixty years we just do one thing. Without thinking about the long term consequences. I don't want that to be another historic blunder that we're -- -- in and twenty years factor is. -- -- -- You advocate for holding the money and not spending at the seven point five to expand the north campus. Well. There's there's it's it's -- complicated matter and so that deeper than that help. So New York State is paying for fifteen million dollars for the project. You're -- for seven point five and -- 10% -- five east peace he has yet to -- there full seven point five million dollars for the project. So we're spending money without -- having the money to complete the project and the other the other factor here is that. This is only the first phase of the project this is an actually almost sixty million dollar project that requires another bill building new book for the effective. So we don't have the money for the first -- We haven't planned to have money for the second phase but we're just gonna do it anyway now knowing how much it's gonna cost of long term to reinvest completely in seeking north. It is for me it just doesn't make sense I mean I'm -- I'm a Democrat and also fiscal conservative you don't just close your eyes and spend money without knowing we're going. So this past Tuesday put forth a resolution what happened. If it was voted down. -- -- -- -- We we expected that but it also brought up the conversation again which I thought it was an incredibly important. That it's not responsible government. We don't know we're doing and we we're we're not planning appropriately. A lot of arguments that have been made charge facts. This is receivers over the issue. Just aren't accurate one the chart critic is an issue for the municipalities -- -- them the -- that. Charge Jack being the check back being the extra money that. That is given to Niagara county community college when folks from the north towns go there. Right we we basically paid. Are the depth portion hurt your county pays a portion than they deliver that costs aren't the minister tell -- where that student lived. So it's an issue but it's also an issue of of of how we -- he's being run the that the campuses are. Not good shape it's not a unified system it's basically three campuses. We're -- it is now and where and intricacies is very focused and and has good program. And the other -- think we if we build one building -- she north. It doesn't stop that flow so when people are ardent church -- arguing we need to completely -- rebuild and early ECC north. And we've stolen all the costs so and so an argument kind of get befuddled and and obviously there there's certain interest at heart. I'm just yet as a incoming legislators someone who came in. As an independent candidate who who really didn't do for anyone I can come and look at this issue objectively and say hey does this is right. So far you're argument has been. Financial one that we shouldn't be throwing money after a campus that that might happy outcome of the matching funds. And and and put a stake in the ground and and bad investment you're saying. Is there a broader philosophical argument for you about the fact that it should be consolidated downtown. -- actually I would I would say. I pressures started and first I think the question should be do we really should we have a three campus system as appropriate and that's so goes back the costs as well. I was looking at operating costs how would you -- is accustomed to operate three campuses is that the best way to run run the system I don't think it is. -- -- The city of buffalo having sort of rebirth this you're counting you can see do we wanna be a part of that or do wanna go the other way in and support. You know advancing sprawl policy which I think. Kill all of us I think they heard the city I think that they are the suburbs acre farm in rural towns and I think it's just it's bad for all of us. On the Internet that Burgos my brother fought -- and how. Our local government should be operated. What about the folks that in Amherst would have to drive further to downtown what about the folks that in Orchard Park would have to drive further to downtown. Doesn't -- three campus system serve. The people of the county better in that regard. Sure -- I mean -- -- steps are you so popular and should split everything up to facilitate ease of but driving for every little thing. That's all government should be run one in space it's probably extremely costly and expensive to do it this way. To I think people who live in Amherst and people of an Orchard Park. Understand that they live and you know the suburban town and they want the state suburban and there at -- -- into another concern actors that we are. Are making tempers honestly see our competitor to buffalo. This is that we have that we need shrunk or we need help these suburbs and strong rural farming community and that's -- the policies c.s are dancing. I I imagine maybe some people in -- arch RY easy commute but we also don't senator policies of your counting. Based on just easy commute for a couple folks I mean you can go both ways on an argument turns. He's seeking north almost half the students are from people well you know a lot of people have to -- out TPC mark. Then there you know they're going to night classes that he you know the buses and a certain time they're stranded they can't get back home because of buses and before. Before the class system there there's other actors -- those arguments that. I think really just. Trying to be objectives set back from that and say is that a good policy is financially responsible. You know and then what are we doing here. Then this doesn't reflect at all on the validity of your arguments but I wonder if you just raising them too -- county executive -- on cars is in favor of the new building. County executive Chris -- before him in favor of the new building. ECC onboard with the new building the state onboard with the new building. Hasn't this train left the station you just trying to two run down the tracks chasing it. I don't think so cause like this. You see he has to raise money for the project. And we've got we've had been that this happened before you know best pro was supposed to be a done deal. And that can happen if that was definitely went through. Look what better -- done for the -- inner -- awful -- kind of this this monstrosity of a project. You don't you know I think most people are happy that didn't go through. And indeed need the idea that this it has consensus is just not true. In a letter to. Jack Quinn. Republican marker yesterday senator workers' party and then. Democrat assemblyman Sam -- rural letter. Premature -- in the same concerns that I had. So I don't I don't think it's and then you had done deal. -- also don't forget this is only the first phase of the project this is that you know there's the second phase another thirty million dollars that we don't have yet. That that there has he brought this conversation because. It's kind of half hearted really truthful citizens thirty million dollar project not to to sixty million dollar project. 8030930s a number -- we can squeeze a couple calls in before we let after -- we're going to. He's an Erie county legislator who this week followed up on a campaign promised basically to say. We need to reexamine this we need to look at the idea. Whether or not or expanding the Amherst campus of -- TC at the expense of growth that he feels should be better in the city. 8030930. Pat tell me and -- well we'll try to squeeze a few calls and your -- quickly though what happens next you raised this they voted down. Again train left the station how do you keep raising the issue. Well I mean that that. Will that. Can determine we'll see acknowledge submit another resolution and -- voted one resolution down calling for. You know I kind of holding of these phones. I could certainly need assuming another resolution and so from going to do that I think the conversations and sparked again. My I think there has to -- and again. I I could've at least done when I was going to do and and brought the point it's not done because -- my -- their approach to be built so. Let's see what happens we'll see -- where the conversation goes but I'm certainly leaving the the possibility of continuing the issue going but I kinda wanna see real historic first. I'm glad you're sharing your time it's taking over a longer that I thought it would let's bringing a couple of quick calls him though analysts and evaluate. Jim on the east side you're on with Patrick Burke. Hello I assume you're speaking to me that is you -- yeah nobody's mentioned at UCC. It hit an 18% graduation rate. I have. For adult children to admire county community college -- -- -- these -- I once he's he's -- for three semesters by bus from buffalo it was on our -- -- It seems to me is a master of urban planning that you're feeding and white light that. The created these two at least three competing campuses to begin with. And like your comments thanks. -- I wasn't sure what the question was as mr. -- as far as having the campuses that are kind of for proponent sprawl and when play was at -- exactly three campuses propel white flight. Sure sure that I think. And so he's speaking it was viewed the original campus simply that there was the first -- certain bank and 53 and there. And I think that's when a lot of these these these. -- building projects were happening this. You know I didn't. -- you know -- you -- in -- putting and then you know leader putting the the -- stadium in Orchard Park. Now I guess yes -- mean -- play with a reality. Whether consciously. Developed. Probably kind of it you know has a student of political science -- -- didn't. And it did happen. In India I think I think ever spoken to admit the sprawling hate I hate to make -- -- racial issue you know maybe on some levels. A kind of pock marked the points of a strong on this and you know the finances and of just planning. Of how we're developing city and inner suburbs -- -- and -- rural community. All right let's try to squeeze one more in my -- my -- go ahead. Yes sir I attitude sort of entered. Interject that's when she -- first opened. You're -- -- voters county tactical institute called. I've. I want their from the city island city and -- her bosses. A pay people for writes I got there anyway good. -- -- to take -- all the way down the university of buffalo on Bailey and I believe. -- -- -- until there -- no problem. But he kept on the outskirts right now. Most all of me your parents anyway so why can't they take their boxes down town in and see how err I mean take their -- downtown and see what why what the problem it's as -- kids in this city 50% of have to take buses or. Get their way out -- the outfitters I think this is some kind of like hidden political agenda some more because nobody seems to -- answered a question. You're you you're arguing that kids have cars we don't need three campuses anymore. No we don't need -- campus -- anymore but it's Matt -- to give the kids who most likely don't view tires. Go through all of this stuff that I needed to do when I was going there. Whereas where is why should we -- the -- that I should we invest our money to a campus that's falling apart right now. Suburban kids can drive the others shouldn't have to do the reverse commute. By the NF TA pat what do you say. Why again I don't wanted to be this. Anti suburban thing wonders how constituency for for UC students -- I'm getting calls from the -- seeking north alumni association attacking me about my my my position on this I don't think there's a large constituency. But I don't think -- there's -- certainly moral argument about about you know the the policy situation of a half the city kids going up to north. And the challenges they face in an article -- percent up -- that kind of personally handing the owner I would I I went. He -- -- And I had a two classes that city campus from and one in north it was it was horrible taking -- -- -- trying to get there and get back. It wasn't fun and I could see why it would. In dissuade students -- it and that's been turned up and that's have to consider going to UCC. Tickets -- didn't couldn't do that well in and I won't have to agree to a ticket to. Don't have the money so they're trying to save money it's it's. People trying to go back to you know they're they're working adults trying to get certification and the fourth position an assortment of types of folks. So there's so many -- going to come into this but you know we're talking about forming in the -- Do those four groups really. Really hit you know large enough to to talk what dorms. I think most of the things were tuchman is at these kids there -- large bid to people in the city and the that are going to north and if we have a quality campus in the city that's probably. What's most beneficial to them and it was more about beneficial to everybody so that we're sitting -- not spending. All sorts of money on and you know these this large. Government's system basically three camps is that that probably not necessary. All right Patrick -- thanks for joining us today. It that's democratic legislator Patrick births that Burke rather of south of buffalo he had called this week for hold on spending for the new science building BCC. It to get voted down the debate is starting percolate once again.