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2-7 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

Feb 7, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You know the interesting thing. About the vehicles. You know we had Gary asked. Hour two hours ago and I gotta -- the BBC buffalo Beatles connection. They actually do a better job lie. No we're a man that The Beatles did in Japan. Now if you're from the soul of The Beatles in Japan. Paul McCartney -- microphone. That drifted on him. If you're performer. You know exactly what was going on McCartney's mind. That's because he'd save the Mike would drift over to his right. He'd say it would drift was right -- just it would drift to his right. And I don't think you're feeling particularly well in Japan where they were doing their concert I don't think it was a on the back concert more than. But yet there's that is their argument -- dad might stay. And that didn't do a lot of live shows after they made to date. But right now. Well -- we need to do we need to check in with traffic because it's one of those Fridays where we've got a lot of -- get all over the place here is Alan Russell Allen. And we don't win and show situation fort that I windchill advisory. Oddly enough when -- single digit -- win it and she'll. It was -- below -- so bundle up and again folks that sometimes it's easy -- going out when you're not actually. That we cannot. Work mode you're more -- that relaxed mode is an easy to forget that. The road conditions with blowing snow all of this consistency. Can be Betty Betty Betty slippery so I've just got to use your common sense and obviously you don't wanna overly and -- get behind the wheel. Idol now Kimberly drink actually -- my argument anyway yes because I'm perfect and have no prices whatsoever. All right let's get back Caroline in should talk about The Beatles arrived in the United States fifty years ago today. Ed Sullivan their first live TV appearance in the United States. And folks it changed people's lives we talked to Gary from my BBC earlier I know what changed my brother's life forever except the direction. Of isn't tiger. Seriously. And it wouldn't surprise me that asked Paul part about it I see them frequently. A number of Paul but I'm sure that if it weren't for Ringo Starr Paul bargain. You never would have heard of Paul -- of the drug. Or -- -- you know the guitar player or Billy Sheehan the bass player tell you might not ever heard -- we took -- her it expects. Course you wouldn't hurt to catch a guy -- took -- to facts confused okay. Let's go to Carolina should talk again about Caroline got to be disc jockey for her younger brother and her younger sister as they did pay a version of this boy and be a version I saw her standing -- And that week left at that moment and it would you like to continue ms. Caroline from should talk. Well miss Caroline fishing tackle would like to give -- -- traffic report between US you know the name -- -- nothing. And the snowfall amounts -- type but count me in NATO is a 140. Inches. And this phone goes through. I don't know what I'm saying is we're done that. Hulk. There's. So brother. Brother and age can. Can -- mother and father to bleached C. Not you know that cotton -- and black and they would put them up. I'd get a look at. OK and tried out as a said the for the cardboard. And get tires then drowned. And so can end Eric and surely in the fourth kid I can't remember. They. Wanted me to keep putting and the 45. This boy so that was. That's what was going and then one side of the house. The other side of the -- my sister Mary was traded. Try out to be a major ad with her friends. And I would that this -- to keep putting them at 45. I saw her standing there. So. I get the sense though that you really work taken by The Beatles as much as your family. Actually I adored the vetoes than any time. Some I say I I'm taken by the vetoes but let me -- that that teach them. Isn't historians. I was fourteen. When The Beatles arrived. I'm black and white TV and CVS and Ed Sullivan on Sunday -- sixty years ago. Sunday okay. Have you ever tried. Like as I have my appearance there my older Brothers my older brother's head -- My dear what's the question have I ever thought what. Well. The continuity EC. Why. What we're Cilic in big -- in the remote Derek man built there and Bob bass pro event. And who kept -- home. Because I have looked bad. And my brother's head out that my parents. And had the noon and -- Frank Sinatra. And I I just wonder. You're -- historian time. But what's the question. You this you've used that statement you keep saying you're the historian but what is the question. How it would be interesting to hear about the children. The years he has. And eat. Heard artists are writing on the scene and let there appears. -- About yet. I think I understand in other words hey Mozart this child prodigy. He's going to destroyed music as we know. And you know what time. Don't say anything interesting because I can't get Q&A radio after 530 and should not the counties that don't -- into. I'll try I -- well you know usually that's not a problem -- com. But look I don't know what to say other than. I would have to asserts that I don't know if there are any contemporary records regarding. The up rental. Viewpoint of Mozart. In and whether parents were. Were concerned that his iconic plaza was going to destroyed music in the values of European symphonies thank you very much for the call I'm happy to hear from you others and other fellow. They tried to market him but he was always hiding. -- day. -- let's go to. Classical music humor sandy beach top that one here's Tony on WV and Tony you're on -- law. Why do what is. All -- I'd better answer well listen. Ability and show my interest of course to Beatles. A matter of fact and the fellow that that company Gary yet strange to LA. When we get setup remove from kids. Good friend of -- And I was fortunate enough to make the journey with them. -- Course I was eleven years old -- of those first sub meter parent and it's -- open and my attention was. Half their base and you've mentioned the issue of the initial urge you message brother had a a friend or sell it into their -- -- Will of the what I call personally own one and for whatever reason that may sound familiar all that was. Thought I heard accurately he has said that US. So I'm the one who owned the actually I don't probably close. I -- installment probably. And about 300 in my lifetime. Laura I have no idea as to the -- their bases quality or desirability. Well. All you have to remember is Paul McCartney played one. So -- that the end of the but. It's in the -- -- shaped base made in Germany itself. You know 1956. And if person. The first within 61. And he was given the new one and 63. And that when he still plays the estate. The thing about the one I don't want one level. Was I thought -- in Denmark. And it was a left handed 63 identical to -- Very rare only four fiber made. -- eight year. End what I did was I kept it for a couple years. The ticket met that Gary -- took our our our gear up to what Toronto. We -- display at it's been featured in magazines. I even received letters from McCartney's zone secretary one time alone could they had an interest in it. So. They wanted -- put a figure on it which I did. And it was a little bit too steep I think. For Paul McCartney. Well. Well what what did you want for the base from my 1963. It at all. And did you try to negotiate at all with these people. Well I'd just give a price and they finally sent me a letter from their attorneys. And it said that they were reviewing yet. And it would give -- mean due course. I never heard back from them again. I should say. After about six months they contacted them because after I was up in a short Toronto. I had a collector come up to me make me a pretty lucrative offer. So I gave. McCartney's. Secretary. At a MPL in Manhattan. Sent an email -- my situation. And she just said well. Right now she goes. Not that is no response has been made. By one of selling get to -- a collector got a problem. Good for you there's a lot of money and musical instruments. If you know what you do and I -- people. Basically make a living or second living buying and selling. Musical instruments in particular guitars so. There I've got a break I don't know if you've got more to add to the show open I have to break I don't have a choice because traffic. In some spots is slippery and Alan Harris is the king of slipped it LL we don't. Our event and as -- -- whether that was made for Siberian Huskies. Even took them to be in -- it because -- tonight the wind chill again is going to be in at minus twenty ish range so -- -- -- advice single digits and with a Mercury but that windshield is going to be a dog. As far as tomorrow it's going to be cold and building clouds nineteen -- which will seem like the Bahamas. And right now the wind chill is minus seventeen. And doing it keep asking you this but the Mercury is what nine about ten about. And above and the windshield is almost without a minus fifty. In a -- take a couple of degrees but you worry are so be careful but that's all right now Gary is that and -- -- And that Gary is obviously quite taken with his Beatles show were doing. If you -- that is summarized Tony Tony Tony if you had to summarize. The Beatles impact on your life fifty years ago the arrived in the United States what would that summary. Well timed it just you know like -- -- since eleven years old I've I've hit this question and it's it's been for the music. It's been pretty instruments. That's what drove me to. Become a collector of these these bases. And and it also made me jump in two. I used to custom make straps. -- just. For the proper -- -- -- certain as strip and C news so I started manufacturing. Billows. And I I sold hundreds of them over the years to law statute of Beatles tribute -- across the country. Sell it and say anything Jack -- from the BBC him and myself. We were doing teacher for partner for for a couple years. Put it another you know eventually jumped into so -- has been a passion it was always about you know it was about making money it was just. Just to keep keep in this thing going to keep them alive in order to put the -- not to the put the strips to by the -- -- -- I'm I'm really I'm so happy to hear from you thank you very very much we're gonna continue this after the news at 630. Fifty years ago tonight folks The Beatles arrived in the United States if it wasn't The Beatles. Tell me musically. The biggest influence were heading into the break with. I love live performances. George Harrison. -- US at all. It was like back to the future -- Vladimir Morton. Well I. They say this but in terms of men -- as well I don't agree with communism. And I don't agree with Vladimir Putin's stance. Homosexual people. Public servant Terry. -- But in terms of just sheer men and Linas. May I ask you with whom you would rather be in the foxhole. Barack Obama. Or Vladimir. I will unabashedly tell you I would much rather be in a foxhole with Vladimir -- Because I know that Barack Obama would soil himself. Vladimir Putin would have my back. And again it's a hypothetical question. I don't endorse communism I think we know that. But in terms of toughness. I gotta go with Wada report. -- It is our 634 but it was like back in the future 634 news radio 930 WBZ and anyway its hourly and that -- we've got some traffic situations that are. Popping up so if you weren't nailed on a wall of traffic and week didn't mention it earlier. Feel free to caller number is start 930 star 9302. As well let you know that. Otherwise we're talking about The Beatles fifty years ago today they arrived in the United States and if you missed it earlier. We did an interview with Gary restaurant which which -- or -- -- still lives here. And the pool and a gimmick Garrity is basically he's the official Ringo Starr his story. His life his entire path in life folks. Was determined. This date fifty years ago when The Beatles arrived and a few days later when they appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show. My Brothers same thing. My brother -- If not for The Beatles I don't think he ever would start to play guitar. Which gives him tremendous enjoyment in life. And our -- watch other people. I bet they have cited The Beatles obviously as a big influence musically in their life. And. Territory at the early Beatles stuff does not do it for me. As much as the later Beatles stuff starting with revolver. I'm sorry but this boy it doesn't really do it. But you start talking about helter skelter. All you've got my attention. Joseph I believe by just that helter skelter. You start talking about. L sergeant pepper. You've got my attention getting better all the time within you without you. When I'm 64. And there are so complexities in that stupid song when I'm 64. You've heard that a million times listen to with headphones. And focus on one instrument at a time deconstruct The Beatles which by the way you can do on the computer and it's incredible. You can deconstruct it's almost like you're in the recording studio. You can isolate the harmonies you can isolate the vocal one by one you can isolate the instruments it's amazing. It's just incredible. And I believe I've mentioned a very hard rock and song by the fab four. Have. Hope that my mom likes this one. I can play this. Really. I'll put that up against this -- if anything you that we. Sorry I that's the word -- would it and then let it. I prop this up with -- area pastors from BBC the buffalo Beatles connection. Well -- conventional wisdom. Is that well let it be is a sad movie because you can see the boys just falling apart and they didn't wanna be here. Excuse me. I've been around performers every day of my life practical. And that rooftop concert they did. There was such chemistry. Still. Even at the bottom of the barrel and the and a -- lines. Yeah that was traveling will ovaries on an -- but. You. I'll put even The Beatles on their worst day. Against almost anybody on the musical scene on their best. You look at the rooftop concert joke. It's amazing editors one video of that shows you the entire thing every take up every song and of course get back was the big hit there. Oh I can play that to -- in the solo which is release are let's go -- through ups. Let's go through some more calls on WB yet here's Jack and west Seneca who network got into The Beatles Jack Europe WB and. I don't I am getting amber. Maybe. Michael concerned deeply. -- -- two out of it probably -- all all Beatles songs. -- war like Muddy Waters. -- -- Things like that. Amber -- forget the beatles' while my friend brought it all the album. I'd better they get into the music in artwork -- a jab where they played it came in music at late music on -- some days. Just being beatles' all day long is it right the say. Also you actually hit The Beatles and -- -- We've all got our -- I I like about six to their son. But I just never could get into that music -- I wouldn't call -- a different direction and music and I'm outdoors the blues musicians. Well OK let me I have to ask you this that. Given the fact that your blues musician did you identify more with The Rolling Stones. And who and who surprised big big -- and now it's. All the end but I didn't like the -- allow those beards go music from the black art like Muddy Waters -- In -- Robert -- at all and all the rest until the until they made a fortune Apple's. These these old timers in them I'd love Muddy Waters in them and how wolf that -- -- and I was a little -- but. But -- -- you know what in all fairness -- forget my interrupting I'm sorry we've got those cell phone connections again but. Forget my interrupting but The Rolling Stones made sure that when they did -- national TV performance that they actually brought -- and wolf. With them -- this sixty's the Chicago black blues singer. Any. How -- they ever ever ever forgot where they got -- -- Right -- and a -- on -- true about that because it needs to gene's gotten and other armed. Harmonica work I'm watching her albums and now on should know the -- -- we're definitely cool that way. But it was a lot of other error that you know there are still make -- royalties to offer their music. It now but editor like it when there will be -- just -- that eaten. I -- you're seeing it every song of The Beatles did with different which was should chemical. But I can never get into. I -- the stones -- -- I have to -- I mean you're you're talking to a guy. I love the skulls because they took The Beatles edge and made it -- year. The only thing I don't like about the stones is when they capitulated Ed Sullivan. And they did it. Let's spend some time to get there. Are you serious is that -- let's spend the night together real. -- I don't it was pretty weird that was about it. Unlike Jim Morrison by the way who did the real version of light my fire and Ed Sullivan of course said you'll never be on my show again. All right hey look I I'd definitely respect your different I respect -- difference of opinion on this. And -- not a lost cause. And Robert Trout and of course if you've ever listen to the king of the delta blues the Robert Johnson best. We passed a CD. His version crossroads is outstanding. I'm Eric Clapton took crossroads. And he gave a rocky your edge along with two with a bass guitar solos ever and Robert Johnson. Go ahead. Don't -- most of your most valuable albums. On there were a lot of money and you think you're bigger diameter -- it again and who knows a lot of wild and things like get the most your old old old -- help bring them most money out of all the Elton in the world. Doesn't it doesn't surprise me. But no that was actually a guy named Jim Bohannon who did a -- ago. Running that we don't hear that anymore because. Was put it this way too much talked about stuff and other news was breaking that didn't matter. Where you live radio talk -- Yes all right if we're gonna talk about the a Trappist monks business philosophy now doesn't I'm sorry I don't mean to report thank you very much and alleged cult. Yep 8030930. The Beatles fifty years ago today arrived in the United States and I respect that guys opinion because if we all the same opinion. It would be like my FaceBook 643 at WB and wow I have to. Every show this week I felt like I can do about five more hours seriously and we it is now -- this -- -- -- to meet Tuesday here in myself but the real. -- -- three on my thirty WB and we're talking about and talk about The Beatles fifty years ago today arriving in the United States. How they influenced and impacted your life I could name five people off the top of my head. Who worked just influenced by The Beatles but whose life's. Direction was changed. By could be. I can't say that about any other performer ever. I really -- Also if there's any major traffic situations out there. Start 930 and I'm talking about major stop let's go to whose next. One on WB and hello Ken. I turn first or Graham are honored to our typical in Ireland remembering to be also -- -- our -- I can give you -- little very little bit first and it's not people but it is music and it will come to The Beatles. I was born and apartments -- giving -- -- and did you park pretty much nonstop since wherever that. Top 100 was at the time I basically here all the time it is like a little bit older in grammar school. Despite my best friend Jeremy expecting -- practically grew up in his house and his oldest sister. So he was. -- about seven years. Or so older than us and she was huge in The Beatles and and that The Beatles week trying to fight mystical force too late. So as I was there are exposed to the music again. Basically what really. Struck out from the united realizes complete years later ones that. The Wade Phillips was the person. What do we should conduct herself carried herself so that always spoke with me and -- just like. The epitome of -- person you know and down. Then I realized they belong to a predatory Beatles music and also. Retroactively from The Beatles like a lot of people dead and down. That subsequently. Government its musical along with you know hold to -- and and at a portrait in you know now defunct. And we music store that -- music store or on Broadway out there for twenty years and like I studied music and drones and pretty much wouldn't you just call we're like still -- and. You know I can still remember my brother making the pilgrimage to I think it was cool barriers to buy his racan backer. I can still remember the drive. And -- -- more. So more revenue. Put. Yeah which can also because we were growing up. My body gently he was he actually started off taking. Accordion lessons and -- -- and he picked up to par and like all human rights work in each boat first and and we you know we wish or they -- we're completely on one date -- As this prime -- starting and we want to -- school together quite scored and he actually. Got it will be and that did plea deal that may affect a closed deal -- -- open up the glory. I think I know where this is going and aunt and let's finish this up with a rousing hand. Okay yeah it was Jeremy is Jeremy. Josh -- well it's actually originate but. In a more americanized his Resnick and more up to date is joining Google. So yet. So it's visit his sister that could directly looked -- you know four -- integrity or look at things Philip kind of groomed me with her. Allowing just to -- with -- listen to Beatles records and it's just so. Let me give you another little bit of trivia that you may not even be aware of server do you know where the Goo Goo Dolls have their first practice session and it. Here's a hint it was in the apartment of a very well known buffalo radio personality. And it was not your humble host. It. The bulldogs -- in show tangible book absolutely positively turtle. Rule local. We ourselves. Question all right I'll try my best. That deconstructing of The Beatles music kind of computer is that something just for The Beatles music -- down with any news. All know you you can find. You know what you can find it pretty much with every band that has made a name for itself. In fact there is that there're a couple of video posted it that the series is called behind the music. Anders won with the Beach Boys doing sloop John B and another one with the Beach Boys doing wouldn't it be nights. And I know there's a budget deconstructing of The Beatles done. I'm always have to do is look at like just just the search for isolating guitar Beatles isolating locals Beatles you don't even a special program where people already done it. This sounds that reminds me of these -- event held here you know it was called music minus one. And you could purchase and help more of let's say it'll pick in earnest Steve Miller Steve Miller minus based car. These -- to -- table and picked up your competitor and we want to -- Absolutely. Our -- -- great great call thank you very much a small world it is not here. Is Paul and shake the water on WB yen Paul. Was your life forever changed fifty years ago to -- Oh definitely -- it sure was. You mentioned out. The -- bears music they're back and they have bought my first street guitarist from him. Was it art Cabrera. The AM I don't know where I got that name. Pull pull that one out from my nether regions. In music -- of management and area while I imagine doing that. I that your Brothers album. That the power of the group. And I doubt thought the great -- again work at that. I think that was written by cell Angelina from the mistake. Yellow brotherhood to records. As the -- -- group. Com I know that it was uses music and Entertainment Tonight. I don't charted jazz fusion background 19891990. But. You know it's like it's like the old joke. You know lighted Vijay has been -- the stupid jazz musician get into it for the money. -- Or get banquet -- The Beatles for a moment when I think it was the best thing about the -- Their music was very melodic. And it always you know hook in every song and some of these. They're great guitar players that are like virtual -- like Steve by the barge. They tested like musical -- -- panic -- that never had a look at them like people never even heard of those guys. -- Well I'll play it's. Excuse me. It's an amazing it's an amazing thing by the way said that the behind the music I believe the series on line is behind this sounds. Behind the sounds others wanna hear for a sloop John B. Which I will actually add to my face all. Guess what is not available anymore and in your country which is the United States it used to be up but they took down bastards. I'm sure you can find it a behind this sounds. And that I downloaded -- remember alright thank you very much. I feel so depressed now. -- act like a tease you guys but you can you can pretty much deconstruct. It's already outlined if you like The Beatles pretty much any song. You'll -- records. And you'll find. Way to isolate all the parts. On line. So there. All right folks I gotta tell you this has been a tremendous show and -- might say and it's been great talking generally of and what thank Joseph Bieber for magnificent work on the pedal steel. Olympic. John -- for tremendous job on bass guitar and backup vocals. And it was just a lot of fun and if you wanna go to my FaceBook page and like it. Tell your friends about it at school. You got conservative area friends people or conservative from the waist up church freedom let them know about the shell. Let them know -- your humble host. As we always appreciate. Fresh faces. Wanna leave you with two words. That -- an awful lot. Well not those two words. You know yourself. About. --

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