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2-7 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Feb 7, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Okay folks -- I got to -- -- and you wanna talk about mind meld it literally I call them audible at the line message RO. Right back into the show when you're right back in the topic five seconds before. You heard The Beatles I am the walrus ice at Joseph just pick a song any Beatles song let's forget the Samuel Jackson thing they get myself. I really want here I am the walrus. And Joseph out of The Beatles catalog -- that's wrong. Mine -- don't worry John Sherman who and I shall development to. Two special bond -- and I. To bond forged with many Friday manly hugs. -- let's go back to Gary Astrid who is the drummer for BBC buffalo Beatles connection. And folks these guys are not just a run of the mill Beatles cover ban -- harmonies and they pretender The Beatles. They are masters. Of The Beatles sound. And not only the beatles' you've heard me talking about these guys before and look got a cutter there -- treatment. I wish I -- it but. Basically. Do I could go in another direction with what I do is significant is gonna hold back is it like to live through the weekend. But when I was say is they also do. The zombies. And when they go into the who'll. It's like. Wait a minute where's Roger Daughtry. Because they are that god I've never heard a better bunch of musicians covering the British invasion era. Then the BBC. This sad thing is they don't do as many gigs as a lot of other bands so you're really got to look form. To play. I guess on the other hand it. I guess they enjoy their family lives. You know their wives sometimes don't like it when their husbands -- out every Friday and Saturday receiving the adulation of many women. I Gary asked to reject is the drummer for BBC and he was a backstage at a show that's gonna air on Sunday. -- it should be which is gonna feature Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr onstage together and Gary unabashedly says. That he yet tears rolling got his face watching Paul and Ringo together and why am I doing it showed today. Because they want to be fifty years ago today The Beatles arrived in the United States for the very first time -- on Sunday it would have been the Ed Sullivan Show that was the show the change -- estrogens like forever changed my brother's life forever I daresay it changed appalled Borger and -- constant you know -- she -- forever. Those guys were from -- and Paul barker started playing drums right around the same time Gary did. And his drums were in the corner of the ball really based on -- north -- court and -- Wanda and I was told Tom you stay away from those drums don't shoot even touch him. I never did. All to this day I always -- I would say Paul I never tester drums really I didn't. And Billy Sheehan is regarded as one of the great bass players of all time and had not been for The Beatles. -- -- -- just another kid from Kentucky. Anyway you're asked project you're gonna tell us a story about your close encounters. -- -- with that with them. Ringo wood is drums and Paul. About so basically. That the the day after I was that yes that they think that the grammys show. It went -- undisclosed location. We're Ringo warehouses. Is is is drunk -- with some other items. And does the focusing on my idea. I got and time there. You know picture thanks for five hours. With with the other remainder of gringos drum kit that aren't currently out and display and then -- one drum set a particular. Was his very first went to black pearl but we hit it and that isn't wind. You know -- typical story and we all outward looking at the condition and we carefully to and afford. And it still has your regional head. And this just give my improbable happen not to get the -- So that you did that you that you just heard. The little drum fill at the beginning of she -- you would like to just to tell me this is in history coming -- not -- being in the room with those drums. So. Did you have somebody like do guitar feedback to totally recreate that. That the that the don't know what but are you -- the bottom -- a -- man and and then that the -- the real reason now and I'm working with them. Is. For history for a 10200 years from now when but obviously I'm strongly assuming all of the people here will be in the museum somewhere with with everything else. That that I know my partner in life. Turns out -- the documenting removed from now. If if if all five of its its art displays. Obviously you only get one set of -- -- and hardware so -- actually use the on buying. A lot of my private collections so that each one of its just so accurate and complete and brightest feel honored that I -- be able to play a role in this field a little -- -- just a little faster but no one will probably -- you know. -- -- know about but but I just feel like well this this is this is cool. But you know it's funny because Gary I know you and I know that you're passionate about music but I never quite heard this kind of emotion coming from you. In all the times we talked and I can tell you're into the show. And I can tell that -- in two. Just everything we're doing and by the way the feedback was in she I'm in leveraged. I feel fine I screwed that one. As far as the it as far as the picture argue Ringo any -- you've got sent it to be Thomas WBM dot com. If you -- opened up on my FaceBook page along with my other stuff regarding you. Well not everything regarding. But at least enough to keep it Thursday and that family friendly. -- it is always an honor and a pleasure to speak with you. You wanna put one single ticket on hold for -- for the sportsman I will pay you for a when -- -- -- But -- a time commitment reservation so while policy event. All right thanks a paper -- little battle -- freak thank you. Our Gary asked ridge with BBC. And folks I mean it's. All of those names that I mentioned earlier. Jerry is a drummer with The Beatles and British invasion tribute to Billy Sheehan the bass player. He's roughly the same ages here roughly. Do you really think he would have picked up the base and not been for The Beatles I don't think so. Which gave constitute or picked up the guitar -- -- opted for The Beatles. All would Paul -- got picked up the drums no. And you know those guys collectively made up Alice. -- biggest it was seesaw buffalo that you know they kind of made it but never quite a bit. Billy Sheehan the bass player. The best known song which he played I believed to -- -- that mr. -- To be with you. The loan to lots to be made that one. If you're Bridget Jones are looking for great song by the way but Billy Sheehan is regarded as one of the best bass players ever to have lit. And I daresay I have ever talked to -- that I can remember but I daresay that. Had it up for fifty years ago today and the arrival of The Beatles that. This guy on this song playing -- he might never have picked up a bass guitar. And. This is mr. bit. -- Billy Sheehan on the bass guitar down there. He's also doing Harvick. Aren't I don't know Billy Sheehan. -- the town still loves -- yeah sure if if any of the guys in the goo dolls are in town but you know feel free you know call the show. Talked to -- take Jack before he's a great guy never talked to the other guys but. Anyway as you know folks music is a great they're great great great uniter of people sometimes a divider of people and if you just -- that your carve out -- head home. Man oh man oh man. On the high. Always near these wide open fields we have had more spread out and wipe out today than you can shake a stick yet folks it's not the noose no. It's the old slow it's gotten so cold and slippery. That you guys -- you you're you're going way too fast around the curse. And please you know just for your own safety and those Columbia just take it easy. Mean there's -- lucky -- worth watching tonight so just I mean really just take it easy okay wanna get your home safely and -- let's go to. Who's next week that you want to hold for a long time Gary in Lancaster I guess it's Gary there on the Bauer Euro. Gary thank you for holding. I think Gary -- -- life story is amazing. Don't you know what I'm never going to be able to compare it to that guy's story there is no way. Said I was the ultimate. Well I -- who can't I mean seriously this is. -- -- -- That's sold right up -- it I would have dealt with The Beatles. I mean my brother met Pete Best so others that aren't so -- so what's on -- -- -- -- -- -- I was born in 1958. And we used to -- my grandfather's. In my grandmother's every Sunday. And my grandfather was -- shoe salesman. -- summit in street. Had a very good business. Olympic on the city block in order meaning it would make integrate. Any -- -- stereo. That you have to up and down there wise beyond. Record player and he would albums out there. And so. He would like sit sit there and just watch -- well that's what is gave life. All right. Me and my sister now you've got to figure not I was born in 1958 so this was. I don't even know won the first. -- that it was -- Wednesday night. Up about fifty year about fifty years ago but at Ole -- hey hey you're born one year before Bobby Darren Mack the knife -- So I mean I don't wanna say fossil. Four years old well. Hey dude dude dude I loved it and wanna hear your story but we've got some traffic situations ordinarily I would just blow off traffic but I wouldn't do that -- -- We -- check in with the drive home because people are going not so let's find out what's -- -- traffic here Alan Harris wet. Actually it's -- kind of -- as being a real problem. And -- knows of what he speaks -- be careful partly cloudy and cold tonight below six windchill advisory pops up later and right now what is at minus eighteen. Yeah minus eighteen with the windshield so little bundle up and look out for those areas were -- now let me get back to Gary in Lancaster. Yes. I'll list and so I was. We will go at it can't prepare and we would look at the and there would be like I don't when he and it you know what I mean. People that we -- every -- rule. There was able appeals. In black white album. What I want to order again. That was the first one. In I don't even know like you're. Actually found that but it we found that and we used up -- And I'm telling you were responsible. And make him musician I played trumpet. Is it just turns out that I get in music in my heart. But in I didn't have guitar and drums are not a bad. But. They're responsible. For me it's not music that they. In my life. You know here it's great when I was thirteen years old you know what I picked up. And you know my guy is I don't know I've got more. I'm not -- Miller. But -- you have to understand -- a problem player so I knew all of these different things you know it's not just. What I know. That was just what I picked up on campus bad day. But at -- used as you well Mosher and -- well versed in music of all -- it seems and The Beatles and reduced arm work just years. And a George Martin's sir George Martin. When you listen to all you need is love. There's no horn section Beers at trumpet and there are trumpets and many beatles' all. Here is what I am saying I -- rate -- professionally. In the wedding being mentioned on same back in the eighties and all that I did my thing. And we still have the locals -- the post was about. The Beatles and locals. You couldn't compared to them they were so perfect. Very you know there are some voices Gary thank you for the call I love your motion your passion is infectious thank you thank you thank you. But locals are. Locals are soul. Import and there are some voices that just go together and just make liquid gold and The Beatles. They nailed on WB Ian traffic is a mess in some spots because of the blowing snow that is so -- Alan Harris with an update in six minutes. After Clinton jovial and never play with the music today because. Com Joseph separated by a generation or two. Am watching you all these pick out these songs and he's singing along word for word. And that's why do they showed today -- and I had a great conversation in his office market by the year. And I do wanna do another show on heroin and other addictions. Honestly -- today being a Friday. I don't know that I could have done another one as good as yesterday. Yesterday Scholl was. I don't mean to brag but it was probably some of the best radio. And probably some of the most important radio I've ever done in my life. I guess it's -- a lot. Because I think. Look if you think you get better with every shall you do a -- what you do as a performer you're in the -- lot of work. And next week you're gonna be better than this week. You always have to try to be all sorts. I said at bats. Also a theory -- -- my book I don't know what the hell I'm talking about. Joseph takes notes on all these little tidbits of actor out there. But we're talking about The Beatles fifty years ago arriving in the United States and how it affected your life. And for those were just tuning. The past example I can get of the impact of these four guys from England. Is the fact that -- now 23 year old daughter. And my eight year old imam. Could saying probably 200 songs. By Lennon and McCartney together word for word. Now folks. I'd -- he really hard pressed to come up with another performer. Or performers or bands. Where you can get people of such disparate ages. In love with the same music. If I assure you my mom would not be able to recite a single word of Tupac. Absolutely positively no way. I mean let's put it this way. Oh -- the old school rap but even my mom would be hard pressed to do Grandmaster Flash you know and I'm -- But The Beatles absolutely. And certainly by the sounds cool to say after -- olds who see this column. And for racist and serve early and that's pretty. It is 5360 by the way just if they were altered at the moment but. This kind of ironic that the guy arrested yesterday. Because of having gone at the school. Is ironic that he was one of the speakers against analyzed it at that sparsely attended rally a few months back. He he is. Our NY say. He was more analyze it. And it you'll discover. What it's like. Draft all of his weapons. Well -- at all over yes. And he he will lose a pistol permit not a doubt my body will be revoked permanently and it probably will be banned from buying any longer -- Meanwhile the pop star point drops an empty holster on the ground. Had that this Jane Q citizen. That citizen would have lost I would bet you anything. Would have lost a pistol permit because. It's real simple for for them -- to say well if you're that irresponsible with a holster even though was at the what if it had a gun and bye -- pistol permit. Which is one of the reasons I'm saying bye -- New York State not by WB yen but by by New York State. Who needs. Let's go to press on WB -- Chris your hello. Hey I'm great show thank you thank you. And that that it. Growing up with 13 side boys and her family at ten years old Beatles now. And -- -- -- they were appointee. Burris when I first heard them I'd like them. And wanted me. Because all my other Brothers or whatever or different -- it. There are girls there point there and posting from chase stadium and the captors have. Really impressive but guys and the tension in the city. Dollar known and known not known known at all. So all of them footage there are guys there with the horn rimmed glasses -- clearly we're still in mourning over the -- the bloody hole on February 3 1950 and along with the big upward originality that. When they first came -- debt that was my feeling to bottom but it -- well it did become OK two to listen to -- and the like them but. I first heard compound yeah that's awesome I I like that but I didn't want to admit it. OK so basically you that The Beatles when they first came out almost like we'd look at the you don't put together 'cause medically perfect boy band they market today for the teenage girls. Exactly that's exactly what -- what. I perceive them to be a test results. OK was there a point when you realized that The Beatles music in fact was transcendent. Bet it was so far ahead of its time and better than anything else that was out there at the time. Absolutely and I I don't think it would have been very long. Maybe for six months or something like that but I don't remember it being long. After I heard -- the first to hit that they had I wanna hold your hand and she loved you. And my sister had the album in court that you in the big pictures that are appealing on the walls and everything -- but there was a point. Maybe six months afterward. It was kind of like on its -- and these guys -- But I did like them that they currently has stated. That it. I know what I gotta tell us up them. Up I'm not big on on the music has it just it's not my bag may be really it's not mine but -- Justin Timberlake. Now I'm not supposed to like Justin Timberlake right right I think he's funny as hell I think is a talented performer. And I got to tell you that he's a really nice guy he's not -- he's not Justin Bieber. I mean seriously I've never met him I had my daughter -- and he was just a total gentleman. Well pretty neat and by the way -- ahead of beatle base. Popular beatle base and I sold it. Okay did you play -- left him. -- well I played drums and the court that dropped you know and -- an epidemic and it complained wrong but I like it was a right handed. Beatle base it was a race -- state. Where we say -- something of bass guitar you're you're you're talking bass drop. Know what not but I had a legal basis well the beatle bass guitar as well. And but the beatle bass guitar it was right handed but it was it was up here beatle -- it was my left. -- that name sounds awfully familiar I think one of my Brothers might have one of those guitars along the way. They were that was a great looking -- have looked like comic violent I think. I think my brother's first wears a silver tone from Sears. Unless -- confusing that with the amplifier. Might Wear. Out ten. Well. All that was unfortunate. Up like they like put that -- -- eleven and you put the fuzz on -- out of like Alvin and the that you're here how bad your work. And I was like Albert -- that they. Years after going room by helicopter. All right thank you very much and magical. All right what a great cake originally thought they were a boy band as we call them today and he realized. Now. That. By the way. Sargent pepper gets all the praise. -- -- I think the white album is as good or better than sergeant pepper. Now Brian Wilson and the music scholars may disagree with that assessment but when I listen to the wide. It still blows me away. Happiness is a war gone back in the USSR. -- let the public. There's some great songs on that rocky raccoon. It is a phenomenal. Collection of songs. I felt that for Ringo. OK I think with that reducing what it. It worst Beatles imitation ever it's 542. At WB -- by the -- -- has traffic covered but if you see any major Mongolian cluster. That we need to -- The number to call for a traffic hotline is 80303218030321. And we have had situations notably around the curves today like the one. You know at curbing that -- that was definitely designed by somebody asked that the 198. Who signs are that way. Only somebody on drugs. In 030930 at WB Ian. All right it I told the couple weeks ago I had the chance to be some -- United States Marines -- here at -- and and as you know I've got a great connection whether soldiers and one of the reasons I have a great connections with our soldiers is that. I don't put them up on pedestals. And I think the fact that they are guys and ladies just like you. Just like IA and yet they're willing to do what they do what makes them special. And folks I know that your well intentions I really do put please believe me when I tell you. They all want adulation. They don't want hero worship it makes them uncomfortable. What they want is a simple thank you for doing what you are doing. Thank you. That's all they want. -- -- because he's he's he's been there with his buddies to. You know all players of them when I see a guy -- a lot birth to admit this at all I told you about it when I was in the diary republic of the Dominican Republic. I saw a guy wearing his Vietnam veteran -- And -- -- Wiltshire. I reached out a game hug. And I said I was a little boy when that crap to but he used that word went down. And I wanna thank you for what you did. Because it that you guys screw it and he started crying. I mean tears of gratitude I started. Because. For him to be approached by this long haired guy he is probably think of -- all the baby killer. But I give up big hug. And boy did -- appreciate. Of all of the veterans I find the Korean guys. And the Vietnam guys are most appreciative of the -- use because they never got the rates. But please. In the name of all that is -- Do not. Make them. In to something or not it makes them uncomfortable anyway again invite for lunch with some local Marines. Absolutely positively one stipulation I've -- Let's go to. Traffic right WB and thank you Joseph and here is kiwis have that might -- going on here -- should -- here is -- Harris. Our gang what is the wind chill right now the real feel temperature just go minus seventy and might -- third. Well all right basically guys. It's going to be another single digit night temperature down to six National Weather Service is flying that wind chill advisory just in case you didn't realize it when it's single digits and when the wind blows with -- velocity it's really cold so please be advised. And if you're driving tonight. Guys seriously to ninety in the 4029190. Any any wrote it as -- were close to open field if those winds are picking up any snow on the road you've got to consider. As the possible killer and come -- try to dramatize. Dramatized. Seriously it's slick when it's like its policy get hurt believed to be in five minutes early to the party ain't worth. This has been a public service announcement for them by the grammatically challenged. Let's get back to the calls on that WB and we're talking about The Beatles and it's it's nice to do a funny show. As we damn seriously. And if it wasn't The Beatles. Was there a group that just did it for. Seek to me it always was and always has been The Beatles. And I must also confess Bob Dylan. Probably if not the biggest a Barry closed a very close second to The Beatles in terms of influences. Com. The first I heard Bob Dylan I thought it was some drunken. And then. I started listening to the songs. And the full version not the birds version but the -- version of mr. tambourine man and even as a little -- it. I stood up and I said blow. Today it's beneath the diamonds guys with one hand wave in theory. Says the wicked side this I'm about a kid and I'm listening to this conflict and this is unlike anything I've ever. Which I was a kid but as an adult it blows VO. When you notice -- a sensitive guys in times when it comes to music. Let's go to Carolina should talk one on WB and hello -- I. That can bring up seven. And your computer than I am about to talk about this for eight by the vetoes this eight. You know that one. This boy and I if it means there. -- was also covered by Jim Schoenfeld by the way in the album shown. Okay. You're all talking about to and the guitarist and vocalist. I went forward. Fourteen. For eighteen. When The Beatles arrived. And I suddenly found myself being -- disc jockey for my younger brother. Who promptly decided he was going to grant three different -- Come up with -- weep you know for it -- They had out cardboard. Get tired. And drums. And state practice. Or have her. This boy and I was this disc jockey to keep putting the needle. 45. Over and over and over 2000. Georgia what I'm asking you did you find either of those songs you know that's my question -- it's all I -- it was a thumbs up okay see fewer than disc jockey. And how they how they eventually do it. -- -- -- -- -- At that my mr. -- it okay that my brother with three years got current -- hands doing this boy. My sister would try to be a major read to and they had to come up with a routine. And she and her fellow girlfriend. Came up with I saw -- sitting there and again I would be unofficial district. Well if you if you got more to say hold on because obviously The Beatles played a role in your raucous and -- of life.

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