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2-7 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Feb 7, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB he had. And he would rate. That. -- -- through. The end. Well look. It up well. No one ponds with an assault rifle. No -- Yeah yeah. If they are a bit extreme conservatives. They have no place in the State of New York. If you've got health care already. Then you can keep your plan if you are satisfied with a. Wherever and whenever I can take steps. Without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families and that's what I'm gonna do. What happened to that Gary Cooper. To strong silent. That was an American. About our brilliant goaltender -- knew what to eat. -- -- -- -- -- And I like you. You have loans. I'd like loaded. Right now -- on my FaceBook page -- Rapidly losing patience with the stupid. And I got -- well because there are times just -- a big F bombs people. No seriously what is so hard to understand about this concept. Relative to the war on drugs and the comeback of heroin. They're throwing people in prison hasn't worked will never work in is a waste the time and money. And that if you wish to do heroin. You know what it ought to be legal for you ought to be it would go to a pharmacy. And say look let me at least -- -- get into. Do I think people abused painkillers. Of course not. But no I believe that people should have access to the -- need us. What part of stupid don't some people understand. But you really think it's better that addicts by tiger -- laced with but all and end up -- Well we really need to enforce the war on drugs stop. Oh I can present to mates died lately how. Lucky. If you can't keep drugs out of prison how in the hell you gonna keep -- the streets. What your policy has done is exactly Richard. And a rapidly losing patience. With that big blows on -- Especially the writers and the based maker profile people like if you can't understand that basic principle. That the war on drugs is a failure. And that it doesn't work it never has worked never will work. And the reason drugs are kept illegal is because too many people are making too much damn money off of them including people on the legitimate world. Get off my page seriously I I don't want you don't need you. I'd rather have two people on my FaceBook page with common sense that all just optical wearing arm waving. -- Wanted to say that's me. Anyway -- now they are waiting while you were more but I just lose patience with the snow that. I just I can't keep going over the same ground every free and. You want freedom -- -- machine gun. I don't know. So let the heroin addicts have freedom to at least get their heroine from a reputable dealer. Heights or well fewer people die. 'cause it makes it helped a lot more sense to spend. 80000 dollars a year to incarcerate somebody then 40000 dollars -- to treat somebody that makes sense not. It just -- sick and -- try to explain the same thing over and over to the stupid you can't fixed but I'm sorry can't be done. If you don't understand it let me give me your resource at least that will help enlighten -- It's leap dot CC law enforcement against prohibition dot CC. It's a budget cops and former cops were against the war on drugs and who believe in legalization. Just as William F Buckley believed by the way. And I believe former secretary of state George Schultz that notorious -- torture. They believe in a total. Because it's an issue of freedom. Let me just put it real simple terms your folks where elegant evict dare to be stupid in America you've got a right to be stupid. An -- what's stupid is sit with me now PG and others expression -- what's the definition of insanity. What is it. Doing this name -- -- -- the finish the sentence as you know what does and that's all we -- We pretend it better if we just treat it like Al -- it'll work great. What play you people are living up. Would you please do yourself a favor and read up on the United States marine of the year twice -- can affect. And the way the United States government your government pays off the tribal leaders in Afghanistan. Lets them grow poppies from which heroin is derived the heat the Taliban out of the provinces. Would you please understand -- -- -- was whacked because he wouldn't take part in the skim. -- -- too much about what the agency the CIA was doing along with our government to pay off these people. -- -- That's sounds a little wacky. Well one thing traveler folks is the truth is stranger than fiction. And many years -- well by five years ago I did show with that Suzy can affect this Saturday and anymore. Aaron was your son and -- told -- Mom I'm not coming back alive from Afghanistan I know too much. And he got what. It was a hit it was a set -- it was an ambush were -- of Joseph -- -- lucky Lucci on. And if you can't understand your government's role in the heroin come back in America you're clueless. -- the conspiracy theories. -- sometimes people talk about the human not a real human body and I'm like really. -- -- I don't understand what that's all about I'll listen to what but I don't understand that. But the facts speak for themselves in the kind of the case. He was murdered by your government. Folks. Yourself of paper it's an old movie. The points are valid. Watch them will be with Alpa -- Serpico. There's a great line in that movie. With that kind of money you don't -- around. And that was small time stuff compared to what's going on today in Afghanistan. We pay these tribal leaders a lot of money. To look the other order to. Make sure that they let us know when the Taliban -- around in exchange for their being allowed to grow the heroin poppies. And we also give them cash. In part of the game is our guys skims over the cash. -- it wouldn't take part in this -- He knew too much you got -- There's a lot of guys are gonna have a lot of explaining to do to Jesus. Or whomever. In the next world has insurers now are gonna do it in this life. All right sorry guys I don't -- to go off and attention that I I read some of the FaceBook posts and I just I think to myself. My god. And by not done my job educating people. Apparently not. And maybe some people just don't want to hear the truth because it makes them uncomfortable. There's a part of that -- You've got drawn world view. You know you've got your job you've got your summer place you've got -- two cards you've got your nice house and suburbs. You don't wanna hear about things like this you find them disturbing. Even if they're true. -- All I know is this. I've met -- can -- I know his mother. And his sister's baby set my kids. He was a real guy. And gotten bold and murdered by his own government and a CEO's. And to this date not one person has been brought up on murder charges. In -- a damn shame you know why. Is that they bring them up on murder charges and the whole operation has blown. The whole scare is blown. And the whole operation paying off the tribal leaders. Is blown -- you know what the the funny thing is folks every one of you who served Afghanistan you know exactly what I'm talking about. Is not one Afghan veteran is ever called percent -- LTG tiger wrong you're crazy you're -- cajoled poet is Charles. All right let's all. Here is -- straight years those guys talked about. Who is very influenced by The Beatles that actually easier topic today because fifty years ago today The Beatles arrived in the United States. Jerry I can think of two people whose entire lives were influenced by the arrival of The Beatles. My brother is one. You are another and fifty years ago today when The Beatles -- the United States you would have been about how older. -- I don't know where Gary went. -- there. It's not be -- by your friends. I think he's gonna have to call back I don't know what happened readers there's nobody there. Gary I feel hurt. Only slightly angry here's -- in Williams -- on WB and elegiac. -- For one is still in the I'm a drummer in I used to go to book -- park fear. In the the first two. -- movies. With all the great songs it was fantastic. First shooters are hard day's night and with help the second. Armor -- channel seven showed help and I'd ever I'd never heard those songs before it was a Sunday afternoon I was blown away. -- fantastic. Might get used to talking -- no -- little announces first. Learn how to please -- and those are unbelievable it's quite right in front of the village and warnings all. Were quite dark in the rear. Well I know exactly where Glen Parker is that that would have been the time when there was an amusement park their correct one -- Yes but there was worried I mean street. There was -- park theatre. There was a theater on main street right I guess it would have been in front of the amusement park between main street and Glen avenue. -- I did not know that. Out of parking. Yeah it was appeared to have been in my sister went down there are those unbelievable. And tell my disappointment idea. Yeah you you're all unbelievable and in your brother is. Unbelievable did he -- our demo tapes themselves and sort of rock band and he -- our demo takes it it's blocks around the studio. -- -- that's it's awfully nice what was the naming your group by the -- It's called early and so well supported term. So we all injured and in all the -- I remember you guys are we talking like circa 198081. You know a lot actually in the headphones then I was that skinny look at clean and headphones. Hope that was really. It's like the guys in the state forget it I don't know if you ever ran across the now that's that's what they call themselves on the back back when you could still make jokes about your own ethnicity without having Al Sharpton call you out. They call themselves space brigade and they had a great song which went nowhere called I wanna be with you. And I still have the 45 somewhere seriously there Ross. -- series and the thing is that was the era of Don Cornelius. And and I brought this up a couple of weeks ago and Afro Sheen. I don't think -- of the hardest thing about that he headphones after those guys was that the M Afro Sheen. I would scrubbed and scrub and scrub and scrub to get dozed in headphones back broken -- new true story. Let you very much chuck and ledger called our lands I haven't I haven't even thought of that name in years that you -- much. You know our -- our radios are you were already gone in the words of another famous country again. My my computers have just died again on meet Joseph is in the process of rebooting. I don't know how -- can work out page alcohol and a junior let's find out what traffic is doing on WB and the and -- it will be hard day's night. Or will that day good day's sunshine or did they read or use that one here is -- players. And yet don't tell anybody that's gonna be really cold again tonight overnight lows six. And the National Weather Service has put out a win -- advisory. I've got a kick it later this evening and it's gonna go until tomorrow morning and basically the temperature the windshields going to be below zero. You know what kind of caught us by surprise landslide caught me by surprise. The weekends and at the -- crises -- If you hit driver of the young men last night well all I hope you're careful. Right now we are looking at ten degrees minus seventeen with the windshield -- the -- field. And Joseph thanks July most of my computers Rebecca periodically the aluminum body distrust my computers. Obviously to discourage me from talking about them and -- effect clearly it's part of a larger conspiracy. I'm being facetious -- realized that -- -- later -- reboot the -- him system so anyway. It's gonna -- -- will play and a we've got the street from beat -- buffalo Beatles article Ian but I've got to separate. I don't have a choice guys it's -- we're talking about The -- fifty years ago today. Four boys from Liverpool -- Orleans. Arrived. In America. America would never be this thing. And let me just tell you -- if you think The Beatles brought alcoholism and drug abuse to America. You're wrong. Ask Hank Williams. Dead at 29. Drugs. Past Edgar Allan poll dead well before his prime. Alcohol is. Drugs and alcohol no respect -- a person never have been never will. -- All along side the sergeant now. How many people. You heard this on the first time right and if you thought yourself what in the hell is this. And then immediately said this is freaking awesome. What are my all time favorite Beatles songs and a George Harrison. He's an acquired taste for me but I gotta -- Come just amazed. All right let me fifty years ago today folks in case you're just joining us The Beatles arrived in the United States for good or for it'll. Did date change your life did they influence your life and have it wasn't The Beatles who was it. Because I can't think of a band we're all my mom who is eighty. And my daughter who is 23. -- probably at least a hundred songs and could -- them together. I am not The Rolling Stones not EL although not Snoop Doggy -- Not Right Said -- it. Of course he had one song I've realized not even quit or EL well. The harder it could could one groups and so many generations. And I don't think it is overstating. It to say that the affect on music. And probably American culture. Is still felt today in 2014. Now the guy earlier reference The Beatles drugs you know fronts that are on their album covers. I'm trying to think of a Beatles album cover regret actually was the case and I can't. No I really can't. You know somebody once said that the beatles' wanna hold your hand The Rolling Stones wanted to spend the night with. Much to Ed Sullivan -- Let's spend some time together on the Tonight Show. Are -- go to Gary after a long time coming long to go on which was -- and don't. And Gary your life changed on the basically your life's direction with set fifty years ago today what happened. Well let actually it was slug date February 9 don't really know much about The Beatles until that this shell. But for me I'm just watch them -- -- friendly it was my mom or grand motors. A birthday was being celebrated social whole entire family together and -- reduce remembered. Why is everybody rushing into the family -- why did everybody you know to getting outplayed at The Beatles combined. I got hooked on them yet I'm watching the -- and we -- during the things about my garbage I think Eric wigs and but I was just just captivated and interpret me. The merely I'm paying -- Empty coffee can than -- and like -- went up you know forking over money extra period trying to get it from side. It was despite my lifelong passion ever since. It all and again Gary your direction up for those who don't know Gary Astrid he's he's got a full time job and actually pays a lot of money. But he also is the drummer for BBC which is a -- slash British invasion tribute band and I and I've got a -- I would put BBC up against. Any tribute band sound force sound any day against any other tribute band. In the country now granted they don't look like The Beatles necessarily the fab four I think is the in terms of the sound and the look I think they are awesome. But in terms of this -- alone if you close your eyes and you listen to the BBC play you'd swear you're in a Beatles sure. Yes thank you could say that that's that's a big compliment coming from. We we work hard. Well I you you guys are are amazing and you know I saw you were cardinal O'Hara and you know -- I paid my way in you either way -- we'd like to mention that I don't believe in celebrity freebies. So. You guys have kept the music alive. And when you. I just curiosity -- the drums do you think because everybody was out buying get hearts the Monday after The Beatles first appearance on the Sullivan. I don't know I did it to me was almost like. Oh I don't you know that drove in and boys or guys. At that time were making certain people their favorite for me I just whatever reason I just hone in right on the drums that's what I heard you know one I was so. -- -- And and and it's just tell it to how it went for me. I'm gonna ask the question that you and you ask this question a million people you get a different million different answers what made The Beatles. Special. Why The Beatles why not the -- why not -- why The Beatles. Actually get I think it's the number of things I'd I'd. Just purely reading the book I and then called twin independent and but all that I know reading his book what all the interviews and things that -- circuit. Kind of filling him a lot of the out pages split but true that certain that their uniqueness or creativity they're -- and they just can't add. Both of magic in a charisma there's just something very very special about them but he can really put into words I think it. But I think it was a -- with the -- it was you don't need -- -- simply put the accent. It was just that you were with. In the way they handled. The -- And then and of course in the root systems just to just special. Now they all of and you know what in the era of FaceBook and Twitter they might have been a flash in the pan when John Lennon uttered a very famous quote. And you know what which quote I'm talking about about The Beatles being bigger than Jesus. How tough was that the dig out. I think it was very tough. But but I actually now in retrospect when we've really understood what happened and and what he was trying to say to a pertinent but with a reporter but also a friend. He or -- Pay the point -- the weights and so creepy. In our universe. It is almost like we are bigger than criteria -- We're getting more attention than he has which is how he felt let you do just taken out of context and mobile in the headlines. Wait a minute you mean to say the media bubble slant plans. I'm shocked I tell you and then they talked to John Lennon's neighbors I bet. Anyway it is for forty news radio 930 WB and it's our league Gary Astrid is the drummer for BBC. I always forget is that buffalo beatles' company or corporation. -- Connection or. Parents are about that I'll get it right at some point and I just think you guys as the buffalo Beatles period. OK now the chemistry between the guys in the band. I think was just incredible. Even during the often -- the end of the line film let it be. I'm sorry that rooftop concert. I don't kill anybody can not see the connection that was still what those guys. Yes definitely. Definitely ideology at a he did did it seemed as though no matter what the pressures. Where what was going on their personal lives when they were together could be music. Peter -- -- in the magic came I remember hearing yup time went by the producer George Martin I can't remember the exact the exact words. There was like eight people when people in the recording studio which was great tips -- is wonderful to have three marvelous for the manager. -- The obviously the death of -- George Harrison. Because of -- brain tumor the murder of John Lennon Paul McCartney still on tour Ringo still want to work. And there's -- book out. Many years ago. Called Lennon remembers it was a compendium of what John -- had to say about The Beatles. A few years after the break up. And there's been a -- paraphrase John Lennon said look I don't wanna be seventy years old in Las Vegas singing when I'm 64. Do you think that it look at Paul McCartney right now if you shake his head in disgust. Well people change that good and -- remember that let it was cutting and doing a tour after double finishing -- have been kicking in the 1981. So. I'm sure he would have melody. But. Which wouldn't have been for the money but writing this from love playing music that that he probably will be doing so. If I hope that. And for those who don't know Gary -- Astrid share with the BBC personal when your next gig going to be -- I've got to see the whole thing next time. Yeah actually that really went coming up I felt like your bullets February 22 that the sportsmen have. And -- -- very nights like concert at the trail people the April 12 doing. You heard that it's easy to pin number oh. -- my arch OK I think I just. It's something I shouldn't do -- Okay now. I'm gonna put a link up on my on my FaceBook page urban sportsman's -- obviously it's got its own COLT following an amber street. Tell us about your close encounter how did you get to be the Ringo Starr -- expert because. Mean that's that's why why did you call in because your your entire life theory was set. Basically odd or around this date fifty years ago. Yeah and what would happen at the -- -- people can go to wrinkles and goad people it's dot com and they can get that the duke opened the story put a bit they'd just. Williams so infatuated with her in those catch. The started doing research and no retirement I discovered that he just didn't help open mr. black pearl kit you he had he had poor and even -- so. That you can be in that used to it owed. Clark started collecting. And I don't sell hardware and simple things that he used were. Just so different hard to find and so but I have my private collection now full complete collection and I posted all the information learned. We don't. -- -- cell phones Jerry you're going in and out on me. And I'm -- a call it back to wanna pick up the interview on the other side OK I'm sorry that your your cell phone is doing its that you must be in a bad zone. And it's all I don't wanna finish the conversation we -- gonna watch would be here at the same time folks are fifty years ago The Beatles arrived in the United States. And that they definitely influenced my life. Overall I would say absolutely positively for the better. Because music. It really. I don't care what kind of music you're talking about most music. Really. Gets to its stirs my my soul and not just rock. But folks I'll cry I'll have tears in my eyes during boats -- Rick we're. When the when the BP O does it and I'm sitting there. I wilderness had tears rolling down my cheeks because it's that powerful to. Parts they would the sun news radio 930 WB. A variety and -- -- -- this it's the fact that it's so cold and so that's got -- onto the roads and -- that icy slippery -- and you've got to be really really carefully. For real tragic that I can drive as -- standard and careful. Right or manual if you prefer it is at ten degrees real field minus seventeen and yes a windchill advisory will be in effect for tonight. Dress warmly when you go out. We're talking live by the way we're we're talking about some kind of fun I mean yesterday we were very serious as we had to be because of a heroin problem being met. Today were lightening up and we're definitely right up my Alley but more importantly up yours. It's I don't often say those words without anger at my voice but. We're talking about The Beatles fifty years ago today arriving in the United States and folks my 23 year old daughter and my eighty year old mother each could saying word for word about 200 beatle songs together if they had to. No other group. In history. Of which I'm aware could lay claim to have that kind of generational. Ubiquity. I don't even know what the hell I just set but it sounded really Smart. -- Astrid is with BBC -- put a -- up to his website for the BBC and also. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Line to pocket and get back to Gary -- -- you basically became. The Beatles Ringo Starr drama historian. You've met Ringo Starr few times and you actually in some cases. Are the first guy to actually set up Ringo Starr's drum kits since The Beatles Brody. Yes that's true and and actually I've been working on a project now for about a year with with Ringo and his inner circle. My job is basically to. Document -- kept. To to preserve some of them about some -- the little tweaking. And -- to be in Rome which sold it is amazing at the -- quick story. I -- up to -- it's the Grammy museum and in Los Angeles last June 1 with consultants get and the other one was -- people upset. But what we've been created the the solving -- for me to get out there on the table. And I'm so used to dealing with these oyster black you know but we -- from the sixties it was like home. But in -- one point I'm looking at it and I'm so used to seeing pictures of -- -- attendant in the fingerprint that is the school's Internet makes it. Definitely is. I thought that -- -- that cry think and that except that I saw almost fifty years ago. And I've got the honor and privilege of working on it document Ingraham and -- -- drum tech -- -- ruled. Great guy named Jeff Jonas he's been working for -- for about 26 years because you know I topical embarrassment he just looked at me because it's okay but I -- Dude that's your life of me. I was gonna ask you about the irony of that -- being in your hands all those years after seeing it for the very first time. And that changed your life forever and I don't change my brother's life forever. And vicariously it changed mine. Because I used to sneak upstairs when he was it's all I would never touches guitars I'd -- those were strictly football nor would I ever -- Paul bargains drum kits that were always in the basement. But I used to put on his records. Everything from a satisfaction. To eat too mellow yellow to yellow submarine at the same thing for yellow then. But in any event. It definitely had an impact. On the and what is it to the critics who will argue that The Beatles were a negative influence on society. And bad today overall did more damage than they did good. Well I for me -- like I you don't find it hard to believe because you know it's good to me it was like. Pre Beatles it was like the the cleaver household you know Leave It to Beaver. And I think they change things in a positive direction and yet and so many ways that we be on the phone for three days talking about it but. You know obviously whatever every changes there's some negatives but overall I think time has proven. And then people getting so excited with the being fifty years that that this staying power and think that the doesn't work were positive. I'm fifty years -- and I am so into the show I can't even tell you. I mean music I you know -- like you. Music touches my soul and -- very very few things here and I'm still waiting for the picture view and Ringo. Well you know I -- -- something this is cool. I was so blessed with this site I I went to. -- I don't know way for nine days ago epic Sunday. But I did spend -- first day for a week and well I was a man these let north. North American association of music merchants -- something in it which is overwhelming. The next day Monday I went to. -- convention center with a small group of people and in the scheme of thing to be five or 6000. And it was their for the taping of the show it's going to be -- Sunday yet grammys. Salute to The Beatles so for -- Saint Paul and -- up on stage performing together. But I didn't windshield wipers -- a Booth -- so emotional. Gary I can hear your voice and you know -- every -- -- way I must say that. I mean you are all man there's no doubt about it but there we are definitely. Soul mates in that front -- for his music and its power. And that please send me the pictures and yet I'd love to put them up on my FaceBook page. I couldn't take any pictures and I was -- I am conservative and respectfully you know people are -- if you do that but. But then one other thing. You know what I you know gear I love talking I wanna you're gonna say but I've got to break that I really have to take but if you can hold apology fell one more story. I mean I mean this is a guy folks and he's basically ringel knows that he knows Ringo. And if his whole life was based on The Beatles arrival fifty years ago today about that.

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