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2-7 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Feb 7, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And I'm going to be yet. -- Think. If you go the whole movie. This. Broad and -- -- well. The law the and upload it. That we have to pass the bill so that you can and then find out what is -- it about yeah. But it's not my responsibility that the. You've got health -- already. Then you can keep your plan if you're satisfied with a maybe you're better off not having the surgery but taking the painkiller. They're ready -- nothing like a short amount. You may well -- witness. He's maybe 930 you've seen. They -- -- -- it's inevitable it's much meaning of the -- people one more time -- -- our game guy evidently. Going to shape. -- -- Our -- -- at. A local La weekly. Paper says. Western new Yorker well my -- And public as doctor. My god all I eat I -- of the content. Over. It and it's -- -- it's. Always. Going to mark assuming the Republicans are liberals. Anyway I hope that that Thompson does impact on games that mark Zogby. I do I really do I hope he wins. And -- that it is that he. Urged. We've later -- record. -- it happens but. We have yet figured out whether or not that we're gonna do via -- the most influential people in Western New York. No really. You -- -- that seriously. Serious. Car up the degree and should be. And it means the most influential person in Western New York some names on the list. I look at it and think to myself if I haven't heard of if you're not in my cell phone you -- deployed -- So. It's. It's -- did you. I mean a certain radio personality of the and I mean seriously that's it let's take it up. Anyway. -- I honestly thought I couldn't give at the end the only award ever cared about with a high school one and the other one whatever it doesn't matter. But anyway how -- Brian Higgins the most influential guy and Western New York. It's a familiar technical work its appeal. We're on -- baby. Is here in Western New York. I hope that the guy from dead enjoys his pistol permit because you'll have a much longer he's gonna have all his guns confiscated by police I'm not one doubt about that. Meanwhile the cop who dropped the holster up at star point will probably give up on the back -- at a board. Operatives speakers. You know it when it because I put them up on based a couple of days ago. That if -- comments as it. If you have to common citizen had simply dropped an empty holster out of each school. On school grounds. They would probably confiscate every damn weapons you all. -- -- -- -- -- You need to surrender guns why. Because well if you're often empty holster yuck I got -- if you are irresponsible. But that didn't you. And -- not a cop. They would take it every -- and done you have away from. They would have decided or irresponsible. They -- -- go back 35 years is a misdemeanor arrest. And decided that you were irresponsible. So the guy yesterday. For which I've -- -- ironic the mad bad guy you know against violence. I mean there's some irony here you have to admit. As much of phantom the Second Amendment as I am. It's exactly what this guy in the radio. Who -- in the whole thing was happening. Yesterday at that school of sycamore street. There's this guy in the radio doesn't know what he's talking about -- -- -- it might have been something as simple as a concealed. Carry weapons permit holder might have just let the gun show for a split second accidentally. If it you know slipped down on his belt and -- quickly pulled back up it could've been something as simple as the we have Ole -- yes mr. they call it. Because I posited a number of very likely scenarios. That could have triggered that response. But that not a doubt in my mind that the guy from yesterday. Is gonna lose every single company owns he'll be denied owning any weapon in the future at least as long as he decides to live in New York story. And I hope he joins me in the state of Florida or Texas or someplace else with no income tax and it shall we say they believe in freedom. Unlike we have here in New York State especially in this current totalitarian regime of Andrew Cuomo in his badge carrying minions. So -- -- enjoyed his pistol permit because -- gonna have a very long it will be revoked not one doubt in my mind it's gonna be revoked. Good until. That's not exact amount of throws. But anyway but you -- choice you can make your votes you sit here and fight the system and pitcher -- -- every day or you can say you know what. Scar you. I'm making good living. I don't wanna see every damn dollar I've make go to New York State. Or any other government for that matter so you can continue to bring -- illegals. So you can continue to subsidize the Lear jet. Of social programs welfare and everything else. I'm -- dollar. You you can fight that or you can say you know what it's huge New York State you're not worth my time. And I've as I've told you a million times ASAP. Will be selling level. By owner because I'm not -- your real ordered do what I can do a lawyer to do legal stuff a lot cheaper and I am getting the hell out of Dutch. I can't take it anymore. Governor -- all want to have a New York. He wants every conservative out of New York. Now that don't misunderstand that with today's technology. It doesn't mean you can't do radio pay the coach didn't show from Florida last three years of his career. -- other people in buffalo media who do their -- rose from the state of Florida. I haven't quite turn out our goal. I will tell you it will be someplace warm. You'll be someplace sunny there will be some place with direct nonstop flights to Montego Bay. Negative it will be well they don't have a bigger -- one anyway it will be someplace with no state income tax. And it will be someplace -- can look at new York and Andrew Cuomo and flipped the bird. For 2000 miles away and say up yours I'm enjoying this extra money in my pocket every month -- Because. You're gonna miss me. See what this week ago because look at sky you'll be able to see me on Skype. We'll have that hook up set up with sky RB ISDN. It'll be like you're all the every day except only because everything's gonna be hard wired. Syndicate for my own accounts why wouldn't mind. Do you see this is don't. Just because I've moved out of here does that mean I'm leaving WBBM. People are people where you -- the WB yeah no I'm leaving the buffalo I'm leaving Western New York I'm leaving New York State. Because I can't take it anymore I'm done. I am done it ain't gonna change. And if accommodations that have been made for other -- senator I'm sure they'll do it from fill in if they don't don't. It's all the same you know -- dot delivery cheaply under a bridge with cardboard. And -- probably happier. Anyway -- fifty years ago. Something happened of great import. At least I think something happened of great import. And that is to say. We had four young men from England arriving in the United States. In fact the often repeated quote it is hey we thought somebody really important was gonna come to town like the president of the United States. Well guess what. In fact. It was The Beatles. Arriving in the United States fifty years ago today. Now ladies and gentlemen. Is there anybody. In the listening audience. It's who is not heard of The Beatles. -- Is -- well I know that there are some people who hate The Beatles. There are few Beatles haters out there. There are people who. Believe The Beatles marked the beginning of the end of western civilization as we knew it thank god. So. There are people who love them and people who hate him. And I don't care what you say it the one thing you can never take away from The Beatles is. They made some freaking incredible music together. And the melding. Of those four people. Those four musicians. In the one. And the harmonies. And the way they seem to feed off the Beecher. On stage in the studio. Was damned near biblically miraculous. Folks when I was growing up I don't middle aged ladies who would be their eighties now. Who are big Beatles fans. They still far. Now granted. Day he -- fans more of these 19641965. Beetle you know I'll hold serve and that stuff. As opposed to the you know the weed induced songs from ball on which I happen -- But. The Beatles let's put it this way. I know people in their eighties who love The Beatles. I know people in their teenage years who love The Beatles. Can you name me. One other group one other band with such transcendent. And universal appeal I don't think you can. Not on such a scale as The Beatles. And it. There are certainly bands that have stayed together a long time longer than the beatles'. -- you gotta think of would be The -- 00. The Rolling Stones. -- steel and without Brian Jones. He wouldn't be much fun these errors. Not -- swear. But -- which that I allowed too soon but anyway other people who think Brian Jones was murdered but I don't wanna go to it right now but anyway. One of the short of it is let's. Stairway to heaven -- we asking you guys to play the soul from stairway to heaven one day. We spent the 11 o'clock hour on -- Friday. I think it was the fortieth anniversary thirtieth anniversary of the release of stairway to heaven that we -- guys in my audience call in to play the solo. Joseph your -- that you're doing called green. Great show but who haven't Led Zeppelin lifespan was short and rally the lifespan we're short. When it comes right down to it that we can talk about the quarry and the silver Beatles. Basically we're talking about roughly the news and what thirteen years tops of The Beatles. Even less than that but I'll I'll I'll cut it out cutting wider swath here. I'll call up thirteen years of The Beatles and I know that I'm overdoing it a little bit. And I got -- so you'd be hard pressed to name a ban. That it had more impact on society. And a people's everyday lives then The Beatles now -- Obama just a minute. Because. AccuWeather. -- just got through lifting the windchill warning but now they put it back up game and I did -- a game. I guess I should really start watching NBC. CB with the Olympic coverage from Sochi. By the way what a Russian friend says in -- you idiot at Sochi. -- -- -- -- -- -- Like the guy in the cafeteria -- today who insisted that they ought to start serving sushi in the cafeteria at work. Am I love I love how people describe fifty. It's finished but it doesn't taste like fresh and -- it myself if you don't like fresh. For. But call me old fashioned. I don't like things that taste like rich. Anyway. No GO mode GO GO under way let me just say that we -- windchill. Situation here. Our boy -- -- as the wind chill advisory in effect from 8 o'clock this evening until 9 o'clock tomorrow morning. Whatever. I'm I'm sick of it you're sick of it life goes on -- blood the public about. So the overnight low tonight going to be the single digits -- it will be six. Now it's -- good folks and I'm look I'm not trying to ramble. I have very passionate talking about music. Because I can honestly tell you. That The Beatles in some small way. Influenced my direction in life. In a small way it was more vicarious than anything else. Because. Can you name. -- your own circle maybe even with yourself. Can you name somebody whose direction in life would set. By The Beatles rivals in the United States fifty years ago today and you. I can I could name five of them but only to -- feel comfortable that. Number one my brother -- power. The day after The Beatles came on Ed Sullivan my brother went out and bought his very first guitar which I think was this year's silver toned guitar. Think it was a piece of crap. But he'll learn about it and they went and bought himself mythic reckon Becker from -- Burris. I'm not a statement. There's another guy who's still around here and about the show can or east graduate Gary asked rich the BBC the buffalo beatles' company. His direction in life was shot fifty years ago he. I love talking about users. Even if I don't really play anything very well. I'd put on Elvis show in my bathroom everyday at 324. All about like you know stay in front of the mirror and saying about Bieber you know you do I can imagine you're naked in your bathrooms -- off. 26 form Asia huge and exceed. You know you do it. Yeah that's is -- -- can ring -- on his cellphone. Are right mind for the longest time was -- black by The Rolling Stones. He is is off to 62 weren't even trying to get out for -- area this off. I got a break on WBM I guess I know will be coming back with stay -- -- we're talking about that BS please on WB yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- And. And -- Being again. I don't know yeah and look. -- I don't care how good Paul McCartney's band is he's got a great -- he's got every free roll musicians. And first -- ball late Paul McCartney -- touring and unfortunately. Because Pollock is falling into that trap the John Levin warned about in the book Lennon remembers which was a compendium of interviews he did whip gotten Rolling Stone magazine. And John -- man you wanna talk about -- First of all. I don't -- idolize John Lennon I think John Lennon was a fraud and phony in a lot of ways so let's just get that title -- first. Imagine no possessions. Says the guys in the Rolls Royce with the Central Park west apartment. Coach anyway so he was bought a fraud and phony but he is also a visionary. And back in the early seventies. John Leavitt said hey I don't wanna be seventy years old in Las Vegas again when I'm 64. Do you look at Paul McCartney now probably laughter -- -- world. He'd probably say Paul. Because at this point. There the past two years Paul McCartney has lost the ability to send his voice is a man's. He can't carry a tune any better than drunken grandfather command. And as much as I love his music he should really pack it. Out of his old self respect and dignity policies on the road. Because he wants his hands to have a chance to hear him sing songs like karaoke at a Holiday -- in Roanoke. That's all I can pick. -- funny but anyway. George Harrison. Paul McCartney John Lennon Ringo Starr. The Beatles fifty years ago today. They arrived in the United States. And folks. I cannot think of a band. I cannot think of an author I cannot -- blocked. Well at least not one that is holy book that has had as much influence on as many people. And on as many generations. As the music of the Eagles when my kids. Daughter was achieving future. She pretty much every single Beatles song by heart. And we're talking about you know the two thousands. My. -- years old she loves The Beatles up to a point. My -- is not exactly gonna play helter skelter. Volume on your iPad. But she loves the Eagles. You know everybody -- -- group -- really can't stand. -- -- tell -- -- can't stand a group a lot. You can't please all the people all the time believe -- I know that. But. My question to you use. Did The Beatles have any influence on you because. My brother. The day after Ed Sullivan and The Beatles first performance and it's all them. Literally went to the store and bought a guitar at that point he knew nothing about guitars nothing all that was. He heard something that clicked with him that connected with him and he wanted to be a part of it. And for the -- it was told -- went in the 1950s he had no musical ability whatsoever. Just what. The rest is history. He learned and became a virtuoso guitar player. Pretty amazing -- -- I have the group and so. I had the group liquidators got they were in incidents. Are right now. There's a guy you're estrogen Nigeria as a regular listener the program. Not worry -- -- to -- he went the drummer Ringo was his guy. And believe it or not we've out of the show here is the guy who actually set up -- post. Here. Back in LA for a wanna say the grammys. -- museum the the Grammy museum The Beatles museum I forget exactly but. The short of it is here's this guy from buffalo. Who is roughly the same age as my brother. Is so taken with The Beatles and Ringo Starr that he goes out -- Gets the could -- -- gets. -- -- gets drops. In dealers out of play the drops. And it becomes so good the drums and so well loan. As a -- historian of Ringo Starr's. That he has probably the first person since The Beatles road to actually have physically -- setup of Starr's drum -- Which many of you you might say big freaking deal. You know but -- the rest of -- it's almost like holy. Seriously. There is profit -- actually existed at one point. -- 030 there is the phone number start at the podium itself on. 180616. WB -- now maybe Beatles didn't do it for. Maybe it was somebody else and you poll what do contrary and I sometimes I wonder if I did in the late seventies. When The Beatles came to town came to the United States fifty years ago I wonder if I would have loved them. Or if I would have been the anti -- Knowing me I probably would have said The Beatles -- And I probably would have been talking about Bobby Darren. Public better Bobby Darrin why is that The Beatles how much better Dean Martin ones and The Beatles just because that's my personality. I like to know why don't you know I don't like to go along with the crowd. Everybody else is raising their arms to salute like to -- the one with -- hands in his pocket. That's just that's just my nature it's the way it was the way god made me love report. -- probably would have been the gold's. Long freeze. These these kids -- bad teeth. The -- they look you look at Bobby. Now there's a man. I probably would have gone. Rant. About college -- parent is at the polls. Don't mean. Joseph you're looking at me and I don't know why like you have something you wanna play -- dying to play -- no. Are you are okay go ahead. Okay. Saved -- you -- -- you could go with the Odyssey. You know by the undersea everybody -- -- ninth 1959. But did you dream lover at least once the split splash -- Jesus but anyway. I would have been well -- -- are always there always will. But our problem. But the guy. To shape The Beatles. She just go back to England and forget about the United States. -- because again that's contrary nature. So it was The Beatles. -- my two questions here for folks if I had the narrow everything down. The Beatles in any way shape or form affect or influence your life. -- you needn't be ashamed of -- folks we're all influenced in some moisture performed by the popular culture of our day. Yes even our soldiers before we get that phone call here to. Talk about the soldiers tell you think the soldiers listened to -- it -- to talk to soldiers sometime is that African pedestal which they don't want anyway. I mean good -- -- go to the phone calls they just wanna hear the -- talk about The Beatles are talking about herbal greens out well guess what that's because I talked to Marines and I know them. And they are sick and tired of people like you who glorified them when all they are our guy. Eyes just like you and me just like you who don't wanna be put on a pedestal. And oddly enough they watch movies to know they like James Gandolfini till they listen to The Beatles now. That's what makes them so special they are guys and ladies like your son or your daughter and they -- well under arrest and offer you. That's why I love the soldiers. And they can't stand this pseudo worship they get repeat what makes a lot of fuel. And if you're really soldiers -- I'm talking out of the -- has the -- Yeah Joseph Joseph and his head because you don't have guys that with you went to school or serving in uniform and dangerous places like your friends were serving in danger of it. When you know people like that they can't stand the hero worshipping -- absolutely despises. All they want from you is well they what here's what they want for a job when your. Just like anybody else. He you can break and thank them for their service they're always loved especially the -- guys who always got bull and they love it. Let's stop here don't fall. Don't treat it like rock stars that's not on. So anyway. Did the -- holes I don't mean to get off of these -- spokesman sometimes one thought leads to another. And my mind has to go there it can't stop itself. Because you know that filter some people have. I don't have. Did The Beatles influence your life or not. For the good or for the back. It wasn't The Beatles who was it. Because that's. Again it isn't just a little bit. But. If you think The Beatles didn't have an influence on your humble -- You you don't know today. Well we're not gonna play that's all you -- you don't go away it went on the Rush Limbaugh show sometimes you know as a target about. Apparently John Sherman does not know the song of which are split. He's still rather shocked that I'm too sexy for my shooters being on beavers -- Anyway apologies to -- welcome to the -- show and look I don't mean to go all over the place but we're talking about The Beatles you almost have to. Yes indeed do. I'm looking daycare at electric light dark extra costs in May do it and wants -- -- while. While Jeff -- and George Harrison were very good friends. And Electric Light Orchestra might get -- they were so far ahead of their time they -- -- before it was queens. Yeah I am not mean -- going -- and expand that I want it to me. -- I -- great minds think alike. I'll tell me I love yellow absolutely think they were a totally class act queen and Freddie Mercury. I mean seriously. What are my regrets in life is knowing I could see them -- times you're in buffalo and I did not. Only were The Beatles fit in in Europe at the musical heroes. Where -- Beatles gave him a book my mother would not be able radio when I was little kid so. It was in the late sixties or seventies porn you've got into The Beatles. And by that time -- warlord or there's. But the Eagles can't underlying. All like you think that the -- awards. Underlying. Influence on the all the debris and it affected me. Certain that I guess who helped by a German Micah. Up Paul I would love to talk you further about this because there is in every musical genre whether you're talking about Southern California rock what you're talking about. British rock and the influences The Beatles haven't guys like queen and like the electorate like orchestra and -- live who's the leader of the band not to be confused with dimpled Bloomberg which when we pilgrim. But in any event. A lot of talk you more about this because fifty years ago I cannot believe half a century. I was alive I was -- me. When. As -- when John F. Kennedy was assassinated and when The Beatles came to the United States. Were you influenced by The Beatles with somebody in your life -- influenced by The Beatles and I can literally tell you that I want to scale of one to ten probably. At least four or five. My brother definitely attend Gary asked ridge but BBC definitely attend. No doubt about it. They were the senders -- 930 WB yeah. Sorry this. -- hacking cough. Everybody's got every man you know. It's like symptom free except that I go to talk a -- -- mean you know get a good -- he's along. And it's not productive. Anyway area partly cloudy and cold -- the over election drawn Butler with those are now well that's but it makes it through one helix energy of -- doesn't like as you. -- Overnight -- six we wind chill advisory. Today -- others that. Right now is that it's sixteen degrees and it feels like. Don't. It's ten. Feels like minus seventy really. Is that you can do mother nature of mother nature set up to us. -- mother nature. We have to worry about or Donald sabres game now to the -- -- worries stoked about. Opera it. It. I know that's much yours -- -- will not lose another game until late February. All right let's get back to Paul and -- the water Paul fifty years ago today. The Beatles arrived in the United States you -- real big on The Beatles but you actually were big on The Beatles influences on especially EL -- But there was another group of the early to mid seventies. And in the eighties called me. Led by the incredible front man best front man ever in rock and -- history sorry Elvis but Freddie Mercury. This is the I'd love it. He's he's just incredible -- -- probable I'm sure he didn't write all of those law. Put all the people there. World around him is being you look sick TDs in the bass player. In the borrowers. Pay more -- Part of the driving force. Oh look there it just make good music mobile Jill why it -- -- -- Oh you've read you need to guess who. Now. And now the -- though. You don't -- you gotta have a great guitar player I'm sorry if you have a great guitar player your band is don't know. So let me explain it for me is. The couple who find people please. Of course will what do you Brian may is there. I hit that I gotta go thank you very much for the call. All my gosh great stuff up and made by the way folks. People learn guitar you learn very ease it -- early with the greats are Brian may is the guy who played with queen. And he still still is with queen but without Freddie Mercury is queen equally I say no. Any more than The Beatles could be the beatles' let John Lennon and George Harrison. There someplace I'd like to go but I can't because it would give me in trouble. All -- got I got the I've got to Norman it's okay. Let's go to Q pat bunker -- fifty years ago today The Beatles in the United States where they can influence on you c'mon be honest with me. They work and where each and every play like he said earlier are curiously what are aired so old it struck out -- -- yeah. To be sexual who blew up. Are you got to speak up I can't I don't. Don't belong here and you lost me after that. Okay and sort everything. That we haven't -- to date -- secondary to move The Beatles. And what is interesting is to Beatles may -- as they are tricky work shot. Because we needed heroes. Space program and The Beatles over it right -- perfectly. -- Jack how are you all in December of 63. And that they have been there you know we're they know. But they were to do prior to -- self insure everything culture today. Secondary to the Eagles. Are you say secondary to meet I would -- touched by in some way shape or form. Absolutely -- all the British invasion all drew cheers they good rounds. -- here. Counterculture. Or the -- Well. You know I think you're you're oversimplifying you do -- American thing here OK you're blaming. The Beatles for drugs. And and and the problems of America. Do you you do know that before The Beatles we had American authors and musicians dying of alcoholism Edgar -- pole and drugs Hank Williams well off for The Beatles game over right. -- but it did what they are currently the proper thorough however it would look back through. The question how is he. The people -- oil oil all the love it if I got to talk to work. I have to under is ready at 930 WB and what family tradition you think Hank junior rescinded about.

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