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2-7 The Movie Show w/Cinema Bob and Sandy Beach

Feb 7, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Great captains of -- offers -- inject this. It is the movie show cinema Bob's ultimately said Dmitry -- cinema Bob's reviews on FaceBook listened to the movie show online any time on demanded WB UN dot com and that would be Bob. That was -- man. Will Arnett as that man from the new Lego movie this. This is something unusual here in that we've got to bit man being presented as a funny -- Which it's been a long time since we've had a funny and you kind of have to go back Adam West in the sixties. -- dress like that unless you have a sense of humor. Well role. Ya wanna I wanna relax in the week and you put a rubber -- -- you Jimmy lounging around Hollywood magna in my in my dad and -- -- Next our neighbor he's a big weirdo he he relaxes and -- and I imagine that's just crazy but -- man out there who were election. But do you have big box numbers don't lie I certainly do although it. It's pretty much more of the same. Number one why along. The kind of heart ice cube movie its third week at number one. Did another twelve million dollars it is now 93. Million. This is now officially the biggest hit ever wrote Kevin Hart and ice cube who's been -- -- for over twenty years now so that's that's got to feel nice to have his biggest hit at this point in his career. And number two frozen. The Disney cartoon that just continues to be such a tremendous. Phenomenon and of course you know the weather has been promoting this film enormously. On the other nine million dollars it is now at 360. Million dollars here in the US. The sing along version that was put -- -- last week and bumped it up from number four to number two in its tenth week of release. Have been very often. It's worldwide box office is currently over 860. Million dollars. And it still hasn't opened. An enormous markets like China or Japan were animated films do extraordinarily. Well so. It's still have a lot of life left -- -- That awkward moment comes in at number three Zach -- Ron. Dirty movie or movie. That did nine million dollars and what you call a big hit but -- had a low eight million dollar production budget. Gonna lose any money either I wouldn't exactly get the sequel started about they do it okay. At number four Nick's favorite movie of 2014 the not job did die another eight million dollars it is now at fifty million. And number five lone survivor did another seven million dollars it is now at 105. Million. First release of 2014. To earn over 100 million and we. We did have one DO way yes dead on arrival -- every -- Labor Day the big can win slipped. Being held captive by an escaped convict romantic flick. Only did five million dollars and came in at number seven didn't even crack the top five. Horrible reviews and -- audience grades were -- -- bad as well so that didn't do well. I do what you have a bit. -- Interesting statistics I look at statistics. I love. Love that's -- stuff and Slate Magazine. Decided to confirm a theory. Which they have done with the report the product yesterday. The theory is. February movies saw a hot hot hot and their backing it up with -- What they did. Is they they looked into the rotten tomatoes scores and that the rotten tomato site gathers reviews right. And gives you a percentage of how many were positive verses negative. So -- They took every movie since 2000. That is made more than one million dollars -- -- -- -- just take you want to got a wide release and put out there. Broken into -- by release and they've been able averaged the scores and they have been able to prove that the war. Worst month of the year movie why it is February. That an average positive rating for a news. Films released in February is 45%. -- February is the roughest. Tied for -- you -- for the number two slot is January. And September. They both only did about 48%. Say if your movie fan here here not too surprised by that statistic. Conversely though on the bench months. Though number one month for films. Is July July July has more. More film's release that and then getting positive reviews and any other which I think a lot of people think shall. Middle summer that's gonna be Euro -- down Hollywood blockbusters. Movie awards show. Movies and all -- that's not gonna be your high -- movies no threat is what it does best. Are there -- three months tied for number two on November December and June. All came in about 57%. So if you're seeing movies this month. And you're thinking -- These movies. -- kind of awful. You write the math backs it up but it's right it's the release months so another words were frozen is still doing great business whatever but they -- go back through the month of frozen north relief yeah I think. And what you'll find also I mean for me at least. In both. January. And February. I'm not. Seeing as many films that are being released during those months. I'm catching up on film so. That were possibly released. In December and like New York LA and Chicago and they're just now getting to buffalo -- catching up on a lot of those. Oscar nominated films and and that sort of thing I hope you have a movie IQ question horse Bob I I certainly do. -- -- Provides the voice for that man in the new animated film but Lego movie. In this film who voices Superman. Is it -- eight Gilbert dot com. -- -- Robert Downey junior and -- or -- eat Channing Tatum. Without -- out what hotel I'm getting without his shirt on arguing the year your choice -- -- for that particular over. God for doctor at Gaza twelve point 9875. Be corrected answer the winner will get and moving faster to run into some that are valid through April 30 one to fourteen. And and what one thing to before we. Before we had -- just just to mention briefly. Philip Seymour Hoffman. Just just such a tragedy such such a sad -- industry. A local guy I mean born and raised in airports are from here at all. And one of the so I mean are so many -- aspects about it. But to us certainly somebody who was cut down at the height of his career I'm Sharon was still doing such extraordinary work. And he was the sort of guy who. Could be in something like the Hunger Games series based on young adult books big fantasy series and still. Deliver a completely solid fantastic performance and that he did independent films -- -- big blockbuster movies. He was still doing Broadway star in the junger earlier song on Broadway last year in death of the salesman and he was just phenomenal and that. Such. It's such a horrible lost art artistically and and force them. And probably the last movie you saw from what I've read was a frozen he took his children -- for. Wow I don't know how you walk away from something well you know. Well it mean that it wasn't a case of suicide it was a case of well there was just like you want to weigh in in one way right up just making him. Horrible horrible choice in in dealing with with with weakness in dictionary and -- really took tragic. The -- -- of a -- -- -- is a double -- destitute when he did some theater -- through April 30 when -- fourteen -- five dollars and division descends towards pizza pub and -- a -- sport -- transit no expiration date total value 43 dollars general contest rules apply will be back after this. The movie IQ question notes that he Will Arnett. Provides the voice for bad man in the new animated film Lego movie who voices Superman. And the answer would be Channing Tatum Channing Tatum -- wasn't in the sexiest man alive last year. Well sure has voted -- most years before that before you I just think he's dreamy. Can help all right big -- hitting the big strain now I you know I see this here I wanna see this movie and I'm afraid you're going to pay and it. But though let's get on well the monuments missing. -- talk about this we can talk about another thing now I want to does -- and I wanna see it but I have a feeling you're not going to be enthralled this. This is one of those situations. Where the business end of show business. Clues you into a lot about the movie today and you've got a remarkable. True story. About. This this group of men that were trying to save. Art masterpieces. That had been sold by the Nazis during World War II many of which. We're we're set to be destroyed. So many had already -- the story. George Clooney. Oscar winning writer and Oscar nominated to. Director he was set to star in this humorous producing it writing it directing it. He -- met Damon Bill Murray Cate Blanchett John Goodman. John -- Hardenne who one Oscar the Oscar for best actor for the artist Hugh Bonneville. Who's the head of household in counted now beat. Bob Taliban is in there. Mom and this is great true story it's a -- story to that you've seen people -- the nose at all. This week you've seen story after story about it because it's such a great story people love -- talk about it it was all set to come out in December. So you can have the big holiday movie audiences and you'd be able to be up for all sorts of Oscar nominations. But then. They put it in front of a few audiences are so previews way a long time ago right and a few critics. And the response was. Kind -- not so -- low dull. The reviews have been varying nary -- on this movie. It's averaging about 30%. And rotten jobs want him through a lot now Rex Reed at all. Hockey check -- out. But that the feeling from just about Hillary seems to be watched a fantastic amazing. The story. But it just doesn't capture itself it it has some problems in home. I mean it's trying to be -- series at times kind of Saving Private Ryan art collection. And other times it tries to go lighter and joking here kind of ocean's eleven meet tonight at the museum. And it doesn't quite. Get together you don't get to know these guys particularly well you hire such rich. And character actors and lead actors. And I mean Matt Damon you've got in there. They pretty much showcase that he is very bad speaking French. He used his fringe is terrible and he keeps trying to pass that off size and speed now okay. Well that's his character every -- museum is just another. At French joke over and over and over. They've got to pool basic your. Training sequence where they're all trying to get into shape that's tried to hand be handled him. In light funny matter and it just doesn't quite come together which is odd because George Clooney. Is -- very. Funny guy he has a nice light touch when it comes to comedy and if there's one thing this movie's been -- for. It's that it really does not handled comedy particularly well and some scenes that are supposed to be funny in light. Just kind of lie there there's one sequence where Matt Damon I guess steps -- land mine. And they all decide well. If we're gonna blow up let's all blow up together. So they all walked together in the land mine area and somehow survived I guess they're just seems like that we Disco. Really. In the this story as well. The George Clooney is going. Four. A bit of an old film. Feel here I mean it definitely seems to be years trying to capture their guns have never own great escape Magnificent Seven feel. Which does herded to -- as far as. The pacing and that home it does feel a bit slow it feels a bit old fashioned. And he definitely takes liberties. With the actual facts. Of. Via the story. In truth. There were approximately. 400. Monuments match. About 400 different soldiers and civilians working to recover the -- is a lost -- according to this felt. Eight. There were just eight of them and their pretty much saying that this this film has it now you would think even if you've got that smaller group and if you've got an. Actors that are. This chart and in this interesting that you would want to keep them together so you can have that interaction -- reactors. But the film. Breaks them up almost immediately it gathers them for the the slapstick. And basic training stopped half of which feels like it's lifted from Abbott & Costello Spock -- America. And then breaks them all up into little individual areas. And even then goes from trying to be wacky funny. Two. Trying to be. Very emotional and very dramatic and I kind of over the top for that quick lump in the throat feel. I couldn't figure out how they're gonna work comedy -- I mean the Nazis weren't good for a lot of laughs in the -- they're trying to recover precious art work. Idea I have heard that the comedy didn't work I couldn't figure out how to we're gonna use comedy in the first. Why did I can understand them wanting to have a lighter touch and the fact that. Many of these the -- the characters that they have involved in this aren't soldiers they were you know there there's sculptors there architects there museum curators that have been brought in to be part of or know about our work project yup yup. And many people. Have suggested that two a documentary. Really fit this story -- real a bit better has the story is. Fascinating country is a very frightening situation. The Third Reich and trying to. Do its best to just eliminate. An enormous. Chunk of culture which is. Just a shocking and disturbing thing. If you are interested looking at a good documentary. That covers this. There was a film made in not 2006. Called the rape of Europa. And it is available on Netflix if you haven't Netflix subscription in your household. This was a an extremely. Well reviewed. Well regarded documentary. And the via the situation. That occurred there and the attempts to re gain has as much as they could. I've got to say they'll even -- if I mean I read about twenty point five reviews for this movie and prepared to shell. So it's all very fresh in my mind but still. To just look at the poster for this thing and the people involved and the basic story as it is part of me still feels like. Yeah I'd probably want to watch that I'll probably within a year forget about it and watch the darn thing. I'd check it out I have to check it out visit I love the cast a lovely concept. I look back -- more of the movie show cinema Bob -- sandy beach every bit. You can pay for yesterday's news in print or get today's news -- just use WBM. And we are backlit -- is just sort of above still tsunami sandy beach big movies are the big screen he's already told you about the monuments men next. I don't know the Lego movies. You know mood there have been a lot of films made about toys over the years transformers. Movie to care bear movie GI Joseph battleship out the Bratz movie. And there's one big thing that all had in common was that they're horrible they're just. Terrible. Awful movies. And along comes the Lego movie out this is not only one of the best reviewed movies of this year wow. It's gonna be one of the best reviewed movies of all time -- -- as of yesterday. The rotten tomatoes rating on it was 100%. Positive. A few more reviews came in and did drop the review rating is now 99%. Positive word. Parents. See a lot of bad cartoons because you know the kids they can't go to the movies on their -- you know legitimate cargo and kids quite often have really. Just the worst case. And I a year as a parent you're forced to sit there and watch you know really really awful stuff. And this movie used one of those ones that hit that sweet spot of being really entertaining to kids. As well as mom and dad. Prediction wise I think this is going to be enormous I think it would be. A blockbuster gold why oh and it has been in a block -- -- why. -- -- Legos have such huge if you don't have kids specifically -- little boy he's. A lot of you may not realize. How enormous leg -- are AOL live kids I don't Antonia the rest amendment that's well yes going. Now I have two sons. Ben. Who start to be a chemical engineer and the other -- keyword yeah he had badly and he is is a Lego sets. And the instructions. You would slavishly. Follow the instructions and very precisely and exactly recreate what was designed the box. Michael. Who is starting to be a schoolteacher. More artistically Brad singer he's. And photography and things like that he gave his leg OK let's take instruction book and well. He works absolutely. Absolutely well and that is sort of what's going on here in the movie the society with in the movie. Is a group of little Lego people who follow the instructions. A little. Always follow the instructions. But there are some rebel two -- who are saying you know well. You can make whatever you want you can do whatever you do not have to follow this instruction book Will Ferrell is the -- and Ivo. He has to want to -- scary things one. He has a tube of glue. He wants to have glued to Legos. Yet so they cannot move making just you can make something -- never be there forever. Which just goes against the Legos are opposed to be all about. And he does have a very evil weapons you know I have a machine to honor a flame thrower -- -- -- Bob nail polish remover. Because that can wipe the face off one of those little plastic -- guys very very scary if you are a little -- As far as characters. With in the film. You've got to -- man as as we've seen which Will -- they're going with a very funny man character. You've got -- Lincoln. -- Shakespeare. Lego Wonder Woman -- Neeson. Voices Lego good cop bad cop. He has two faces. 22 faces on his head still ahead just spins around when he spent cup cup. Well anywhere and he's able to be good cop and bad -- you've got C three PO Orlando Caribbean from the Star Wars films. Shaquille O'Neal plays his Lagos self. Lord of the Rings Lego -- Harry Potter Lagos that. And animation wise. Wanna be that cool things about Lago is. When it comes stick and what they do for the animation here it's kind of blend between. Stop action animation. And CGI. When you're doing things with computer animation. It's very tricky to pull off -- C flashy soft things that's why you'll notice in Pixar movies. Characters like wal Lee or the toys and Toy Story will be the ones that really come across. Best in -- when you go to the people the real humans that are on the ship. And they don't they're not is effective as the the actual robots are. Problem when all your characters are like knows everything in this movie is hard edged and even things like when they're out sailing on an ocean. Is a leg all oceans so when the waves are moving in splashing it's made of all these thousands of little block so it's just a lead dynamic. It has a look that is both very retro and very modern at the same time. The film is directed. By Phil lord and Christopher Miller on two guys who are. By choosing the unusual career path of going between animation. And live action their last two films were dark cloudy with a chance of meatballs. And they did comedy 21 jump street we Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum both movies. Enormous successes there are a lot of people that are going back and forth between animation and live action like that. One other cool thing that -- a parent I think it's kind of awesome about this. After a movie of this award kids will -- often have that feeling out. Two paragraph and ago I gotta go get that I need to have the exact characters from this movie and I went all the action figures and all that that's -- very natural thing. With American non moviemaking in American kids. The theme of this movie. In a lot of ways is almost. But if you've got like us at home. Is take apart -- rebuild and use those blocks are over what ever. Heck you want because that is kind of the overwhelming theme of the movie which is. Up pretty cool. All right you're zero lot more excited about the Lego movie than a monument men -- -- -- -- several weeks ago that monument -- was gonna be the dog of the -- -- and -- -- -- -- he was gonna be the critical darling. Absolutely right what they gave breakaway so Wu at the we will return with a ratio cinema Bob May sandy beach big movies hitting the big screen today. Bob has covered the monument men of monuments men and the Lego movie next up this won't quite be December as a loyal -- vampire academy. Yes although this is based on a young adult book series so this is. This is trying to prolong the same -- as twilight Iowa Idaho -- in the mortal instruments and those types of films. This follows. The group. Vampires according to these books. You've got the moral line those are nice vampires. They can come out during the daylight over him for the most part. They're easy to get along that's good I don't know how they work out feeding but apparently it's not a problem society -- bearing maker withdrawal that you got the -- -- now there half humans enhanced vampires. They protect the moral light. And then you've got the string go away those of the evil vampires who want to kill all the more -- and take over the world. Now this all comes to a head. And a vampire boarding academy. Where young girls Wear shorts skirts coming in and saying nasty things -- allow hello hello it's directed by a Mark Waters. Now Mark Waters about ten years ago teamed up with Tina Frey. And did the movie mean girls would I like oh yeah I mean girls -- wonderful wonderful cast though and definitely Leo Lindsay Lohan best picture. -- -- had a big hit with that sense then now. He's kind of struggle he did just like heaven. With Reese Witherspoon which I personally thought was possibly the most offensive romantic comedy I've seen in many years. Spider which chronicles mr. Popper penguins he he's not been hitting them on the -- This movie date they push and a big way from the creator of mean girls they they want to back one person that Andrew is there. Surprisingly enough no critics' screening. For this one I did find though. A couple reviews from. Midnight showings from last night and or even posted most of them didn't like it but to be fear. It was a positive review on a site called the digital journal. Which was brave enough to stand up and say -- it doesn't -- Well yeah I saw vampire movie what -- looking for the script I guess is a bit of mass how can you tell the script is a mass. Hollins. Of narration. And each time you see a movie that has. All sorts of narration that means they showed it to an audience. All the cards came back saying we don't know what's going on in this film so they just -- narration with people. Explaining every little detail to you it's like what happened to blade runner guys came out but. If you're fan of these books you might wanna check this out if you never heard of this you should keep that going for you -- Actually I keep next as a movie called the past you know this is why I read filmmaker. Odds are. McCarty a come on now watch it and get they waited some air freshener he just said laws guard for party. Well yeah should. He did little to go all the separation. A few years ago that took place and I ran which is it's about couple. Breaking up getting a divorce on this film also. Shouldn't audio data add that movie's inaccuracies about I'm allergic to this film. -- -- No I am in the -- I know I'm not -- joke right that are ready to go go ahead. This film is also about an Iranian person involved in at a marginal John Ford heated westerns. Hitchcock thriller yet -- movies about divorce okay. He UK -- He and his guys married to a French woman the French woman is back in Paris. He a lot of French woman and a true she's returned their shoes and I ran when they were were married. And they're looking to put together of her divorce it's complicated because they have children from previous marriages. And she is now. Engaged. To a man. Who. Still. Kind of has a wife. Her fiance can't merrier because his wife is in a coma. Now she's in Tacoma dome from a failed suicide attack all of -- frothy romp so what -- what -- saying here went out and about suggesting yeah this is not perfect. Valentine's Day date really check went right swallow lots of fun and laughs for every couple. The past. Very nicely reviewed he makes very yours yours is very much care -- the the female ladies. -- ratio who -- via costar in the artist. And has won all sorts of awards a lot of people were very surprised wasn't up for best foreign language film at this year's Oscar. But to if you're a fan of his. Definitely worth checking out but if you're looking for a little bit of light hearted fun. The significance to the movies that day that's. Pennsylvania big Mo is hitting the big strain on a new release shall now I see you have -- buyers club on your review. That did that like the last time we're here. Well -- we. Not done. I talked about seeing the film and they see and now you're so you don't want -- know what you else yet. Well now oppose to what it was when you saw previously when I saw people can only go under Garcia previously reviewed by Bob not. But now I'm saying it's available on video -- you wanna download it or how. Wow and online or go on rented that you're gonna do that now is that everyone on the one you saw just say you know. Just you know I know we've been doing and we've been doing this this every week since as -- nineteen 98 exact. All of the movies that I talk about. In the the new release shall movies we've talked about a -- And they were late last week sometimes music country. And this was well. I'm who's on first yeah I don't I watched this probably tonight. Dallas buyers club. It's a frothy -- I've got lots of laughs. One. You'll think my -- -- it reminds me at least and sent down so -- on very very important area and serious film. Wonderful wonderful performances by Richard Lido and Matthew McConaughey. I tell you I will be stunned. McConaughey does not win best actor. For this film at this year's Oscars. And yeah -- it's not just a case to him being so good in this film he also had mud which came out earlier in the year outstanding performance. And right now on HBO. A lot of people are watching him intruder had to -- which he's giving. Personally. I don't mean this to be seem blasphemous. I kinda think he's even better through detective Denny is in Dallas and he's terrific in this film as well. But for those people that wanna check -- Oscar films. Before the awards show it is available to check out okay got about twenty seconds it tells about Jack asked presents bad Graham pop. Well that's the amazing thing this is also an Oscar film. It is up for our. -- best makeup and hair so this movie has as many nominations. As -- saving mr. banks while believe it or not just that -- on this film of course like called jackass movies you've got the theatrical cut and the unrated cut. We're all sorts of filthy hijinks and shenanigans I'd always classy classy -- -- say that about wraps that I probably show wells see you Monday at nine under is -- to 930 WB. We'll go much they never have to he's -- peace.