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2-7 Beach and Company Hour 2

Feb 7, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- back -- of that region governor I'm always show begins in about an hour stand by for that meanwhile a judge in Missouri has rolled. That it is is okay for a motorists to dim their headlights sort of flash terabytes at another motorist to alert them that there is a policeman up ahead usually running radar not always but usually. Okay and we've seen rulings like this before coming out of Florida. And do you think that the New York would go the same way it would until he gets tested in court we don't know. They've both declared the Florida judge and the Missouri judge declared it was free speech it is a way of communicating communicating to be more than verbal you do sign language into anything you want. And the flash in the headlights is a way of communicating. Is that -- is it okay to do that do you do that do you flash other motorists with your headlights. And your ticket story everybody's gonna -- a story my a few and far between only -- three believe it or not. I don't intentionally trying to speed there are times when your speed drifts over what they're supposed to be going. I mean that happens to all of us but when you see those flashing lights in the mirror. Calm man it can ruin a good day for I can tell you that. 80393018061692. Through six and star and 930 let's go to can on a cell phone -- you're on WB and. -- First year for. Hours. Mobile. And it was too. UBE. And I had that's why would call -- you can't nice. That movie that's -- you can -- can -- slash other drivers would your -- -- as it is subject. -- To doctors and that the media owe anybody news. Partner but he knows he knows. It. And she. Uses with the -- -- Cole has been there and you know sure. -- wondered in. Your. -- on the road you know. Be on the record. Actually -- recorded and they do out there and make a court. I've never heard a -- admit that but it does seem strange that you see stricter enforcement by near the end of the month. Besides that besides -- you'll see them sometimes at the told both vision coming through to see if you're says if you're a sticker had expired. If it's the beginning of the next month whatever. But there that's away or every car has to stop without them stopping you but it seems like enforcement gets kicked up near the end of the month. Well and out war right now but certainly don't doubt about it -- -- -- military merely uses to outlook forever by you know that the digital rights yes I warn other drivers in you know and I would hope stormy acts as you are -- down -- And do you see you at about revenue should force they are so we order operators Alter a lot of smaller companies. And these are you know nickel and dime to dollar order dollar fines were talking about -- -- you -- -- an airline did slow leak -- -- Put it this way that they look at -- you can always find something wrong as the W in and -- -- only do unfortunately where each. The OC and in and Noble's -- -- the -- it would applies late recharge. There are troopers who to a -- deals and it's really -- highways much deeper here. Pick -- choose -- -- struck off the road and distributed tickets for this and that is that we want this all of these CAD I love your brother you are that Manuel. Thank you drive terrible idea of anger much. You know job and a flash of headlights my father. My father is an over the road driver I've told you before -- he drove for 32 years U haul freight he all the oil he hauled cars. And measure go with a month a lot and he was very much in two vehicles like I'm into vehicles. But the bottom line is he taught me. How to -- your headlights for courtesy to. A for instance when they via a tractor trailers passing you know. When -- safely by you then you -- you flicked the high beams on so they know that they can Poland's on the -- right in front of you always did that and -- thank you by flicking their lights boom boom boom on and off thank you for the courtesy so he taught me that but he also -- That they they alert other drivers. Because if it really is about safety. The police should have no problem. That if it's about safety you're doing you're helping them do their job your slowing traffic down your warning them maybe there's a dangerous situation up ahead slowdown I mean how many times I've I've flick though lights when I've seen deer cross in front of me. Because very seldom that they'll be one -- soldiers. And it takes it doesn't take ten rounds. He'll fly should -- -- -- that my idea governors imitation. -- if if what are your crosses in front -- you you -- gotten pretty oil company is going to be more and -- flashed other drivers to slow down because it was the error you know he's a common courtesies. But it does seem like enforcement steps up at the end of the month. So today I've never heard cops say TI medical. Never and maybe they do maybe they don't I don't know but I think is more than coincidental that you see him in in in mass near the end of the month -- I came to that that conclusion if several years ago. Going home on river rolled into would always be towards the end of the month that there you know radar around out. And the beginning of the month they'll be at the a tow boats deceived because you have to stop and they don't stop you. Okay they don't have to actually stop you they can just eyeball bigger sticker. To see if -- of the expired. And not -- expired but who who will hopefully whoever an expired but maybe your sticker ads be tough to drive there will be very tough. They would you -- from on the ticket -- area. But that's what happens all the beginning of the month they checked this for expired tags. The end of the month the -- whether they admit quotas and not. They seem to be a more in force. -- will be back what more we wanna hear from you the Missouri judge says it's free speech. It's OK go for you reflect your headlights that somebody else. 20 -- them that the police might be there and order a slowdown or whatever and get your tickets story. Have you ever talk your way out of a ticket -- have a good excuse. I'm sure that if you're cop you've heard a mall. Every one of them are I had to go to the restroom. My wife is having a baby about these improvements. And all kinds of excuses as to why you shouldn't get that it on news radio I'm thirty WV. I set for tickets. I just remembered a fourth one. I forget this one. Idea I was remote broadcast up in Niagara Falls -- the conventions that are before became the senator gaming casino okay. So I did my remote that I get my card I gonna block port -- -- -- -- well there's a part of a lock or wrote. You go from a decent speed limit to suddenly it really drops instantly -- And I didn't see the sign and so on next thing I know I'm pulled over by I assume it was a publishers that was. City -- could be wrong on that but it pulls me over. And OK I've I've my paperwork is always in order I have insurance cards. I have a registrations. My license I didn't forget my wallet these are my pants. I guy you know all of the things that I'm supposed to have I have. So I'm having all this stuff and he writes me the ticket. That's our ticket ticket and then when he asks me questions and I answered it. And at that point. After he had written -- ticket he says a minute recognized that voice or use and the beach. As it has -- Yes he says. I was just listening to your show I can't tell you on that made me. It's as warm a -- in my heart. And -- -- I was listening to me. You know ten minutes earlier and now I'm getting a ticket it was my favorite part of the day. But. As I said I says thank you remind him by -- that can. Move while ago. Let's go to Jennifer. In cold and Jennifer -- run -- Libya and. Old Eddie I'm so excited to talk about this subject very few subjects that gives me more riled up I had many good day's ruined many. An and I always fly ash and I feel a solidarity with the you know human kind and I have I have got a ticket for that I can get all the way to the Supreme Court because that feels. So strongly about it and a quarter. You're probably win because of of the ones that have gone -- court is the rule free speech and thrown out of court or go ahead. Right and it should have grabbed -- cards and and I have. I -- analyst story. One that was particularly. Well it was obviously -- filed by. I I you have to -- and the 400 in the 400 is that pride that tour. -- -- Please don't pass or run and I'll kind of debate down. And all kinds of police from the lower activity here up to the west -- that the state police. In time but -- there. It's a not to mention -- -- I. Paid I would go Adrienne and I would that and I managed to. Get out of the okay the next day. -- -- Now. Stamps but say another -- Him. You did get out the second time. Studios use your feminine while officer. Maybe we can discuss this and get. Them. And do have some kind of an advantage of those of -- -- the female cop and a week. -- -- that the other thing I traveled all over the country in every well obviously. But a lot and there are no other state in this country. That has more police. Who are doing more are if the -- have more speed traps in the New York State. He had a -- they have a fair amount of them but New York State has enough and you're right sometimes like on the younger and sometimes -- -- state cops sometimes they'll be amorous cops. That the jurisdictions like on the 219 kind of overlap and they have favorite places to hide but the key is if they're hiding. That tells me they're not in it for safety Darren at the -- I don't know for a second and West Virginia where they're notorious. But they did have a -- And they and they -- all of high paying you know our speed. Speed limits strictly enforce. Yeah I know you'll see occasionally even around here the of enforced by airplane you know like over the -- and stuff like that. All right well next time I don't have such a lead foot they're Jennifer thank you that applies. Now anytime you think there might be a plane. Operating. Here's there's a dead there's a dead -- -- If you do not see lines crossing the highway. Then there's no planes aren't as you can know that. If you see lines crossing the highway. There's a chance there could be a play and because what they do is they time you. How long it takes to get from one -- -- one. Lying to the next line and the computer speed that way. But if you see it's in in isn't enforced by. By air just watch those cross lines once you see across lines that's what they can start enforcing it because that's how they find out how fast -- going. On the threw away. Say to me if I had my way. There be a thing like a super pass on the -- If you buy a super pass you can goal like ninety. And I I think I think I have to pay that in fact even if I wasn't going on -- -- by it and just an idea that would be fun. But guy if you don't see the cross lines that means is not being enforced by air. And and you shoot it's they have -- chip they had the -- The original vehicle on the chase vehicles when women at the speed traps up through. There's one here and he'll read radio -- had -- I'd get Caligiuri. Zone and check his tires we may think he's global legal. I TI yeah I think is is that we get him I would get a big please don't look at the plays is there a hole I'll get -- done Bob's. Let's go to. Steve in Wisconsin state -- on WB via. I think and the reason was is the U -- right -- -- I'd. Import quick story. Coming up 39. Going north coming in the Perry. They are -- Wyoming counting. That is notorious speed trip. You come around as slate turned. You and I got an elder couple years ago terrorism forwards in the way of reduce speed limit. And they mail -- -- they know they know when you're not going to notice -- and that's where they. That's where they're waiting for him. And they're right back and there -- -- little business there's something there that the Campbell -- and you came around the they send to the court. And when they send in their court. They've had a notorious history and theory. Kangaroo courts. In and in the and and and with the police and they run them through there like popcorn. And sometimes they run them through for. Less than. I was shall I say. Yeah I've -- -- the -- The money goes the money goes. Elsewhere. And just -- that. And I also have a little story about coming up ninety. From. Syria and the Wisconsin direction. And headed for the four under the properties are. My old stomping ground. And there a year my day. Physical problems. And desperately with a look at some. And rather than shipped him home. Air freight which is how they do it most of the time. I thought you know there's one last thing I can do for -- did personally and that's taking myself. Malone look into it yet. Permit that is the issue. Kind of a low key permits for such a thing and I'm coming up and its battle lines trip in the fifth trip. But I'm coming up night the and it's. Later. -- this matter early in the morning. Yeah I mean there's there's there's just been getting along and and hiring. Because. For the last few days it's. It's bad play and. Can you hold off for about two minutes to go wanna hear the rest of your story. Yup we'll put him on -- we'll be back with more on news radio -- You're hearing the voice of buffalo WBA -- and that call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and start nine journey -- toll free line is 1806169236. Analysts go back to us three -- three stays father had passed away and he was a bringing him home. To New York State he had a permit to do that and then you're out on the interstate nine -- what happens -- Well we're around Dunkirk and a trooper pulled up over and my wife went into panic mode. And I can does that settle down don't say a word I'll handle it. So -- -- Rupert came up and I but that they -- Miles. Routine. Let me go. And said here's -- Here's your things -- you get. Report or send in the money. So I sent them the money. With a letter. Which explain this situation. And and ask for a little. Leniency on. Our situation or consideration now. Yeah and it ends -- of course they took the money and and doesn't get the point. But I. I thought you know and they got that letter -- that. Realized that the troopers stopped me in my they had it. You know. But I understand that -- You did at the right way ago. Are you did not want to use that -- to try -- get out of it's it about it was a legitimate reasons I think it did at the right way. Yeah did it worked out my aunt like you say -- If you're guilty in. So you take the ticket. -- pentagon and move on -- thank you Steve always a pleasure to talk to you thank you very much. You said -- summit -- -- -- car was referring to that I had that there would do those I don't know yes he it's it was a Nissan pro socialist. A Nissan GTR it's called god Zelaya. Up up up up for a reason. Today it's it's not an inexpensive car but it's eight good to duplicate the performance of this car you have to pay a lot more money you'd have to go to a a Porsche Turbo S to do it that's about a hundred -- grand. Are right there in order to duplicate the performance of the UG GE. -- it's only it's yeah if he does something else while -- give people an ideal when it was test driven in. Now this was a model that was a couple years old you know the guy test drive -- broke his moments neck and that was on top gear yes that was the British version -- top gear. Where he took it on to distract and it -- it is close so close over ground -- has all wheel drive that he's he broke a bone in his neck. And that he tests all kinds of race cars and everything else it's a magnificent car injuries. You don't know about it. If your car enthusiasts just Google Nissan GTR. It's the end of that story now when it came out was -- the skyline -- photos I was tallest skyline in in Japan and it was out in Japan for some time before they brought it here. End of the enthusiast really wanted that car brought here when they brought it here they call that the GG ER and it it just magnificent car. Just absurd and you get more thumbs up. From people because it was the end of the video game. I am because it was and fast and furious. A lot of the young guys and really no car. And they were given the thumbs up and and it's nice when somebody appreciate your ride so that's that's but it's it's cool. -- only carry you all that I was afraid of oh yeah. It would not doing some of models Lambert. Yet Auburn at twelve cell in Hamburg in -- it's an even match and that's what the 400000 dollar Gary get into an -- tour or something like that. All right let's get back to the calls -- is next this would be standing in Pendleton wait a minute I'm sandy from Reynolds and I think this could -- It would be original Indian. Milieu where let's go about it. I hit it actually one story for new road but I get a more important story after that the new -- story. New -- and I don't want to creek road where uncle -- -- it's a four -- stop right and we're a couple of seniors my husband and I. He was a professional driver his entire life so he's a very safe driver. We were coming home from dinner one night. Stop it stop signing another Harry actually went in front of us and then we went after them. And then we got out but it should ensure we satellites come behind our car. And we pulled overeat like what the heck I it could have been eating and barely doing twenty night. So the police officer came up and told him that he failed to stop come to a complete. I'll. At the four -- -- -- her Rowling's novel okay well according to what we've heard you have your car -- to actually. -- backwards. When you stop. Yup that would see is terminology that he used. If he doesn't see that part wrapped backward when you stop you get a ticket well on the ticket ended up costing it 400 and some dollars by the Chinese well. To town court and everything else. But you know what you're driving slowly. I don't think you're -- going to do that but that problem I. Can take -- -- Cobb was still there's a church try to Mac corner. And and they park in there and there's only one of the four ways is only one -- will you be able to see them ahead of time and that's where it was. Up I go through that every day. -- -- got -- new orders because it doesn't seem right it's forty just seems like you can get out and run alongside the car. Second story -- important. My daughter was on county road in Clarence. And dragging eighty been eating at it was pulled over and she knew she wasn't being. And when she was pulled over the -- came up with his ticket book and she said you know can I ask what happened he said actually. It's your plate holder. Now I think everybody in the free world pretty much hit a plate holder out of their vehicle. And some of them are from -- school which -- was you know Spartan that was the high school okay -- I was recovering some mean verbiage yourself some friends and. Actually it doesn't even have to do that we we were just again it was an 85 dollar ticket. Well so we went analyze first sweet side he was mistaken he must be mistaken everybody's got quite holders. But the law in New York State read that if you copper and -- portion. Of the edges of York -- You can get a ticket. Now it might not be enforced too much you know almost every power well for sure every car. That is pulled over if they can't find anything else wrong with you that if you have a -- -- -- -- yeah -- in fact valid certificate. I've seen really cool license plate frames. But they do cover over part of what's on the play and I know that they will now -- -- so good to give us a heads up there -- what's a major uncle -- when they opened for this boring. Take care of my yeah I go through that intersection every day twice. It and the cop will hide here and you know what his guys the serial no. It's probably the pastor of the church his car it's always parked in the same spot. And there's only one of the four different roads approaching that you would see -- okay. But what the cop does when the cops in there he parks right next to where the pastor parks. So you would almost assume there was somebody that is either worshipping in that church or was visiting the past or whatever. But I always look over there. If there's one vehicle where that means that it's the -- card if there's more than one make sure you stop at the stuff I do anyway. I do anyway but sometimes. I guess if you don't come to a complete stop. Then they could their dividend at the keys to stop have a sand wedge maybe a couple -- go backwards through a couple of your -- Koppel we believe whatever. And here's another thing. I remember when I got that GTR OK. -- I wasn't sure I wanted to -- of the front license plate holder is kinda light -- And I wanted to rumble in the car site and -- from played had a front plate. And the back. And remember -- stopping him more because the way a couple of city -- and is if they or at a right angle because of just coming the other way and there was no front plate. Lot of states don't have front plate and I'm sure there a compass and crane in his neck to look to see if this is the New York car right but as luck would have met. I'm coming up in Kmart and there's a cop on the side street. So I'm stop and he -- it does Oprah play Edison was I drove by he sees them and there are so -- gives me gives me a ticket. But they had dismissed it because I had to put on the next so that was it next day I was at the dealer. 9 AM -- put this on -- is. And then I went in and pleaded my case I'd throw myself at the mercy -- -- they were generous thank you very much will be back activists. Let's go to align one that would be evident in west Seneca Evan thanks for holding your on WB yeah. I find -- and get me your story. -- Thought our story and make equate. And we -- war. And how they issued an entry from. To date on the trip rule. Are on court rule on the currently car. -- -- about eighty miles an hour or should not electable tool and though. My regarded actors start -- At the time it like corporate raider actor and you won't be and for more. And of course. He. He. -- -- the guy the last. War. In the pool that we just kept goal and equal equal. Now. Later. Later trip probably only warning early July were on an equal to. Other. And -- -- -- And I got a right. That the -- they went. After about. In fact. It. -- Right and suddenly and rightly the pet. Or the world. Over go out there and leads 10. No matter go. The part. Mutual it and now. Well -- Well to all. It's from somewhere amber were currently go to the right. And there's a trooper. Raider actor for people not so that's why is. Now there's a trooper is. Now. I think. Why. Would you like colored vehicle. -- I think some of the -- you know. Yet so -- now I looked and I. Am at all. And you know and it might. Tactical. It. -- while I kept on for I'd let the salary as a -- didn't -- okay. Delightful. But there -- So I like that it would like to -- that connect that. To me. Operator pulled over our shoulder. -- always sure about 84 seconds later. I'm. I I like rather -- As we go to I'm. -- com -- on the window and actor Goran. Says. Now. You're -- you're being honest. Right so our elected registry should like to elect and finally this is the vehicle. He. Accomplished it right now the picture right. They slap you. He -- -- -- -- coveted do you have anything that'll do once wanna go ahead. And. It was a Ford Thunderbird and Iraq all of oh anyway like my game on the paperwork he protects me. The track and go to twelve point. Four point initial license which is automatic suspension. So I had to go to Hamburg court so what Pete did is they they people eagle program. Nor. Right now game. On the way to restore. Our explain that story in the counselor and other people to the but it. I told them exactly actual command. I -- I'm 47 now it's almost 24 well and let Bradenton Florida. Check on Joseph cola in the -- from we are okay. A -- -- -- I would just wanted to get -- -- And it. Well into the story of what is. It was typical amber or. It up for it again like some. And -- by the hour. 75 dollars I got hit for a hundred and -- 125 -- 42 would have 350. You got a -- there now. -- what -- say -- they -- are now and I never do that all you know acting like it's 100. In your youth and very you're you're you're youthful exuberance hey thanks for the grace are appreciated my life. Well one time I had a -- 928 which is. Eight cylinder and it looked like a rock okay and there was a roadblock and bosses they -- where they were checking registrations or whatever. And I was about fourth in line in the road block and the trooper comes walking up keep remind this car is only about two feet off the ground I mean that's it's low it's sleek it looks like now as I said a rocket. And it's our role of the dollar Cobb says -- make. Matt I bet this baby flies and I said of the cup well I don't know I've never had an over 55. He got a laugh it. Clock. My quick wit will be back after this what. We show old.

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