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2-7 Beach and Company Hour 1

Feb 7, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

How -- OK -- what I want to contemplate how much of -- kind of like this okay. Rus Thompson. May run for state senate. Well well well well I. -- Any better than this -- your -- a lot of comedy nugget falling into our lap bag -- runs. Miss the the email us at the end of the world has arrived I mean really Ross Thompson Republica. Or four states and market. Anyway it is a -- governance at the -- got a lot to do today a lot of talk about. I don't know if -- have you watched the the Olympics last night first of all I don't know if they took their cue from NASCAR whatever. But the Olympics actually started yesterday. And the opening ceremonies have been held yet so I guess it's kind of like a little reverse kind of deal like NASCAR runs their biggest race at the beginning of the season. With the Daytona 500 and I'm watching and I am thinking. Why us I'm watching the moguls. In the moguls and think game. Disk based at all about so mad cars like -- endowment is the plan all over the place today. See a lot of companies dissipate them all all you should at least have a nice smooth course don't -- But watching it it was fun to watch there was a figure skating. If you know the pairs in both Canada and Russia. The men aren't like six foot four and the women are barely five feet. While -- -- tossing you know I have the a partner up in the air and it could be painful. But there was some fabulous and skating and good skiing. It's a different kinds of those sports and so far looks looks pretty -- but I don't know I don't know if you see that that snowboard though when they come down the side of the mountain. Yeah wow. First while I don't think snowboarding should be in the Olympics I think it's pretty dumb. I can't really get into us as soon as I saw that that was my Q okay I'll catch -- and on and. While those that he takes a lot of courage to do they do their flying around on that board. I exit did you watch -- -- I didn't see any last night but I did see that one of the mobile -- woman named -- closer. Was just in a tree right she crashed all doubt -- EC Alan steel and fractured femur it's a pretty dangerous court time they're flying off those. Off those jumps I mean it's incredible. But it was it was a fun to watch. But -- it's why they have the opening ceremonies after they've actually opened the games and I understand that -- figure that out but that's what they -- at a source of -- I usually don't extrapolate I stayed up late to watch it until I honestly implement share as usual. Of idealism that was fun to watch him and I'll follow like the Winter Olympics is a lot of good stuff in there and you say that everybody's -- a show on light. Saying what Alicea is because he's not participating in anything but the half by. And I think some of the Canadian people are going after. Saying if you look at these social media stuff which as you know I'm glued to -- -- it was I leave here boom instantly. I mean this is it's so important is it's a big part of my life. A bad they're really just announcing he's afraid. I -- that -- -- -- out this is just like the old west Wendy's a column out in the middle of a straight. And they did you know you drop or ball blows or loses big time is any ban on some sort of injury. I don't think so I I think. I think. The feeling is that that that. Course is too dangerous now you never you know it's like the people would go on the X games you'd never hear anybody in the -- -- say anything too dangerous. Why jumping in front of a jet engine wallets on now do it no problem. But he's getting this big time he's going to he's going to focus on the half pipe that's what he's going to do that's what he's gonna do so. That's that puts a lot of good things happening in the Olympics and a vote keep you informed of course of course of course but say what else is going on here. The police blotter I love the police blotter from the -- -- because as you know well. There are times when cameras can be a hotbed of crime and here's a good example. On Friday January 31 according to the police blotter in the -- but he. On Springdale avenue a resident reported. That someone stole her washing machine. It's an unknown person now again. Plan and you burglarized a house and you find cash -- put ago whatever. You know maybe -- -- talking in Europe in there yet on your waist band but. How the hell do you get away with a washing machine. Than anybody suspect anything is somebody leaving a house. You know trudging a washing machine what did you think that would be suspicious activity but washing machine has gone and now they'll have to -- it. I open via our help but become -- Up -- Coach like my mobile joke thank you very much do you think that's funny. Restaurants American republic. Who now see now that's funny. That's funny nothing in the monologue will be funny men like -- -- I gotta I -- complain. Nothing in the opening in the English language will be funny who's Ross Thompson have no idea and viewers a three pointed hat -- back. What else is going on it and Tuesday January 20 day from the cameras via according to the police -- a patron of Niagara Falls boulevard business. Now listen to what happened and Tellme tell me how dumb you would have to be to have this happen. A patron of a Niagara Falls boulevard business reported that his wallet was stolen from his vehicle. Yes he left his wallet in his vehicle and yes the vehicle was on law. Why should put it on the roof a -- -- -- fluorescent girl say please stalemate. It was a -- let it car in an unmarked vehicle you know what we used to have more tolls around here -- we do now thank heavens. I used to keep quarters in the ashtray because you're always needed quarters. And and then when I would pocket I would never even leave the quarter showing. But something else there are so those of people look at your window facing anything that break your -- -- still. Some of -- the wallet there. Is just amazing to me about the day they're looking for the bad guy it was I like this. It was an unknown person could -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And made it back -- more would be to and company got home yesterday immediately because I know what I have to do right away. Immediately change in a mine and -- of the north clothes and went out -- no blowing. The driveway Tony added that the day before gases are you an hour to yeah about the same but the same an hour. But the partisan panel and because I'm a cul-de-sac they don't advocate volume really because it's -- circle. The and they have places but the snow when you're on a straight regular stay straight street. It's hard to find places but it's now so look at it would be front -- what they do know is they made it over and so like the front in my lawn and then as it builds up there they got -- big claw machine. And they did get down and then in the spring they replay at -- -- -- -- it's it's it's nice in the got a place but the snow but if you're on a regular through street. Did they can't do that now but I was so did you get the -- -- While he had the next morning. I got to be huge boulders that additional -- as -- -- can't attack this afternoon -- the -- yeah I got a very careful as I said the first nominee was a snowblower it suddenly just stopped. And a rock had been a kick into the snow pile and there's no way to know and so but it didn't share this year been so. It was OK -- -- -- you've got to be careful but got that done yesterday. Now. Did you see the opening of the Olympics -- Bob Costas -- no I missed it I tune in about I don't know ten after a slides -- mr. there were put now we report Samantha too bad. -- and well there's a term called the best laid plans no matter how much you plan. No matter how much you you do in preparation and then you can imagine the amount of planning NBC -- had to do. To cover the Olympics it's going to be huge on pardon me I'm Billy virtual north gonorrhea absolutely. -- goodness. Well guess what. Overnight. Bob Costas who is the anchor I mean it's him that keeps it going right he woke up within flame die. Yeah his side his left I was inflamed. And I guess they had they had NBC doctors there are keeping talent healthy because we've heard some things early on the didn't seem to. Sanitary installing water you know or off the toilet. -- -- -- And so he had an inflamed high. So he was wearing glasses so that he could read the copy and stuff like that but though let's hope -- he's OK you imagine your main anchor shows up where it would one of those cartoon eyes. Yeah. But I did a good job like Costas he's the he's amazing especially with the Olympics I think. That's probably where he's at his past jump. I I like -- I thought they did a good job last night. I love the winter sports like summer sports -- way it's it's it's cool following along with some of those people are crazy doing those things. Just amazing coming on the side of the mountain and -- snowboard. And the jumps are I mean -- jumpstart. It. And they don't. I love -- the a ski -- when they get all their error are under that on the army that's absolutely -- exactly I mean there and if this jumps when most c'mon. Then their skis they're reach out again practically touch the tip their sees it resembles me. Going after a little Debbie snack. And -- is the kind of thing because it is incredible. On now let's -- what else is what else is going on today. -- this is interest thing I hope so because otherwise we're going to be seeing him for about two and a half hours a personal movie shows that we're happy that. And one of the one of the movies that I'm looking forward to saying has been getting tepid reviews. And that's the monument men. The Nazis. Stole all believe all of the valuable artwork they could bigger and bigger fine. And and and hit them in different places and destroyed some stuff. But out of the fifteen million art pieces that word that disappeared during war -- took only five million of them have been found. So there's like ten million and each one of these things some of them are worth a fortune. So these are art experts. Were trying to a fine and their repatriate. Reap the -- repossessed whatever get him back. The -- -- valuable artwork and his service have a good casts and agree it's certainly a good story line. But the initial review of America to tell you what cinema Bob said because he doesn't tell me until the show so that we can keep it fresh so that I don't optical. Like that okay did I mention that Rus Thompson running. You're killing me. Not making that I don't want because you can't make it that you cannot make it but anyway so they're going around finding the artwork. But there's still ten million pieces of this thing. But it's a very very -- were trying to destroy a -- and these were trying to destroy an entire culture. And -- heads of is sort of the promise of a good movie but everybody says it's slow. And it's not that it doesn't have any pacing -- and whatever but I may go see it anyway but we'll find out today that look good that's all that. It was oftentimes -- the best thing. That though once you get past the trailers crashed with comedies. They'll put the best -- jokes in the whole movie in there and the rest of -- -- And you wonder how come it's not as good as the trailer simply because the people who make the trailer their job. Is to get you to go to the movies -- -- -- that's their job so what are you gonna do you're gonna pick out some lame stuff. Or are you going to actually. Go to the movies and and judge for yourself but that's coming up today with -- cinema Bob. Meanwhile something that we talked about a couple of years ago -- It happened in Florida and now it's happened in Missouri. Same thing and so much interest in Leo 'cause it could affect you. The pro -- the people he's oftentimes set up radar. And they'll give you advance warning that a go hey ray us although there are some permanent signs radar and force you'll see that are once a while. But. They don't tell you -- or -- had half a -- be careful all and they set up the radar traps and it will tell you. That it is for safety. That's the reason if you are going too fast. We wanna stop you we may have to give you a ticket which will result in a fine and maybe your license. A revoked depending on how pressure going -- Justin Bieber. And indeed your insurance rates may go up but the only doing it. Because of safety. Now others will say -- down now. I'm doing it because -- if you're doing it to enhance revenue. You're you're trying to trap innocent people sometimes. -- just accidentally. Went over the speed limit now there are some people who try to go over the speed limit. A but I think most people that you're caught for speeding they drift over the speed -- There you know what I mean that your speed yeah I read once an article in car and driver which is so true. You drive honor at the speed -- comfortable. If it's 55 but it feels comfortable at sixty or sixty -- that's that your driving that's the way it is that's what the human mind processes. So sometimes you kind of just drift over it and you definitely don't wanna see those lights in your rear view mirror when you drifted over okay. So. So that they say it's for 68 -- -- air on good -- -- go to the motoring public others say known don't know. There's such things as speed traps. Where you know you're going 55 and suddenly you enter a town or village in his 25. And then if you don't see that little teeny sign. That says that 25. They've nailed you. Thirty over is not is not a good thing to go under court where so. In in a couple of states it has gone through -- accord. When people have warned other people that there is a cop hidden in the shrubs have been had by flashing their headlights. I mean I grew up with -- -- -- Massachusetts we always did that we would would would warn other people that their place awaiting to stop them. And -- did you know what we did -- we did -- for safety. That was that we did it for safety because we we didn't want them speeding because bad things can happen Wednesday. So we get a for safety. But now all that's what a judge just ruled in Missouri. -- You restaurants is we're. And I haven't myself. I want me back after this hang in there. You can pay for yesterday's news in print -- get today's news free just use WB EN dot com. Backward beverage governor -- sandy beach today what's. About something that is happened in Missouri. We had a story a couple of years ago ones are something similar happening in Florida. And there was a similar outcome. A Missouri judge was hearing a case about a man and always a matter if maybe it wasn't it's that a motorist in the stories -- -- a man or woman. About a person will just say a person. A person who's driving on the highway and saw. A police car on the side of the road doing radar okay. So sees another car coming down on the road what does he do he does what a lot of us do he blanks as headlights. As to alert the oncoming motorists that he is about to enter the radar zone. So what happens the cup radar result and resides isn't the right thing to do so he chases the guy that blanks. Down the road and gives him a ticket. Four signaling. -- the other motorists or does the court. In a Missouri judge ruled the same way a Florida judge ruled a couple years ago. That the ticket would not stand simply because blinking your lights to to tell other motorists of their as a policeman had. Is free speech it's a way of communicating. Not all speeches verbal mrs. you know you click click click all what does that mean. Why he's -- is like having that can mean one of only two only things. It could mean that let's say my my high beams Iran but wait it's daylight -- it -- be that. All there could be a cop -- that. I'd better slow down so I can observe the policeman as I go by at the legal speed okay -- -- like that because. Cuts -- -- revenue. And revenue will on all I -- Andrew safety enforcement that's what I meant. -- cops -- great respect for them but let's not pretend. That radar is not a revenue enhancement. That's it's it it is like that otherwise why do they hide. Today hides or you don't see them if indeed it is one of somebody is slow down. Don't you instinctively. Put your foot on the brake when you see a police car on the side of the road. And of course in New York State -- move over -- on on highway we move over make sure that we don't endanger them if we can do it safely -- over a mile and and that's fine and we should. But we instinctively if we see somebody oh I don't know hiding behind a bush. We kind of give somebody else they hide behind -- there somebody there is somebody hiding behind the bush. Hoping to help you with your safety issue here -- your your twelve over they're gonna -- your ass all right -- drove now it's free -- can do that. So I'm asking my first question is. Do you and -- shouldn't we be able to but just flash -- -- the kind of alert people that there's a policeman there I think all's fair. Regarding something like that because. If it is about safety -- will be helping the officer. So admirably when it any easier making it safer for everyone so that's the reason I do it that's the first and I don't go that's absolutely. And so -- wanna know if you do it and if you should be able to do witnesses like and Eddie Izzard. A sketch a sketch remember who do what you did it yesterday and you'll do it again today also give me your ticket stories. We all have stories not been driving since -- I don't know. Covered wagons that so long I've been driving and I've had three tickets three tickets in my life first that it was -- chump ticket. It happened in eight years and years ago in block -- Where I was. I I'm not making this up I was going 42. At 35. That is such she's ticket and it's it's not even a ticket you can be proud of I'm Justin Bieber new units at a I was -- -- -- -- I've got a ticket because I was in Lambert and he announced around it's really nice to drive ever any. But there's no pride in getting a ticket for going forty to 35 zone. But that was years ago block port. Oh by the way the outcome of the ticket. When the judge asked me. To plead guilty or innocent. I told the judge I didn't know. And adjusted what do you mean I didn't know I said because I didn't look at the speedometer. When the lights were flashing I just pulled over. And and I've follow the instructions so I really don't know. Maybe I was speeding maybe I wasn't I don't know. He's -- while you have to plead one or the other thing you can't please you don't know. So I've I've led -- -- out that the cops weren't me. Going 42 in the danger zones that was the first ticket column by the way I was found guilty because I pled guilty 125 dollar. Under -- -- bucks I never attitude in my life. Aren't so that was that the second while -- was in Wisconsin. I used to I lived in Wales which is suburb of it's in Waukesha county it's a suburb of Milwaukee and and a there's an interstate he's the Oklahoma and then you get up the interstate and a couple miles to my house but the wrote it was a rural road. As some say it was 65 and I got opera and and the the road -- 55 and I was doing like 62 or something you're gonna take that there. The third one in my entire driving career the third knock on wood -- was on new world. Which is forty miles an hour if you never driven a new road. And it was the spreading. It was spring and I just take in my sports car out of of of hibernation for the winner. And I was driving and I think of around fifty. -- I was doing fifty you know breakneck speed the car that I was driving by the way. Those zero to sixty. In point in two point nine seconds. And the top speed is a 187. Miles an hour okay just a vigil for fifty. The bicycle doing the right I got a ticket there. And and I -- so I've had three times I've seen that the flashing blue lights there we go flashing flashing pull over get a ticket. But I'm asked I didn't try and talk my way out of any I don't I just OK got it thank you paperwork that's it. And the stories are going to throw myself at the mercy of anybody and I I don't have a Smart -- And I'd I've followed directions and I do what I'm supposed to go -- I am not like the people easy on cops. First of all I would have to drive home -- assured Iran that I would deny that I mean even driving a car. And that I would need a large woman yelling at the officer is he's writing me a ticket. -- we need all those things to be on cops know day that -- the tickets -- paid whatever I had to pay him and life moves on. But I'm asking for your -- story maybe you had a legitimate. Reason maybe you're driving your wife to the hospital because she was in labor and -- water has broken. That's a good one tough to prove. Or any other excuse to have you ever talked your way out of a ticket. Have do you have an interesting story to tell about getting a ticket. And -- New York would be like Missouri and in Florida issue of the judges -- led them if it ever goes accord that it's located in your headlights to other motorists because it's free speech will be back what mark with the -- company under -- and I'm thirty we are WB. It is a major company a Missouri judge has ruled that. A motorists is allowed to flash obliged to another motorist. -- kind of alerting them to the fact that there is a policeman ahead probably running radar. The cops him a ticket they went to court the judge ruled -- it's free speech in this not the first ruling we've seen like that. Years ago one made the news out of Florida and it was the same result is a free speech issue. And interesting too if any have you ever gotten a ticket for that. Let me know how you made out. If you've got a ticket for flashing your allies to another motorist. Let me know how it how it ended up did you have to pay a fine was dismissed we'd be interested in knowing that. There are some places where it's obviously a money grab. When you're on a rural road and then you're about to enter a little small Hamlet. And it might go from 55 to 25. And what's in there one gas station or something like that it's not dismal school there there -- there's no real low. A block of people -- there's no reason to. For some of these -- elements and so you're you're paying attention to what you're doing. But you didn't notice that little sign that says. 25 miles an hour and get there. But we're asking if you have -- headlights and other motorists and then get your tickets story. IE I don't trying to talk my way out of tickets -- I've had three in my life you get it figured committed -- thank you very much a mom away period that and the story. But a lot of people are pretty clever things they tell the policeman. And some policeman you know their discretion. You know that most in fact I think all of speed limits are advisory -- -- That depends on the conditions of the role. It depends on on the officer's judgment of the incidents. They can let you go they can give you warning they can write you up to them now and never get it never gets Smart ass with a cup collision almost every single time. Have you ever had a ticket. A lot in a few. Oh relax I've had a true policy but then again too few to mention. Would you count ED five in -- 55 and speaking of thirty or thirty over. Yeah thirty all or all of it nailed you tell the -- about your -- I've gotten a couple but not for speeding down a failing to yield once OK and I've been pulled over a couple times just coming to work because. You know I had -- headline out of -- for a morning drive it and you get pulled over for anything and sometimes you know especially -- -- -- -- you don't even know. Until you get stopped there because you don't know it my wife got that same -- on the honeymoon on the failure to yield. Government for the failure to move their bloated pentagon because he realized. I'm telling -- I'm telling you how schools expensive -- I've ever seen a club that's got to involve furniture houses cars I mean it was a lot. Let's go through Al and see what out banks in buffalo value on WB Ian. I'm fine now. My altar call screener -- police officer in my opinion is my opinion of the of the department's. Essentially you're right at -- that's a money grab other states to offer warning tickets. We're here you just get you know of the tickets. Yeah it's a shame too because there are times when you just drift over a little bit you don't even realize that you're not trying to assume some people tried to but I think a lot of people don't so. You know deal ideal as a private citizen do you flash your lights emergency summit. No no but I generally to be honest -- is please don't I don't I really. I have to do my job I prefer to advise people feel people are struggling and it's possible to make it buffalo leading the people's misery. I think it does make an impression too if you get stopped. Even if you don't write a ticket if it did it and bring it leaves an impression that they should really watch your speed more carefully so it serves the purpose it just doesn't generate the revenue thank you -- thank you thank you very much. Yeah out when. Thing. Scarier now see if not law abiding citizen it's different. If you wanna these people we see on the cops episodes say they've got -- long rap -- it's two miles long and they got a lawyer on their speed dial one there'll. You know here's the fine and I'll be out and ten minutes now. They know all that stuff. But for us who aren't like that go for those of us who try to follow the laws best we can. There's nothing. Worse than seeing those lights in your rear view mirror there they are and you pull over and you hope. You hope. You can't get a ticket. Because well you either have to go to card insomnia mailman I guess you know your insurance rates are gonna go up and blah blah blah blah blah. But your heart sinks when you see those lights. But if if that if the policeman approached you and it was a legitimate story that you drifted over the limit you really realize you were speeding. And in this -- job with a warning. That warning serves a good purpose it really does it make you think about being more alert since -- now I got that ticket on new road. Several years ago OK several years ago. And every time among new roads since then I've put it on cruise control because forty is an unnatural speed. I know why it's there. Because they have ditches that are about eight feet deep. And it'll be very easy to go into one of those especially in bad weather. So and houses there it's a kind of a rural road but there are some houses. But every time since then I put it on cruise control a set and exactly for forty. And if it stays of forty and that's that and that they big patrol that wrote a lot the cameras police and there are a lot on who wrote now. You just said said that speeding is advisory to subject out it's just it's so yeah. Is it about -- 42. Verses forty I -- wrote -- so much dangerous -- you have to give you would take. God they probably wouldn't write your for a tool over Boston or really desperate but I've heard of good tickets in the noses of people have been written for one over not necessarily here are new robe and I've seen it. That's just a hard ass cop who wants to make an impression when. But what I'm saying is most of them are reasonable. Obviously if you you know if you're just tearing up new road that's not a good idea. But it's forty and it and it feels like it should be around fifty. That feels normal even 55. But it's not it's -- and -- ever since to make my point ever since I do I got that that ticket. It goes on cruise control whether I'm heading out or heading back home always at any time anybody's coming in my house. Which hopefully is never. I always give them a heads up if you're gonna signal road put it on cruise control. The idea it would have been that you do you really have to go because it it seems like. That's a a target rich environment. If you wanna stop people I see them all the time. You know it's funny. Is that one time I saw somebody coming the other way and I just past the Koplan who wrote so I flash lights okay and they. They didn't -- flash that's okay because maybe they don't want the cop the see them re flashing. But there are flying by -- the slowdown. And I I would love to have turned around justice if they caught up. If you -- warned about it you're still no idea deserve the ticket you know I'm talking about 309301806. On 69236. And my third I don't want to get the job. Mr. approached my car and I showed him a little legs. And it was my right when actually my right one is smaller in my life knowing. I hear it their ticket humor much -- a great divide can be the -- We'll be back and -- are both radio and -- thirty. W --

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