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Business First Most Influential

Feb 7, 2014|

Donna Collins

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's open the WB online line and welcome Donna columns. Dollars and managing editor of business first the area's premier business newspaper Donna good morning and thank you for joining us. You have come out with a list of the 250. Most influential people in Western New York so. Who was at the very top of this list at number one. The very cap is -- ranged against everyone knows Bryant Pickens. And what was interesting about Brian. Whereas everyone has seen let events. -- he's just everywhere. But without one an essential thing portions. For Brian Lyons the Democrats and Republicans got together -- later this year and health of hundreds of forms and it's loosely. These that you're both parties that this is the guy who's gonna advance questionnaire so that. Back up a lot about -- again. Donna what was the criteria. What did you what what -- requirements. For this list of the power to fifty. Well even now we've all. What we didn't we collect -- -- -- -- around I mean we cover the business community here around of course. We have we had a nomination link at our web site. We -- community -- who base these -- database from our. But the list. We had a massive amount of people Pacifica. Then we reported from the editors I'm back together and voted on. Who had -- who was where. And the other thing that I think was important too is they have to. Tonight just work here that live here. -- I got to have an address in. Question are the -- after you compile it wouldn't. -- part of. After you compiled this list Donna we are surprised in anyway. Who did not make the top ten. What you know at this -- could change today -- tomorrow into Monday. So it's it's but it's always going to be a fluid left it's just what -- right now. It might surprise now but. You know it's the changing lot. Who -- the bottom of the list. Good that the battle that's what -- -- the most accurate or not quite accurately into -- polar bears from the buffalo really put -- to fifty. Why because you had these two adorable. Who raised more than fourteen million dollars in Buffalo Bill to build an Arctic. Housing for them. Expect the influential and it's fun. Okay Brian Higgins congressman Brian Higgins coming in -- number one. Now can you round out the top ten for us. Sure it can mean Jacob than Delaware north everyone's aware what the take apparently does. Powered Penske from black and now is number three. Carl Paladino was number one last year at number four from -- market development and the -- school system number of fives. Is the peace to apathy. -- elegant name on prime he'd be the president. Number six worn Caldwell publisher and president of the Buffalo News. While markets that and chairman and CEO of -- -- Number eight in Gary Snyder senior. President of the Seneca nation and an -- number nine at Byron brown and number and it's still people on witchcraft. One more quick question before we let you go download Terry put -- the owner of the Buffalo Sabres. Larger responsible for some major economic development downtown buffalo we're that he place. And he is not -- while he did not have enough clout to do not. Qualified for the -- we did explain that in the publication. I that is unfortunately and in his case yes. And so the sort of unfortunately his days is enough. Well and -- we had a it'll make a black and white you have to live on in western activated power to physically attacked Kabul. Who. You know is running the -- -- center development is number twelfth. So we do have beyond. That portion of the buffalo highly ranked. Okay Donna good to talk for the love thank you for going Ellison talking about this. Thank -- you're welcome Donna Collins is managing editor at business first.