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Update From Sochi

Feb 7, 2014|

Sabres' Mike Gilbert

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's open up the WB and live -- we are going all the way to Sochi in Russia. And those -- Mike Gilbert is Mike is vice president for. Public relations for the Buffalo Sabres Mike from -- helping with the public relations for you as a hockey in my good morning. Good morning guys everybody don't. -- -- -- pretty god and my I read the Buffalo News -- Sullivan's saga as you got to the Olympics having the same issues as most journalists that. Paint on the walls of the rules hadn't dried yet windows were still being installed. He was in the lobby for hours before getting keys to a hotel what about you any issues. Now no issues at all like unfortunately Jerry had maybe some -- -- in another and the few reports back to the states. It's some people had some problems. Every one minute -- a problem there's ten people did couldn't be happier. I think he's one of the -- become very apparent is that besides let's go in the Olympics it's it's massive how many people here. Definitely infrastructure and buildings and -- and I think because the games haven't started yet. You know these issues with accommodation is not a story that. And so opening ceremony starts -- that quickly what -- revert back to look at the issue sort of against. What about security might mean honestly do you feel safe over there. Completely -- I was a little uneasy calm and over but since I got here -- You know and a big -- perimeter of this area is she is here. -- fencing in the police surround. Is to get into this area it's probably adds a ten mile area. You have to go to magnetometer if you would -- -- GSA it -- core chips go to your bags that. And that's all. -- then and then once you're inside and government security. As you get to new trend that's here so. Really -- -- inside the caucus system and the Bob. Very safe and you know there has been really -- security issues are -- that continues don't go up against. -- we -- at seven above zero here in Western New York right now what's the weather like there. And job can only imagine I'm looking out the window of the up. Main press center and the mountainsides probably 55 degrees and sunny here the weather. Since I got here on Sunday other element a drop of rain. And it's then that's good deep inside -- that -- and you know unbelievable. How nice it is to. I think people who bought in which at least might want to -- expert here. We realize it's a beautiful city. While that's incredible. Mike -- -- UB for the opening ceremonies. Actually I just found out about a half an hour ago that the idea to have an actual -- particular embassy to go to itself. I don't know where I will be but I absolutely would be. In fact I do have a seat and I really look forward to it should be a real highlight it was an opening ceremonies of the Olympic Games. Tell us -- your job for USA hockey. I brought her execute the basically what my role in your job is to assist in the media operations of between all of its first week that Baghdad and help out when it seemed the majority here. The start I have to -- And also just do it would just to go up and get ready for the mainstream. The NHL player certainly leaving Sunday. And three charters and out of Newark one charter out of Atlanta. Are they will -- you're and so she during the day on Monday. And then not to USA -- practiced Monday night Tuesday Wednesday. And they outplayed. Starting next Thursday so. This practice and my role is to -- in in in media operations to make sure the players staff. -- I would urge it do what they need done with the media in the national broadcasters here. He might there are reports that crowds are big concern for the games for the Russians a low attendance yesterday on the slopes. Our tickets widely available in a sent and sent him a chair also -- hearing -- Yeah yeah it's tickets tickets are available I have heard that Susan there's no doubt about it but one of the interest and stands. It is to get into this part of this area you'd be credentialed -- to -- so. If you're livable and associated thirty miles an account. In some tickets com open in not to be able to go because you haven't had a background check out of the process so everybody who comes game. That are either you know why aren't we did a background check it party. Where I didn't watch well I think one she just couldn't get extra tickets available. How do you give them the way it would you give them cheeks people who think. That would commit to the area into the venue so be it just to see that is. And so far it's worked its what a difference. Enjoy the Olympic Games Micah and a stay -- we'll talk to you soon. Mike Gilbert vice president for public relations for the Buffalo Sabres -- in Sochi Russia.

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