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Wind Chill; Blowing Snow Advisories

Feb 7, 2014|

Meteorologist Tony Ansuini

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're going live now to the buffalo airport weather station where National Weather Service meteorologist Tony and training is standing by do. Talk of those about our weather today good morning Tony. Good morning guys how are you today we're doing OK -- blowing winds out there this morning making in the real temperature feel a lot colder than this. He the real problem this morning is the -- what you southwest winds gusting as high as thirty miles per hour -- not only you know creating bitterly cold wind -- around ten below zero but still blowing snow was awful problems. And what about via those wind chills Tony where do you anticipate them being what range this morning. Well looks like this morning we'll -- no wind -- ten to fifteen below zero and we won't see much improvement through the data they will probably see a wind chills. Remaining below zero through the day. So how Long Will -- -- -- be with us to make it feel colder than there really is. How long looks like the wind will be with us today and probably. Into the early part of the weekend. It's a real wintry feel out there this morning and you mention the blowing snow which definitely is a factor especially on any. Off ramps on ramps anywhere that saying you know wind blown. On top of exit fifty I can tell you right now and when you -- from the nine into the tuna and that's a big problem too is this going to be with -- to the day as well. Well looks like with the win the remaining pretty strong today a couple battle like no this morning sourcing the worst of the conditions will be during the morning commute. Could be a little bit improvement during the afternoon once the light snow and. What kind of news now are we expecting over the weekend telling. Well looks like the the system that's coming up these colts late Saturday night and -- -- probably looking at. A few inches across the area something in the two to three inch range you know right now what does -- significance. OK any warnings or advisories posted this morning. Are the only advice through rehab and forty wind -- okay Tony good to talk with you thank you have a nice weekend at circuit you can meteorologists -- -- really the buffalo airport weather station.