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2-6 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

Feb 6, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- Yeah. -- -- And now what are the following songs all have a common performers in the originals all. Irwin overdoses. -- -- Jim Morrison. And a guy who wasn't exactly a household name except for those of you who subscribe to guitar player magazine when you were teenagers Mike Bloomfield. Who played guitar. Bob Dylan's breathtaking and groundbreaking. Highway 61 revisited. And it's amazing the power of just a couple of notes. The guitar riffs and solos in tombstone blues while simple. Are also intricate -- there simplicity. And Mike Bloomfield died at an early age because of heroin. I mean at least not whistle of the hole -- until 57 before old. So others that anyway we're talking about serious stuff here we're talking about her and overdoses in depth. And folks just -- automated waste your time with the preamble on this but I just I tell you just couple things number one. I've been aware of this problem. For a few years I have a lot of friends disproportionate number were doctors. And without violating -- They've said Tom. I am getting so sick and tired. Of having to break the news to mom and dad that their son or daughter just died of a heroin overdose because they can't believe. They're shocked. They're embarrassed. Her grief stricken they don't know what the hell hit there. You think this doesn't have an impact than doctors. You know you're wrong. It -- Cops and doctors both hate dealing with death when it affects the young. People who have not even blossomed yet. Philip Seymour off. The news reports on Philip Seymour Hoffman came out over the weekend. I was shocked. Because here's a guy who -- out of Albany stages in his life. Waiting for the accolades that finally came with -- Oscar. And he died. Young. Appear. And the sad thing is folks out here for a black or white Asian Hispanic. Or care what your family tree says about your. Heroin. Is no respect -- of persons. Just like the plague in the Middle Ages was no respect -- of persons. Every class. Every strata of society or strata of society has been affected in one inch way shape or form. By heroin. And its ravages. Unfortunately heroin has come back. With a vengeance oh it's always been there it's never totally went away nothing ever dots. But it is back. And people are finally waking up to. And folks. I gotta tell you something I wouldn't touch her went with a ten foot pole. Not on my worst day. When I touch -- ever. It's bad I mean it's it's it's it's bad. Now wanna go to love. Who who's the guy who again on the west side. Now Dan you pointed out something bad is not terribly popular because whenever I point it out to people people just ravaged maybe. But alcohol. Which is a drug is the most commonly abused drug in America. And one of the pun intended consequences of raising the legal drinking age to 21. Is an increase in binge drinking which often results in debt. You know we we put all these laws into effect. And they always have on intended consequences. And your point was earlier and I realize this is a politically unpopular point. If Philip Seymour Hoffman had been able to give his -- win from a clinic he would have known exactly the purity of the Euro and or lack thereof. And it probably would be alive today although an addict. Continue from that point. Yeah. That's the thing and -- say. Say about as well all the same time come flooding mine. But -- we've got. The way we have -- right now is. So destructive that the worst. Way -- -- -- And end up. I mean the worst again and I mean actually. Irish Center City. When I was young I didn't really. Lit more chaotic places where there -- a lot of it but I always. On an and so these people got an old and the stories buried so much I have an unusual -- -- addictions. Because I believe really do believe that people are addicted to things they light like going to end up there -- -- Wait -- panel what do you think is so unusual about it a -- I've said for years the people all the other reason people get hooked on drugs is because. Drugs make them feel good. If drugs make you -- feel awful every time -- did. Well let me say that I only say that because look the medical and does that -- off and that now -- it on of course the longer. But -- -- -- also -- -- deny them all additional part of it and -- thing as you know I've seen -- -- some. I saw some market got a real -- for six months. Like two weeks later they want they are because they must end on that -- -- -- -- -- this is also why I believe. At the religious. Addiction programs religious -- one or more successful. On the ones that are just medical or psychiatric. But. Because they're you know dealing with the will and end -- this is bonuses this is La area. No really but hey if I had to go on salt. Appointment as well we have to stop what we're. Would -- -- the. Gave me meaning we have to stop what the war on drugs which is one of my biggest pet peeves ever. That is what -- And then that's what creates a crying the -- history -- this little subculture on the street the whole thing I didn't sort of money out. And the same big -- looking -- food jobs. And then. -- -- If they looked out of it didn't work market find any thing with which I can disagree with you one because. You're absolutely correct about alcohol. Beat -- absolutely correct about -- having the wrong approach toward drug addiction and for that matter mental illness. Incarceration. Is not the answer and the war on drugs is not the answer we took the smoking rate as. Talk about an addiction. How many smokers and you know in your life. Who can just quit cold Turkey. Will somehow we went from 50% of American adults smoking to fewer than 20% of American adults smoking when we -- -- that we outlaw cigarettes. Did we. It did we do that that we throw cigarette smokers in jail well not yet. But what we did was we educated people and we got to do the same thing with drugs as we did with cigarettes and we're still gonna lose people. Same thing apply because people smoke of all my mother and aunt quit chesterfield -- cold Turkey and and you know I meet people and what they took -- edges that it -- Simple little program because Erica I think they wanted to -- -- end up -- -- -- but again these are different substances in the -- and witty. We can we got to take the criminality out of that because it is what's killing. Well -- or you're gonna get for me on that -- and I thank you for your time and he got -- often get the work but and I know you you have strong opinions and your free thinker and you work. Management are meant thank thank you very much and I'm glad you called them honestly folks I can't disagree with the in the 1920s. How many people I drink and -- way. -- Why because the demand was there. The only people filling the demand to -- gangsters and frankly they couldn't give a rat's behind whether they were selling the award alcohol rat poison the real well. As long -- they had the green and pocket. It's all about the Benjamin's it always has been always three. And if you think that the legitimate world does not benefit by this artificially high drug price on the street I don't know what planet you're living -- Because it makes the planet I live which is reality planet and a rush likes to call himself the mayor of real bill. A villages and enough for me I need a whole plant. I live on reality plant. Let's find out what's happening with traffic and hopefully your reality is a pleasant reality today for the drive all Alan Harris so far has been. And basically with -- AccuWeather all you really need to know is to -- -- don't wanna take a shower and then step outside naked. The overnight low is going to be nine above wins because that's what I was planning and doing what I Donald. Anyway the overnight low but not that above the windchill. Advisory kicks in at about 1 o'clock tomorrow morning it will last until about 10 o'clock. Tomorrow morning. And then you wanna stay tuned WBBM were sandy beach of course you -- -- nine the movie show. Eleven until noon. And I -- looks like must listen radio for because I enjoy movies. Even those starring. -- -- And that's right remember folks there was no. Problem in the United States until the apple of Philip Seymour Hoffman that's right let's go to I'm not trying to make light of I'm really not. But I detest the media of which are part and -- partly the waitress. Because it takes that death until I do a show on. Let's go to Georgian Franklin go on WB and George thank you for your patience your WB yen hell. -- Well this is. We could make or break down here. Seven months ago I woke up to anybody who actually voicemails. When my son had. Oh indeed. On. Well in Madison. Pills whatever it's all the same. -- -- Luckily for me as a parent. He actually -- They brought him back to life in the emergency room. The other sad part of this story was his brother was working emergency rules when it it brought in him. It very very painful experience for your -- -- -- this story was over. He himself who's been clean now for six months. Well let me just get this OK let me just get this straight. Your son was clinically dead when he was in the emergency room they were able to counteract the narcotics and bring him back to life. How long was -- in cardiac arrest you know. -- OK hey. George you're doing great so far I have to break a 24 I don't have a choice. But would you please hold on because I wanna talk to some more because you're not broken down you're doing great. And if you break down your breakdown so what -- breakdown in the year two you know what I mean to do I do this for a living and a break so hold hold on George you are going anywhere and you just wait. A news radio 930 WBE. And it all up on the sarcasm. On the way Val -- looks. Now. The -- has a weight issue. And you know what. -- celebrities. Google news. But. Val Kilmer. Played Jim Morse also played. Also played doc holiday. And he played the guy in the movie. Chris is that it was in the movie. And since then bell has put on some serious. And consult god for what. You think he's the only person with a weight issue. You mean -- you are not those of you were listening to the right now. Are you would on its effort night. Probably not. Let up on the go. Sure it's not Justin Bieber. I mean I know people said he was hard to work where most performers are. Right Joseph. Right John. But they love me anyway. Let's get back to George in the bill on WB -- for those were just joining us we're talking about heroin and it's evil resurgence. On the American scene. In the worst possible way it's back. And George all of awaken 1 morning to. Numerous texts and voice mail messages that his son had been brought to the hospital having OT on pain pills. And fortunately. They got into the ER in time to get him out of cardiac arrest. And to bring him back to life. And George. What is -- first of all you do realize that that was nothing less than -- if I may use a religious or spiritual term miraculous. Eight totally agree. Didn't. He now has probably in order opinions. He never realized. The the uh oh the miracle that was within -- until that. A long time later. Is once she realized she had the problem. It took him three weeks could even get into a clinic because there was no world. In that was -- As a parent watching and waiting it was very very painful. He's doing very well. The hard part is. You're younger brother is following in his footsteps. -- it'd. I'm not sure on the -- in every time the phone rings. I would I wondered how you people would say hope that you can. Terrible all but they'll leave you -- taking on the dinner every night they -- went to high school days. Some that I'm worried about now at a four year degree at the University of Massachusetts. Nothing not Riordan economy. I know exactly. Hey George I I know exactly which can be. Beat cars. People were gonna judge you were gonna say well if that parents fault. I'm I don't know what planet they live on but it they don't live on the same planet as I. It's reality. And you can have the best possible whole wide you can be surrounded by people who love you and if you find something that make you feel full good just. You're going to do something that makes you feel full good and George it's not. It. It's it's by far the hardest thing I've ever had to prepare. In. I don't know the answer but I wish there were more. Clinics through when people do realize they need help they can get it cradle. Because you know you talk about chocolate. If there was to a chocolate chip cookies in front -- -- And I and I believe one -- what are we what. Else. Now imagine what it's like with with heroin or didn't witness. You know how powerful Oprah. But you know George that you say that I'm I'm laughing to myself because. If you put a bottle of oxy code own next to a half gallon of mint chocolate chip ice cream. Which do you think I would be most likely to gulf war. On -- chocolate chip ice cream. -- I know but what would want quick little story. About twenty years ago I spoke at the funeral for a young man. Who had everything going for him who will be done. He had a physical problem. He was prescribing it. He became addicted and he he had no attention you don't need it and he you're right he he had. Obviously addictive personality but it's -- it. Here's the thing I was an accident and I was okay. What would happen and you only. -- I mean obviously. You just don't know it's it's scary it is scary well again and so you have this program. And George I can even tell you what that means to. And suffice -- to my doctor. -- -- my pacemaker and and after they had some issue bringing me back to life. And I said my doctor said you know what. Said -- can be kind of a life changing experience. So when you hear me say things like become a lot less judgmental over the years that was probably the I I have to admit in retrospect. One of the most profound experiences of my life. Death can really -- life changing experience. Yeah because you realize. Suddenly especially I saw the video and put it on line. And when you realized the fine line between. Life and death consciousness on consciousness. It does make you a -- appreciate things more and I also think that it brings home the fact that we are all more in that we all. And I'm certainly not some old buddy Dottie believe. But that we all just really need to take better care of ourselves and when we can take better care of each other and I think that. When you talked about your son waiting to get into a clinic for three weeks. When you think about what could have happened in those 21 law probably the longest three weeks of your life and he has. It's -- -- mind boggling. And it's one more thing. To the bottom that. That followed up with there's some call this. She's a remarkable mother and I'm proud of him didn't I just hope he doesn't give up because. It's worth staying sober. It's worked. Now amen amen. George thank you and I gotta tell you something and you and all the other callers today have just been and I know when people are speaking from the heart thank you so much your. Idea I shelves and that and YouTube. And that again folks. The last thing I am. Use a world well at progressive Communist enough. But it's looking at it from reality. Looking at the drug problem from reality. What would you rather do. Would you rather spend 60000 a year to throw somebody in prison. Where they can basically learn how to be better and bigger and stronger criminals. Or have facility set up where they can actually have a shot at cleaning up there. Getting over the hump of addiction is hard enough. Without having to deal with the prison system penal system as well. And there's not one call that's come -- today that has made me change my mind. About the error. Of our ways in the war on drugs from a criminal legal standpoint. It really think it's a medical issue. You don't cure addicts by putting them in prison. You don't. And I'll play for every dollar we spend on mental health. I'll bet -- we save about a hundred dollars in legal costs. But -- and if that makes me a liberal and some of your eyes and sorry. But again I live on the real planet. It is 642 WB -- I need to break when we come back more unbelievable calls ladies and gentlemen. I know I say this allotment this. Of all the shows up on May be in the past. Thirty years this is going to be one and got to remember. Don't make any. Pretensions to grander -- that somehow we're gonna change lives on the radio. But. Just talking -- And hearing real people in our own community. For every part of our community talking about this is being an issue -- this is a clarion wakeup -- I don't know why it's. Its hourly on WB. Its hourly and once again the situation at the Austin school on sycamore street. Apparently a false alarm but. Just kudos to the buffalo police department and Erie county sheriff's department for a massive fast professional. And even real response. To. A situation that could have been bad and if nothing else folks. It was great practice. In the unlikely. And horrible event that the real thing ever happens in buffalo. And I hate to put that away but. Going through that kind of a situation you can't teach that in -- drill you can't teach that. Any other way but experiential. And the best one massacre in Russia a few years back to plot the counter terror types of very important last. That the best response. To somebody or bodies. In a school setting or any large building where they wanna kill a lot of people. Up best response is exactly what we saw today it is massive. Overwhelming. Force immediately brought the -- against the bad guys. So if nothing else guys it was good practice just in case and it was well done very well done. And the alternatives but here but it was real professional work and a good job buffalo police in eureka teachers -- -- let's get back to the calls on WB the end here is -- war in buffalo normal. Bill and thank you for having this topic and my fiance. She's in prison right now. Then prior that your going when she was trying like crazy together and to get help and Welch -- sort of places and get further out. Which were -- cigarette and that brought violated her parole. Because she got trust either but enjoy that the improved but the big thing is the justice system don't look at the fact that. People wrote that has three children with beautiful children that got us -- you know they can't go ahead and put -- Virtually battering port shortly and I have read all know they got a total person. Well that's again that's our society's cancer for everything don't you know -- the more people we -- -- more successful we are as a society. Let me ask you this the original charge for which she was on parole was what possession. What was. First there weren't. I couldn't because if you you know trying to get her fixed. Purple track. And then you know that got her into -- and then. She violated her parole. By going true like I -- -- And it was broken cigarettes. But so basically the rule of the halfway house was you're not gonna smoke a cigarette she smoked a cigarette and that violated the terms of her parole so they issued a warrant an -- in prison. She's. And they treated like garbage and you know because they're they're there are managed to create the right there. It's it's like you know I can't believe it and then we got a poor little kid in the Scottish suffered. -- you know you talk about mental help I haven't -- bring up more money for everything. What what they're doing to these little -- -- I can only begin to imagine. Have you talked your fiance about and look I'm not trying to blame this is a judgment free zone. -- iPad later -- Obama -- a lot less judgmental when it was five years ago believe me. Why did she smoked a cigarette knowing his I'm sure her attorney explain to her that if she blew it at the halfway house exactly what happened was gonna happen. Another stupid addiction with -- or legal addiction she figured and step foot. But her lawyers presumably told her if you violate. And if you smoke a cigarette. They're going to put you in prison. Yeah. Well then after she she did that what she's done that you were now. And you know -- whatever heroin part would be -- and that's. And you know I ended up. We're expecting prison with a longer term. Right I was gonna say so basically she turned maybe a six month stretch in about two years. Is it -- gonna get the numbers right -- Ottawa know these things I don't know but. Look I'm sorry that happened to her and I hope that she's able cleanup for -- somehow. In prison and I hate to ask the question but. How is she doing in prison. Well she's cleaned up where -- go -- go. You know a governmental problems and everything at all you didn't waste a whole work you know because this. And it's like. They trigger like dirt that's all I can say the justice system literally screwed up. You are operational requirement for him preach and require. And fundamentally. Well but he thought immediately started because I'm gonna take up the rest of the show with -- another soliloquy which we don't need right now. Look up I hope that she's able to get the help she needs. It sounds like you're very supportive of her but one guy to another as much as you love her and you wanna be there for her. You may have to use tough love as Mary did the caller from Hamburg before whose son is in the halfway house. There may come a time when you're gonna have to say you know let's read -- I love you. But you're bringing me down and I can't deal. -- I understand I don't want to see your heart get broken as well. Well you know you're great -- and -- great forever in this program I know. People just don't wanna listen you know. Well I did I I appreciate your comments I'm just a guy with a microphone and a mind that god gave me the creator gave me to think a little bit differently -- a lot of people. Well that I that means a lot to thank you sir and best of luck to you and -- also to your fiance and it really really really hope she gets the help she needs. Are meant thank you 8030930. At the WB yen. Folks this this is the voice of addiction this is the voice of heroin right here you're hearing it on the show you think it's not a problem it is. Steven on WB Ian welcome to the program. Stephen even holding on well over an hour. Please don't let me hang up. -- -- -- well he artsy and thanks for getting off the speakerphone and a WB and talked to. Will. Likely. -- and serial novel well all along where. Specter leave the war that governor and I'm not you know we haven't earned. -- have years I don't know where she was there without very. I don't know -- -- ordinary thing in. And leisure for a parent Eagles so obviously you know -- -- we haven't gotten all the trio returned. Hopefully be there are under our. So it's time out they had had a problem understanding the first part of a phone call your sister as they take it is addicted to heroin but she's also missing in action you don't know where she is. But I mean we have. Or an idea about whether she's cute like -- artillery at -- If they need one area are under Larry in order help them. Willie where you know obviously. Why everybody hears about it sooner or 1001. No smoking pot and we're. Aaron. Little more all the murder glow when we're we're -- I'll look -- we're hopeful. Honestly who haven't saw on Wu Tuesday some global. There are gonna say I haven't held a hard time understanding your your phone quality I think I've got most of it and I'll try to answer your question that thank you very much. It sounds like you have an idea if I heard your correctly. You have a basic idea where she might be. If the family can pool its resources and hire a private investigator. If you can give the private investigator the information you have. At least the private investigator should -- cautiously be able to give you her twenty did you location. Now what happens after that is gonna be problematic. Because you're probably gonna have to ever arrested and ever -- -- Remember that tough love that's come up a few times. This might be one of those situations. And I I hope I understood your call correctly it was just a little muddy for my hearing and it's not your fault it's mine. Poke some have to -- people on hold and I gotta tell you that I don't think I'm gonna have too many issues talking my boss in the let me do another show wonders in the not too distant future. I wish I didn't have to. But ladies and gentlemen. Is it not obvious to everybody. That this heroin situation crosses. Every single strata of society. And that it's back with a vengeance. I don't think -- even need to go any further and thank you for your interest in the program today I'll definitely do this again soon. I want to thank Joseph beamer -- thank John Sherman and an extra excellent work -- always fellows I'll leave you with two words. No. Yourself.

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