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2-6 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Feb 6, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB he had. The outlook and he would write this for. Us and a whole movement. And just broke any. And the law and look. It up on. The bill says that you Kenya find out what is it. But it's not my responsibility that the if you got health -- already. Then you can keep your plan if you are satisfied with a maybe you're better off not having the surgery but taking the painkiller. They're really has nothing much shorter than. -- -- Excuse me while I witnessed. He's maybe 930 you've seen. They -- layout is inevitable it's not being inconvenient people one more time if ever our game guy evidently. Nine games. All right it -- -- -- news radio 930 WB ENN it and we are. -- monitoring the situation right now the Harvey Austin elementary school -- you know five sycamore street in buffalo that would be west. Daily. And there were reports that possibly. A man with a gunman. Was on school grounds. Now all the police that last word are checking the veracity. Of that phone call to 911. Erie county sheriff's department -- one is hovering overhead. My understanding through sources is that there is nothing unusual or on whole word that has been spotted by air one. You'll see a massive police presence I mean we're talking probably about two dozen cars in front of the Harvey Austin elementary school. And the police seem to be acting in a hyper abundance of caution and thank god they are. The kids every single child is safe and sound every single child is okay. Of one point that out. And there has been no evidence whatsoever to this point. To suggest. That any shots have been fired or for that matter that there hasn't -- been a man with a gun on -- years school grounds. Now your parent. And you are basically waiting for something that happened because you're gonna pick up your care or you heard what was going on and went over their. I'm -- -- opened up our contest lines on this story. I don't wanna blow off the people who put on hold to talk about the heroin problem. I also don't want overlook what is a very local situation -- Harvey Austin school. In buffalo on sycamore west of -- Now we'll try to do it all -- market Korea cemetery those of you familiar with that area. And who doesn't have family buried it in Korea for those of you lived there long enough you got -- leader and allied. The phone number if you're a parent. Or somebody who's intimately involved in this situation. Is 6449875. Usually that's the contest line. But today I will use it as my auxiliary call in line. 64498754. You worked Harvey Austin school calls all. What -- -- told as you've been sitting in your car waiting for your care. Harvey Austin is an elementary school. It is located. She is located west of Bailey. And you know that area where you've got to decide like your Walden Media to decide -- I can go left my get a pick for the left on sycamore. -- it's right it's right after the fork. The big building on your left as you head. West bound. So vessel we're talking about that's where we're talking about. And if this is a story that is affecting you right here and right now. The phone number to call is 6449875. At by the way. I want to commend buffalo police department for doing a -- the job. And I wanna commend the Erie county sheriff's department for also doing a hell of a job because they've got air won the BP. Now Kevin McCaffrey is the pilot error one. And he has reported nothing unusual nothing. And they've got some pretty high tech gears in air one. So there's nothing lurking around the school that Kevin Caffrey sees that is have any concern nothing out of the ordinary. All the kids have been put in the cafeteria. Which is a good thing. And I presume that they are under Berea shall we say intense armed guard. And again. Kudos. Kudos for the buffalo police department. Kudos to the sheriff's department as a parent. If I had kids at that school or any other school I'd much rather see the cops acting this way. With a massive display of force. Immediately on the scene. -- Basically blowing at all. So kudos to the buffalo police department kudos to -- Kevin McCaffrey -- -- -- air one for doing what they're doing. This is hardly an -- they'd be in the year. I'm sure it's called. I'm sure there's not much turbulence but I can think of a zillion places I'd rather be than a chopper read about now even with a flight suit. So your parrot. Or -- involved in the situation. By the way other reports we're getting have indicated that. They're getting ready. To release the kits. Now the veracity of those reports I cannot vote for those reports. But you may be able to -- you call him. And again the phone number. This is only for the Harvey Austin school story. The phone number 64498756449875. Otherwise. We are gonna talk about via the heroin situation our prime minister -- ski. News. On this year are close to the scene of the Harvey Austin school. And he'll get us the latest information he's gonna let us know exactly what's going on. But just to bring you up to speed earlier today. Somebody called 9112 report. A person with a -- on or near school grounds by the Harvey Austin school in buffalo. Buffalo police reacted promptly. Quickly and it massively. And eventually they're one of the Erie county sheriff's department was sent to be overhead. And that's good they -- I don't know who the I don't know who's in command of the operation right now but that's damn good thing. Whoever made that decision to say hey let's call Erie county NC if they -- -- wanna hear or maybe it was the sheriff's department calling reaching out and saying hey you guys -- chopper. I don't know. But that's excellent police work if -- a series. So good job by the cops great job by the cops and again folks usually the way these things turn out. They turn out to be absolutely nothing. 99.9. Percent of these turn out to be either -- all somebody with bad information. Or just. Somebody. And being confused about what they really saw. So. Everything is cool. Nobody's hurt. Don't freak out when you see all the cars in front of -- Harvey Austin school -- second worst if your parent I understand your concern. Everybody's cool everybody's safe everybody sound. And I don't think he get any safer than being under guard by the cops in a cafeteria in a school. I mean. You know basically that says it's almost like Secret Service level protection your kid has right now so that's good. And a preliminary sweep of the school I'm told. As indicated nothing. Of anti. Law enforcement interest in the school relative to report of a man or person with a gun. So bottom line is we will keep you posted. And if you are one of the parents affected by what's going on. And I'm not sure how many kids are in the school at this point the story first came out to -- give -- time -- a moment but. I don't know how many kids are in the school were in the school when the story first broke but we're not talking about twelve don't talk about late in the day. So we will see. It again folks could be something as simple as somebody where. A concealed carry permit. Who's holster might go on down a little bit revealing -- -- out of the waste. You know it could be so it could be off -- -- that it could be something really really simple. And usually gets. But we'll keep our heads you'll keep -- heads the council keep their heads and hopefully and I'm quite confident that within. A very short time this will be resolved to everyone's satisfaction but in the meantime. Kudos to the cops. I gotta say it fast massive response. That's what you need in a situation like Burris. And if the 911 call turns out to be prank. I hope the person who made that call is prosecuted to fullest extent of the law if there was malicious intent. And I hope that that person is made to compensate the city and the county for all manpower. Overtime and equipment costs. Because why should we bear the cost percent stupid prank if that's witnesses. So. Before ever again on the Harvey Austin situation is 6449875. I suspect it's gonna end well for everybody that's my expectation is usually ducts. Course the longer it goes on the more you can say is better than visitor is an. But there's no indication at this point to indicate any immediate threat to anybody. In or near the Harvey Austin school. And quite frankly with -- all the cops here right now. Even if somebody were to come out of the woodwork I don't think they'd last very Long Beach. All right it is not not to make light of it but the only thing to stop the bad guy with a gun is what a good guy with a for Kevin cap for helping get heat and air one. And again those flight suits. There what you try fly a flight suit with a helmet on for about a half hour even with weather like this outside. You think you think you for -- when you're snowballing. Trying to find a chopper under pressure. Even in this weather it's cold. All right we're gonna get back to the heroin calls momentarily because there's also is an important show and I kind of regretting not doing -- or should it. But let's get the latest on traffic ladies and gentlemen and that we bring you Alex Harris. And what you need to know about AccuWeather forecast tonight is a -- of a windchill advisory which is gonna kick and about 1 o'clock tomorrow morning and last until 10 AM if you're listening to sandy -- show. Just societies have a show tomorrow that windshield will. It'll go down which is good. Or actually will go up which is good the overnight low tonight is going to be single digits nine degrees. And we'll have more coming up on the news at 530 right I've just received my second report. Bat the initial sweep. Of the Harvey Austin school on sycamore street in buffalo has found. Nothing. Suspicious misses a second report that nothing suspicious. Brian Nazareth WB yen is on the scene. And the heavy police presence does remain. There are some kids still inside the school that -- are all accounted for and they are all safe and sound and under the watchful and I. Of the buffalo police and it wouldn't surprise me if the guy's -- guarding those kids are people from the swat swat. The -- the and again folks. I I I cannot even express the appreciation. I have for what the police did in this. Whether it was the BP. To coordinate between agencies the resources from the air and the ground. Those things don't happen by accident you've got a heavy very involved command structure at a very alert commander to make those calls so welcome cops very well done. And hopefully you guys will be able to get home yourself soon. I know that you hate racking up the overtime. It is up by 22 at WB -- Now one of the stories that also is is ominous well that story is not ominous that was misspoken word in my part. Leave out the also. One of the stories that is. Very very disturbing is that of heroin addiction which is made a startling comeback. Not only around the country but here in Western New York. And we've already talked with people. Whose lives and whose families have is that Bryant. Well let's get on the biomechanics. Why we're discussing with get about. We're gonna go to WBN's Brian as -- -- who is on the scene at the Harvey Austin school in buffalo before week if -- hold on the drug -- please don't go anywhere because I do think it's a highly important show. WB a newsman Brian -- -- ski. In buffalo Harvey Austin school Brian. Tell us what you know. Well heavy police presence -- week down here Tom it's sections of Walden -- are closed off. Actually took sycamore basically the entire collection of -- I go to school clothes off and a wall -- around the same area -- -- quote basically before 4 o'clock. There was a -- put out that -- individual with a gun was -- in the school or near school ground. And personnel are inside the building off to a -- would not say how many students are inside the building right now but they're giving it to be released. Students will be released to school and you want. On future on street. That is where students will be able to I believe student rubio -- picked up. Not sure exactly what it will be able to detect the that is where students are being moved. Do things right about now students being released. And -- have you any idea Brian are they gonna be transported by bus -- gonna get the kids from point a to point but he. Or that our school buses here it looks like they will be transferred by box. I can't say for sure but that is the state that the they'd be transferred by school bus to school mind you. And when you say children are gonna be released soon have any. Yet left the building do you know that. I've not seen any students leave the building. I was told that you are being giving should be released stolen every student can actually -- the building. Or are preparing to leave the building I'm not sure but they'll be giving. To be released. And for those parents who wanna meet their kids at this school 91 and you don't know where it is it's -- 340. Future on street 340 future around street. So you're -- you're GPS and go 2340. Future around street if you don't know where school might -- one is and how did you know basically you might be you might -- Austin school right now and you have to make that extra drive but I think that's a small price to pay for a having your kid back in your car safe and sound. Our rights of rival will put together some information for the 530 news thank you for are giving us the latest information and it looks like all's well that ends well at the Harvey Austin school in buffalo. All right thank you every much and by the way folks are one of the lessons of the best one terror attack several years ago. Is that when ever there is even a chance of something like this actually being the real tragic deal. The best response is fast and it is massive. And it goes inside immediately. The last thing he ever wanted to do. Is allow the bad guys to set up barricades. To allow the bad guys to set up booby traps you wanna get in there. As fast as possible. That's the school of thought based on the best one massacre in Russia. And fortunately today in buffalo what we had was. Police acting out of a super abundance of caution. And great responsible police work being there and do a greater. And the story and again again hopefully it was just a prank call and whoever made the call is going to be held accountable. But everybody's cool everybody's safe everybody sound. And your kid is gonna be taken to 340. Future on street in buffalo school 91 they will release the kids shortly from the Austin school on sycamore street. That's our Brian as a -- deal with bad information on WB EM I need to break and will be back to your calls next. Talk about taking liberties. Does that make up. Thanks lot Joseph by your chances were hot date this weekend just step plummeted precipitously after that song. At least. Unless I want a guy with leather pants and Freddie Mercury mustache is a lot are not that there's anything wrong with that we don't judge on this well. If hourly with you and again -- great work by a buffalo police in the Erie county sheriff's department welcome fellas and ladies big thumbs up. Better acts. And not need it that the not act in the so well but now we're talking about something that is really a scorcher. And -- certainly wasn't recent shark emails I felt lately they've done. You yell I do because I believe that not one prison in the world is gonna solve anybody's -- addiction. There is not one prison in America that is gonna offer the mental health care people weren't likely to become addicted need. I tell the dirty little secret about addiction a lot of people who become drug addicts. Have a fundamental mental health issue that has gone on treated by the system. And they have not received the therapy or the medications they need. And they've fallen through the cracks so to speak. In no that's not some sick play were they fall in through the cracks. And a lot of the people we think of as addicts. I hate to say this but really what they're -- -- They're trying foolishly. Self medicate. Even somebody like Philip Seymour Hoffman. But it Seymour Hoffman even somebody like Philip Seymour Hoffman this is how Peter Griffin said his name back when it was funny. And it Seymour Hoffman okay. Even somebody like Philip Seymour Hoffman who had availability. Who had access to the world's finest doctors rehab centers and facilities. Fell through the cracks. Now you don't need me to tell you that performers. Straddle the line a lot. Between left brain right brain real world artistic world its -- becomes a lot with a lot of performers it cuts. I did deal with a lot myself. It is it comes with the territory. You can't be a boring person and be an entertainer -- country indicated. I'm only boring off the year but we're talking about. Her win and I'm not judging anybody. We put it this -- folks we just had a story a couple of people arrested an -- For trying to smuggle in junk. Into the prison. Because there were over doses in -- -- and now folks those of you think we got a shook up the war on drugs that's about it which is about it. What failure smoke because there is no more tightly controlled environment in the world that a prison. And if it gets and the president can get and anywhere. Why there's a demand. Well I wasn't for at least don't have the time anywhere. We. Want honestly it wants to be action. I can't imagine what that's like with your iron -- Anyway. It's bad stuff. And it's back it's Caroline your calls 803. On I'm thirty very Hamburg has been holding on patiently. Mary I thank you very much -- for negative manner in Europe WB. You are you -- you know what ID I'm depressed but at the same time I feel like we're doing some good today some little bit of good so. In that sense I feel. You know I'm I'm Daniel's mother that called you earlier. Daniel who is in the halfway house yeah we -- he goes to the meetings you go to the meetings. And he's been told in no uncertain terms to ditch his old friends get rid of his cellphone get rid of the old cell phone numbers he's gonna start fresh. Yellow -- blocks everything so he didn't have to ditch. On because it is -- -- and he knows he has. Not saying. Right now com. IE wanted to say that. I get cited personal -- that have lost their children. Because build -- heroin. In hand on. It just breaks my her. You know their needed to be. I don't know more aptly -- says -- But the parents told me it's a program where. On when he failed and it went down to 21 days. An -- Cutting back to earn the program and which heroin addiction and it is so strong yet we need six months to a year. -- -- Reprogram their minds. And their. Now I don't wanna get too personal and if I'm getting on sensitive areas here you just tell me in my room. -- business okay. You know I -- I blocked -- turn. Children I don't I don't care. OK that I need to ask you this your son. Did. The have a history of maybe. Having therapists counselors because he was just having a tough -- in terms of adjusting because I'm sorry. Growing up in 2014 Sox. He was. The -- apparently she was an LDP. Content language developmental program. On when he was younger. He grew up chime in on who has been a special Ed classes. Did dead on he went into culinary. Here and on his elbow was bothering him and he had surgery. And Hewitt prescribes. Lord came out. Here and that's where I believe it stemmed from. How -- one. Because -- -- what are these people who is grateful for painkillers because without painkillers you'd be supporting. Yeah I'd be at all I'd be all everyday. So how does one make the leap. From responsibly. Prescribed the pain medications. And in some cases anti inflammatory news to herald. What happens. Well like she had that the -- on. It was harder to come by the payments. And he like he said to you he would -- mean. Thirty to sixty till the day. My arm. So it's surprising -- inherent. Need your liver damage and accept her arm. Well let's let's hope he hasn't and Rangers mama and I I asked him the question I certainly hope he's -- some -- -- -- liver function -- to make sure that everything is functioning properly of that part of the -- Yeah they had I I don't know about arm. But I you know there he goes to trial between. Now on the go visit one on one he does some like -- which is. Armed drug and alcohol counseling -- until he got hit depression. And he would -- announced -- hitting ADHD also. You know I've heard this story so many times before. And the common themes are. Well -- most common name is depression for about special -- forget about culinary arts forget about ADHD. The common theme that I'm picking up on with a lot of people who have lost kids were almost lost kids to heroin use and underlying depression. And a self medicating personality that chooses the worst possible medication in the world to get better street drugs. It. I I I don't know I hate how I know is. When he was prescribed arm pain medications than they're just escalated. And he's done nothing before that he had smoked -- never did anything before that. Yeah I need to I mean. Do we know when her -- The rank and was outlook and unfortunately I think the issue my Mary I got a play I think the issue has been so politicized. I think it'd been so mismanaged. And so miss address. Drug addiction and the so called war on drugs. And we -- wore a hole. -- generation after generation after generation of people into thinking that somehow if we just throw everybody in prison that'll solve the problem. That we have in all ourself into this false sense of idiocy. Yeah yeah. Prisons aren't the plays for addicts. Know they need supervision. Yeah. Kind of like a prison. But they need to let's go to meetings they need to reprogram their mind and to. You. -- learn. How it's become -- functioning member of society without. You've been well including without falling into that trap again. Yeah I mean some people just -- the they have these addictive personalities. And the in a week I guess we OPEC are poisons in life you know and -- -- the whole heroin thing is just it is it dries up up the wall. They -- very -- that you hang tough because your son as you know need you desperately need you and. You know on their Ferdinand I know and my and I -- for them is as long as he's doing good and he's on the right cap. And there for a 100%. -- -- start using again I have to turn my back down on because that's stop slump and it's the hardest thing I've ever had to do in my life but he has where he is now because of my top -- Mary you probably nor -- a lot more about this than I I'm very very glad you called I wish you and your son nothing but the best. And I'm serious would you please keep me updated and how he's doing. A little and I think when I think we sure. I don't know if you heard that on -- aren't. Governor did its -- -- the union -- -- aren't that heroin addiction and and I added that the epidemic in his state and how they're gonna try to. Do something about it and I admire him and hopefully others will follow -- attempt. -- I didn't know about that but it's funny image in Vermont because it's all the Ben and Jerry's ice cream which is my purse which is my personal downfall. Now seems kind of tried compared to some which you all going through thank you very much and glad -- called. Q there are folks and look he when you call -- -- you enter a non judgment zone are not gonna sit here call your filthy junkie. I got a lot less judgmental about three to five years ago I stopped that. Because. I've said this a million times. When the first perfect person calls my show -- know that Jesus is on the other end of the line. I mean really. 8030 my thirtieth WB and its hourly now. And as far as AccuWeather is concerned tonight will be a bitterly cold night once again it. And as I drive down -- street in Williams bill I see the docs frolicking in the water what's wrong with those ducks. On nine above the overnight low and a windchill advisory kicks in at 1 o'clock in the morning and last and tilt and as you're listening to sandy beach. And of course Friday's the ratio with some of the obstacles which -- -- online at WB Ian dot com. 553. -- leave me out of 55. 56 -- -- are just like to ask Joseph just to make sure all on the same page we're talking about a very very serious subject. And it's a subject I should have done before. Unfortunately I was a -- Talking about heroin. And it's made a horrible comeback. -- I don't know how to say this that. It's almost like heroin makes pot Coke look good that's how bad it is bad stuff. No I am not sure it is that bad. And we are hearing so many people calling with these tragic stories. Here is out there on the west side on hold well over now and thanks for your patience your on WBE general. You know I've got stories there was one. Very gifted 26 year old girl I -- and hand it -- that. Was struggling what and but she had bad things happened for once it was on issues and gave all kinds of self -- of activity but anyway. What I want it's in the point two points want to make. And alcohol which -- mentioned earlier shall. If you head at all off. It has been absolutely blows away all the illegal substances -- with damage to those. Medically socially property everything absolutely not. And then we found out that -- criminalizing -- was political. The thing as Philip Seymour Hoffman might still be alive if he were getting his heroin and a clinic. And you know -- there're there are politicians and interest that don't wanna get get rid of the structure that we have right now which has created. The criminal subculture corruption going all the way up to the tops of government and all kinds of things and you know I mean I mean -- but. We have. A situation we've created. If you will certainly if you were. To take the money. Out of the drug industry. And legal form their -- But you know in the pocket of the tax -- the boat. Are drugs could be in a clinic and when he and that would be clean in all regulated and poverty -- But instead. Officials are hanging on desperately to this of this mass. Where we've really got to get get a torrent. Created. Crime we do. Them both first they growth opportunity organized crime was prohibition the second one was -- -- Look you you know your stuff I want to talk to further after the news because you're not gonna get any arguments -- May. I know the probationary inside and out. And I know that that which has been will always be. And I know what makes the world's tail -- it's called money. So don't go anywhere -- pick this up on your side a news radio 930 WB Ian.

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