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2-6 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Feb 6, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB he had. I. Don't know if you would rate. For. Us and a whole movement. And -- Yeah. Law -- And upload it. Maybe you're better off not having the surgery but taking the painkiller what is generally feel stupid but yeah people in charge. Practice. I'm not only are they don't know what this. But if kind of -- people. I'm very happy for these greedy and dirty you know -- one simple request. Somebody has to have sharks went. But it didn't make every -- I think of it we have got to work of subjects how they got. I'll be happy -- just fine we'll play Richard the third. With. That matters most but that you know it's one little thing. What what what the offer is for what is equities actually was quick outline. Simple -- Clarence. Personally people you run into a light that you could definitely say simple plain parents words. Average simple plain think outside. People. Simple plain Clarence we've got to find that -- there's also some great lines in the play like. Bunch back owed it. Love that one anyway we're talking about Richard the third actually here while were not that's not the topic is it mentioned that or talking about is is there. And folks got a -- is not that I never in a gazillion years of thought that I've ever been doing it showed 24 team on. And I know that it never completely went away. Never completely goes away. But you wanna talk about something roaring back. And heroin has come back in jobs away that is. Devastating. And it is cutting ace. Through this country. As it did back in the mid to late 1960s. Where we're sitting at your mom's kitchen table and she turned the radio a lot and you hear the news cast and some talk about some famous musician buying. Our Barbara today. Armor were Janis Joplin dying I think I've vaguely remember a few more isn't buying and Jimi Hendrix although he joked as Obama. I'm not laughing at a dry -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's really bad stop I wish I could use stronger language but. Have you had an experience. With -- Or somebody who's lost somebody because they're. And it would be unethical for me to go into names or even specific locations. But I will tell you bet I know a lot more but I'm gonna talk about on the air today. About locations. Places and people who have been affected by -- in the depths of kits. And yes folks even before they let Seymour Hoffman. There were people dying here apparel. And it is no respect or persons. You know don't just think well you know it's just news negro is on the east side. You know as if that is something to be laudable that way of thinking it's not. Because we are Brothers and sisters on this planet whether or not to want it would met. Unfortunately some of our Brothers and sisters are creeps. And that's a pedigree universal would you got to work but we're talking about folks were talking about every. All of this boat together I don't care I don't care if you're some guy living on the east side with eleven grandkids. Where some farmer in Eden with five kids. There is a possibility. That in their -- should be in their life or your life. That it heroin is playing a role and it's not good jobs are about the. Sorry folks is that this that would -- it's like no symptoms except the dry -- I'm sure that's not a great on the radio -- like some drawn butter with that. Our let's go to Italy yen in that Nortel one advocates out of the bathtub. And I should be an issue with that painkillers and how deeply into the pain killer thing did you go -- how addicted were you. -- -- I never Nolan back the doctor -- tribunal at night particularly bill because of the one time construction. -- excited and that using the other. Capital bottle from a previous surgery I had and never thought I was done -- I am I. I -- It like more of god it was more like a mental addiction night. I didn't when I got heat you know I didn't have any you know physical with all of them or anything like that. But in my head you know all. It was Ali and I how Blake -- what what can make you feel. Like that there's something over the power that can make me feel like as if something I can get in the store their data prescription portable make you feel like that I mean -- -- on the right. That sense of euphoria. Okay well this is Minnesota really stupid idea. Have you tried -- treadmill. I'm serious because the endorphins released when you're exercising are very similar chemically to what you're gonna get out of a paper pain -- True idea. Literally that have been actually I am being the treadmill while. You know a lot of the -- -- it's it's more than that Alex. It's stronger obviously again. I mean would you can't that the teenagers and and the look at getting addicted. -- heroin and painkiller -- I mean. And there are insecure to begin at all for them to just take Appel made me feel more comfortable. You know maybe get out Eric Powell and then you know you wanna -- more to get more high because the original Heidi that -- aren't happening mortgages are about a control. -- well again you know what I mean obviously. You saw the head of all you bailed out before he got too deeply addicted to it for whatever reason. Your body took a special interest in the pain killers and -- really did something -- And you were Smart enough to not continue with that because you saw basically -- your car was heading toward a brick wall. During and I -- Yet it was it was going to be that yes. Well I'm glad that it didn't get to that point. -- I feel a little weird because the doctors always ask we will how many of these do you take the you'd taken more than you're prescribed them like no I never have and moreover sometimes -- take less than a prescribed thank you very much. I have a personality go figure. A look funny is I mean I had UK and they're both these factions -- my first one where I was prescribed painkiller that I had not a lot from. I only look at Obama because I didn't -- like I don't know that -- -- in court today and you know but for whatever reason. I don't know -- you know -- after the bump into my -- on my body. We you know we all react different things in different ways. And for whatever reason you know my body does not get any kind of euphoria out of pain pills and -- -- heads it you know generally focuses on the the pain in my back. That -- about going into it again but you know there's a lot of things you can do to. Chiropractic I swear by my chiropractor. Massage therapy biofeedback. There's a lot of things you can do. That you can actually control. Your pain and your body with your mind even hypnosis. And any good a therapist that medical or weekend -- can tell you that all hypnosis is self hypnosis though. Don't discount that either because -- Did there there are techniques out there in the -- deal with stress. That are a pretty good aunt and -- are actually drug free. Like listening to my -- should help you deal with stress. Because you can listen I didn't say. I guess I really am okay comparative economic. So they're adding. Our regular. Daily bread at all and have a best you -- look at. All right thank you. Now it'll take something all the little personal insight your it's always interesting watching the doctors reactions when I tell them. That I haven't taken these things for a long time. And I don't take even when I'm prescribed. Meaning I don't think as many as I could. They're like really. Really like yeah really. -- -- -- When it's my choice I'll let the eighteen minutes after four at news radio 930 WB EM let's go to there. And it like the witness out of myself sorry about that it's my urine we're talking up. Let's go to love Paul on Grand Island on WBBM. Paul off heroin -- experiences with heroin or related stuff -- W media. I guess that -- -- yeah unfortunately on and on about my cousin Aaron that the you don't speak about it a little bit but they're just. Yet but unfortunately how might also Peronist touched me to all three weeks ago my best friend. You've lost 42 year old son and that being distraught. The problem basically the same way that I'm an actor hall. I'm very sorry for your friend no parent should ever have to go through that nobody should ever have to go through. Nadal did it really tore mob pretty bad and four guys law sister all a couple months earlier pancreatic cancer also. He's 11 o'clock I'm what is the law and boy like you were -- come. Well off Lebanon a shopper. And his master's degree was on for his doctorate -- I'll send. What -- set a -- in the cattle that are -- on this drug. Rather they're dying but you know what the kids in the ghetto or -- but no I mean you know it. As I've -- it is no respect of persons and whether or not anybody wants to admit it we're all in this together black and white and in Asia and every other group were all in this we've all got to recognize this isn't evil. -- almost -- this is an evil stuff about which were speak. -- Yeah I mean you know the funny thing is -- work up the same -- you and I only got -- I -- And -- -- I like your hair body. Thank you is that a date and -- And golf when we are you know you're probably like -- we experiment with a lot of small but the one thing we never ever when it was heroine it was consider. Or -- -- -- -- and I just don't understand why the kids but they are getting that yet there are certain things she posts don't. You know why I mean -- theory number one the supply is there because of Afghanistan and you talked about a cousin -- can affect him. I know that he's and talked to a lot of people very deeply about what was happening over there he talked whose mom Burris essentially about it -- honestly about it and he predicted he would not come back home because he knew too much and through his prediction he did not come back home. He was ambushed because he did note too much about the heroin trade in the United States government is actively involved in supporting. It should absolutely from bouncing -- -- mom probably told Ali it was passed away they were in order like for 45 minutes. They call for air support they said where or was only two minutes away but they wouldn't send it. Errands while transmission basically was like we're out of ammunition registered install. You -- automatic because all these people -- to notice people have got to -- Howell. The United States government set up the two time read of the year to be murdered. Dan if you think this is whack is Google Talk all you ought to be Alex Jones Michelle. Then folks you really should not listen to this program I've I've said this before I leave unreality plant. And the story let's go to traffic right now hopefully your reality going home is OK here is. Alan Harris. And sixteen degrees minus four with the wind chill will be done at nine tonight windchill advisory obviously will kick in later on. All right so up all -- island is the cousin of Aaron kind of back and you can read more about -- -- on my FaceBook page United States marine. I met him I knew his sister's much better be used to babysit my children. And Erin was good friend of my ex wife and -- can -- twice to read of the year. And Aaron knew about how are all the government folks was actually. Allowing the heroin trade in Afghanistan. And he told his mom mom I know too much I'm not coming home. And sure enough Paul your cousin was ambushed and they wouldn't even send an air support. To bail him out and he ended up dead along with many of his men. In the process of turning over one of those multi million dollar briefcases to the Afghan tribal chiefs. Always there but I guess would help -- got to button up Paul are you there. I I think I've described that distinctly and -- -- on the show a few years back a market tell. Anybody else her new last name but it does begin with the letter. That's correct on this that it is your last name and off. The funny thing on not only put that opened up bit of poor -- is off less than I guess it was 4500. Yards where there was another battalion. And they -- even send old guys and all and they are all in a drinker commander let's go at school at schools -- help these guys and they wouldn't even turn them loose at all. Erin Jennifer it was murdered by his own government and people have to realize that if people got to know the facts about that and I give Susie. Well I'll call -- can affect his mom. Props for having the courage to speak out about her son's murder and I'm glad you called porn sorry about -- different. We're talking about the heroin combat it is act with a vengeance and it's awful. Your experiences with this terrible sinister. Awful draw out. Which is back withers on WB Ian. See an hour days and bringing home. -- -- -- -- Are dying. I think it's gonna happen. Edit this we were behind my country music quota and I'm glad that that Joseph has say we practice. You know the quota system that music here on the program little -- -- of course always gets first -- Bob Welch is an unsung hero always -- recognition on the show. And country music of course are -- it -- hourly end up on a serious note folks. Now. I -- I keep on saying this because when I do the show what do it from both my heart and my head I can't the league. That and 24 -- are actually doing a program on heroin. And I'm getting calls from people saying hey Tom it's real. Well I know which. And that's why -- -- -- And up. I've been hearing about. Stories like these guys and I'll just smoltz. For years couple years up to three years people I know in the medical community of -- do you have no idea. How much what is out there and we're it issues. And -- that what do you and they'll say -- It's in which writes. It's an Eden. It's in Clarence. It's in the east -- It's in Spring -- elected bill it's everywhere you equities he -- -- That's Latin means here and everywhere that is gonna throw that in there for giggles but. It's bad stuff man. It's that. And it breaks my heart. It really -- all you people who have been through this loss. And the media being the media and I have the blame myself. In part. Went -- year when we finally stand up and take notice come on. Went when we notice I yes when he Greenwich Village actor named it. Philip Seymour Hoffman took a line by the way from Family Guy Peter Griffin says Philip Seymour Hoffman the lowest. Awkwardly at that moment does the National League is say hey there's a heroin problem. My notes. And folks. And not a liberal. I'm a conservative or. -- conservative early and not suicidal. And this is some had stopped. And our previous caller is absolutely right. In the 1970s. Even the heads in school. Would not touch heroin with a ten foot -- Seriously. No. It's everywhere. And it's a damn shame. It will three -- thirty start I'm 3180616. WB editors Daniel. Daniel like you're on WB and hello. You don't. I won't have been clean for six months. They're literally. Started was landlords -- painkillers. And I mean from and it was just easier to find heroin and painkillers. You know the government. Starting to take them away and people having a hard time finding painkillers and switch in the heroin. You know that says a lot right there about. About -- intended consequences. You know of the war on painkillers so what do what do people do. Legal fight heroin because it's easier to get cheaper -- you I could make I don't know I am going to what does or would cost what does it day's worth of heroin cost. -- I was paying the eighty dollars a bundle which is scum bags. And that gets you through how long from. -- day. Eighty bucks -- that some serious cash. -- I mean don't spend and lower to have those spending upwards of five dollars. A whole don't -- did the. A day. Oh my gosh if you had a liver function test. No and I'm an alcoholic to. Well let's let's start there one thing at a time data do you have and it got on the enterprise here just just know you've -- a non judgment zone okay. I don't judge -- right. Do you have somebody. With whom -- somebody who's a trained medical professional with whom you can talk about you were. Addictions and your personality and staying clean and sober at least tell me you're going to a group. I'm going to who are spectrum. -- -- -- me -- -- if you -- Michael program so which is substance abuse and mental abuse her mental health. Don't blame her as I go to -- -- opium and Staley. Now I know that we have a lot of meetings I mean not only is there alcoholics anonymous but there's also. Correct me from -- is it narcotics anonymous. Okay. I know there are groups and I know that they're very helpful to people yet but you sound Daniel like you're kind of a younger man and get a -- maybe 28 yourself. Thirty poker. Do you sell what you gotta help a lot to offer. Yeah and now Richard clean. What is it like six months being cleaned on a daily basis to stay away from the people who were hooking up. And it to stay away from the temptation. For me what I had to do was go. Certain conditions. -- normal living in a halfway house. Society get away from everything and every body and changed my thinking. You know -- -- I prayed every day good morning and every night who have the obsession removed. And that helps a lot. I don't I don't think about getting high anymore. -- I I certainly hope I mean Daniel the last thing I want for the show did do is to cause you to have any you know thoughts about. And maybe maybe elders on tonight. I would feel like you're completion look at that I -- only. What have the doctors told you about. How long this is going to be an issue to be said for the rest of your life you're gonna have to recognize that you have an addictive personality and that you're gonna just have to stay away from the stuff. Bougainville lifelong struggle. From -- from now until they. But you know -- Michael or Daniel I think you're stronger. You get -- -- you -- a strong person. Okay you truly do. And I know that everybody in my audience right now who believes in god the creator higher power use is gonna be sending you some positive vibes. Do you have a family that is supportive of -- or they turn your back on you -- that at every turn their backs and you at the time you most need them. Although -- there's certain realized I'm on vital issues loosening -- -- -- They don't. -- on. Sort helps them to understand what I go through. You know -- I do have a physical allergy to anything would ever pick up alcohol. Heroin pills crack Coke. Once I pick up that want more often very loose. Here yet you can't yeah well you're right you can't do just one. Not with an addictive personality you cannot do. And I'm not judging an addictive personality I've got one too. You know I know what my world wouldn't see my stupidity is minus suites. Don't laugh but lightest full got to get a stay with ice cream which I know sounds really stupid convert which are going through but I can relate in some way shape or form. To that that craving you get that is totally irrational you know it's marketed to the good. But yet there it is staring at you didn't chocolate chip mint chocolate chip must Abbott's. I hope Daniel that you will keep this up to date. Would you feel free I know that it's kind of hard given your situation to make phone calls and have any kind of an email account. But would you at least at your mom drop me email every now and again to let me know how you're doing and how the families do when and if there's anything I can do to help. Yeah. Yeah yeah I mean even -- seriously I've whatever you need. A mean seriously even if it's just a hog. Talk about the -- -- halfway house -- from welcome okay. But I mean there because I wanna see you have a good productive life and we you know it. Daniel the first perfect person to call my show will all know is a -- right. Good luck man good luck you are right. Ladies and gentlemen there you have. If we can happen -- They can happen you can happen to your family. And it's it's serious we're talking about -- And I'm tragically. Reporting that it's Barack and it's back with a vengeance. And it's a horrible horrible horrible drug. -- The irony issues. That originally heroin was supposed to be the substitute for more -- Because after the civil war a lot of guys come hall came home as junkies did you know. Because morphing it was the painkiller of the day during the civil war they came home in originally was thought the heroine was a safer alternative. Loops but that was in the late nineteenth century. And again as we've been reporting Harvey Austin school on sycamore in buffalo in lockdown. Buffalo police say there's a report of an individual with. A gun near or on school grounds usually these situations turn out to be much ado about nothing let's hope that's the case here as well. It is 444 at news radio 930 WBM. Hourly and we know one thing. Always on school grounds or anywhere else in Western New York. -- is lurking just around the corner and it's ready to pounce on the unsuspecting. And it's back we've got to be aware of the fact that it's back and Dan at all we we've got to. Gotta make people realize. That. Even wants. He's too much. And by the way I still don't think it's a criminal for I think it's a medical issue. Out of there fast one it's up hourly and is ready at 930 WBE and it. And again folks -- Austin school and sycamore street in buffalo is in lockdown mode police say they're sweeping the building and property after a report of an individual with a gone on or near school grounds and that's all information I had. And usually. 99.9 percent of the time these things turn out to be much ado about nothing and I certainly hope that that's the case today. So for years those -- -- in the medical community have silently been talking amongst yourselves. Because of that you've got to be real careful. Worse for some people it doesn't matter but in terms of Tampa and -- got to be careful about what you say it -- will be center. And one of the things I've been hearing from my friends were doctors in Miami disproportionate number of friends were doctors and all that happening just did I guess they look up to me because and Smart. But. The humor their -- no no no not -- -- even a belly Google aren't but they have been talking about. The fact that I need to do show. About the comeback of her and the overdose deaths that happen. And what did you know. -- kids and I probably could identify but I would not. Well I'm probably a dozen or more cases where young people locally have overdosed on heroin. Maybe I should've done the show shorter. But the media does not take note of these things when it's your kid. But. When somebody important -- apparel somebody like. Philip Seymour Hoffman. When somebody like Philip Seymour Hoffman dies -- -- crisis. -- thing back in the late sixties early seventies. How many people -- -- virulent. And yet we only took note. When it was somebody we all up. All right let's find out about traffic right now WB and here it is Alan Harris. And AccuWeather for today's. It was a cold day but tonight it's going to be even colder overnight low down the single digits. Windchill advisory will kick in at 1 o'clock in the morning -- -- go until 10 AM tomorrow which are listening to sandy beach so basically it will be. -- like outside. Right now -- right down the temperature habits were taken with them the -- goals. Sixteen minus four with the windshield thank you very much GO. Let's get back to the calls now folks and I'm so glad we're doing the show in in one cents. And I'm dispatcher. And a great despair that I have to do the show in 24 team in another sense. Because. You know you'd think that we wouldn't current. -- you'd think that the lessons of the past would have been lower. That heroin is just no -- go it. It adds up. Especially what you don't know what you're adding. I don't know the purity. What do you think your deal is gonna actually chemically analyze what he's selling and saying well this is 50% pure 50% cut. You couldn't find 50% cut stuff about a 100% pure and your dad. Here's Christie in buffalo on WB Ian well. Well hi Kristi. I popped in my husband are on the way to go get my kids and I have been here your program and it really caught my attention because. My brother and addicted to heroin. He tried it one time and said -- -- With particular right after that he couldn't stop. Started like most kids drinking smoking pot and its hangar to hit it we're doing that. And it escalated to a ten year. Drug addiction which -- struggle with. You went through rehab and help clean up and then he relapsed. Adult friends and he overdosed and have to wait three years ago. I'm very sorry to hear that my -- how old was. 31 car -- He started drinking I think between eighth grade year freshman here and we come from a great and we in my mind now is speaking. Well -- schools about the dangers of drugs. Just how how important it is to get that word out here so I really appreciate you doing it because it's not some people talk about. BC I'm I mean I'm a conservative -- -- I think the war on drugs is PS -- the criminal war on drugs is BS it's got to be fought on the medical front. And I wish that people Christie could understand the hurt. Your family went through I wish people could understand bigger brother didn't exactly start out life saying hey I. I think helped by 31 of heroin. I mean it was one thing led to another led to another and before he knew he was in so deep he couldn't swim back to issue. That's exactly how it happened my mom starts up every top -- how many of you wanna be a drug addict when you grow up. At least in theory is their hands -- that might under the either. Christie I I certainly hope. Well let me ask -- question here. How bigger role. There's anger and bitterness played. In your family over the totality of the circumstances. Not towards your brother but over the totality of the circumstances. They're very angry -- and part of my feeling is very faithful silly we have that's. And not so we don't you know god can work or any anything. But it's the other side and actually that is very hateful and they're better they do not have crates and -- like they've been having you really hard time dealing with it. Well I. I I don't know what to say other band. How long ago did you brother -- So we're talking four years ago which is roughly. Coincident with when I started here about all the ODs we were hearing about in the media. -- And I hope that at least. Let's put -- where if Philip Seymour Hoffman's depth has any affirmative purpose it is to get shows like this started. So we can talk openly about it. And I don't want people to be judgmental -- addicts I think most addicts are self medicating themselves I think most addicts are fundamentally depressed and they're looking for that magic pill that's gonna make themselves feel better. -- All right Christy I love Heidi and I'll I'll ask my audience descent positive vibes your prayers your way. And thank you for your candor and honesty thank you. Thank you very much right good deal help like you right now believe. It is up 456. At WB Ian hourly this is unfortunately one of the shows have ever done. It happens to be a tragic subject which I didn't have to do it but I do.

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