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2-6 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Feb 6, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB EN. -- -- -- -- -- Holes to -- up to the end. -- Well. Look. It up. No one ponds with an assault rifle no. Yeah. If they are a bit extreme conservatives. They have no place in the State of New York. If you've got health -- already. Then you can keep your plan if you are satisfied with a. Wherever and whenever I can take steps without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do what happened to that. Gary -- To strong silent type. That was an advocate. -- -- -- Brilliant move ten million -- each -- -- and I'm thirty. I like you. You have loans. I'd like loaded yeah. A -- -- -- -- podcast from my house wondering anyway as early evidence -- 930 WB. And it. And it is anyway. So I just in time for the style. It's probably last night because that's a very great we're talking about -- fatigue and -- sick and -- dollar winner. And I don't yesterday and I pulled league -- in front of the house. I did that bother Golan site chuck might work regular house and I went out to rise and I started snowblower and I was a maniac. I was an absolute maniac with a snowblower man. I have I was able to do -- because even a hundred foot driveway without the Jeep in the way things went for -- well the only problem is. You know others that once out of the house restart running out of room and put this well. I figured well the papers and other -- up the sidewalks of Sherlock put in their driveway -- that's the -- opera that's that's how I roll. Up lately while their driveway in the -- touched the sidewalk like. You know -- to the corporate history you know I mean. At a high. All figured out yet so. I'm a little bit out of -- an analyst on news because you know we just finish well. We just shot about this you know 34. Weeks ago ones. And really don't care about Sochi and conquer strategy they Winter Olympics. I just you know what figures it just two words figures. It's an art I would call in the Olympics. It's a beautiful beautiful art chicks at the let's make that a winter sports there. And now all. In his role as Richard the third from the United States' top -- Let's make an Olympic sport but not your eating boy Joseph -- would have -- aids babies at Joseph exists not joke. You're really that is. All right and we didn't have not Joe's -- -- is if you want that she's not many of which she's government -- put on the other because they have microwaves. At least -- didn't. But we did a show about paperwork overload. Couple weeks ago. Old and the G and you can throw in another consonant if you feel comfortable doing that. So. How many of you working at your flex spending account which by the way goes less and less and less every year with a bomb. You know that's really can put tax free money aside and then use that money to buy stuff. And that money isn't taxed because it's gonna go to your health care how many of you have those accounts aren't well. Well short of it is back 1 -- 34. Almost five months ago. Because I realized that I was just -- equality -- but five months ago I updated and upgraded my cigarette machine. You know first time in years I'd even bothered updating and upgrading to -- -- machine right four or five months ago. So a couple of weeks ago in the mail. I get this letter in -- from the flex or care administrators. And you know what's coming out strike. Substantiate. We need that prescription your doctor wrote and we need a copy of the receipt from the place from which you bought your industry. For those who don't know sleep apnea is a condition by which were under which you work. But basically stopped breathing in the middle of the night and it really can affect your sleep cycles that it really can prevent you from getting good night's late. -- out there that you got to hit me. It was bad enough yesterday that they before haven't -- the bank about the mortgage paperwork you know why are you sending meters. I got a call this a -- Asian people. For the for the -- So people that keep mine and I I tried telling this woman man. When I went to the -- place. And they put my card through. And it said -- blank. How come automatically you guys didn't just call and say we want to verify that this is in fact -- legitimate medical purpose. Why are you getting in touch with me a third of a year later. To confirm something ought although years ago for all the months ago actually. And you know she said she says the same words -- lady the makes -- government regulation. Government and I called the people at the -- a place and they should do is wait until Obama here fully kicks in it's gonna get even worse. So I just wanna warn you. You can prepare for countless hours spent on meaningless paperwork. So at least the lady at the place where I bought the secret machine at least she. Got. So she's gonna send a copy of the prescription and the receipt duties substantiate agent people at the flex. Lending company so they know that I wasn't by heroin and apnea care. I mean seriously what -- I think -- -- you care call seriously. That's right. As for -- right. So anyway. Life is not yours anymore you're notice. I have a theory about that is this is going to be Alex Jones. It's a theory that the people in this country who were actually productive. Who have their -- real health insurance at least for right now. They urged their goal is to get so tied up with BS paperwork and regulation. That we don't have time to pay attention to how badly -- huge note. That is the plan. Now it sounds conspiratorial. But all my gosh paperwork paperwork paperwork I am so far ahead of my time. About -- talking about the bay -- paperwork for how long. And yet another experience with -- today. And the bad thing is when they freeze your car. How embarrassing it is to go to the pharmacy. And slide your car at target and it says rejected. Rejected this card is rejected polygamy I've got hundreds of dollars in that account now rejected. Because apparently the people at the flex spending company think that would you buy something at a place called. Here you must be buying wheat I. Had this little woman on the phone. She was in Pennsylvania she's not -- a rocket scientist at all night. But anyway substantiation requests get ready for any time you buy purchase rent or used anything health care wise they're -- -- -- for the rest your life -- -- fall. Tried to resolve the the situation. Now where does this go if you'll notice I've mentioned we'd heroin and cocaine in the beginning of the sentence. Beginning of the show and I was kind of hoping that somebody would make a delivery that. Because Joe's fading quickly I got a perk -- up with something other than golf area aren't by the way. Ryan Miller. Sidney Crosby. Ryan Miller is owned and or and a -- -- rugby. Anyway. And the sabres are owned by Sidney Crosby he's the best cure for scoring drought. The sabres and vascular were scoring drought of anybody in the National Hockey League but. I -- -- they wanna talk about this because you know for years now. I have friends -- -- doctors. Actually probably disproportionate number of friends who were doctors. And -- hearing about these overdoses now for probably a good two years. Especially in the south. That spring go away even all -- and everywhere in between. Route sixteen -- it basically any worse oust Rangel himself. And what's happened and is unbeknownst to you a lot of your kids. Are given -- some real serious drugs. I believe in legalization. I don't believe in abuse. There's a big difference between treating something of the criminal problem and treating something as a medical problem. And I know the treating things as a criminal problem generally does not work. It's like NY safe for drops all you're doing is making criminals out of people who have a medical issue. Like NY say ex criminals out of people who don't follow arbitrary capricious laws about firearms established by king and -- Soul. -- -- today. And I think this is the data do it because after all all those kids who died in Western New York or the past couple years. From heroin. And -- all. That they don't really matter. Now -- if you buried a son or daughter after overdose just remember something your kid didn't matter. The important thing now is Philip Seymour Hoffman died of an overdose now all different. Whenever you -- Philip Seymour Hoffman Truman Capote in cold like you man. Wait a minute you mean he died -- -- my gosh it must be serious now. You're damn right it's serious now and it's my answer is for quite some time. But I guess Philip Seymour Hoffman. His death suddenly made it relevant to -- I'm not gonna judge anybody by the way it. Four what you you know what you find yourself in two. And I know this much. I would never in a million gazillion years touch -- all even for legitimate -- -- attachment well. I do very well with other stuff thank you very much -- only fentanyl. I would never touch heroin and a million years. Joseph you offered a million dollars worth an early and it would sit at my. And it's like it off loaded to somebody -- in Monaco yes but no it would sit in my. It's just it holds no lower there's no magic to it. Because I was a little kid that. I mean history repeats itself folks you know all -- where you're around anywhere from thirty this sixty years roll you've been down this road before. You've heard about drug overdoses and big stars and usually takes a big star to make people realize there's a problem. On -- Jimi Hendrix don't -- Jimi Hendrix I don't Jimmy Hendrix drowned in his own vomit I get the aspiration. Cause of death basically choking on vomit but. And which I'm about to do with John Moses knows what -- John -- the size Cole has made its way to your nostrils welcome to the club I've got so that's at least in my office. The -- formula -- it'll clear your nostrils right -- my friend seriously if it's like sulfuric acid and Jesus in a bottle seriously. 803 on the -- is -- -- Is that just a little strong. He's -- and the fact that Jesus as a sense that you're world times whispered. -- 803 on -- thirty is the phone number. Start thirty on the cellphone and 180616. WB at 8030930. Start on thirty and 180616. WB yen. Now AccuWeather let -- get this out of the way quickly. Basically Yang was freaking cold last night. It was so cold my my garage cat. When I brought into the house after she ate dinner she just went right to -- I didn't hear a peep out of her until about 11 o'clock this morning. -- in the cage downstairs just snoozing. Like hey dad thanks for bringing me out of the garage. Because it gets that at certain point and she has some respite from the bitterly cold temperatures and unfortunately effort put handcuffs around her neck. Like some more on apparently did at west Seneca and when it by the person put the hand opera that cats that I hope they do the same think that it. And -- that individual who did bet. Except I'd like to make it a couple of -- tighter and -- got to watch him turn blue. And -- I am not a until such time as I decide to release them I know some -- you do that for plot but that's not my bag baby. Really it's not anyway. Do you know somebody and maybe you yourself. A by the we were gonna be doubt about it nine degrees tonight if I can finish the -- and a nine degrees tonight is gonna be cold again that's the bottom line. Do you know somebody. Maybe even yourself. Who is either struggling with. Or has lost their lives. Because of her. I -- a million gazillion years I never thought that I would do they show. I know a million years -- I never thought that Harrell in the would make some big comeback in the United States. Those of you familiar with Quentin Tarantino's movie pulp fiction. Will remember the scene. Very early on where John Travolta and we we learned that that Vincent Vega played by John Travolta is Earl and just back from Amsterdam and egos -- the guy's apartment. And to racial slurs are uttered and basically white people who know the difference coming year are you wouldn't know what no urine level. Member of the dialogue removal entered the pocket. -- I put myself I'm glad this is a movie I'm glad this isn't really happening out there was twenty years ago. -- -- In 2014. And I cannot believe that actually gonna do we show on Harrell. To this audience. But I ask you what other audience I don't do. You have kids. You have grandkids. You know the ways of the world. You know how things are cyclical. You know the vicissitudes of the patterns of drug use and this use in drug use in disputes. And I got to -- it makes me sick. To see young lives. Just go down the tubes because of because -- -- Or abusing. Anything whether it's alcohol Coke weed whatever. Big -- well abusing is not what. It is a good course that's my take on medical doctors would say photos -- using is not. We can split here's. I think the biggest problem we have in America is. Being obese and overweight and stuff but will will do a show on that later -- Are -- you know somebody may be yourself whose wrestling or who has wrestled with his -- And I can't believe -- you 803 old I'm thirty WB Ian. Yeah. That's -- a song and it's Thursday -- -- -- that. And -- I'm not. And I think of a second a saint what you -- -- mentioned for -- music Thursday by a stray that night Chicago died Toledo hero. And it. It was a great idea that the imagination kind of ran out of people I can only do so much. I can't thank everybody. All right it is August maybe at a regular music. It is at 334 of appropriate captain had to deal must grant club and -- it yet have a mob mayberry. Own started -- -- -- a bad leader in your mind yeah sorry about that. All right pat heroine never had a gazillion years that I expect the -- show on heroin. It's back with a vengeance. I'm talking about overdoses you'd never even heard about unless you know the families. And in a lot of doctors. And it made me shake their heads at what they're moderate. Well Tom must be those inner city blacks are right. Well yeah you know in some cases it is but in more cases it's not. People from let's say if not affluent suburbs certainly white suburbs. And Philip Seymour Hoffman now all a -- guy who's there are. It. I I just look folks I always find it. Little interest thing how somebody famous. Dies from something that other people died of for years and suddenly it's a crisis. -- It's it's -- just shake my head in disgust at the inequality of at all. But that's just all let's go to Tom mentioned the water on WB and Tom talked him. That those my friend and never left that this kind of buried in degrees and drop the little -- heroine never left. -- but it's it's Rourke back I mean I think the point I mean nobody is gonna nobody suggesting that there was no heroin use from 1972 to 20012. But it is back now and it's killing and killing and killing and killing. It leads to a couple things here aren't Keith Richards said this is a while back Pickford you know what his people Richard back. You know heroines find if you could afford it. Anyway. It is Keith -- But it's not that that's the thing it's not agree it is they physically addictive drug. I do agree and I don't -- you know like they. Compare alcohol with -- blah blah blah alcohol doesn't come anywhere near you know talent plays the. Although there were worried you do you do you want to alcohol pot to alcohol heroin. The think we'll get into it if different data I think it's stupid even discussed pot it ought to be legal bond. But as far as heroin is concern. We're losing we're losing people right left and senator. Which we do to alcohol to -- -- compare I think alcohol but there heroin does nothing when we -- -- for the period in life project in the occupied. Very well very well. A couple of -- with this anymore. You know I don't I never do many prostitutes who out there on a daily basis for their forty borders to expect heroin at the other end but I'm a whole different matter. Well I mean. The the answer is obvious -- -- think about it when you make something illegal you artificially inflate the prices are like a six pack of beer which is legal -- what was illegal in the 1920s but you don't wanna go down that road with because -- destroy the argument trust. -- thank my ticket. Away takes a lot less takes a lot less time of the streets the it is expected that to you whatever they shoot up germs now. Never knew. Could be out there are looking for beer or whatever kind of -- that's the whole point here but. Maryland like it. -- your schedule were living in the twenties viewed -- I would watch boardwalk empire sometimes read up on -- Paul read up on the -- -- Albanian and all right so you say it never left. Never laughed you know at the -- I -- -- myself a few years back the first and only a 57. I couldn't believe in aliens changed much in a few years. So many young people like that yourself white -- mostly. Painkillers my main question was. 4219. Your wife with a terrible at this point that you gotta be out painkiller. Not being a doctor I can't really answer other than to say painkillers prescribed for pain. There are indications that Contra indications were the prescription painkillers. I've taken painkillers since I was 26 years all because the car. I beg your pardon. No I'm not anger and -- on the I'm not even addicted to painkillers I hate to disappoint people Obama. All politics is really funny because I I talked to my doctors about this and it's like. OK let's even prescribe to seek -- -- for how long to element they say well. Do you ever take more than you're supposed to -- a known facts and then that the lesson -- shut. -- really. -- okay do you think it's an addictive personality thing yes its OK I agree and that point definitely. Yeah I think some people have addictive personalities and whether people want it would better -- people destroy their lives with heroism people destroy their lies with alcohol some people store their lives with gambling some people destroy the lives let's sex addiction. Definitely I agree more -- more or less but I I totally agree with you hear what you said about the so men feel there. Well it's -- they think let -- be around for whatever reason it would get more attention because of the personality you're well known as blanket the country. A computer so anyways I'd like to go with this phone call but I just get a thank you for your call because there's so many stories I'd like to tell all but probably best that I don't tell them now. I do respect people that are left -- I'm an eleven thanks. Don't three all of Turkey is that on -- knows exactly regular. 803 -- thirty start time 3180616. WB yet. So. Heroin is back with a vengeance. I'd never thought I'd ever wish -- heroine. Ever. But now of course Philips it will often died of it now what's the problem. You know there's this scene and those were Michael is going to rehab. And there's this suburban yuppie housewife. Who talks about I don't know do and doing Coke doing math do heroin and that was just to get the kids to school. I mean it happens it's sad it's tragic. Let's go to. Whose next -- in Lancaster on WB and Priscilla. -- Actually a pretty miserable you want you want the truth to be -- because 181920. Year old a dime for African heroin and the -- and everything else. And I know I vote I know we're all owned. You know what you should control our -- in -- abandoned on the if you look at the ninety's bears got a whole her when you would expect. And suddenly weren't miracle it got well worn and Barack. That all -- Maryland you know really good great Q back and on the street Smart. -- -- it seems like you're suggesting all I'm just a minute you're suggesting that our government. Is actually paid. Off the guys who grow the poppy plant and looking the other way while the poppy plants are converted into Apollo order so the Taliban doesn't come back. Actually suggestion that may. That's happening in Afghanistan I'm shocked shocked I tell. -- the best thing about old -- that may 23 Randy here. Fees he could by Portland grant for a dollar will be better and total -- fifteen dollars fear you know it well problem -- didn't come quite quickly. -- bat bat is not the biggest problem. That is not the biggest problem the biggest problem is. Our government looking the other way intentionally. And using our tax dollars to bribe the Afghan chiefs. Just to get an extra money to keep a close eye on the Taliban. And if you want any information about that I suggest you read up on Buffalo's old Erin can affect twice US -- of the year who got ambushed you know why -- he wouldn't take part in this DM. Any -- too much. It's it's my FaceBook page I've had his -- on my show his sister's baby set my kids use a real guy. It was a real American hero and he told his mother before the last trip he made Afghanistan he said mom. I don't think I'm coming home alive I know too much. He was also hooked up with the agency. Not out of one mobile -- that you know I mean. In all that's -- a level nothing. Well see that we then we get into an area where fresh start talking about it they'll probably hallway off to a African hospital. No well if that's as the prop again I'm a magical -- Yup folks if you think so he called it. If you'd think in a million years. What world you guys live and but I live on the I would on the planet reality. Okay that's right live reality. Some people inaugural cozy with your -- -- summer cabins in your cottages and all that stuff. I live in reality. This is what happens. We send our Marines and other guys to Afghanistan. With briefcases with millions of dollars. Their job is to bite off the chiefs of the tribes in Afghanistan. And of course to look the other way while the poppies are being grown. And folks. If you think that all this is just it's cruel Izzy talk. I'd suggest to you that you need a real case of naive to take -- And the best case for that I can pick is listening to this year. To -- play the way it really goes -- kind of that was -- Because he wouldn't take part in the -- and he knew too much about exactly what we're talking about right now that's one. And his mom Susan. After she went public with this story. She on the issue now well what I was doing nine to note you know back when it was really good. She was actually followed she said. By. Agents of our government they tried to intimidate her into shutting the hell up. Here's a gold star mother intimidated. By her own government having given her son to -- country. -- can -- was truly the marine who knew too much and his death was nothing bloody murder. It was an intentionally laid ambush because he knew too much about all this stuff. And it wouldn't take part in this yeah. And anybody who knows anything about how things go over there. I challenge you to call and tell me I'm wrong could you know dare write of speak in the troop one of the few will. On WB -- It's reported guy -- -- united thirty WB yen up got shocked mr. Erekat effect where's mom I'm sure while what 56 years ago. And this was a kid who really bought into the you know he bought. I wanna be a marine that's all you want it in his entire life was -- United States Marie. He's come over to my ex wife's house -- helper without jobs. His sister's baby's -- Mike Kitts. Two time United States marine of the year. And his ultimate payoff was to get set up to be whacked by his own government work or elements thereof. Because he knew too much about how we were paying off. The opium farmers and the tribal chiefs in Afghanistan number one and number two -- wouldn't take part in the skip. And unfortunately a lot of the guys do they want their taste of what's in that brief case. To bring it home to make sure you expected the US. And if you think that's a little bit -- James Bond issue for you. -- I'm just gonna say this one more time I live on the planet reality. Not the planet comfortable the planet reality. And by the way it. Don't ever think for a minute well at your bad probably the Central Intelligence Agency. Like any other group of people you've got people you can trust and people who will stab you in the back. Unfortunately I think Aaron trusted the wrong people. Delivered know that but that's my guests and he's debt. It's not my FaceBook page we have is -- on my show. We think it is pulling this out of my arts. Anyway we're talking about heroin because Afghanistan and a player and when he -- it or not. Of traffic right now WB EM and the with the very latest here is mr. Allen Harris oh -- And AccuWeather reports tonight okay brisk and -- abuse showers. A fresh coating to -- so what we mocked the weather. But the overnight low nine degrees it's on sixteen degrees above right now in the AccuWeather real feel is nine above. At the WB at eight above I mean does it really matter what -- degree between France. Anyway -- can be called up tonight so looks like Garrett Haley cat gets another night in that Tom -- basement. It is not all in she'll hate every minute of it too shall sleep soundly in the warmth and comfort. 352. We're talking about heroin. And of course now that he favors white person has died from heroin. Now it's a national crisis it's been a national crisis for a long time. And not by the -- not just in the inner city don't think that well Nancy Sutley a white guy. Dice this suburbs. Farm country. I will not go with the details but any medical professional can back me up on this. You guys have had a disproportionate. Number of heroin and heroin fentanyl deaths in the past two or three years. Heroin has come back with a vengeance. And it is. Bad bad. Bed bad stuff. Let's go to love. How early in the north -- what it is that Halley or hale. And hello -- WB -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm I actually had an experience that lord have. And the reason I'm calling -- because. I didn't hear that Arquette and heroin had the same sort of a back. On individual in an open yet. I cracked -- Iran would have let her. Well you know I've heard the same stuff but. I honestly wouldn't know I've never taken heroin nor would. While I've never heroin but what I can say is when I wouldn't hot and I had my daughter and I had a -- action. Can they really -- the pain medication and the hot and I never had taken medication you know my whole life and I demanded money. You know -- never been a big drinker and -- like that. I -- I did take the pain medication and I ended up coming home and they think you almost a whole bottle that and I mean I I can't have -- aggregate like I couldn't. I I felt myself getting addicted to let Dominic got the point where. I actually have half a mile lap from when I had my other daughter and I went and I -- in and pull that out and opinions finishing -- -- well. Just because I thought it couldn't function you know going to like social event and that sort of thing it was so much each year. Could be. Cleaned well and to. It's not like I'm socially awkward but I think everyone's a little bit socially awkward but. It was just so much easier to socialize and -- in a situation like out when. I feel just a little -- -- you're not there are. More comfortable. Hot people that's why god gave us Martinis. Back and that's why god gave us Martinis -- year. Why do you think people bring the parties. To loosen up lighten up. Well I know yet exactly. What campaign and like I I could only eat Howell. Somebody get addicted to that not it will -- rock -- I mean I never took it to the point where. I took more than. The prescribed amount you know within one within the cracked not a time. But I can totally see how somebody could do that I mean. You know on I would I would not -- a country adding. The real good upbringing and everything and I mean I had gotten addicted to -- -- -- had acted I would do that but I could totally at -- happening. You don't okay -- there's so much -- -- Cuba including do you have an addictive personality. How many for how long do you think that you were at dependent at least psychologically. These opiate painkillers some great things wanna ask you my time is coming to an end it. Yet if you wanna hold on for ten minutes and finished given your -- bed bath. I feel I'm -- a minute I guarantee you on screen. Okay well it sounds like it's bath time. Little early for me but we've all got it but it's 9 o'clock some work so well all love. We will elect him to -- this folks. Heroin is back and I think it's a -- tragedy and expect to many of her kids are dying from freak in the heroin. And look I'm all about legalization. But I'm not about suicide on WB Ian.

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