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2-5 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

Feb 6, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Radio 930 WB he had. The outlook he would write this for. Us and a whole -- And yeah. Wrong. And upload. Maybe you're better off not having the surgery but taking the painkiller why can't -- like so stupid -- apple people in -- Tom -- -- I don't know what that. Good. Kind of evicting -- people know me. I'm very happy. These greedy and dirty you know partner one simple request and somebody -- to have sharks -- -- Well there -- a couple of things. Things are missing from our intro -- lost sibling are very happy. We have got the whip out some -- And we've got to whip out some sopranos. And -- I've become more familiar with boardwalk empire. There's got to be a place for Nike somewhere in the -- -- -- -- And I think we've established in preview shows the Steve Buscemi and James Woods aren't that the same guy right okay. Let's get back to the calls on WB and restating the top which right now I will as the hour moves along but -- -- wasting anymore time and keep repeal holders -- and a beautiful. East Aurora where the Hubbard renovations are underway and where you can see a bit of American history that lives on today with the Rick rafters and the -- croft Renaissance movement. And Rick you're on WB EM. Why are we sure are so glad he's got all that. We appreciate it. Well I Levy story as well I love you know we have so many great villages in Western New York -- the villages Hamburg -- -- to park village Williams bill the village of East Aurora album out leaving out a village of Lewiston at. And I hope people have a chance to walk the villages this summer because they really are special places. I'd be greatly greatly. And I heard -- -- -- actually something that your your your MO your mortgage. That day and he I'm not sure -- really need to. Send you something via mail -- -- you something. Else. Let me let me explain I will explain this because we may have some new listeners. Basically. Let me just start up by saying that I stopped. I stopped. Recycling some time ago because I considered it. A giant waste of time and it was causing too much clutter in my house whomever the show we did about clutter and organization which was an instant class okay. No doubt that a buffalo radio before I come along I do it it's an instant classic -- -- now. I have to call the bank on Monday. Because -- -- -- by mail. And I and I see this statement from my gonna open it up and it says. Mister Bauerle it looked like you all and then the amount of bi monthly mortgage payment and I'm thinking to myself. My monthly mortgage payment is deducted automatically from my checking account and I noticed -- and yet so -- -- called the bank. And after fifteen minutes on hold being reminded a million times nobody able my time was we appreciate your time and we know how valuable this. And I'm -- all kinds of bad words on hold like. Love all my time are you pick. -- The law so anyway it. I music I asked the lady at the other end of the line a delightful woman named Deirdre. By the way received well I sent her block her boss an email after our conversation sale awesome she was a wonderful she was. She had a great that the humor I said Deirdre. Please don't take this personally but I -- in Richard mode right now. Don't take it personally I nobody you. But she told me. And this is where the recycling their incomes and she told me that due to government regulation. Even with the -- Even though. I have my mortgage automatically deducted from my checking account every month. They were required to send me a statement showing me exactly what they had taken out. Former mortgage. Which makes no sense and apparently this started in January of 2014. Two pieces of say the half by eleven paper in one envelope and I'm supposed to care about recycling. The outset -- Saturday. I actually in January and those twenty port eight about eight years there is did not redo your bank. Obviously government regulation. Right there and she explained that to me. Right exactly so that I chose sheik who -- the -- there. But that's it it it it's almost been saying you can call. Don't know it's insane. Let's just call for what is and I have a great fondness for people who were genuinely mentally ill. And a feeling in my heart that have had since the 1980s I know what mental illness that the families and I have since the late 1980s this is however in same. For the United States government -- big banks -- We. And I will. Dad does that affect the manner is important call again and it was probably a good there's some people. You can call and ask for your service in Ohio. And they have to provide debt to you. Which is every transaction. Patrick -- -- and a neat thing they do. With your transactions that may -- to provide yet for you -- today. Into it would help -- and 2014. That. Yeah attorney could and couldn't get any information it is -- But not anymore and call and -- get out behaviors are the. Rick Rick I love my bank in fact I'm gonna name my bank but there is a guy who works at the branch in Amherst. And he is a black man his name is Craig. And that he is the reason he's one of the reasons why I keep my account with that bank. Because every time he sees me and any other customer we might as well be the most important people -- In the world and the last night by -- came out and he gave me a big hug and he said Tom. I love your brother and -- -- -- where do you get that kind of service. Well particularly Karl doubt eh topic he hit the service level all the customers yeah about familiarity. And idiot I clicked and I can do my banking. And agriculture I didn't -- Becky another nice because I but I but then we were. But what is the is this walk hold under which banks have to send out paperwork because of an onerous and unnecessary and insane. Government regulation what is called specifically. It is part of the I -- consumer protection. Eating it where personal protection agency for. Yeah I don't doubt whether the. But here's what I don't get. Just follow the thought process here we are encouraged. To recycle we are encouraged every step of the way to reduce our carbon footprint were encouraged to save other art. And yet our own government is ordering banks every month to -- paperwork. We do not need to eight. Eight and a half by eleven pieces of paper in one envelope plus the cost of postage every month to mortgage customers I don't get it I think it's crazy. Does -- matter is is it true that and paint it out and keep everything on paper beat -- And then the debate that I work forever secure location. In another state potent bat our base at every single and on paper the bulk paper. But but I'm trying to relate this -- I mean you're I think you know where we're coming -- -- from two different points of view I'm trying to relate this to the overall picture of the Al Gore is of this world. Vs regulatory practices and how they actually -- environment. Right well it's it is a big part of -- paper now being generated. Are in -- -- of technology and Internet and had been no way I look at. I remember during a brilliant fellow on the radio talking about that not that long ago. Did you happen here that show. I did -- show on that. That we're drowning this paper the organizational Chicago. And I gotta -- You know what and I must I have to give props and I do every time I imagine us. One person in buffalo saw this coming. In that he was a sought after speaker thirty years ago. Going around the world saying the computer age is not going to give us a paperless society in its. Actually gonna cause more hugs and stressed than anything else that person was doctor Gerald gold here he knew this was gonna happen he knew I want to have a TGI Fridays at the boulevard mall and he told me thirty years ago this was gonna happen. You that you can be -- -- is due out to keep hard copy of every. General -- yeah you know April. But if you're thinking OK I get hard copy of everything but. Why should every customer after -- every month. Because bad debt. It's your own server that your government. I understand that. Correct I understand that I I I I -- area. And I'm simply commenting upon what you people vote could be. A government regulation I didn't play in the back. At all. What -- -- it's not the fault and Deirdre like and it was absolutely incredible -- whatever they -- when I get somebody on hold. And by the way. Criticism. Folks what. It kill you look. When you actually get great customer service to say you know what I've enjoyed our conversation. May I have your supervisor's email and your employee number so but I can send an email to say you do and held the job and then do right away would it kill people would do that I always do. For you good for you -- and I'm glad you called and it could talk -- your brother. All right yell at folks seriously can you think of a more thankless job. Talking to people like me. Or you -- -- would you put on hold for fifteen minutes. At like bank we realize your time is valuable. Fifteen. That's of that. And in my note to. Deirdre supervisor. Not only that I say how wonderful she was and what a great asset she -- to my bank because she she's a great. If I told her right of the bad guys that. Deirdre I don't want to take this personally but I am in blank mode right now because of being on hold and being told over and over again how valuable -- time it is. -- voluble like time. -- -- And it's like she said thanks for the heads up that she would search passages that the human being. And like -- that folks. Whenever you get somebody like that who can do that job with that kind of aplomb. Just said the quick note to the supervisors say you know what this person is okay this person that agreed job. Politics is a sentence or two. Done but I also told the supervisor. In the name of all that is holy would you please changer on hold message because there's nothing more infuriating the -- reminded how valuable our time is. 88 times in fifteen minutes on hold. And he responded that a lot of comments on that there to which they chipped. You probably don't expect a blog about specially you know Craig all right let's go to traffic right now and here is -- Harris Allen. All right game well look at the snow is tapered off for the most part however. But win it will continue to. Grow the wind will continue to -- days ago around. -- -- is going to be in the single digits. You know well its -- you know it's a cold winter win 24 work seems warm. So last six about will be the overnight that. And then tomorrow some sunshine allegedly witnessed in snow showers around especially across the southern town of a south sounds rather and ski country. Maybe an inch or so no big deal behind nineteen and -- you just -- with the temperature that. Nineteen degrees so that downward trend has begun just in time for me to Goldman snowblower -- the housing goes in nineteen degrees it feels like to LaBeouf. And you know I've mentioned earlier because I honestly thought that it was going to be all traffic Chicago. But being a prepared and veteran experience talk show host I can it with a zillion different topics that do it for me. And that. Gray mean I'm happy that's it's soccer ball very few people in that we didn't have some huge traffic issue so. Give yourselves a round of applause for rigs and great drivers. Now. What we're talking about things college and and I didn't restate the topics at the beginning of our president won't -- it does not but. -- I'll put this at the top of the list. After much. Thought and consideration. I have reached the conclusion and I do over the weekend. That Donald Trump does not want to be governor of New York Tuesday. He does not want that. If he won the job. He would we would know. He doesn't want the -- His setting preconditions. For run. Basically everybody else needs to get out of my -- first of all it's immature secondly is not realistic. What if Hillary had them. I'll run but only if I'm guaranteed the nomination then we'd be laughing matter. Number 20. Donald Trump knows if he ran against Andrew Cuomo he would Trout and Paul. He's got -- -- I don't think he wants to be governor. And when both my heart in my head come to the same conclusion. You can pretty much take it to the bank. I don't even Arnold Rothstein got it wrong sometimes. But I'm usually pretty good -- this. But it happened that. Gary -- To strong silent. That was an American. -- -- Well -- appropriate. And. This. Because Google. They don't. -- And head up and down. You had better growth and our leader says that only works with long hair don't work -- your little short there know it do not. And beaver management comment -- you mean you know I gotta I. Gotta work with a couple guys from 1952. Years. Is -- -- -- -- in his rookie season. -- and gave rookie card. Look look around rookie at the guys on the Rangers if I'm not mistaken as part of his NHL phasing. I think the guys held them down and cut his year. If I am not mistake. Before you -- grew it is beautiful locks. Anyway it is 635. At news radio 930 WBM hourly refuel -- and I have a few things the again. Today it because you know what I think. All traffic I think we've made it abundantly clear that that wasn't the case and a complaint. IE. What find out. If -- put -- -- up at the top of the list. Because. What is there anybody who disagrees with. You know -- not anybody at this -- Now I hope trainer. I would love to hear from people who disagree. With my assessment that Donald Trump is not running for governor. Is there anybody in the sound of my voice right now. Who is gonna tell me that they think I'm wrong. Did you find the run you gave rookie guard Joey said at the Mayo put up on FaceBook it is the short one right okay. He got -- look up -- do gay hazing here cut him wanna know that's the story. Because we got a guy. At the old you are named mark stout used to do sports market year. Down no longer than mine actually in one day as old reporter so The Beatles -- down and a cutter is here. The -- which marked should've been honored because that meant he was accepted. In the wacky world of sports. Guys do that the academy's one of them. Anyway. We don't do that radio if we do it's called. Hostile work -- -- it. It hadn't been in there but anyway. Is there anybody who disagrees with -- my analysis that Donald Trump is running for governor. Is there anybody who's gonna tell. It based on a careful consideration of all of the facts and circumstances. And all of the words of Donald Trump. That he is going to run. Do you believe. I am wrong. And that Donald Trump is going to run. I wanna know your reasons. I wish we could wager. I wish we could. Bit that I mentioned Arnold Rothstein occasionally got his bets wrong. You know Arnold Rothstein was right. But it boardwalk empire does not do him justice. The man was it was a genius. He also criminal -- 1998 World Series. -- McManus. And -- story about Arnold Rothstein. By the way. You know I got shot. Allegedly because he lost 200000 dollars a game of poker. And he told his boys. That Arnold Rothstein does not pay and rigged games. And the boys and the crime organization didn't quite see it that way. And mr. Rothstein took one right in the gut. In true you know I gotta get I gotta get this. Even when he was on his deathbed image said who did this to -- He put his finger to his lips and said. He never read it. You know in some sick way I can admire that. There is. I do -- let's go to Neil and -- -- WB a meal tell me why you think Donald Trump is gonna run. -- around. Her -- so you don't disagree with me you actually agree with me. Kind of -- What I really want to believe that you would do that but -- security for you know like. And things like what's the benefit for him like to be saying earlier you know that my sister -- Got -- bankrupt are pretty much. Anything to do with with screwed up state or what he's gonna do for us. I think Donald Trump he's goes he's he's a stupid bet. Donald Trump has already done quite to his own poll. And I'm pretty sure the Donald Trump knows that if it is a race between Donald Trump and in -- ball that Donald Trump is going to be the next governor of New York State. I don't think he wants the job eight feet. It. I agree with your supplement the entire situation there especially like after that meeting he had -- last week and ordered something computing great I'm like you're excited a couple of little blurb dot FaceBook about a point it. Speaking about a lot of them out. I got a question for Tom do you think that it just keeps going up like they do they keep you know like this this state back to the beginning of health care he lost. You think -- that sooner or later we might look a little bit like Baghdad. Let me answer your question. With a question. Have you ever read Sinclair Lewis it can't happen year. Have you ever read George -- politics and the English language. Have you ever read and rent at the -- out. War. Oh OK have you ever watched. I'm trying to think of a show that kind of encapsulate -- threat Logan's run. Looked. We are. As vulnerable. To totalitarianism. And authoritarianism. As any people ever work. And here's what's going against the American people. Who believe as you presumably do and is side most certainly. Not only do you have the progressive Communist left in power in states like New York. And in Washington DC the nation's capital. But you have an. We guess and why and and agreeable meeting here that will make these people larger than life. I -- the Hillary Clinton and one of the magazine covers that was out. They are bound and determined to make Hillary the next president of the United States and Joseph and other audio we play the governor almost hate speech before. I have to ask you something -- And let's just be rational about this for a moment. As you question. If I just think about some. I'm trying to think of a Republican. Let's just invent a phony fraud now. A fictitious too much better hit in the -- I didn't like where I was gonna that's like actress -- they'll call MM backtracking -- Don't don't don't see through my my veneer -- If a Republican conservative. Politician. Had uttered words. Except. What you need to do is substitute. The targeted groups. Were the favorite groups of the left progressive Communists and their allies in the media. What don't Cody were Neil this is only gonna take twenty seconds this is the governor. Of New York State. And ladies and gentlemen. -- am I the only person on this planet who grasped. The significance. Not -- of what this man set. But the dearth of outrage in the media about it. Are they these extreme conservatives. Who walked right so why -- Opera -- assault weapon. At tight GA he is not who they are because that's who they are and if they are -- extreme conservatives. They have no place in the State of New York. If bat men. Were a Republican. And he had picked on any of the protected groups guarded and shielded by the progressive Communist media. He would no longer be an office he would have been hounded out by now agree disagree. That they have. That would add to chart out it would have been -- -- on the streets I think it's government money through that that whoever money he's taken Adam. Now this -- money. This is ideology. Because the media also hates people who are right to life as a rule the media also hate people who are. I love when this ass -- says. Pro assault weapons there is no such thing as an assault weapon it's a contrived term it means nothing. If the purpose. The media does not like people who believe that life begins at the moment of conception. You don't get invited to cocktail parties if you believe bet if you believe in the Second Amendment. You don't get invited to cocktail parties if you don't believe in gay marriage you were not invited the cocktail parties. Okay -- get. Those are three specific examples he gave but then what really. It's all our. Not only is this what people have not graphs they grasped yet. Not only kitty -- isolate three specific groups. But listen to what he says afterward in the same quote. And this is now writes yeah. Joke -- it Cuomo again please. Are they these extreme conservatives. Who walked right term IE. -- assault weapon. -- tight GA he is -- who they are because that's who they are and if they got -- extreme conservative. Stop and if they are extreme conservatives. So he's specifically identifies three groups that ought to leave new York and he adds -- to that eight larger group. And if they are extreme conservatives. This is. And those were. Some of the most hate filled words I have ever heard uttered by a politician. In my lifetime. And because the progressive Communist media embraces those same values. He gets -- pass. It's the first victims in my head it's just all that's been my you know word of and that goes though. But I think you're again I I just I don't think you're grasping the significance for a guy who brought up the idea that do you think we're gonna look like Baghdad. I don't think you're quite getting. All I I think we're ever going I actually become a rubble and an act actually you know freedom is just. Something you have to take you don't -- -- you know. Boy you're gonna wanna live your favorite subjects. Freedom. Andrews erroneous idea in America that freedom happens just like justice happens no it doesn't. You have to fight. Because the natural tendency of government is to deprive citizens of freedom to dean people civil right. Writes that is the natural tendency of government from day one of this planet -- And that. What made the American experiment so -- usual. And sold. Just out of the box. And we've lost sight of it. -- of the Hampshire. -- Well Neil you're the man you -- started thank you very much. -- -- -- recycling but after what I just said it might seem rather -- Thank thank thank you very much yup folks. I don't think a lot of yet even those who agree with. On almost everything I say I don't think -- quite grasp how significant those words are. Nor have you fully. Contemplated. The ramifications. The liberal progressive media not calling for this man's -- For some of the most vile hate speech ever -- When you know and I know. Had those words and uttered by Sarah Palin. The outrage would still be flaming. And gasoline would be poured even now on those buyers. You don't think the media has an agenda. You don't think that the liberal progressive Communist media is on the side of those who are against freedom. You're clueless utterly clueless there's just no other word. 647 at WB -- Okay about three more hours left the news and they might have latest go additional unsure over here is I'm game I'm willing. -- Joseph does is go to a hockey game tonight all right sir hey Joseph it's like walking down by the waterfront with the wind and four degrees above average six degrees above on. All -- -- -- -- shorts that age ago. Oh you've got to police. They'll keep you warm for about two minutes. Of -- -- to -- -- -- -- I've got ski gloves they'd been in my car all right so they'll be nice and toasty for yeah. The answer is we have got these great gloves right I lead in the African people there so they're going to be freezing outside. Anyway -- Pittsburgh weather goes for which you -- Japan to. As far as weather is concerned. Overnight. Here's the deal most of the snow has slowed itself out. And the warnings are coming to an -- gradually across western you're however. The winds will blow what does come down. And the overnight low temperature will be in the single digits. Highly unpleasant I might yet. And there also -- it. Make sure your dog or cat is in the house tonight thank you. Unless you wanna sit outside naked with them and see how it feels thank you very much out of -- so keep that in mind. Now the situation I was really hoping. Bat I was gonna get somebody to disagree with on Donald Trump. And it didn't happen. I was actively encouraging somebody to call -- to tell me that they thought Donald Trump was gonna run. Not one person has done so ago. Now I don't know if anybody's called my private cell phone number. I think I've trained people not to do that when I'm on the air because I've got enough screens and probably to last me a lifetime. But he's not gonna run. He doesn't want the job. I know that if he ran against Andrew Cuomo. Donald Trump would be the next governor of New York State I think you're absolutely destroyed Andrew global. In a race for governor. I think Donald Trump notes he would destroy Andrew Cuomo in a race for governor. He would take away a lot of the downstate votes. He would win upstate handily. And he knows. And he would be as close to a sure thing politically as you could possibly fine. Donald Trump has lived in the public -- now for how many years. We already know he's not perfect. We already know here as an -- for the ladies. Mean what is there are to get a month serious. He would -- he knows he would win. He doesn't want the job. Who can blame them. If you're Donald Trump. I would love to see Iran. I would love to see him win. But it is highly unusual. For both my heart in my head to converge on the same -- But I have to tell you in all candor and honesty. Over the weekend it hit me like a ton of bricks he would run. He -- rock for all of the reasons I just mention he knows he'd win he has a wanna when he doesn't wanna be governor. Dot. And it really puts us all in a pickle. Because basically folks ultimately. It's going to be between Andrew Cuomo. Who wants every conservative out of New York State. And some -- no. In the loop Republican. Who will be about as conservative. As George protect. That's what you're gonna be left with as your chores. But. It is what it is and there are still moving companies in business. Just -- you know. Our folks hey thanks for great show -- every restricted service really wanted to get into today. Thanks to Joseph -- -- John Sherman to work here know yourself.

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