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2-5 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Feb 6, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's power play under his radio I'm thirty WBE. And and we're with you on a Wednesday. And under is it just doesn't pay either Canada does. Analysts that you're doing you'll notice noble your to do sidewalks. You get all -- gotta get -- to right. As you know they gonna start at the snowblower. And is gonna go and get have to -- it doesn't and that's -- long. And then you have to run up to the gas station gasoline and come back and then finish the job. Right. Not cannot I cannot be the only person to -- this happens. Of course not. Well I learned my lesson long time ago actually -- I've taken steps to avoid that I buried and underground gasoline tank in my driveway. I don't think the village knows where advocate that the myself anyway nine minutes after five. If if traffic does go into the clapper. Obviously we're all traffic mode about the -- as we haven't done that. Which it there what I think going out so there's that. Self. What are the things that works that a lot of among many things. Is it seems like every group of people. Every political organization on the left. Has its voter registration drives. Make sure that you votes. After you register. It did please don't work hours might be and win ours might be. At the you know anybody. Who is what are these stubborn fools. Who refuses. To register. To vote. And then to actually go to the polls. Now I have to be honest with you I do not vote in school elections. Because. It doesn't matter. No matter how many times I -- somehow they find a way to get everything they want. I don't wanna waste my time. And I'm sure people are gonna call -- with hate speech about -- that's fine but the other elections. I always vote. And we have this critical election coming. For governor and he works there. And if you. Went to Albany to protest analyze say last 28 but -- worried. And you are willing to register to vote and that to vote in November -- on. A pox on your houses. And this from Shakespeare Romeo and Juliet. Up popped up your houses that's one of the guys that after he was stabbed and then died while he's -- a -- But anyway. What you have to do to get people to register. What you have to do to get your friends to vote. Most. If not all of my friends are in effect active politically. And they do vote. I would encourage people to vote early and often. I know it's an old joke. Actually had a guy call again the show works and be an email or something stranger is no such thing as voter fraud. Ron. Lower on. Always has been there always will be and in a close election voter fraud can put power into the hands that ought not to have it what's at JFK 1960. Should have been President Nixon but it wasn't -- that. Joseph could you wanted to do this now okay it's one of Europe by you and -- I've got a few topics a lot of whip out but let let's check with this one for right now do you know people. Who think as we belief. Those of us were conservative Terry I will even take liberals. Who who know what it's like to be an America. Because I don't think liberal is a dirty word anymore. Now I really don't because there is a distinct lines. Between the liberals of thirty years ago. And the progressive Communists of today. The liberals of thirty years ago folks could not imagine. Some of what is being touted as quote unquote liberal tonight. They would find it abhorrent. I've often said that it wasn't just conservatives -- stormed the beaches of world war was liberals now. And we can we can all agree and I don't were running a -- out of his opponent right now we can all agree. On the basic ideas and ideals of the constitution. We can all agree on the -- writes. And if you -- somebody who thinks that the constitution no longer matters if you're somebody who thinks that the United States should be a post constitutional republic. You're not a liberal that. Then you are into the progressive Communist mentality. Where none of your rights mean Richard. Look at a beautiful silver creek -- WB yet I've been. It's on it but the problem -- now. That voters. Republicans think you are a lot the vote that -- Nobody really. Put much effort into it I mean. I disagree strongly disagree I mean I know of people. You know specifically -- York. Were conservative. And I don't know many liberals and I get around them from all over the place well. I don't think we're a much of a minority of people think we are. Okay in this part of the state. And they're calling it from silver creek that we -- not to places like -- new York and Wyoming county it's like stirring it up for. Well. I don't know if you get it I know where you are but I don't know if you get out those ways very much but it's almost like it's it's almost like you walked into. -- Great and -- think it's it's kind of a self inflicted wound or a minute if everybody just keeps saying well it doesn't matter doesn't matter. It never will matter and I personally pushes many people and I note that you know. Know everybody figured out and actually put some -- in the -- might be surprised murderer go. You know what you're right. Because ultimately. Every single election is decided by one thing. You know you know what it is. Start to what the letter T. Turn out. -- took her out and why do you think the Democrats. Are so big gun. It sure PG a ride to the polls you need to -- the polls again we get a ride to the polls you can vote again. Is because they know that in reality they're the minority. And they have to really push hard to do -- people out to vote and you know write a. Well -- contrary it's because they know how to win elections that's why they're recognizing. The Democrats I cannot it pay. Mean to save this. I respect them much more than I do the Republicans because they know politics is blood sport the Republicans pretend it's -- and racquet ball. Racquetball -- F cage time. I hear and you know this it's thought that I don't think it's -- good candidate. Why don't they just put him on Arctic it would -- you know instead -- having a run against each other primary. Well. Again I think the hope that people. Holding that Donald Trump is gonna run is misplaced. He doesn't want the job it's obvious. You dot com is the deal flight and start telling people well -- only wager on the fifth. If -- if it's not a way I will run and the tragedy years that Donald Trump is probably the only person. Who could be and Rockwell. Well this is -- in it you know I mean if there is another good candidate out there were aching feet. It's really gonna dig a strong effort to who have come Cuomo into the ground. Are you willing. To accept the right no the Republicans ultimately will end up nominating. To get rid of -- mobile because I'm gonna prostitute my principles I will say yes. Anybody -- I've been sitting through. Eight years so every time is basically an election. You know to a lot of people -- -- development team. You know I would do a lot of people are upset about. The most conservative or. You you really. You know but it ego -- guy. Well I I have to say there is a difference. Meet New York State. From there as kind of a -- up as to who has more control over you New York State or the federal government but I do know this. Andrew Cuomo has proven his malignancy. He has proven his then he has proven he is absolute hatred. Of conservatives. And that speech he gave. In that radio interview on that one of the public stations a couple of weeks ago. If a Republican. Conservative. Had said the same thing about liberals that liberals have no business being in New York State. I've said this before. That person would be honest with within a nano second. Apologizing. In tears. His wife by his side resigning. And probably going to rehab for something and then disappearing into oblivion. But with Andrew Cuomo at any other Democrat they can hate hate hate hate conservatives. And really it's an enhancement. Are they these extreme conservatives. Who walked right term -- Up -- assault weapon. In tight GA he is that who they are. Because that's who they are and if they -- -- -- extreme conservatives. They have no place in the State of New York. You born in -- in New York you know I'm not gonna give it up lately. Well. I'm glad you called and I it's good to hear from and we've got to remember we've got to register register register we've got to vote vote vote. Unfortunately. Working and we're still gonna end up with a right no no matter one. You know ticker right over Cuomo you know optical. Independent over. -- -- -- I would take my dad grandfather over Cuomo all right now. Now that's that you two part thank you let's that the extremist about this dead grandfather acceptable blog unacceptable cat acceptable. And broke the single hello kitty song but first let's get naked thank you very much a gradual. -- -- I keep hearing that commercial and it makes me whoever reached -- that your. Let's find out what's gonna go on -- with that traffic -- WBM ladies and gentlemen I present to you the Eagles -- tones and the probably exhausted voice of -- Harris Allen and I'll go with the driver at all. Ya and I -- report -- and if you have any other info you need to feed Allen. Do it at 8030321. And that's for major traffic stuff okay. 8030321. Arab ever gang -- -- drive Holm and have the volume as well. I'm glad that we're we're not doing all Sherlund traffic on the -- their loved them but just as soon not have a budget accidents -- people get hurt or their cars damaged. And you know and it out of that's a lot of gonna do today. But I audible at the line and we're doing something else and if conditions change again audible at the line again. Because that's got offense -- it's the key markets. Right now twenty I'll shut up Joseph. Beamer yet -- -- -- try to pretend you know he's talking about it comes to sports. Joseph were really offends me about that is you're absolutely right. It is a 23 degrees the real feel is at three above I can't see you to your room is dark is light. Because that migraines and there are -- lot. Sure migraines. Aren't well I -- Johnny I don't play yet because there is so dry -- that before you know what. I I actually was attempted last night to get gasoline. And to cut it into a little wine and then try to inhale it into my nose just to get my sinuses lubricate. That is exactly how to ride everything fuel right now. Seriously. Because is dry sinuses increase your chances of getting a -- Work should I say keeping the cold you've had now for the past three weeks. -- let's go to Rick in Hamilton Ontario Canada on WB Ian Watson deal now would try to outlaw gasoline. Anyway Europe WB -- well. -- -- -- By the sounds good with that little speech mr. Cuomo gave -- off for abortion isn't it. The only regret is that his mother didn't feel the same. Through. That I think that the march he's for abortion that he was forced to watch a full of abortion. That make you want should be involved in it Ned and ask him afterwards what she thinks of. -- You know I would love to know. If Andrew small hole and he's got kids that the united kids Andrew Cuomo. I would love to know what his reaction was news to -- first sonogram. Within the first trimester. A woman's pregnancy. Because you cannot look at that and say that is not a human being sorry is human right. -- here I think and changes after that. All out of you got something else to say -- wanna do like the anti abortion show but my views on that just that they've gone like 180 degrees. It's 524. At news radio 930 WB and the first vacant as gasoline. What I draw attention to thank for management. Will find out next on WB. Five people more bad news radio 930 WB BMI. Like heavily personally I mean just anything Everett about Adam. But the guys just held a singer and an incredible songwriter. Is one of those things at the bifurcated the performer from the dude. Our I'd like. Your humble host of course and universally beloved I don't know if you know there's been kind of a big deal. It is all a -- gel well your eyes just lit up immediately. With -- Burgundy you lie and it. Yet -- ready for -- yeah. Equal ought to take its it will and they will -- -- And it. -- I drive all first got back on higher eras I don't know what. Kind of a -- people know. I'm very happy. Okay. Outline -- funny as hell odds are. At the anchorman. Not that anybody was talking about it until it is -- is up but. -- The -- and the microphone. But you'll notice pretty much everybody here at the station has been doing lately. Because we've all got these dry year coal is like we feel fine. But everything is just dried out just not the only other way to say I'm literally got to try to inhale Vasily tonight to get some moisture in light in my services. Side that's the weather starts out with the SI. But anyway. You know I worked at channel through -- when I was a teenager probably the 8182. Somewhere in there and between the mustaches. That undercuts the fashion and the attitude. Anchorman brought me back to a place in my career and in my life. I have never forgotten. Seriously and that I will never ever forget. And there were some really really really. Nice people who work there and know what my favorites Ed Kilgore. Just a hell -- a nice guy I cannot say enough good things about Ed Kilgore -- was there when I was just. A stupid little -- little did he know that I would become a broadcast legend. And he always treated me. Just he was just a peach I love it to work I mean I really do repairs. And a number -- by the way but. It was seriously. Watching that movie I can almost put local faces on some of the characters. So it's a little bit different watches. As opposed to maybe win you watch. I don't know if that makes any sense to you at all but it's so relatable to me. I can't wait to see number two. You know and now we're talking about registering to vote. And you know pisses me how many people in my -- -- -- all about -- all ball and now state. In the -- to downstate. Can't be bothered to register to vote. Ladies and gentlemen. I'm begging you I don't -- monies. Without money in advance but. Well because it takes an effort to get me back up I mean I need chiropractic skills after that but I'm begging you to please in the able. All -- Register. To vote. If you agree with 60% or more of -- here on this program. If you don't agree don't register to vote. Because we've already got enough that you voted. We need to become a politically. Active movement in our part of the state. Because we are weighted down by that -- Ross known as New York City. And -- The only way in which we can possibly trying to. Is to have every body who belongs to Ross's group. Everybody who is with unshackled New York or -- you know fans. We need all view. To make sure that only you are registered to vote but look like -- are registered to vote. Because. Enough of us put together. We can't make -- efforts. And lets us Davis. Donald Trump is not going to ride in on the white stallion to save today. I realized over the weekend. He's not running -- had inside information no. But when both by heart the emotions and my head that the intellect when they both agree. He would run them. -- -- -- tomorrow he announces is candidacy I don't see camera. And there's a real simple reason why we think it is. He doesn't want the job. I think. He's scared he'll be electric. As much as he scared any. -- Think about that for a minute votes. There is not a doubt in my mind. That it Donald Trump. Went against -- mobile in November of forty governor's job New York State Donald Trump would trounce Andrew Cuomo. Whether or not Donald Trump had to go against somebody in the primary or not. Donald Trump would destroy. Andrew Cuomo. Donald Trump would win -- Lance it would be close. Look at. Donald Trump would suck up votes from New York. Andrew Cuomo would not know what him. It will be like the Eliot Spitzer steamroller. Got Andrew Cuomo. And Andrew Cuomo was in front of it like the guy in Austin Powers -- The fact that trump has not just -- a running. Tells me he. So we're gonna have to settle for right now sorry. Or four more years of Andy. Let's find out about are we gonna do a forty well and so I thought we were. I beg your pardon -- meters into into a cardiac arrest. I -- -- though. I could which lets you from a pacemaker to a lot of our so. Are you registered to vote you know people who are registered and you've tried to talk him in the registry they just won't vote as number one. Number two. How much -- to spend on this because. It's one of those little irksome things in life. The other day. I received a statement from my back. Through which all the mortgage on my -- overpay all the mortgage in my at all. And I'm reading the statement and I'm thinking to myself. -- admit it they say that I OX amount of dollars. They're supposed to take it out electronically from the account. What in the name of the public is going and sort call the back. And I spoke with a wonderful lady at the bank. As she said mr. Bauer and -- Because of new government regulations. Even though your mortgage is electronically deducted from your checking account. We have to send you a monthly statement. I said -- then. And she said agony and I said. Explain. Just say no more that she's at because of government regulations. We have to send you a statement every month. Telling you what we talked out of your checking account. That I said that makes absolutely no chance. Why would you take it out outlets or authorized you to take it out. And vote and now we're talking about two machine took it by eleven paper at one envelope. Every single -- times the number of people who have mortgages. And the government wants to lecture us on recycling. And carbon footprints and global war. While at the same time they tell banks to send out this nonsensical paperwork. That my friends what the final straw for me. Which I thought. Had already been broken. That was that was. I don't recycle anymore. I used to be -- our recycling in my whole. I used to full quotes. Of recyclables every week. I don't bother anymore. Up -- realize don't bother. Because it means absolutely Richard. One inevitably. Every garbage day in my neighborhood of eight -- storm hits. Without fail 52 weeks a year -- stage Thursday every Thursday 52 weeks a year and a warning in effect. All examples. Number -- no. If the government is telling banks. To kill trainees. To send out these statements we don't need. Then. What is my little contribution gonna do absolutely nothing. I'm wasting my time. How many times -- you -- in the garbage guys and god love I love I love the garbage guys we'd be in deep do do without them. How many threads that you see in the take the recycle stuff. And just chucked it into the regular truck anyway. Because the recycle area of their trucks are filled up. Yes thank you so I no longer recycle I no longer will recycle -- regarded as a giant waste of time. So. -- -- -- -- -- put up a -- this year there were several cans of worms hardly what I'd recommend for dinner. So between those two topics and do you think trump is gonna run. I think we've got ourselves -- talk show. I told you this show evolves every hour if you miss a minute you miss a lot. 8030 my -- the phone number just one line is open. Since you guys are accused of news that 8030 lead thirty. Start at thirty in 180616. WB Ian I must break but it promised wanna come back we're gonna write your phone calls on WB. And basically gag just like Allen says it's it sets victories not on the -- I've -- as well and fortunately everybody seems to left that staggered times over the traffic Mongolian -- dances have not been what we thought they might have been today and I'm glad about that. I was so ready to do one of those lifesaving traffic shows I kind of feel like I'm not needed today but I always have a plan -- Always have a planned NC and the and Ian after Angie and issue was brought to you by the latter half. It is 552 news radio 930 WB the -- -- -- as a master control John sure manager call screener and let's go to Don bunker on the WB and hello. I'm I don't great -- sir I -- want to say anyone -- are we saying that they have a say in their New York State government. It is on something that I wish I was smoking right now yeah assembly Republican can win in New York. Limited with the most important part of this is you don't have a week. Were in Dunkirk. You're Turkish Izzy I'm sorry go ahead. Well let's start -- -- -- graduate. I don't think to a -- it should run anybody. I think we should put this whole -- Hang around him who won't back that we weren't around we or shouldn't we participate in the process that we have no say. I think we should export it for what -- -- we are in an authoritarian state. Run by one party to a bunch of people who are expecting their entitlement that what the state is all about. There's no there's no reason we should run anyway. We should save the taxpayers money. By achieving a statewide election because three people were emotional. And not a government of three different bridge. I haven't quite. I'm listening I haven't quite hit that point yet. But do you remember -- little known county executive named George Pataki came up from where. And defeated Mario Cuomo a great Mario available. Strident Republican you. Conservatives. That he. Could tell your career. In the that I am here. But that -- the wreckage and being in the first term. And he did some good but then the one and it just became another attack in birds and -- ago as we represented. It's one party government in this state and -- That's the real. Well. Does this mean that you would considerate for last two gay vote and be encourage your friends to register to vote and -- make sure your friends get to the polls to vote. I would certainly -- national stage story -- no one hand on the Republicans if he ran unopposed here today. Because that would represent what this state really. That would represent this state. As a one party won ideological place where people come to collect entitled a -- about. -- I understand. From where you're coming. And I am looking at leaving New York State not leaving the show not leaving WB and leaving the state for tax purposes and for freedom purposes. And I think that's a lot easier to do then just two. You know. What you're talking about basically is surrender the entire state. For an irrational reason I'm talking about leaving it for a rational reason the amount of money I end up with at the end of the year in my own pockets. I think there's your difference between surrendering and thinking you have a -- in your government and going out and vote their -- Difference. -- men who run the state. If you or your local government great if you look toward freer state legislate your state senator great they have no say in anything. Now what do you want a real quick I've got about thirty seconds here is -- gonna run or is he just jerking us around. -- exactly it's a billion dollar media story. That's all it is. So you think he's just jerking you around. I go to. Thank you very much and I'm glad you called and I you know I thought I was cynical on full -- that you know I just wanna jump off the roof. Wait urgency these things the preceding statement not to be taken seriously was intent certainly is sarcasm and as a metaphor figure of speech. I do not presented to myself or anybody else think it is up by 56 WB.

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