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2-6 Beach and Company Hour 3

Feb 6, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Elliott back the -- Johnny what did you say that in the sixties that I bought four cases moments ago of the market site elements of yes yeah outside elements. Four cases I try to corner the market and if I had a bigger truck owner Bob -- how long did it last Alan -- -- I mean I stretched it there it's almost like a stretch that are hoping it would never and but it did and -- that I moved on to something else and used was something to find out that later on he should have been on the it's not good quarter. Chris is trying to get aspartame -- life. Yeah I'd say it's in a lot of diet pops but there are some some -- -- don't have it but there of their murdered debacle the fine and are more expensive it's it's. Not go over well now whatever I do a show on health and fitness I get busted by the over try. Her. A guy named Robbie -- hello there Robbie. OK you always gets -- -- mama always hoping to do -- the radio is like not around awhile ago when I do these shows but you don't miss much earlier. I don't I have to -- because you know you're right here at -- -- that was made and -- plans. Don't get and it that we came about plans you can eat it or trinkets so. Indeed keep that in mind because -- It -- -- and because it's ringing in the parent. You know several different it we're all of that and -- -- -- -- And -- brain barrier. It's not a good thing about the -- -- up there's starting but he'd be injuring about which comes from the EV. They had all options. Said that's better explain to our audience because I assume there is a difference between health and fitness can you be if you're healthy are you fit and if you're fit are you automatically healthy. Yet they're the question now at a dollar. -- -- also can be skinny fat so you can look at. And we'll have a high percent of body fat which. You know could be in the obese category -- my client accompanied do. And they the risk of -- particular like someone who is over insult. You know it's not the way you -- it's it's more about your ID act in the action bits around -- midsection and out there aren't your bargains out. Now when people come here classes and they're always very well attended at the BAC. Are they looking for. An exercise regiment that will allow them to eat the stuff that maybe you shouldn't be -- or do they always combine -- -- mostly combine it with better helping better healthy eating choices. -- -- You know I mean most people's thing you know -- -- And I you know there are so right there too you know. Are a lot of you know. Right here. -- -- the -- 'cause of this movie giving mom and law I can no way I mean that's that is scoring some points there. Export them quite well without. But you know the economy average you know all our exercise and be -- diet and it doesn't go in -- and I want people to -- about their health. Where they're bad and you know what they look like in the scale and big -- because you know when you're opening -- -- you're you you have a better attitude. Eight year okay should be your health because honestly looking great feeling great yes -- an -- -- that app and you are kicking your your health. Not always the poster girl for health and fitness. -- we have to remember you're you're also a nurse -- you know about the of the clinical side of this and you'll look fabulous. But we have to remember this is your job and this is your life and you spent a lot of time that it is is not casual but you can. I guess you can help anybody but expecting to look like -- rob perhaps is not an attainable goal for a lot of us. Well while -- make them but you know simply passionate about what they do because. You know how long people lowered to these high blood pressure high cholesterol diabetes. Not to prevent disease -- actually reverse these. And you know. It is important bit. Of like those things better get her out like smoking but. Your point I I totally agree I mean there's so much. Other bad things better it supermarket drug or whatever it. That the -- so he wouldn't take Oprah -- on the -- and order you you know. -- -- -- -- I explained to me now OK suppose allied. Soda and I know you prefer to oversold and I'm thinking more TO over is -- this -- I like it but I'm not I'm not getting the regular getting the diet. So that's I've heard that too much diet -- is good for either. Equally bad. Well you know being yes it is I am totally with -- underinsured. The -- and I of people in the companies -- like -- ringing in the year. Yeah. Because Linear but like that it it thought that they want to bring their ear and it. And are very in your health risk and help out in ancient. It all so there was some -- aren't -- of people who drink diet actually. Yeah larger. We are hampering their people. And yet there's something you know. Incredible. Week. Our you know we have things and some of the -- so we are that we. Are important but. You know -- the thing is great in Ukraine it will let you drink a lot. That's why you're the woman in the know only you would describe a row where I've put my belt as my waist circumference. -- -- -- -- -- I don't let us that he's down there Robbie thank you very much of that and well it's always good to argue it's always a pleasure and the one thing we know we talked to you know -- -- talking about we don't all have the discipline we wish we did but thank you thank should be -- we appreciate it. You check out or are we drink would -- be an indication that -- OK I hear you allowed -- -- robbing but I. -- now Chris your wife has an ally. A very powerful. -- You know I do covering him Myers I had for years I didn't know that -- that could be one possible cause I thought it was called tonight -- and that was that I know that. The from Iran about tonight is it's it's not easily -- doesn't go away and stays there you have to pick your -- yeah I haven't but I'd I'd never drink diet so. -- you don't know and you still yes I do drink soda but I drank. Lipton. -- he is very good and I like it I like it as much as Alex go to the view only drugs -- and -- -- doing an entity. I'm exit off by I drink a lot of -- Entered a lot of water I will put us like the cool laid mix that there is no calories and I don't know I love cool I don't believe that as any aspartame is probably something terrible reform I just -- already -- -- -- -- apparently it was. I isolate kids are members my mother's shoveling sugar into the cooler at the social there -- -- it becomes became what I should call. It. Yup this is good days before -- you know anybody had diets or anything like this -- go it. And as you make it she would make it by the package and I would drink -- -- the package but it was shovels. You know one shovel full of sugar after another and we go through like two or three pitchers that day. -- I'll -- -- -- as far as working out when I was in Erie Pennsylvania. A became friends with -- any -- who was the world's. All -- heavyweight champion wrestler and he worked out and had a friend that on the Gemini got me to join and so I was working out I was doing really well. I was working out every you are regular basis. I was working on different parts of my body really into is talking about and I knew all the drills and all that but here's the problem. I would work out before I went to work. And as I'm driving to work at a WJ ET I would pass. This place that had a bakery okay now here I am. I'm I'm I'm I'm working out with a world class athlete this guy is tough as nails he's in fabulous shape and I'm doing great. And one day. And I -- story before. One day as I'm driving by the bakery. I didn't even move my hands on the wheel. The car went into the parking lot I got out. I went into the bakery at the bakery which I had never been in before I bought a chocolate cake. And brought it out of a car. And they get the whole chocolate cake now wasn't the big shark here was a small target date but it was a chocolate cake it was I had no control. -- the devil may meet that -- protect. And I was so embarrassed by that that I could you know Danny in the -- for markets it always check -- -- -- are you -- -- would you have for -- you know blah -- Obama. But the chocolate cake I had to do it's on now I know what. Addiction is all about as far as pastries a concern will be back after this. You know if you're a fan of the late Paul Harvey used to have a feature called the rest of the story. In which you know part of a -- -- and all the rest and that's what he would -- you win with the rest of the story. I've told a charge -- story several times but it's very seldom but I feel like doing it now I feel like. Purging myself of this because I think it's time in new. The rest of the story. Not only that I by the chocolate candy not only did I bring him in my truck and eat it I had no utensils I it was my face. I mean is that the most degrading. Criminally. Negligent. Thing I mean I thought I was a member of the Donner party and this was a settler was digging into I mean. -- -- And I called and it's called taking out all the whole thing. And I looked up and I looked up in the in the earth and -- -- like -- -- they have those baby pictures where the baby puts a face in the cake. Look like. As I -- I always kept that towel you know -- I'd drying off things and it's ringing the I used that I went to work and and felt whole -- just -- -- didn't tell the story for a couple of years now America's side. It will be ridiculed. About Israel wanted to and its excellent six you -- -- experiment there were talking about CBS decision not sell cigarettes. We'll make a difference. A lot only to make a difference smokers it might make a difference CBS and they have a right to sell or not so whatever they want so -- a problem that happens they're trying to position themselves as the healthy alternative to the other pharmacies and that. That's where idea I think it's a little questionable. Europe are you still gonna smoke hurts way. See here's what's not going to happen somebody picking up the paper listening to our radio today or checking out the the Buffalo News and saying you know what. As isn't selling cigarettes anymore I'm quitting. I mean to be nice if that happened but I wouldn't count on. As the world also asking what is it that isn't really that good for you. That you users won't give up besides the neighbors I mean we have to we have to be practical here. All right let's go to two Ella in west Seneca I bet there's a lot of stories to be told by Ella. -- -- -- Her real life threatening -- where you. But convert that ball I wish that seafood industry. And the government. In our politicians. Wouldn't be careful little. There's limits on -- -- is it safe and is not. Margaret kill you always should leave it alone I agree. Andy Katz came at three PU and that's where he kind of let that -- in person. We know what would candy what we can't how much and how much the poor. Well regarding what you said about though while we were given as natural right from god have you ever heard John on the air. -- government if you go back. But I gotta tell you a story about food. Yeah have not yet so -- can't say yet to get when it but my other one down and you hate this you know you need to channel tegra. Brand name -- America. She is light -- you know look -- singles you know flat out of that when I opened that refrigerator doors is they're trying to get a tray its there. Well the last -- packages I don't know what they've -- to it he won't even touch. Oh she's just gave it up. Wow so she had an appetite for something in them that they must. You know get out of -- says he and I'll put it down for her break it up. We'll talk -- anymore. Well tastes change I assume it's the same for animals were maybe every -- and yeah. -- feeling for forty years. So the brand is the same the cheese is the same but the cats changed our attitude. Okay. She was really crazy about you know data from. I won't action. I can't think of anything that I was really hooked on the I gave up idea I just add to the hooked on lists that are very seldom -- About you do you have anything. I'm not -- the and that in my cardiologist. Says. It can they don't want that should give it away. -- just that Robert Rogers says if if it comes from a plant forget it but it really comes from a real plan. Go for it so if it's made an implant forget it ever comes of -- It. CN governments -- don't have much control over our life. They are doing and the biggest control they have his health care and that's one of the big troubles of obamacare if because you can control what people eat. And what they need what they do in their personal lives by controlling their health -- good point thank you Al was shivering -- -- warming. By it's called out for some -- Ella demeanor but first our doctor she is term she government's numbers and I thought you as a pirate what did you. One thing that I'm trying to. At least we now and get rid of out of my life is processed food get rid of the McDonald's Burger King. In the Wendy's the more more I read about. About their food or if it really is food really not too great for you so I'm trying making an effort to really. I almost never do that Ohio occasionally I'll go to Wendy's. -- good -- But that's out I almost never go to McDonald's or Burger King. Wendy's has good career. In the us amateur body cheeseburgers and you were telling me about that I saw that Marshall scored. Why are we feeding each other verbally here and a half after we got another half hour work your pal. But at the good news is that is that chris' wife got an ally -- Robert Ross he's going to be pushed out of the aspartame arena we'll be back with more after this. You -- hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. -- now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and started 930 or toll free line is 1806169236. So Jay Leno is coming to town that tonight is his final tonight show did you know that tonight that's. Strange ending on a Thursday night -- you think it would of ended tomorrow night via in my full week out you know but one of the dock them days today. You know that. He does over a hundred standouts. A year. And that he has never spent a penny of any of the money he's earned since he's on the Tonight Show. Any of his stand up money it's all set aside now because he knew that today show it and eventually especially if you work for NBC embassies and not a great company. I worked for in my bully me an insight -- to them they're not the kind of company wannabe but anyway so he knows that eventually it would end. And that they want something fall back on I would love to visit his garage he has all man he has some. Is it is a collection is eclectic it's all different things and really cool stuff. A modern not so modern day and a he's he's a hands on guy used to be a Bentley mechanic -- -- I think from the mystique even as a steam powered cars are yeah I think he goes through I'd I know he has as a show or shows off every once in awhile the cars in garage. But he's a he's a card guards in the end the great you know is also card average -- 4101. Macon that is assigned to. He's a -- men inside and out Porsche Porsche Porsche. -- a couple of -- well -- guys that are heavily in the cars and can afford -- Eric -- that they kind of guy is not you know -- I -- that read that and as a biography. The George Harrison turned him on 20 -- his first Ferrari remember any one of the Italian it's super sport cars. That. Harrison told them trying to sound ago. I think it's it and I think it's Ferrari -- -- and Costa made for himself at school bad -- bad as the eyes so I was spent a couple of dollars I thinks nobody and I'm sure it can make the monthly payments on a our -- so we have some are -- things on FaceBook. Regarding these CBS decision not to sell cigarettes -- idea discounts from Nicky says CBS promotes wellness and selling cigarettes goes against that core beliefs they stand to lose about two billion dollars this year and revenue for our year in revenue so this is not really about profit. Well I think it's about positioning I think it's about future profit. In May not be immediate problem with them sometimes you have to take that half a step back to go forward and as though one of via business people. Quoted in this article. Saying that the it's about a future. Growth and future profits and positioning. And that's what it's about it's about the many clinics in the future. Read a McGrath a Columbia Business School professor specializes in business growth and strategy. Say I think. As much as they'd like to make this seem. Like it's it's it's a grand strike for health or whatever it's about positioning. Positioning themselves as a better alternative than the other drugstores Ide chains because keep in mind Walgreens is the biggest change. CBS is the second biggest -- but keep remind. You and I if you -- into a drugstore. Both have whatever you need it's there from -- shares to a two pills and they got everything you -- so differentiate one from another if you're the first one in the arena. And you position yourself as we care about health. That's what were all about his health they may see that as the media as they via step have their competitors another please. Misalignment comes from a Johnny says this is not gonna change their habits of -- smokers they're just going to go to another store that sells cigarettes or their visit the -- that's exactly right. And they said it's 32 billion dollars 3% of -- -- sales revenue. It'll be more than that simply because of very few people going and just by one thing and leave occasionally you have to -- most of that time. When you're there to pick -- something else so if you're not going to be going to another place you're just going to find a different places sell cigarettes and you get your extra stuff. There let's go to -- and buffalo -- here on WB again. -- Jim what he got force today. Well you're you're pretty insightful and after I knew what I was gonna tell you I would color really heading up those on the road but -- what you said Liz is not about profit. It's about -- The opposition. Positioning absolutely yes. You know and it really it's a bad idea bad timing. You know there's undercurrent in this in this country without NSA stuff going on -- you know big babysitters you know they'll -- baby at a time. Many states many states right. You know and we're sick and tired to -- in -- dead. I think we can control our -- -- -- most of our allies are manageable yelling at people who don't have mannered polite but we have to deal -- you know the only go beyond. Now the everybody is trying to wiggle their way into our mind to get us that think like they want -- the thing. Now if you're a smoker you know it's not good for you but you're an adult and if you choose to smoke in -- willing to assume the risk that you're willing to assume the -- I don't think we need to badgering by the federal government. Okay thank you banker or buy a house by a chain of drugstores. Because you'd be uninteresting piece. I'd like to see a channel to do okay. Go into it and they might who knows maybe there are already doing going to a CVS store with a reporter -- camera person. And then video all the stuff they have on the shelves that could be considered by critics as not good for you. All right go down that long I goal of chocolate what's -- four. -- -- -- -- And if you -- there in October there'd be a long pile of chocolate for -- Also go down to beverage department see that they sell a lot of beverages that perhaps -- debris like oh why don't know beer. Should be they have there. Our show these salty snack aisle which is definitely not good area. You -- the -- fans show that logo right there and then wash it down with a beer that's good. So I think a TV station could do a really good piece on well that's nice that you're doing this but here's what's still left on the show it's. So are you gonna do it piecemeal here ever going to consider getting rid of the other stuff if not why don't you just become my health food store. If if your concern is just help them become -- -- -- launcher has to do with the help anyway. They -- launchers there. They sell based local dealers probably disagree well exactly that -- -- which you can grow anything it's Gloria I mean that's not good for. So I mean if you drugstores. Have trying to make a move into the space of department stores. Because they have all drugs -- have for instance. Sales of make up. What does that have to do with health you know I got a -- blossoms and rouge or whatever else you know eyeliner -- stuff like that. I'm not that familiar because I'll use -- occasionally. I'll -- what I'm saying is that stuff that either has nothing to do with health or stuff that actually isn't good for. Yeah but wasn't there a time when they sold. So does -- from fountain -- was and ice cream. You know this term sort jerked it may come from a drugstore. Exactly. But. He's got to put on the -- It is a liberal John. And I went Allah well here's one reason I'm laughing when -- that god gave us the brain does that have you ever heard John -- and now the -- on line right. I can't even sneak a joke in every once in awhile will be back Lamar or preaching company. You guys opinions on this. One of the things that has deteriorated now it could see it could be me because like my senses smell. Isn't isn't what laws and I think your sense of smell and your sense of today school together okay. Because one thing that I missed. From days when every focus wasn't on how you cook something what you put in it. How you prepare -- -- getting getting -- of us have with labor. A lot of things that we settled for now would never have made the cut a few years ago because in a flavorful and if you wanted to -- it -- of something that. Possesses flavor. I'm this is a shameless plug I paid for -- me Obama with Tyson and Buick when it went EB greens. And I don't order -- that often but I ordered a -- from immigrants home. It was a good. I wanted to buy a house in theory be greens so that I could go there are any time I wanted to. It was fabulous and by being so fabulous. You realize how non fabulous a lot of other stuff is because you get used to it it's a deterioration over time. And that's -- when I talk about those cheeseburgers at the R&R restaurant. I downloaded the it's -- dark we're counting down there. It's because they taste so good it's tough for labor the rank -- Randolph to get cheese burgers why. Because that's so flavorful. And I think we -- flavor in our cooking now I agree wholeheartedly. Again you go. East McDonnell steady in that goal while get a good burger Europe while this is what real Borger it's like yeah and other places that have good burgers certainly but but when you when you hit upon something that. Has immense -- it just is overwhelming music. Why isn't more of our food like this. Chris I think a lot of it might have to do with just big change change -- so big and they're trying to lower their production costs. So you don't get goodness ingredients that you go to all these places that. Do good business and make a lot of money but their food isn't that good not all these smaller places they can afford maybe to -- You know you gonna pay a little bit more but it's a nice local spot -- -- right so you're willing to pay a little bit more for the -- So that's real food OK now you go oh OK I just mentioned -- -- -- fabulous okay and now about how much chefs. When you have spaghetti -- -- it's just spaghetti and she's anybody could make that anybody could. But there is a -- labor. That comes from vote the way -- -- that would the oil -- -- it is you can't find that anywhere else it's just bear. And so it you know mobility here I love this father and I love him but I especially love their food. I mean so much so that that's all I ever order when -- there. I'm sure other stuff than there is good too but never gets the chance -- me because I can't get beyond the spaghetti farm it's the flavor which is missing it in a lot of other way. So much so that I will only by -- -- -- -- launch area it's going to be we -- I I don't have the time. It or the patience to make my own sauce anymore so farm and have sauce I'll -- -- Don't awakening it's an awakening I remember last summer. And policy on route nineteen. Outside of Batavia. At the DNR restaurant which is a converted to train station had something on the menu called. Called strawberry so. I'm thinking I'd love strawberries and also but what I love strawberry so. I'd give it a shot OK so I ordered a -- of strawberry soup. It was good. I ordered a second cup now the last time you ever ordered a second cup of soup no matter how it laws. But it was so unusual and the flavor was it was just bursting it it was like a god took his hand and squeezed the strawberries. Into that soup. And you'd that you wanted it but then again you didn't wanna finish it because it would be gone it was one of those situations. So those are three examples of what I'm talking about. The -- DR restaurant in Randolph for cheeseburgers. The the route ninety. A restaurant outside of Batavia. Four -- a strawberry soup. And EB greens there are other places I'm sure that have flavorful things but those are examples. That I've run across myself that I can -- the. We'll look at like you know if you're if you're in the move for barbecue who'll go -- a jar of craft -- barbecue sauce and maybe do some chicken or whatever on the grill. Does taste right but if you go to like the brickyard in -- we'd love and you get really authentic barbecue in the flavor and that because the spices in there in the way it's called disclosure in your mind away. Well look at the grapevine under -- virus or for years and years and years van Miller did their commercials and I was there was last summer I think. And they had an array of macaroni and cheese a lot of different types of macaroni cheese. I like macaroni and cheese but I'm very critical. Because the best macaroni and cheese in the world was made by my ex wife -- -- not only lost the house the car Harley. The the plot of land and -- -- whatever but I lost the macaroni and cheese recipes though so I'm record. I'm very very critical of macaroni cheese. And I forget which type I order of like six macaroni inches. It was so good. In -- so grateful when you got something -- paying money for that release as by as you. And that's about one thing. Labor will look at the difference between cheap chocolate in the glitch all big time big time I mean we have great chocolate tears in Western New York. If you're going to buy chocolate. Take a little extra time -- extra money and get good -- Because there's no comparison. We have good chocolate in chief target as the same -- Chocolate and -- You wanna get a good read if you can it's so good but this is all about flavors and it's all about erosion. Of of what we're used to I told you the biggest disappointment in my life -- wise at one time. Was when I was a kid I had very strong memories of strawberry milk. Now we didn't have a lot of money and so if occasionally my mother would give me enough money to buy one of those little containers of strawberry -- All that was I mean that's stayed in my mind for ever. OK so now I'm of go forward fast forward and I'm an adult and their strawberry milk there in what. Strawberry milk I'm gonna guess rubber -- and I brought it home and I don't hardly wait and I imported into a glass and started drag on like I was terrible. It was just like there's no flavor to -- there was nobody to it was a disappointment. Because of the erosion of labor and I haven't found any good strawberry milk to my liking at all I think that's gone. Actor Chris hit the nail on the head when he said you know you've got. However that their food places largest companies that mass produced. But they're trying to shame and -- Harold -- there -- now that marches of may be the they take away the Amal that they give you or they take -- ingredient that added to the flavor that you were used to me. I think most people say I'll pay a little premium price if I get something superlative. There willing to do that. But no wind when it's not this -- -- paying a premium price you're disappointed but when it is there it's worth every penny are that about wraps it up. I'm going to CBS and get some health foods on the way home. Will see you tomorrow at nine where hopefully I won't even the entire chocolate cake. Under Israeli and I'm thirty we are WB. -- -- The local. Was never into music these.

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