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2-6 Beach and Company Hour 2

Feb 6, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Back -- -- company a sandy beach first of all CBS made a big announcement there in the second largest. Drugstore chain. That they will no longer sell cigarettes. And I have no problem. If they don't wanna so they shouldn't be pressured or forced to sell it should be it was so what they want and not sell what they want however c'mon. Come on the president of CBS. We really thought about the decision as it relates to the future as they help company. It's good for customers and our company in the long run. And that's a Helen of our folks WOK yes that's who she says okay if severe health company -- I'm sure that that be -- -- shelling is really healthy there. Sure almost snacks. And those most ships and almost sold yourself I'm sure it's all health food addition. And that energy drink and a display that's how it -- -- c'mon. You're you're doing it for raising your positioning yourself trying to do what position yourself as a healthier alternative to other drugstore chains. And the bottom line is. Is you're saying that it's two million -- two billion dollars a year in revenue. That your -- are going to do without him about 3% of your sales involves cigarettes. But I think what they left out and not a measure worry about it because up to them. They they make their choices and they they live by the decisions that they make. -- but I hardly anybody that I know ever goes into a store like that. And buys one thing. Occasionally it happens going -- script or something but usually while you're Rivera you pick on someone else. So that about that 3% and sales of two billion dollar numbers are starter numbers. But what I'm saying is the government is the biggest hypocrite at all a law. They decry it they tell you can advertise it here there are going to be sold have to use that but where have been together at five dollars and 85 cents a pack. That New York gets in New York City it's 435 around here. I had a buck fifty in New York cities in Europe the 585 -- act. And if they all of smoking all the same day and never smoked again we'd be happy. So a lot of health care professionals but the government wouldn't be too happy because they would now be willingly giving up that kind of revenue. That's a big chunk of revenue and they would find some other way. To get it let's -- to compete on a cell phone -- on WB yeah. Yeah maybe there -- go after that cost the company more of them also cost church. Ministers who are new reality -- -- very. About a carrier there wonder are actually trying to catch future. Options sure know what my. Try to position themselves as -- better than the other drugstore chains throw him. And and I think is -- I wasn't proud general I don't -- nastiest sort of buy alcohol. Well maybe that it had met earlier in actual street store to -- out. And can't tobacco they can keep all of all the revenue went up. Well in this state I can understand what you just said because they have a running feud going with the native Americans over the sale of -- cigarettes. And now that that they've legalized. Gambling on the statewide level with the state overseeing a I wouldn't be surprised at what you just said came true where all of a sudden they thought. You know let's compete with the of the native Americans and have our own a cigarette. Areas where people could buy them at a cheaper price good point. Regarding violence -- -- -- -- it said all the money at all and and our offense just. -- your father's right follow the money you'll find the answers to any kind of question Jeff thank you very much a surprise that he brought -- a good point and Volvo. There are places like end of Massachusetts. They have things called package stores that's where they so booms. Package or you can get it at least one title -- -- now -- -- of their while me admitted change the laws but. Used to you'd have the total package stored as regard beer you couldn't get beer in the supermarket. Ernie plays like that go to the package short yet that's and they sold alcohol. I wouldn't be the least bit surprised. If if down maligned Albany's looking for some added revenue enhancement you don't -- again now. Thanks to a mister -- recount of alerted us that this they're looking to tax. Non profits. If they have excessive amounts have not excessive but all over the prescribed amount of property. That they would be taxed for that and here's the problem the scouts the Boy Scouts the Girl Scouts have camps. In which they need property for summer camps so that they suddenly would be taxed. That's in -- that's in the works so there always always looking for new ways to generate revenue. New and I wouldn't be -- least bit surprise of that showed up someday. Says somebody in Albany your coming up with a brainstorm of why don't we have our own cigarette. Locations where people combine them. From the government and so we'll get even. More money. Wouldn't surprise let's go to Dave. Dave you're on WB and -- smoker right. Yes earlier. Great architect. Though he's okay will quickly. They're great the war in order a department store everything that I want parents are good and all the other armored these. I don't think you don't -- that the armed. Certain pharmacies you felt there that first one -- And then this supermarket number that was something a couple of years ago -- the supermarket call button stop doing that -- -- helping it wasn't like you know you want to argue about whatever you want journal. Odd that as partner of all they're buying cigarettes -- in. I wouldn't go to C via -- to a sponsor to begin let. I I would go to a corner store there -- a little cheaper but here I think you know with alcohol. I I would buy alcohol on the policy. Those store because it's cheaper than a quarter. Yeah I heard I was I heard that. A beer in some pharmacies is that's about the best buy you can get on Beers at a pharmacy. And -- tiebreaker at the reservation. And at this sort of like I -- -- believe or not you can walk into a store with a cigarette in the pardon the party. And you can smoke your long ball. Eight white inside the place. So base because native American -- so basically. You're a smoker and this isn't going to deter you at all now let me ask you this. If you -- buying your cigarettes -- CVS and they suddenly said now. Would you still go to CBS for other things and -- and that make another stop to get cigarette somewhere else or would you just go somewhere else and get everything you need. No absolutely I would go I would go to -- I can I have three different pharmacies in my neighborhood and I go to each and every one. And I'd look to the papers and they have ads in it and that's what's keeping him in business. -- is not gonna lose and it doesn't have anything -- I want I want they're 100 by packed her I felt guilty. I really did 'cause I knew what story within. And I was like oh my god you know -- -- and the purpose behind me Ian in here like only speaking your device. -- About -- and oh man. I absolutely. So this is not gonna change your still gonna buy the cigarettes you're gonna find them to its -- morals. I have one way or another they make it -- are everywhere and you go you go forward a Wisconsin when I went to visit -- Armed they have a supermarket. That you can't by the beer in their store -- is connected next to the building and that's where you buy your beer. And then no one score if I in Wisconsin that we were -- -- -- it was an elder supermarket chain. There was a liquor and I don't know much about it. Really I Wisconsin. Wisconsin five years and I've seen those attachments. To the other stores ID state makes their own laws and the rules and thanks for enlightening as Dave appreciated thank you very much so he felt guilty Phelps and much like Tony Tony went into the bank. Few days ago. And asked to -- twenty's anyone and twenty one's. And they said Tony he's going to camp. Because he knew Canadian beltway I mean you got to have fresh ones in on argument Chris -- The people in this way if you ever get paid with some way of -- dollars and are folded lengthwise. Tony's name is probably written well. -- fun to track that money. He's. Maybe maybe not -- -- -- a good documentary. Some something that isn't visible on the dollars they couldn't see it. But it could be track -- machines you know like under certain lights and things like that to see where. And just tracking. Money at sea -- votes. You know it's it's they used to be a revelation on this sign says that its its grand when the money changes hands. And to be funny to see where it went along its -- And that's of the of the flights I'm sure if you -- most of us -- all go to Albany. Yeah oh absolutely. All box stuff but Albany and the care they come out and about the 42 cents. Yes the announcement that CBS was they're going to stop selling. Selling cigarettes. And that's as the second largest chain of drugstores in the country. And they say that it's about 3% of their revenue two billion dollars and that's just cigarettes. I assume that there are other purchases that would go away if you didn't sell cigarettes -- somebody were my goals and morals against cigarettes. Because some people going to buy one thing but a lot of people pick of other things while they're there. The the CEO. Both CBS and we really thought about this decision as it relates to the future through the future is a help company. It's good for customers and our company in the long run so that's their positioning is that they are held company and yet there are many other things excel. Which are unhealthy but they're gonna keep selling goals so the question is is is gonna make any difference. I give would change your plans I don't care -- -- I don't smoke. The bottom line is -- during adult and you have the right to smoke if you wanna make those choices make those choices than are good -- might die from a I don't recommend it but if you wanna do it it's up to you you know the risks and it's a few. But for -- program for CBS the position themselves. But trying to. Position themselves differently than the other drug chains because -- and do that that's. Let's go to Tom and Cheektowaga -- -- WBM. Well in these molds and I want to stick with the hypocrisy issue -- this juror -- As you well you think this is going to be a threat for one thing might be but on the hypocrisy thing coming here -- quite a bit lower the drunk driving things always. For the main reasons. They've made it easier for football and it's beer. 8 o'clock in the morning -- on Sundays in the current Sunday's. Basically for the -- -- and I think Matt talk about hypocrisy a lot of it has been going on. Well they I mean if I don't like this. Think about the government and you as opposed to you say your parents and you if your parents knew. That there what we're giving it was going to kill you or had a good chance to kill you it wouldn't matter if they could make five dollars and 85 cents a pack on it. The government says it has -- kill you but what will gladly take the money now because the rebel we need the revenue when. If they're smoking goes away they're gonna find a substitute for that reverend. You think CVS or so are legalized pot. Once we get legal right here which is a matter of time for -- a. That that's that's a pretty good point or Oracle's. If you imagine junior. You shouldn't be smoking now I'm you know I can't provide you with the cigarettes because it -- Oh you give me five dollars and Verizon's attack here on the -- open the trunk. And ran away just remembered as it doesn't take any problems that can. There are registered member of that RK grisly deaths of as opposed the Gloria. This -- yes he says there's a big difference between cigarettes and beer -- candy there's no benefit to cigarettes -- nursing prompted drink beer and how to milk production dark chocolate as antioxidants I -- -- -- that well let me just say -- about that. A are you making the position that mr. poster that. -- the beer is good for Oreo. Cookies are good for you wrote things that -- insurers good for you many drugstores have eggnog. They have all kinds of things that are good for you if you position yourself as a health location positioning yourself as -- Location none of those things that I just mentioned are healthy. They're not healthy they're not good for him if you wanna do that become my health food store do you think it would make a big announcement if they stop selling to regionals know. You know that's the point and yeah look at the snacks you brought -- a good point but the big game super hall. But it. It's coming up Leslie let's go and get something and you went into the drugstore awards hello -- to read -- may be some twinkies candy maybe some -- and the -- wash it down some beer or energy drain -- or out of -- -- -- At a dog whatever you want they got it okay healthy -- real healthy don't -- -- is that just say cigarettes kill people we don't sell silence of the -- OK that's good but don't don't don't give me this health stuff. Because you're trying to cash in on everybody wants to eat healthy now we're having tofu but the bottom line is the stuff that we light. The stuff away -- usually isn't that healthy. That's always been that way it will always be that way I don't know why it's that way why is -- one of the great. If if your mother said hey. You don't watch your health Demi -- banana splits who know I mean they're really good -- -- I hear come on now you're not gonna go to bed without beating your three -- Here and I have a beer with them I mean it would be great if you could do yes which can't -- things that we like are not good for plain and simple whether it's -- women jobs it does not matter. At the bottom line is the stuff that you're supposed to do. Will leave women out of that group. Well -- -- we don't -- -- The world has not changed that much now got a lot of thoughtful people the leaders are telling us what the Rebecca -- on those and is greater there. We've -- yes. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. Call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and -- 938 or toll free line is 1806169236. I didn't also a lot of FaceBook and post your feelings on the fact that -- -- as says no Morris cigarette sales. Will it make a difference of people the in my mind -- smokers are gonna go somewhere else ago. I have no problem with CBS having the authority and the ability to choose what their stock will be what they'll sell what they also have no concern to me. And people go there and and buy something -- they won't I mean that's pretty simplistic. What I'm saying is I think it's more designed to pat yourself on the back and make him look like you -- different than the other chains I mean. Drugstore chains are very competitive and if you had to wonder. There's a huge drugstore practically on every corner. -- scripts can be written on the lawn chairs to myself a but it's very competitive and and the CEO said of CBO as we really thought about this decision as it relates to the future as they health company. So they are repositioning. Themselves are trying to brand themselves as a held company and surely they do have some healthy things there. But also continue to have them on things that would not be considered healthy. So I wanna know if it's gonna make a difference to -- what would your plans be. Also I just thought this would be kind of fun. We call it going to be don't smoke we have something that we do in our lives. That may be you'll be better we didn't do it obviously but it's a tradeoff. You'll only have a light that it's a little bit longer and never enjoyed anything. Or do you wanna have enjoyment we started only started as a young I want to make sure by the time it was ten. He got hit by the school bus he would've left they productive life. -- back his mother almost broke the -- are in his bedroom door but that's another story about to have rather a different time but 1 o'clock am sick and have things in our lives that maybe. Maybe we could live a little bit longer we didn't know what the hell's the boredom and here are creative if you can't you know take him of the fullness of love a full life. So my second question is. What is it that isn't retired particularly good for you that you're not gonna give up I'll probably first RB first pizza. -- -- -- -- I don't care what they say about the raid that killed a government study comes out about pizza. I don't care how many miles I would have to run to work off two slices of pizza especially like -- I'm gonna do that I'm happy it's. OK if I live last -- atlas Tony what are you doing it maybe you should. Well there's been a long list of food related things but down for the big one for me would be -- anything they're asked to do with desserts. Cookies I used cupcakes. Anything like that I am not gonna give up -- I just I love it. Sweets -- my favorite part of the meal. My favorite part of a meal I really enjoy it if I had -- if I had a choice okay. Here's the meal here is that dessert you can only have one communes -- -- -- every time OK so you are on the same let's see if Chris chimes in there. Ominous sabres and -- go to -- get a burger today with Randy bush overtime -- general friend Steve snap and looked at the nutrition information it's terrible. It's terrible for it is like. Fifty grams of -- her I just don't care you know I love hamburgers I wouldn't your munchies murders especially your mob bacon cheeseburgers -- now you're talking bacon cheeseburgers with chocolate syrup. -- there are things our -- sees -- she's murdered someone them he said desserts I would realize that piece of sound which -- nothing -- -- -- -- that I mean there -- things like some people it seems like they're. Everybody's different but. It seems like their entire mission in life. Is to do everything possible. To live that extra five minutes. I'm not like that. Like that -- -- joy in my life as it comes. If it's if it's if it's a long life that's fine if it's a shorter life is probably not likely in my case but if it's a short while I. So be it that's the way it is but I'm gonna enjoy myself not going to overly indulge. I don't drink I don't smoke. And I don't -- bad girls well two out of trees. And but that's the way it is but some people seem to that's their main goal in life. So you have a few more minutes on earth and and their empty so what are -- game. Game like there's more than breathing as far as I'm concerned you have to enjoy you have to enjoy it otherwise is depressing. It can be depressing if you see the things that that happen to perfectly good people. Who did nothing wrong and and and they have bad things happened and if you really think about that get depressing. Religion by the way past the Pringle please that's mine that's the last piece. Now let's go back through -- talking about the smoking. Cigarettes keep in mind. The biggest hypocrite in this whole thing is the government I love it when a government official talks about the evils of smoking. As my favorite because remember the tobacco settlement. Money billions of dollars -- from the tobacco companies and they all the states were involved. It and the mark it was supposed to be earmarked for education and treatment. I'll -- of smokers you know and that's what this was the -- and hardly anybody. I'm hardly any in the states for that. The example we do is open Niagara county where they use this part of a tobacco settlement money for a sprinkler system golf course. Now unless you're planning to smoke there grass that was on the golf course I'm thing and that maybe that wasn't exactly what it was intended to. Let's go to Jeff in Cheektowaga Jeff you're on WB -- Guys after you do something or you have something that maybe you should give up it's not going to. All -- it will not give up my cigars -- -- anybody. Bad I will not give people only because told me introduce me to Mercury first -- know what I worked with hand. You can only virgin before when -- started with Tony and then he he these are joined. -- Tony do you remember that. Just sought an honorary you know it's -- most that most men do not forget their personal. And I'm I'm I'm almost certain it is -- -- -- shopping but it was fantastic and I will never ever. Give -- -- at all. I love can only myself singing I do good life yes it's spreading spreading -- were over -- eyes so that was yours ago and you're still you're still it can only plan for you and I -- -- -- thank you Tony you started -- American hero yes I've -- Jeff. And I am proud that I -- -- really do and I'd like custard in them. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The question CBS no more cigarette sales after the fall. Will that make a difference your plans if you are cigarette smoker CBO says it's about two billion dollars a year in revenue for them. But it it's 3% of herself but what I'm thinking of is is probably going to be more than that. And they're trying to they've probably -- a strategic study that's that if we position ourselves. As the health. Alternative to the other. Pharmacies. Will make up that money people think we did the right thing. Aware politically correct. And that's the way of all I'm thinking that people just -- and replaced by terrorists and it won't have an effect at all. Will be back with your thoughts also what is it that perhaps isn't good for you. That you don't wanna give up will be back after the according to this article that I musings from mom Kelli Kennedy ethical limits and Kelly can't play that good name. From the USA today. She says she quotes a Troy ran and -- the CVS chief medical officer. The health care law pushes people to stay healthy. And then the writer says it makes sense for the company to -- at a business with low growth prospects in favor of the high growth helped that area. Says -- McGrath. They Columbia Business School professor. Who specializes in business growth and strategy and see that's what that says. This is -- any grand stand. For goodness truth justice and the American way it's a strategy. CBS would recoup some lost revenue from tobacco. Two performing as some medical procedures a mini clinics. At its stores right now you can find in some drugstores. -- you can find a flu shots. And things like that you can get through various shots and doctors actually encouraged to do that takes a whole load off of the doctors who are overrode book right now so that's fine and then they see that as a growth -- I think they're betting a massive growth according which is that President Obama and Asia and tell. Me it is open. When he speaks I listen. And I. Then totally discard what he said but a former smoker the president praised the -- Wednesday saying the company has set a powerful example. -- thing is to make any difference I'm playing reasonably. And so it's a growth I mean it's a strategy it's a positioning that's what it is. It's no great move toward our health but I like your thoughts on that if you are smoker way and you bought at a CVS. Would would make a difference aren't let's go back to a FaceBook -- what else do we have there. This is from Bobby says obesity parties -- diabetes -- an all time -- so it's -- to dive from happen not from smoke and I'd love to ask the CBS EO. Why it's okay to feed the obese -- alcoholics but not sell cigarettes to smokers that's that's a good question. If you go on drugs are you'll find a lot of cookies and candy. Are a lot of cookies and candy. You'll also find a regular soda was shorter and it. Remember regular soda is about a teaspoon of sugar for every ounce Soviet get a sixteen now this got me off a -- regular -- -- I drink nothing but guys. OK so you've got all diet is that all that's not good for you are pleased that things aren't but I have big vision. Of it's maybe a six ounce bottles soda. And taking sixteen teaspoons. Of sugar and piling them up next -- the blow six. And now you wouldn't do that no matter what. But that's what it is -- regular -- I -- pretty much -- myself -- sold all the gallery once in awhile I will have a pre teen. The only like warned sold or something like damp but hardly ever Pepsi or Coke anymore. Some variety optimism though I'd love iced tea -- your Christmas diet and I generally drink diet but my wife is going crazy about it Asperger's are defined as Brandon doesn't have a may exist -- it's -- -- little more on your monitoring it you're on the hunt. Something special before they actually pulled off the shelves. That's it up. -- there was something. I'm trying to think. It was around 19169. I think because I was on KB at the time I was four thank you. I hate you and you very much. While I was a hall of fame destruct that you were four star wedding news. So much of that. But cut. There was an ingredient in soda a sweetener that they were pulling off the market and I went and bought more cases of four K I had to have been a small house I had to start an historic area. Because that it never really room -- Juba in this cases of it because you couldn't get any more I thought that was aspartame but maybe it wasn't. Maybe it was something else but I remember when they pull that off because it tasted so good it was a sweet but it wasn't -- -- galleries. But I went around and tried to corner the market. And -- other things that are sweet besides sold out. I'm sure if you look like Hawaiian punch him out of his stuff I don't have why sugar so the bottom line is that the the Sony isn't solely to blame but they they sell Batman so all kinds of stuff. Cookies candy especially -- again and is a lot of cookies and -- I tried going into a drugstore Halloween. Or any time yeah. Valentine's Day that's all you're gonna find you're gonna find chocolate and all kinds of stuff that may be in a perfect world we wouldn't. Care about but we do hear about it and -- I'm them and give up our Chris. Chris as a I think Chris is talking to his dealer trying to get aspartame. He's -- I was just think Ford is. That's why I assume that it and lobby wearing a trench coat. And all covered -- that your experts here -- here received and really enjoy this you have agreement. They. Can practice I would like you know I mean. So it. Officials were gonna come up with -- after you'll enjoy it for awhile longer use of the majors ago if it doesn't think anything is is artificial make you nervous while it does. You know there really does except the fact that I think there's so much. If you if you were only. Want a dose of reality. Get something like -- if I snack fruit pie. The kind -- national -- okay look at the ingredients. Know you're going to look you know to be fifteen minutes in the reading these agreements before the agreement before you see anything that is in a chemical. That's all they are chemicals if you look at it even some cakes. Go to go away you know place that not a bakeries bagel place and has packaged cakes. And look at the ingredients they're almost all chemicals. Did you see that irritating chemicals out of radio on subways rules knowledge in the act and he knows the work and that's good that's a good question is meant. That that story broke today. They're taking. Because I heard on the national news this morning there's some kind of a chemical in the bread. Of subway that they're going to remove. I don't know that the preservative or whatever was but that's in the knows -- the argument that -- -- welcome back -- more would be going to take a break now. Well I have a -- a delicious artificially flavored soft drink. And then chemicals final exam of these -- -- on the event and we are WB.

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