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2-6 Beach and Company Hour 1

Feb 6, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Our hello all why not ever -- doesn't get any respect I'm just telling -- -- president debut it was giving a snow totals. Eddie kept giving Erie county totals are the biggest so again it was ten inches as swat we got twelve inches we got out and bought. You're locked for ignited I think Tony probably got the same thing how little respect for the northern neighbors -- So I am watching the snow pile up beer night in Pendleton and I estimated. That I had a foot of snow. And that I'd turn on -- -- Kevin O'Connell gives the totals and there it is locked for twelve. Inches of snow. So a foot of snow is the most I've had that this season. Now did you get through that much or did you get a little bit less I don't know how much we got as far as inches goes I know it was a lot in I'd judges drove over it today on the way out. But I'll have to get the old below are out and start about I did yesterday when I got home Jeannie wasn't home yet so driver was cleared parked in the street. I didn't even go in the house is open up the garage door fired up the -- went to war. Here's a way you could have known even before you went in my house whether -- was there or not. Were there any footprints in the snow no no foot well actually that's not okay code division could have been there weren't those manager could have them as a don't think. Genie in the magic's shoes that's it that's which sells the book is that he has that luxury -- and every night at 10 o'clock -- a well. -- I followed the NBA for a long time because I grew up to -- -- -- out of Boston and I it was a huge Celtics fan and the Celtics dominated. India for a long time but something happened today in the game yesterday that I had never heard of before in the announcers have never heard of before. And the referees actually had to get out the rule book. So what get up and saying what they want they were suppose that though. The lakers are showed up -- -- only eight people now for those of you all are new to this country we've played basketball with five. And they had three -- unfortunately during the course of the game to get injured OK so do the math and -- Mexico border here so you start where today it's a two out -- are injured OK -- what again now six. -- I would guess what. One album fouled out then what do you got laughed he got five and that -- one fouled out which enjoy only have four players. Now nobody had ever seen -- what you do with four players so today they opened the rule book and you know what they did it. They called him Larry hunter. A no big deal was the last got a fallout. Could could still play they could stay in there you know it's not like hockey where he can play short handed. I'll -- and fun to watch five on four -- -- and would have been a white one five on four would have been great basketball or short porn film. About 5 -- -- of -- fat guy the last guy. Goes back in the game but then if there's any fouls you get a regular file and you get a technical. So bad that's how they finished up but I have never ever either you guys are never heard anything like I've not seen it before either and crazier thing as the lakers won that game I think by ten points they -- win yeah I met him playing that well but they -- -- so. There's a lesson to be there maybe you gotta bring more than -- guys out by color choices do you have I mean if you have people on injured reserve I don't know if there. What the rules are in the NBA about filling roster spots but I always liked hockey when you play shorthand because to me that's one -- in order and some that way you're the one on the power -- it. -- now here's something that a -- and we're talking about and I had it in my used that today. This is out of Wellesley Massachusetts knowledge I don't know about Wellesley. Is it's very well today Wellesley as they're very wealthy community. Where they don't talk like this. Bill of an going to the club for drinks which appeared Jonas or this is perfect weekend for visions was in automate business is Wellesley and this is -- Wellesley College. A life like outdoor statue. Of a man sleep walking in nothing but his underpants. At Wellesley college's causing a stir. The statue of the man in the it looks eyes closed zombie like trance is part of an exhibition by a sculptor of named. Tony mentality. As reported more than a hundred students have signed an online petition to have removed and shifts -- but this. I was I was in the -- yesterday. And I saw one what I thought was -- well. Eyes closed zombie like trance. I'll walk around -- -- is a gentleman who are so I I just get used to it after awhile it was and he is amazingly lifelike. Baltimore is -- ago I mean he reacts he has he has feelings. Name. That's kind of a weird sculpture is. And it. Griffin chimed in on some controversial sculpture we had here trying to remember or otherwise I it was down at the end of the -- away. Was at the end of the Kensington ass like that. And a guy Jimmy Griffin chimed in on that pop art is in the eyes of the be holder. I like Arctic. If it's a tree it looks like a tree yet I'm no Picasso and I know I -- -- I like I wanna look at it and say well. That's wonderful that's a masterpiece instead of in not knowing of the things hung upside down. Which will be painful to think he would be. -- -- -- over insurance covers that. I would -- could. Why he's hung upside and Chris is that and is that we got lucky -- -- we. Have some giveaways. -- afford tickets -- -- auto show which opens today. Ladies and gentlemen and 45 minutes the buffalo auto show opens today the sun is out I'd like getting around their check out the new vehicles. Get some broader brochures talk to -- most salespeople there over all the models it's a lot of balls that is -- and betray America. A four pack of tickets above -- auto show today through Sunday at the buffalo Niagara conventions and her body was 36 box. General confidence rules applied c.'s special events every day including Reggie Jackson on Saturday and buffalo football legends on Sunday so that's at 6449875. And we'll take a call if Chris -- you will be back after Davis as I was quite -- work today. I know it was about three degrees but my car thermometer after I started -- are driving outside going down new road. Went as low as minus eight new road for the -- always colder by like three or four degrees and then as I again out to. -- -- sport it got up to a -- to have two or three and that's that's where was. Chris was your car covered with snow as you got up this morning -- the brush it all off. It was a nightmare is my the toughest time brushing my Cairo this morning that I had -- it's probably because my camera's hot it was very heated up when -- -- finally got home yesterday so -- and I just in Harlem laughed but it was still snowing so about it. The snow and it was coming down landed on the car and melted and then slams frozen this guys -- just there it was a beast getting you know all us terrible when there's a thin coating of ice on it. Tony you have all wheel drive and you're actually. Spinning yeah I was I there was ice underneath the snow like drops him Moffett my yeah. Mother in laws this morning now trying to back out and that's the -- As just sat there and spot and while so how does your mileage accomplish your. A couple of mother in -- couple of the neighbors came out to thank you mister Rotella. Hurling -- in -- -- -- -- amount they came out today shovels and now we're getting you know you really are -- now stuck -- I'd still be -- just remember this -- in the future if you do -- start don't call us now just yeah -- what mister Rotella. I'm Dana thank you mr. Ochoa was -- I -- thank Chris and I. I mean we provide a pleasant work environment here. We nurture you occasionally we elect you have some of grandes. A date -- bread that's been a -- good a -- good people have we ever gotten a thank you you know just that -- pat on the back the demonize every once cocaine Rotella comes out for a minute goes hey Tony is ugly it to a bush. He gets the -- thank you on the radio everybody will be walking him to -- for so I thought Rotella it was a form of matter macaroni and you think -- rig a Tony awful -- -- ever are talented at a pet actually. I think Rotella is the name of an -- that show puts I'm not making this up I think to -- why knows what next teachers at school poisoning in all okay it was very yeah yes by the way I'm chatting with your sister Barbara asked. All actually about your other -- of all my devices to Sanders on what he has to and she's glad that your post about the music and not -- Today -- of that today is lower for those of birth that's right. It's more -- thing you know former IRS rural now how do you go from saying -- to -- -- well yeah it was it was by this way. As easily it wasn't a guy charisma is. Really good guy that we. We had a month for years and as he was the voice of the Internal Revenue Service right here and we really like he had lost his cool guys good -- former military to means though he's -- that -- -- -- he was in the army with Kevin Keenan was really yes ignited talk about a straight -- that's Kevin -- is no question about it but anyway happy birthday to a lower -- formerly IRS if museum today. I wish him a very very happy birthday. I what kind of stuff is going -- first of all that's sad story about that -- Of the found a cat. And the I guess the it's it's fine now on the -- fine. Otherwise would be horrible story. Not a -- -- one handcuff. And he in this BCA didn't have any keys to -- -- -- -- locksmith did the other hand -- club and they said Cuba nine. Open and then if you know who did this. Let the -- BCA you know now I'm thank and you don't have to be a master detective to figure this one now. If somebody shows up today at work. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That is the -- note come out of retirement and and tracked this one down but kind of a clown does that. I can never understand. And when you mistreating animals the way that we we have yes it's -- a picture of baseball all the dog that was on by a tree. And it bothered me all day. People that mistreat animals I wish we were allowed X amount of time -- and empty room with a locked door absolutely because -- just have no regard for that. Especially since we we all love our animals take good care of them. -- -- great deal of effort and expense to make sure they leaders were alive as they possibly can ever somebody that do stuff like that it's just twist. Gas now when we got today. Well CBS you've heard of them second largest drugstore chain in the country CBS says you know what. And -- health. And selling cigarettes for a long time as a matter of fact. We sell about two billion dollars a year and cigarettes. As 3% of our sales. And we've found the light where were marching toward goodness we no longer in the fall will sell cigarettes that's yet. You want cigarettes went arguments volunteer. And does so they're getting pats on the back from people don't like a cigarettes obviously. We are still all hypocritical. In this country. When it comes to cigarettes first the ball let's let's do the disclaimers we know cigarettes sock. We know they'll kill you if you if you smoke and -- -- and sometimes if you even smoke a moderate amount can you get lung cancer you should see X -- of people who arousal sometimes -- -- -- of people -- lung cancer is not a pleasant thing you don't want to smoke you don't want your friends or parents or neighbors is smoke and either lie. But what I'm saying is here's how hypocritical we are. We know how dangerous the product is we know how lethal product can be. It's out there in the marketplace why is -- our sense of fair play no it's because these people who are hooked on nicotine. Let's scroll down to all we have all kinds a heavy taxation. You know and you and we can always use the excuse well. This tax money is going to be used for a good purpose. But the bottom line is the only reason that you combine them at all is because they can be taxed and that's the that's the end of that story. Idea but I don't favor cigarettes that never spoken in favor of cigarettes but I do know it's speak in favor of people who smoke if they choose to knowing the risk. As not being treated like second class citizens. And not dumping on them because they smoke. The bottom line is yeah CBS's missiles brats but I'm feeling you can get all the beer you want there. And probably have I'm trying to I'm trying to picture myself the last time I was in CBS start but I'm guessing you get cookies. And slowed. And energy drinks and all kind. The stuff that may not be optimal for your health. But this is a chance for them through to look look -- now first of all they're saying. This is 3% of our sales it's two billion dollars. This isn't quite the whole story I well what are they thought this now because you know anybody. That just walks in two. Let's -- a drugstore and buys super as the league's most people while they're there if they need anything else will pick them up. Now -- it's certainly has a right. To sell or not sell anything they want to as I would main -- is a legal product. I don't care -- they want it would not sell it doesn't bother me at all but what does bother me. Is the fact that there is them. This is more about we're patting ourselves on our back. Trying to -- the position ourselves as the healthy drugstore chain. But you can still get things that aren't really particularly good for. Right now and the government is the most hypocritical ball. Because they'll talk against cigarettes bill work against cigarette but they're happy to collect the money from cigarettes sold. If if if the mafia instead of cigarettes would -- -- blood money. I don't know what we would call cigarette revenue but they've been collecting it for years and years and years and now they're gonna stop and I just want to know will make a difference. We'll make a difference what are your plans if you are a smoker if you are a smoker and you go to air medals on anymore I gonna say well. He's their SSR. I'm quitting smoking it out and do that somewhere else. Against cigarettes. Don't 309301806169236. 930 CBS says no cigarette rose. I just made that up on trying to become bilingual. Who will make a difference we'll make a difference -- what are your plans view applaud them for this or do you see it as I see it as the position statement. We'll be back after the. WP GA and 9:30 AM as buffalo as thin ice scraper. At the fact we have a big company have said in the age. I set -- hypocritical. We are warrant regarding a cigarette smoking and we all know it's bad we try and talk our friends or relatives and neighbors are smoking. And if everybody I'm just gonna do idea of a hypothetical for you right now. If everybody in New York State suddenly stopped smoking they just quit. Who will be happy well their friends will be happy they would be happy Roswell park will be happy because though lets people are beginning a lung cancer. And virtually everybody I know would be happy except except the government. The government of New York State would not be happy and you know one. There's New York State has the highest per pack tax in the nation. If you live out here it's more dollars and 35 cents up -- Live in New York City it's another dollar fifty. That makes 585. Up pack for cigarettes so if all of a sudden that revenue a bacon decry it all they want. They can say how nasty it is all they want and we know it and we believe it but secretly they love that revenue. Imagine that 585. A packed for every pack sold in New York City for 35 a packed for every tax all the -- It's the highest in the nation mass messages as a second with 350. The cheapest one is is -- Missouri was seventeen cents a pack in of a sudden. -- this voting stopped and the revenue from tobacco stops in this state guess what would happen. You'd think they'd say well this is terrific. We're glad we're happy to give up that revenue because that means people are voting no here's what they'd say. We need that -- And we've got to make it up someplace else. And will have to come after you have another -- another attacks but we're gonna have to make up. That 585. A pack in New York City that we that would that we get pure pure. Taxation. Right off the top of every package of cigarettes so we're we're hypocritical we know how bad it is but we keep selling it. Because it produces tax revenue. Make no mistake about it and there's jobs jobs and back. There's still going about for years and years and years we subsidize. Tax tobacco farmers. So here we are saying bad cigarettes bad cigarettes but here here's some money to grow. -- that one out. A Davis it's a cigarette taxation as a golden goose while they can say all they want negatively about it. And this is -- though would one side of their face on the other side of her face. They're very happy to get the money 830 -- 301061692. Through six and start I'm thirty I -- know from you know. What -- what the deal is with CBS saying we're not gonna sell cigarettes in the future. I don't really care they certainly have a right to say that they -- a solemn and that's fine but. I think they're clearly gonna cloak themselves as a healthy. It's shopping stopped pretty healthy but they'll be a lot of things in the drugstore at CVS that are in the all of drugstores there aren't that healthy for area. There's all kinds of of a fat snacks there is there is beer. A lot of people by their beer at the drugstores in fact. Somebody on our staff who drinks beer says. The cheapest bidder and get is that one of a drugstore chains so you can get all the beer you'll want. But where where they're healthy alternative. But look I'm happy that drug stores carry prescription drugs because I'm diabetic. And I have my regular regiment and other people. Rely on the you know when it hurts that's the plays we got to go to help us make it not hurt but that was not be hypocritical about this let's be realistic. In a and op Ed piece. Jan Johnson and David -- amendment. Wrote in the USA today and -- these dueling. Editorial kind of deal society is active is that 15 of the people don't exist. Simply because they choose -- smokes or 20% according to these folks smoke we believe smoking is a choice of using a legal product. The decision by CBS executives to stop selling cigarettes is their choice and their apparently prepared to face a two billion dollar loss of annual revenue. And I would say that's going to be a low figure because if they figure that's that's that the revenue of a game forms of smokers. Very few people walk into a store make a singular purchase I'm thinking. That your buying other things while yours they are so it'll be more than that. Are getting back to this but they might not be taking into account the other cells lost Wallace what is that -- smokers no longer from the store. It's probably not coincidental with CBS stock drop 1% on Wednesday. This doesn't sound like your company that cares about a shareholders. CBS may claim its intention is to promote better health among its customers. But that's the case then why continue to sell alcoholic beverages. Candy soda other forms of junk food. There is that is that a good health. Help display. And what about the energy drinks that have come under so much. Fire lately cigarette sales. Made -- pharmacies have been a small component of total cigarette sales. But of 20% of CBS customers smoke why convenience those after go somewhere else well being committed people -- gonna do. I don't think it's going to cut into the number of smokers just that is how much gas they -- to get to the next location and units would be is. Was there any impact when -- stopped selling cigarettes. That's a good point yeah that's a good point people who smoke. Are going to wanna make an effort to get cigarettes. And sort they can't get them there they're gonna get on somewhere else. It's the same thing as -- any kind of addiction and I think nicotine can be addicting certainly. They're not just gonna give up because one place doesn't the -- anymore. They're gonna go somewhere else -- gonna gas stations. Around here of the Google or as whatever. And though I just wanna keep organized who won singles tax revenue of 585 a pack for every axle and EC can imagine. You can imagine what kind of money's involved here. So the politicians oh yeah they're there for your health. As long as they can continue to collect the tax money that's all -- care. That's. Endlessly let's go to -- call before the break goes to Charlie and Lancaster. Charlie on WB and. -- -- high journal about I got a quick comment here and talk about the tax revenue that comes from cigarettes. But we don't look at. What it cost taxpayers once insurance on so. I'm a patient that we had cancer. I know one person in particular. Church -- now as well shoot lane and possible -- with a -- or throw. The bill came while almost one million dollars for nine months -- Tibet and the taxpayers can afford their over. Well there's lots of it that yeah there's lots of things I mean. That the taxpayers pay for a look at the drug programs for illegal drugs not legal drugs illegals. I mean we have all kinds of programs and rehab things and we pay for all of that to. Right so I recommend that I think Wagner who the first one that started this and so hopefully we just keep door to us what other stores in which keeps trickling down the so. -- cars are you -- you and I agree that it's a good idea of people stop smoking we are total agreement with that. I'm just trying to get through the motivation the true motivation in the positioning of CBS okay thank you have to agree would you. Gregory I'm not in favor of anybody's smoking come up to me and say should start smoking know now why people smoke don't you don't I mean you know I can't smoke. Authorities -- because they're going to school. They think they look -- smoke and they think it's cool a lot of of people that they emulate smoke or worse. And so that's how they they get started and with all of the things they can't advertise cigarettes in automobile races anymore. You know used to be call Winston cup I don't know if you know that. And Formula One was always sponsored by moral borrow whatever so you can't you can't advertise that. -- certainly you can't -- -- -- do it in certain friend publications. Can't be advertise within X amount of feet of a school. You can't sell obviously to anybody under a certain age as highly regulated -- show ID to buy at. But they're very happy to collect taxes. It's bad we will -- Thank you thank you for that five dollars and 85 cents that packages. You talk about it profiteering. I mean if this happened during and during an idea national emergency. Do you you could you could -- them. You can -- them because. People. Especially with -- underwrote situations like you know emergency conditions. We don't allow profiteering. Aren't you consume somebody for profiteering and yet isn't that what the government does with cigarette smokers course they do that's what they're doing the profiteering from them. Will be back after we're talking about CBS's decision a second largest drug -- I had to quit selling tobacco. Yeah I have no problem. If they wanna -- they certainly have a right to stock or not stock whatever they want so whatever they want don't so whatever they want. As long as it's legal and lawful I have no problem that at all like to have a problem where -- Is hypocrisy. Or positioning. And is there patting yourself on the back. You wanna hear the words of the president of CVS pharmacies on okay. Her name is Helena is GO -- Helena faults -- UOK he has she is the CVS pharmacy president. We really thought about this decision as it relates to the future of a CBS as a health company. It's good for customers. And our company in the long run so she's saying that they are doing it because they care. About your health apparently don't care much about your house when you drink in the Beers ago. -- that's that's different. Or even the energy drinks which a lot of people request and -- ended. Which are not concerned about that here now -- cookies and the candy. And all other stuff that we're told by fitness who rose don't. Don't. Have come guy and that's hoe much into your if they wanna be a health food store -- health food -- or. But so be it it's the hypocrisy that I don't like positioning themselves as we're standing up for truth justice and the American way hopefully. Please. It Austria and I'm 30180616926930. Let's go to market in the East Aurora mark -- on WB again. This this could help sepia possibly. On a smaller scale used so we're going to be all want our local churches that's no longer without. -- before -- law we. Spoke out and we were you know reluctance that it do this or not. And we we lost. Quite a few people a lot of people complain just an -- But with any time and there are relatively short time came back and he came back. Morsel. That we you know they're -- as a I don't know if it's like that. As of today about where or today you'd probably be -- -- if not I think they're. What do you people now that. Don't smoke anymore. Well I'd I agree that smoking is a scum without trial like that but. I don't think anybody's walking into a CVS store and you personally can't smoke in the stores all the most people could do was buy. Cigarettes and take them out of the store so -- and -- walking in the -- thing. It's smoke free -- glad they don't sell cigarettes here anymore. So it's up to them I mean they're if they're gonna put two billion dollars and -- that's strictly up to -- and as I said I have no bone to -- with what they wanna sell and not so I just have a question about how they're trying to paint themselves as the good guys thank you mark. Thank you very much where the -- guys. We're above that we have a lot of other stuff that's not good for you there. But we're -- keep that -- -- not as much pressure on -- nobody comes and says this too many people eating little Debbie snack cakes. Not gonna happen and of them of the energy drinks that's fine where people should be an urgent action and they absolutely. And the -- People drink beer and get drunk and and throw up and hit people and on highway but. It's -- you know it it's. A football game an obvious anger but those rats. Of the government accepting the 585. A packed in New York City. That's the government saying oh we hate it when you talk against it. Will pass laws making it suffered advertised but keep that money come in bed commented those -- the revenue flowing. Now Missouri. Only charges seventeen cents a pack. That's that some of Missouri's suddenly he's ever everybody Simmons worries suddenly stop smoking it would be much of -- hit seventeen cents a pack. But if everybody in New York. -- -- -- a stop smoking. Grab onto your wallet and bury it in the backyard because they're going to be out to replace that -- and I wish everybody quit smoking but I'm just saying. Unintended consequences about that. I would be very happy if nobody ever spoken -- a cigarette but the government wouldn't. Despite what they say they wouldn't because they'd have to come back at UNC where else do we get that kind of money and if you think about. That outrageous. Tax a tax burden on each package of cigarettes. An incredible what's the cheapest you can ever remembers cigarettes having Tony even though you don't smoke went through smoke. When I was in college I did okay. And I worked at a gas station at that time and I want to say. Fifty or 75 cents a pack. ROW Chris I worked at a gas station for five years in college and the cheapest was an off brand it was 39 he had a pack all well OK very good cheaper is accuracy. The -- tiger remembers fifty cents to. And a hard as I. I were -- -- as of one summer until I put gasoline. In the radiator of mobile bulletins this -- -- -- early model wolf all. Not to become a late model all. Of these ads and all I can remember. So right now would tell me how to make that taxation up because there's no way -- either there's no way they've given up. The government never gives up -- when they have their hands in your wallet. -- I don't wanna know your positioning. Are you a smoker would -- make a difference do you get your cigarettes -- CBS and if not would you go somewhere else and plus would you still go to CBS and by the other things and make a separate trip. Two indeed it's a -- cigarettes in Austria and I'm for ago. 106 -- it's not exits -- and I'm 32 and also -- Our FaceBook page and a post there will be going through some of those exceptions. When Beijing.

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