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Handcuffed Cat Has Happy Home

Feb 6, 2014|

SPCA's Gina Browning

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Gina Browning of the SP CA serving Erie county is with us on the WB in my Atlanta hi Gina. Latest story about this cat with the handcuffed tell us about it. I can't pick in the storied Allen bit -- taken -- -- turn and actually look back and about and I don't want an antenna radio. -- -- was out until I seen in my senate can't. I can't I can't I can't let me coming back and I think if she knew something -- -- -- Only Tuesday night at Clark not to current issue is able to see you back. There was that one Hancock. An actor I'm -- -- now we don't know we had to rest evidently I'm not because that was Hancock group thank Arctic demonstrating -- the outside of him. -- the resident Alan net food that it was one he took a black eye on the about 1030 at night she was able to -- back -- And she contact with epic Clark tried getting him caught up with some back he's caught kind of ironically -- of Iraqi -- The next day they were able to go to Hamburg or not you you're able -- -- a key to unlock the -- -- So this is not a -- this was like a real police handcuff. All right thank you can point to point that aptitude and a little piece of plastic that you're gonna children twenty scenario at all the cup. Now you found the telephone -- -- durst durst in did you stay with us -- the Capitol -- park area right. -- Will it is there any way to Trace the handcuffs have you found any information about we know where this came from. Nothing nothing except are looking not elected they can't cut that you know layup. You know only when he came out of Ali looking transformational and many hands and formation I don't -- -- accountable -- -- after the -- We -- correct and caught. Wanna play that -- good shape opposite could probably a couple of them and that are why -- just by the way to handle it weren't on the coloration of the -- I kept reading -- -- restrict it which is a good thing. So that skeleton and they should be able to cooperate action and -- station -- gonna bring our united Arab and. How -- is a -- about. He's about 200 more email any -- -- can't be at quietly I'm -- I ran her -- chuck. We had won the opposite pulling it out as he was that we love me even get around and that. Definitely a lot of etiquette personality when they -- we love me despite a candidate -- -- sitting. Now you're looking for anyone who might to have information on how this all happened anybody respond to that yet. Nothing and I love it just I'm not that you put -- -- -- obviously somebody else. Couldn't comfortable and felt different somebody will come forward. Was there are a lot more interest in her two besides that the person who adapted her. I won't quit and without that I wasn't even an eerie out which restoring -- I would love with this cat. And I want it and that's about storing it on one and -- -- actually apt term that. People money. Immediate public optional back on how to animal -- while our animals to look into kind of adversity and let -- -- any -- -- see and hear tomorrow. Thanks for sharing that story that's Gina Browning of the SP CA serving Erie county you can check out a picture. Of this tabby cat with the handcuffs. On WB EN dot com.